Minako was five when she found the string. She was playing with her dress and found a what she thought was a loose string to pull. She knew mommy would be mad but she hated the itchy dress anyway. But the string wasn't unraveling her ugly dress. Where did the string go? She couldn't see the end. It just went through the door and Minako knew she wasn't allowed outside without mommy. So she just stared at the string touching and stroking it.

After a while she just held on to the string. It made her feel happy when she touched it.

She tried many times chasing the string, trying to find where it ended. Her mommy would always get mad when she walked too far away but Minako pushed her boundaries because maybe it was just a little bit ahead. It wasn't until she got lost in the woods when she was seven that she stopped trying to find the other end. She had held on to the string, looking for the comfort it normally brought, but the string only deepened her sadness. Her string was upset. Was it upset because she was trying to find the end? Minako didn't know, but she told it she would stop looking for the end if it would cheer up a little.

The string didn't cheer up.

It used to be a source of happiness, of curiosity and wonder. But ever since the day in the woods, the string didn't want to share feelings anymore. Minako didn't think the string was mad anymore, but it was always sad. She tried to cheer up her string everyday.

She would tell it stories, play in the sunshine, smell flowers, eat cupcakes, and even rubbed her kitty on it so it would feel how soft its fur was. But whether the string was sad, mad, or unfeeling, Minako never let it go.

Minako was 10 when she realized where the other end of the string led. A girl in school with flaming red hair told her about soulmates. She pushed Minako and told her that only special people had soulmates and she wasn't special enough to have one. Minako cried for an hour, holding on to her string that felt cold and sadder than she was, before she started to wonder why her string had feelings.

She dropped the string as if it had burned her. There was a person on the other side of the string. A person that used to be happy and was now sad all the time.

She lightly touched the string, sending feelings of wonder and confusion through it. If she could sense his misery, could he sense her feelings as well? She focused as hard as she could, holding on to the string tighter than ever before sending her inquiring feelings through it. She concentrated on getting a response back, but all she got in return was the normal indifference.

For days Minako tried conversing emotions through the string and the most she ever got in return was annoyance.

If her soulmate truly was on the other side, Minako decided she didn't like him. He was mean. He should respond to her, it was only the polite thing to do. She spent years tending to their string and he had done nothing but ignore her and wallow in his misery.

His misery... Minako wondered for the billionth time, what had happened to make the other side of the string so sad.

So, Minako did not like her soulmate, but that wouldn't stop her from trying to cheer him up. She stopped hoping to receive feelings back from the string, but she refused to let it go. And whenever something especially good happened, like when she received a compliment on her shiny hair, or she got the last cookie in the box, or she breathed an extra good gulp of fresh air, she made sure to send her joy through the string.

Minako was 13 when she felt something other than sadness through the string. She was practicing her ballet, string lightly held in her right hand when she felt a blush. It wasn't her blush, nothing blushworthy had happened. She looked at her hand and concentrated on listening to the string.

The blush was felt again, only stronger. He was admiring someone. He had a crush. He liked another girl.

Minako slowly let go of the string. Jealousy filling her every inch. Some other girl made him feel. Some other girl made him blush. She felt foolish and angry. But she didn't want him to know.

The feeling only lasted a moment and for that Minako was grateful. Unfortunately, Minako would have to deal with his crush many more times. She learned to mask her jealousy with more ease, or at least she hoped she did. But his feelings would only get worse for her.

Minako was 14 when the crush developed into something else. She was half asleep, string loosely held in her right hand when she became warm. It was like blushing, only all over. It made Minako become alert and when she realized what the new found feelings were, something in her snapped. Her jealousy turned into anger and disbelief. He was with her in that moment. He was doing, or least about to be doing, unspeakable things! Minako couldn't take it anymore. She refused to sit by quietly while her soulmate did...whatever with someone else!

Minako grabbed the string tightly in her hand and yanked for all she was worth. She yanked it down, wrenched it up, twisted it all around her, brought it to her face with both hands and yelled at it.


Shock. Stunned. Guilt. Annoyance. Anger.

It made Minako pause to actually receive a flurry of emotions back from the string.

He acknowledged her.

Sure, it was basically to say "I hate you. Stay out of my life." But hey! He admitted she existed! That was a win in her mind.

Confusion. Despair. Self loathing. Anger.

Always anger with him. Satisfied that the too pleasurable feeling had finally disappeared, Minako sunk back into bed. She was a moment away from sleep again when she felt his words, as clear as if he'd said them up against her face. "I hate you."

Minako dropped the string and didn't pick it back up.

Minako spent days crying. Nights sobbing. Her friends worried. They tried understanding why she hadn't been her usual bubbly self in a week. But Minako didn't want to talk about it. Eventually her best friend, Usagi, pried it out of her.

Usagi then cried with her. Usagi explained that while she didn't have a string, she did have a soulmate. They shared their dreams every night. They hadn't met in person, at least she didn't think, but they met every night in their little world which they dubbed Elysian. He was her knight in dark armor and he called her his princess.

Minako asked why they hadn't found each other if they could speak freely to each other. Usagi informed her that they had tried. Countless times in countless ways. But the dreams would never let them remember specifics. No names, addresses, heck, Usagi wasn't even 100% sure what he looked like.

But Usagi knew that if Endymion-as she named him- ever rejected her, she would die. Minako burst into tears all over again and the girls held each other tightly.

Usagi spoke softly to Minako, reminding her that she didn't need no stinking soulmate, no loser boy that wouldn't know a princess if she bit him. When Minako frowned at princess, Usagi dubbed her warrior princess, because she can kick ass and have pretty hair at the same time. Minako giggled for the first time in a week and realized that she was stronger than this.

Minako sat straighter, turned on her thousand watt smile, and decided to not be sad anymore. She left the string alone, finally understanding that he didn't want her, and left her delusions of love in the past.

'Love is a joke. Usagi might never find her soulmate. Mine doesn't want me. Reality isn't a fairy tale and happy endings don't exist. So I'm done with love. I'm going to have fun instead.'

So Minako gave up hope of ever finding the other end of her string. She refused to touch it ever again. She dated boys- sometimes more than one at a time- and she had fun. She didn't worry about how someone else might feel. She didn't spend her days thinking of how to make someone else happy. She focused on what would make her feel. She danced, she laughed, she forced herself to be happy. And after a while, it became easier. And after a longer while, Minako didn't remember the string anymore.

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