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Chapter 1

A stray bump caused the whole wagon to shake. Lifting her head, the headache that had been attacking her only increased. Hana looked around the wagon, only seeing men in uniform and a doomed horse thief. Her chocolate brown hair clung to the side of her face as it fell in small waves down to her mid back. Piecing green eyes scanned the unforgiving cold landscape around her. Trees, a road and more murderous Imperials dragging her to where she was going to meet her doom. Why did she have to get caught up in this mess. She never should have listened to that damned Dunmer.

She looked around at her fellow Nords and realised that they were talking to her but she couldn't care less. At the far corner of the cart was the one and only Ulfric Stormcloak, but like she cared anyway. She knew of his reputation in Skyrim and has never wanted anything to do with it.

'What am I to do now, by the nine, help me,' she thought to herself as she saw the oncoming gates. More shouts occurred while entering the gates and the wagon halted with a hard shove. Hana rose to her feet and was ushered off the back of the wagon.

"And what of you?" asked the imperial that was marking a chopping list.

"Caught in the Stormcloak ambush," Hana replied in a mallow tone.

"Ah, unlucky, and what of your name Nord?"


"Well Hana, I bid you fair well." The Imperial stated and Hana was pushed on, only to just have her feet catch her in time.

'Well this is it, never thought I would die like this, in hands of the damned Imperials,' Hana mused to herself. As the first poor soul stood up, there was a defining roar across the sky.

"What was that?" An imperial questioned.

"Just thunder, carry on." Barked the Legate.

As the head hit the basket, there was another roar that stretched across the land. Hana looked up and saw that she was next but her mind wasn't on the execution. Something was wrong, and she could feel it. She had never heard that sound and it was definitely not thunder. As her legs somehow managed to walk herself across to the chopping block, Hana murmured her last plea for help.

Chin upon the block, she waited for the sudden death. Just as the executioner was about to drop the axe, a dark shadow swept across the area, causing Hana to look up. Suddenly the ground trembled before her and smoke started to rise. There was another shock wave but this one had come from above. Looking up, all Hana saw were two red eyes gleaming down at her. Those eyes belonged to a dragon.


Hana couldn't believe what had just happened. The town now known as Helgen was behind her, burning away and screams of terror filled the air. She has barely made it out alive, let alone in one piece. If it hadn't been to Ralof, a tall blonde Nord, she would have been dead. She walked with Ralof as he blabbered on about some stones and burials on their way to river wood. For the first time she realised that compared to her Nord friend, she was shorter than what she should be. Barely scraping to Ralof's eyes, and slim build made her look like a child. She had lean muscle under her armour from hauling bags of food over her shoulder form the years of living on her parent's farm. She had to thank her mother for that. Being the shorter and slimmer than most in her family, it made a few things easier like fitting into small spaces but the onslaught of insults coming from her brother didn't end. Lockan as usual was the black goat in the family, tall and bigger build than anyone she knew in her family. Then she realised, Hana's brother lived in Skyrim. Was he still alive? Or was he in Helgen during the attack? Hana brushed the thought away and looked at her surroundings. It hadn't changed much, just trees and more road but this time it wasn't leading to her death, well hopefully.

Soon they arrived in Riverwood only to be greeted by Ralof's sister, Gerdur. She was kind to Hana allowing her to stay at her house for the night and rest. That's all the Hana could think of was sleep. With the ordeal that she had just been through, exhaustion was weighing her down. She peeled off her armour that she managed to find and just wore her briefs. She flopped down on the bed and not ten seconds later, she was quietly snoring.

The brisk morning air, clung to Hana's face as she said her goodbyes to her newly made friends.

"Follow the road till you hit a cross road, there look for the sign that says Whiterun, after about 500m up the hill you can see it. The big building in that district. You can't miss it." Gerdur had given her the instructions to make it to Whiterun. The walk had been pleasant enough aside from a stray pack of wolfs that had attacked her. With guilt, she had killed and skinned them, hopefully able to sell their pelts at Whiterun.

Hana has never liked having to kill wolfs. They just looked too beautiful to kill, but sadly they always seemed to attack first. As she climbed up the hill she was taken back by the sight. Flat plains surrounded the area filled with deer and rabbits. A few woolly mammoths roamed the area not too far from Hana. She made a mental note not to bother those animals. She had saw what those beasts were capable of doing.

As she continued walking, she began to feel the impact of the events from yesterday. Having crawled through the tunnel and defending off what Imperials had managed to survive, her back and shoulders ached. The armour that she was wearing barely fit her and was chaffing. The weight of it was not what she was used to and hit all her sore points on her body. The sooner that she gets to Whiterun, the sooner she can get out of the Stormcloak armour. She had nothing to do with this war and just wanted to venture Skyrim from time to time. She was nearing the top of the hill and that's when she realised how close she was.

The one thing that took her breath away for the second time was when she saw the hold. Its high building showing over the city, although it was hard to see from the position she was in, she could tell that it must be well managed on the inside of the building.

As she crept closer to the city, she heard shouting and the sound of arrows being fired. Just in front of her, three people were attacking a giant on some poor person's farm. Hana rushed forward, only by the time that she got there, the giant was lying face down in the soil. The three warriors looked at Hana, but she just stood their dumb founded. There were two woman and one man standing before her. One of the warriors came up to Hana, pulling her bow onto her back.

"New here in Skyrim?" She asked. Her auburn hair fell loosely around her shoulders and the olive green pace paint that covered her face emphasised the colour of her pale eyes.

"Ah kind of, I used to live here but I haven't been here for ten years. Are you with the Companions?" Hana asked. She knew of the Companions when she was in the city but she never knew much about them since she left 15 years ago. All that she remembered was that when she lived in Whiterun, she would often go outside and play with two twin brothers that said that where from the Companions, well attempting to join their ranks. That was when Hana was seven year of age, that she knew those boys. She doubted that she would ever see them again.

"Aye, that we are. I'm Aela, to my right is Ria and this big fella here is Farkas." Aela confirmed. Hana looked at the three companions, mainly at Farkas. His height towered her by three heads at least. His raven black hair hung down to his shoulders, lightly brushing his steel armour. His eyes were the most defining feature compared to all his muscles and his height. His piecing grey eyes were shadowed by roughly done black war paint, making them look more noticeable. Then it hit her, could that really be Farkas? The last she saw him was when he was with his brother, but she couldn't put finger on the name. He had changed so much since the last time she saw him, and that was when he was ten. Did he remember her?

"Thinking of joining the Companions?" Farkas asked, snapping Hana out of her trail of thoughts.

"I don't know at the moment, but I might come in and say hello after I finish my business in Whiterun," Hana replied with a bright smile.

"Aye well we hope to see you there, go to Jorrvaskr in the wind district, building with the over turned roof. Glad to meet you." Aela replied with a hand on Hana's aching shoulder. With that, the three companions headed back to Whiterun. Hana didn't bother following them right away, mainly due to the pain in her shoulder.

As she trudged up to the gates of Whiterun, she noticed how poorly the walls bad been maintained. Edges of the barriers were crumbling or had bigger chunks fallen below. She walked across the wooden draw bridge and up to the gates. What she imagined from seeing the outside of the city she imagined it to be poorly maintained inside but oh how she was wrong. The singe road leading to the markets was clean and green grass and flowers were along the walls of inside the city. The sound of metal being bent from Warmaidens made her think of her time back when her father had made her favourite axe, but sadly she left that behind.

She ventured deeper into the city, taking in the sights and the market that was filled with people. As Hana looked around she noticed at how familiar everything was. As if been struck by lightning, she remembered everything from ten years ago. It had never changed since she left. She walked past Breezehome. She stopped dead in her tracks. That was her past house before she left with her parents 'Wait would Lockan be here? He might have made it back.' A surge of excitement coursed through Hana's body as she realised that there may be a chance that he is still alive.

After being separated when they left for Cryodill, she hadn't seen her brother for a good fifteen years. It would only make sense that he came back here. Hana knew that she would be able to look for her brother after she finished talking to the Jarl.

Hana made her way the stair towards the wind district, seeing what could be a beautiful tree in the centre and three small bridges peeling off into different directions. She made her way up the stair to Dragonreach, only to be weighed down by her armour. 'Well at least it is better than being frozen to death.' She looked beside her and saw Jorvaskrr is all its glory. The overturned boat for a roof had a few minor holes but it hadn't changed since Hana was last there. She had finally made it to the top of the stairs to be greeted by two guards in uniform. The doors opened to the hall and a gust of warm air hit her body making her warm to the centre.