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Chapter 30:


I tugged at the white material, trying to readjust the already too tight corset. Why not have a metal corset; it would just be like wearing my armour, what crap. The tugging didn't stop my nerves from wreaking havoc. As soon as I had suggested the type of dress, my guts had started to churn. The same one from the nightmares that still plagued me every few weeks. It was hard to remind myself that Alduin was gone, but some part of me always bit back, believing he would come back from Sovngarde. It would have to be Vilkas to remind that he wasn't coming back whenever I woke up screaming.

"Hana! Where's the beautiful dragon slayer wife to be?" A screech sounded from above me in the hall. I shook my head as I exited my now old room and upstairs, the ruffle of fabric following. As much as I wanted to, M'Keenz wouldn't let me take my axe or let me have any war paint on today, such a downer. I spotted my friend at the door way, her hand clasped over her mouth. "You look amazing!" She squealed, throwing her arms around me in a hug. "Your parent would be so proud."

That's right, I dreamt as a child that my family would see me walk down, see me get married. I guess they will see me through their spirits. My new family would see me, the family I made here in Jorrvaskrr and in my travels.

"Oh don't you start crying," I laughed, pushing away a strand of my hair. Before Grace had left to join Farkas, she had woven Purple Mountain flowering through my hair. I haven't been dressed up this much ever.

"Oh I can't help it," She sniffled, extending her arm out to me, "Ready to meet your wolf boy?"

I let out a shaky breath and nodded, helping M'Keenz push open the heavy wooden doors of the hall. Soft, sweet music played as we descended the stairs towards the Gildergreen, it's pink flowers littering the ground. I had originally objected to being married in front of the dream because of the nightmare, but everyone insisted.

I wouldn't look up as we crept closer to the tree, instead watching as everyone gawked at how the dragonborn could actually look decent for once, not an armoured mess. I was shocked myself. As we neared the front, the gaze from Farkas and Grace caught my attention. Grace was holding a small bub in her arms as she smiled at me, Farkas's arm around his wife. The two had gotten married not long after I got back, but didn't want a large crowd, I didn't get a choice.

Everyone I ever helped or loved had come today for me and the new harbinger. I finally looked up and saw Vilkas, his Silver eye's clouded with striking black war paint. He was as handsome as ever, his hair cut and tidy, the same with his stubble. His wolf armour lacked any scratched or dints from wear, not that I wasn't complaining. He looked so much different from the nightmare, so much more alive.

M'Keenz squeezed my hand before I made my small solo journey next to Vilkas. The warmed from his armoured hands wrapped around mine as I took my place beside him, his face beaming. "You look…" Vilkas breathed, unable to think of any words. "As amazing as the day I fell in love with you."

I couldn't stop the blush from forming on my cheeks as the priest spoke.

"We are here today and blessed by the goddess of Mara to unit these two souls in matrimony. May Mara's light shine above you two," the priest began. Vilkas squeezed my hand slightly, making me smile up into his loving eyes. "Do you, Vilkas, Harbinger of the Companions, take Hana, as your wife? In sickness, in health, and be by her side in battle?"

"I do. In sickness, in health, forever by her side in battle," Vilkas spoke, his voice full of pride.

"Hana, Dragonborn, slayer of Alduin. Do you take Vilkas, as your husband? In sickness, in health, and be by his side in battle?"

I skimmed over Vilkas's face, taking in every small detail. "I do," I answered, squeezing Vilkas's hands. This was just like my dream, except Alduin never came crashing down, no ashes sweeping around my feet.

"Then I present these two rings of matrimony with the blessing of Mara," The priest passed us each others rings. I placed Vilkas's band on first, a single dark stud in the ring. Mine however was not a gold band like his. A dark metallic ring with an amethyst in the middle shone, the ebony band glimmering in the light. Vilkas slipped the ring onto my left hand, a blooming smile on his face.

"I now present you two husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride," The priest spoke. Vilkas didn't have to be asked twice as he pulled me close to him, his lips meeting mine in a passionate kiss. I could have stayed there forever, arm in arm, but we had an audience.

We both pulled away, letting the cheering erupt around us. I couldn't stop the smile on my lips as everyone cheered. The party was already set in and outside of Jorrvaskrr, the only place large enough to house everyone's thirst for mead. Vilkas clasped onto my hand as we walked towards the hall, the new ring on my finger standing out against his.

"I can't believe it's official," I sighed, a smile on my lips.

"I can," Vilkas purred, pulling my body tight to his, kissing me at the base of the stone stairs. I smiled into the kiss but shortly broke away. We would have time later to make up for our missed time tonight. The others followed as the doors of Jorrvaskrr were opened, the warm glow of the fire and the beating of drums sparked life back into me. I was going to miss this.

Vilkas and I had barely made it over to one of the tables before we were swarmed by people. Many of them I remembered from the long trips, helping people out and of course my friends. Caesa had shown up, greeting me with open arms. It was a shame that she wasn't able to stay long, barely able to have a decent conversation with her before she had to leave for other engagements over Skyrim.

"So how do you feel?" Grace asked, a smirk toying on her face as she gave me a side hug.

"For once, I'm actually happy," I smiled and meant it. The past few months and year it has been hectic. I had barely been fully happy in those moments, always running away after something or with someone. Now it would end.

Vilkas wrapped his arm around my waist, his chin resting on my shoulder. "I would hope that you would be happy." He chuckled slightly.

"Don't worry, I am." Grace rolled her eyes in front of us, holding a bundle in her arms. "Can I hold him?" I asked Grace, nodding towards her son.

Grace nodded, gently passing her infant son into my arms. Dreton's little hands reached towards me, his fathers eyes shimmering with joy. The blonde tuff of hair matched his mothers. "Don't get too attached, Hana, they grow up you know," Grace laughed.

I let out a small laughed, cradling the small bub in my arms.

"How come it's such a big deal that you two are getting married anyway?" Grace questioned, "I didn't get this big of a crowd."

"Because you aren't Dragonborn or Harbinger," M'Keenz stated, joining our small group.

"No need to bring that up," I smiled shyly. Since slaying Alduin, everyone has been praising me, thanking me that I removed a threat from our realm. " I didn't expect this many people to come to the wedding."

"Well, you are kind of known around Skyrim now," Vilkas added.

I poked my tongue out at him, handing Dreton back over to his mother.

The day carried on into night time, the once bright blue sky now turned to dark star littered night. Dancing and drinking plagued the hall, but my smile never faulted as I danced through the night. Vilkas and I were barely five meters away from each other the whole night, dancing or chatting.

I had just finished a sweet roll when M'Keenz ushered us outside into the cool night. Everyone followed, even the music as my shoes scrapped along the stone. Everyone that was left joined us outside, Vilkas and I in the training courtyard.

"Now, I know it's only early," M'Keenz smiled, "and that the new couple can't wait to get to their new home, but I think a speech is in order, from both of them."

My eyebrows rose at my friend. This had not been part of the plan, although when did I ever have a plan in general. Before I could even think of something to say, Vilkas squeezed my hand and faced the crowd. He gave me small flash of a smile before he began to speak.

"I should have known that I would have to do this, thanks M'Keenz," Vilkas chuckled. "Many people have asked me tonight was when was the first time I met Hana and honestly everyone should know by now." He smirked back at me but I simply smirked back at him. "I met Hana when I was just a child, running through the streets being a hassle. It wasn't until her and my brother became friends that I actually started talking to her. Hana and I didn't get along when we were kids, her smart mouth and selflessness always getting her into trouble. Doesn't seem like she had changed much." A small chuckle weaved it's way through the crowd, but I couldn't help but smile. "When she had left with her parents, I didn't think I would miss her but I somehow did. I had hoped that she would come back one day.

"Who knew that fifteen years later that she would come back to our hall. I couldn't remember the lass real well when she first came into the hall, I had honestly thought she was just another adventurer looking for something to do," Vilkas laughed, resulting in me lightly smacking his armour. "She hadn't changed since she had left, which part of me was relieved by. Even though she had been annoying, smart mouthed, and left without a word, I still managed to fall in love with her. So I am proud to say that I was glad that Hana had come to Jorrvaskrr, otherwise we would not all be here tonight." Everyone around us cheered, praising Vilkas for his speech. He was right though, I didn't understand how he could have put up with me but still I was glad to be back home.

"I guess it's my turn," I strode up by Vilkas and held his hand. Everyone else stopped talking as I let out a shaky breath. "I have to thank everyone that's here for coming. It is amazing to see such familiar faces again." I paused and looked up at Vilkas, I could feel my eyes becoming watery. "In all honesty, I didn't think I was going to make it." Anyone that had been whispering stopped, the whole courtyard silent. Probably not the best thing for a new wife to say. "I thought that the moment I was loaded off the back of the cart, when my head was resting on the chopping block, when I found out I was Dragonborn. Anything that has happened since I got off that cart, I honestly believed that I wouldn't meet my family, my friends or live another day." I looked over at Grace, her face gone pale. "I honestly believed that I wouldn't be able to see anyone in Jorrvaskrr, especially Vilkas. I had so many rough patched trying to get to this point. Slaying my first dragon, going on pointless quests, trust me the list goes on, but there was always two people that stuck by me, one more than the other." I smiled up at Vilkas, who rolled his eyes but a smile on his lips. "I'm sure most of you know that tale of Vilkas and I on my trip up to High Hrothgar. Weeks of us both fighting and bickering with each other but look at us now.

"Before I left to defeat Alduin, I had truly believed that if I died that night, that no one would miss me, or would be fine with my death. While battling the bastard of a dragon, I wasn't thinking I wouldn't make it, I knew I had to come back. Vilkas had given me a reason to come to. I had a family to come back to. It's not just Vilkas that I came back for, but it was for all of my friends and family."

The courtyard was still quiet when I finished speaking. Had I said the wrong things? It wasn't until Farkas stepped forward with Grace that the quiet disappeared. "To Hana! Saviour, Dragonborn, and our friend!"

"To Hana!" Everyone yelled, raising their arms, hands filled with mead or wine.

Vilkas pulled me to him, our noses touching and our breath mingling. "To Hana," he purred, his lips finding mine. The kiss passionate yet meaningful. I gladly kissed him back, only increasing the pounding in my chest and the roaring of our guests.

"You two best head off," M'Keenz came up to us when Vilkas and I had finished, Lockan trailing behind. "The Circle members are going with you to your new home so you don't have to worry about travelling alone."

I faked a pout at my friend. "Aw but I wanted to kill a bandit on my wedding night."

"Not tonight, Hana," Lockan laughed.

Vilkas and I said our goodbyes to our guests and left Jorrvaskrr and out to the stables to where our horses awaited. As much as I loved the attention, I was long over due with some time alone with Vilkas. Our new home was Lake View Manor, and some how I knew it would never be the same as Jorrvaskrr. I was overwhelmed with the same sensation of when I first walked into Jorrvaskrr. I was truly myself again.