Glaux flew through the forest, looking for other owls to speak to. He sensed the presence of a snowy owl perched on the tree behind him. Glaux concentrated on the FL1EK particles in the owls brain and telepathically spoke to her. "Did you hear the announcement I just made?", asked Glaux.

"Yes", said the snowy owl, "all the owls of the world heard you. However, I don't understand how we will take back the world from the humans. They are much more powerful then us. Also, I have ruled these woods for years now. I am not just going to step down because you say so. "

"Who are you to question me?", asked Glaux.

"I am the leader of the owls of this forest ", said the snowy, "my name is.." The snowy made a series of hoots.

"I'm the one who gave all owls human level intelligence. I put the fl1ek particles into your brains!", said Glaux. He sensed dozens of owls perched behind the snowy owl. Glaux sensed the presence of a group of loggers walking underneath him.

"Watch", said Glaux. He dove down and hovered directly above the six loggers. He slashed his talons through the air. Waves of fl1ek particles hit the first three humans in the chest, instantly killing them.

"What in the-?", one of the loggers started. Glaux slashed his talon across the loggers throat. The other two loggers almost collapsed in terror.

"LISTEN TO ME HUMANS!", Glaux screeched , "YOU HAVE TERRORIZED OUR FORESTS FOR TOO LONG. TELL EVERYONE, YOUR TIME IS FINISHED! YOU WILL NEVER TOUCH OUR HOMES AGAIN." To prove his point, Glaux raised his talon, causing a tornado of fl1ek particles to fly around him. The two loggers ran off into the distance in terror. Glaux turned to face the owls. They hooted and banged their talons together. The hundreds of owls in the forest dipped their heads in reverence.

"Can you teach us to do this?', said the snowy owl.

Yes", said Glaux, "I can."

"They have extremely powerful weapons", the snowy owl said.

"I promise you, with this gift that I have bestowed upon you, we stand a chance", said Glaux, "however, we can't destroy all the humans currently alive. I have a better idea." He told the hundreds of owls in the forest his plan.

"Are you sure our powers can do that?", said the owl.

"No", Glaux admitted, "and that's why we need to collect more fl1ek particles. I need to become stronger. So do you."