The Inquisitor and the Zero


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Several hundred years, he had almost lost hope that anyone would come to finish his work. Binding his life to a spell, holding the living embodiment of an Avvar god of war to to it's birthplace in the Frostback Basin. It was here the Elvehn Inquisitor finally found rest, Ameridan's successor succeeded where he had been driven to a stalemate.

The "Beyond" or as the humans called it "The Fade" was a blissful transition, his life ebbing through it. To where he did not know, nor did he care so long as his beloved would be there waiting for him. Fate, however, had different plans for him.

A powerful force held the spirit of the great dragon hunter from dissipating into eternity. Confused, he thrashed, trying to free himself and press forward to his beloved.

"What is this?" The soul questioned. Before he looked around, trying to find the source of his torment.

The world took shape into a large open field, his own form returned to the way it was at the time of his death. Clad in steel plate and dragon leather that was given a golden hue by a master smith. His greying hair tied back and his Elvehn ears scanning the surroundings for any clues.

His keen eyes fell on a tall man garbed in black clothes. He looked almost like an Avvar chieftain or Thane as they were called. The man clad in black approached with certainty but held no aggressive posture. When he was within reach of the Elvehn man, he stopped. "Well met, Inquisitor Ameridan. It was long that we were at each other's throats. Now that I am free and in my right mind, I can thank you properly."

Ameridan paused, reeling at the implications of that statement. "You cannot be."

The spirit smirked, "Indeed I am the very thing you sought to kill all those years ago. I am Hakkon Wintersbreath. Thank you for holding me for as long as you could."

The great spirit did something Ameridan did not expect, he bowed his head. The gesture was not lost on the Elf who returned the gesture. "You are most welcome great spirit," the elf offered in return. "Though I cannot imagine that you held my passage for just this reason?"

"You speak truth Inquisitor, I have a task for you. One that will help you reunite with your lost love, if you are interested?" Reunite? Was he not already doing so now? What trickery was this?

"Explain," the elf demanded.

A soft, feminine voice answered his question, "Your love has been reborn in a new world. The torment an chaos of your time no longer phasing her." Ameridan turned to see a giant of a woman. Strong and beautiful but held a motherly demeanor. Another of the Avvar pantheon, The Lady of the Skies.

Next came a booming voice, one that echoed across the field and shook the very foundations they stood upon. "While now at peace, chaos will soon rear its head again. That world will require your help." This had to have been Korth, the mountain father. As tall as a mountain, the bearded man stood tall. His very head threatened to tear the "sky" above them open.

Hakkon again spoke, "Ameridan, will you answer the call? Will you reunite with your love and help her?"

Ameridan looked at the assembled deities, giving them a look that said "is this even a question?"

"I will go!" He declared.

"Good!" Hakkon shouted in triumph. "You will not remember this conversation. Your body will be restored to a point in your youth and you memories and experiences will still be there for you to draw upon."

The world faded, the great spirits that surrounded him began to flicker away before Hakkon got out one last statement, "Good luck."

Author's note:

This, this was a little idea that came to me. I am both shameless and using this to work out some emotions right now. I'm not certain when updates will come. We'll see.

Also, I'm uploading this from my phone so let me know if the format is a little wonky or off. I don't know if I can do much about it but we'll see.