Hey guys! Thanks so much for all the love for my story! I just wanna give you all an update before getting back to all my side projects. The next chapter is coming along nicely... okay, it may be hitting a few snags. Mostly, work has been giving me a lot of new assignments that have been keeping me busy and drained.

Anyhow, I'm still working on the next chapter and a few sketches. I'll keep everyone posted if I can. I'll take this update down after a week or so or just before the next chapter, so be prepared. Well then, back to the creative drawing board!

In the mean time, I'll be posting some thanks and well as some replies to my reviewers. So without further delay, Thanks to everyone that's on this list for watching my story and for being awesome enough to keep up with my slow updates:

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And for my reviers, responses:

Kike2410: I just found this out myself. I never really paid much attention to the night sky in Thedas, mostly because the rest of the scenery was just way too captivating. I did confirm this to be fact, I may change it or I may just leave it as a way to show the differences between the two worlds. I'll figure that out before I post the next chapter.

Gold crown dragon: Yes, yes it has.

Artyom-Dreizehn: I wanted a little humor, especially after sounding a little preachy there at the end.

SammyKai1996: I hope I didn't disappoint.

Blinded in a bolthole: I had never taken these mages from Tristain to be either observant or all that worldly. Guiche least of all. The kid pretty much tries to hit on anything that has a skirt, so I doubt he would have paid too much attention or at the very least assumed that based on Ameridan's attire that he was a warrior and incapable of using magic. … Is he going to have a class? Who knows. I've always been partial to the Arcane Warrior and it would fit in with the story from the anime but I'm not too certain if it would be too predictable… Oh wait! You've given me an idea! To the lab!

Sterben-Salamander: Arcane Barrage is do-able. In fact, I shall add that too his repertoire. Thanks for the suggestion. Don't forget to use the forum for suggestions so I can keep better track of them.

halo is bad ass: I know right. Do either one of these peoples' races know what toothpaste is?