100 miles outside Star City

The summer sun blazed down as the blood red lollipop slipped across her tongue and across her lips like a lovers finger. She hated the heat more than she hated the goddamn race. But she couldn't do anything about either so she slid into the passengers seat through the open door and let out a long sigh.

Flipping down the visor Grace looked at the picture of her and Karma. Carolina swore she was dead but Grace's heart told her something else. She tapped the picture like always and looked at the new one next to it. It was her with two guys who were smiling like morons even though they were stuck on this shitty race. She didn't want to but she couldn't help but to smile. Karma would laugh so hard knowing she got into a poly relationship. She looked in the mirror at the two guys sleeping in the backseat and smiled again.

Then it happened. The end of the smiling. She sighed as she she heard the tapping of his long fingernails on the handle to the passenger side door. Another member of her rag tag group. She looked over at the man sitting next to her. He wasn't bad on the eyes. Hell, he was far from it but could he be hell of annoying when his mouth started moving. But something pulled her to him. And not just her. Barbie and Chris felt something as well. When things started going south they invited him with them. They still can't explain why but they couldn't leave him behind.

The race had taken a seriously wrong turn and now was in the hands of old man Heart himself and he wasn't happy with the grinning man next to her. She closed her eyes. When did she start giving a damn about anyone, especially the dumbshit next to her. The one who maliciously got her involved in this damn race in the first place. But she couldn't do it. She couldn't leave him to suffer at the hands of Heart. Taking a breath, she looked at her gauge. Damn. Another fucking road block. The tank was almost dry and it didn't look like they would have any fuel coming their way. She looked back at the jackass and sighed, part of her wishing she could just push him into her engine.

Putting her forehead on the steering wheel, Grace sighed. That's when she felt his hand run up her back, his long nails trailing his smooth skin. She held back the moan of pleasure she felt every time he did that. "Don't worry Gracie, I will take care of everything" he whispered in her ear and with that she heard the car door shut and the seat next to her was empty. She didn't know how he moved like that but it turned her on even more. Suddenly the hood popped open and the blood gauge started to fill. He might not have been her first choice but she was glad that he was there.

The hood closed and the man got back into the passenger seat covered in blood which made Grace even more horny. "Along with fetching some fuel, I also learned something very interesting Gracie" the man said sliding a finger nail down graces soft cheek. This time she allowed the moan of pleasure to escape her lips making the other man smile. She allowed him to kiss her softly on the lips before she said "alright Julian, what did you learn"? Julian smiles at her and leans back in his seat. "I learned that your dear sister is alive in a city called Star which happens to be our next pit stop" Julian says not meeting Grace's eyes so he doesn't have to see the pain he knows she's feeling.

The car roared to life. Grace looked in the rear view mirror and checked on Barbie and Christopher who were still sleeping and jammed down on the gas peddle. The car jolted forward and they were off. Julian gave one of his world renowned smiles and said against Grace's ear "now there's my hand picked battle bitch". Grace smiled, pecked his cheek and they were off to find Karma in the City of Star.

Star City: Lance Apartment

Dinah Laurel Lance, DA of Star City sat at her laptop, files surrounding her. She heard the door to the apartment open but knew who it was so she continued her work. Just as she was about to say hello, she felt someone sit down on the couch and wrap their arms around her and she smiled.

"Sara, I have to get this deposition against Heart Enterprises done by the end of week. Our mayor has to go in with a good argument against the company moving into the city or they will push their way in" Laurel said sighing, still not looking up from her work.

Hearing the loud huff Sara let out, Laurel pushed her work aside and pulled her little sister in for a big hug. Laurel tried her best to ignore the leather outfit and blood stained pants. Her sister was part of the vigilante group, The Quiver, and she was known as the black canary. The mayor of Star City, Oliver Queen, founded the group with his now wife Felicity Queen and his best friend John Diggle. With Sara's background in martial arts and her training with her wife, Nyasia Al Ghul, the now Ra's of The League of Assassins, Sara made a great fit. John now leads as the Green Arrow along with Thea Queen, Oliver's little sister who is known as the red arrow, Dinah Drake who is known as Batwoman, with Evelyn Sharp and Curtis Holt who work as tech and backup at the hideout.

Laurel was proud of her sister but she worried like crazy every time she went out. It was like a knot in the pit of her stomach that didn't untangle until she stepped thru that door. She would be a part of the team but the injury to her back as a child kept her from being as mobile as she would need to be. She was a whirlwind in the courtroom though and there she did her part to keep the city safe. Now this giant company, the one who is rumored to be behind he quake that split America in two and the horrific blood drive wants to come into their city and she won't allow it.

Sara and Laurel both yawned at the same time. Laughing, Laurel pulled Sara close to her. "Tomorrow is the city ball, will Nyssa be making it?" Laurel asked resting her head on the pillow behind her. "Of course. She will be here first thing in the morning to get ready with us. Will your hot man be joining us?" Sara said with a giant smile. Laurel's face turned red. "He said he would be here in the morning as well" Laurel said softly. Sara grinned at her sister and the two of them fell asleep on the couch.