Day one of the Race: Team Slink

Grace left the tent and stretched. It was dawn and the race would start that evening. She wanted to this someone into Karma (that poor car hadn't eaten in a couple days) but restrained herself. There would be plenty of time for that while she raced alone with Slink. She half smiled, half cringed at the thought. It sounded like an adventure but at the same time sounded like a dangerous endeavor since he was so unpredictable.

Grace shrugged and saw Felicity come out of her tent. The girl was beautiful. Her blonde hair already pulled back into a beautiful ponytail. Her blue eyes sparkled as the rising sun hit them. She had on a cute pair of sweat pants and a crop top. The girl was flawless. Grace locked her lips but restrained herself, at least for the time being.

Grace was about to go and talk to her when she felt a familiar hand on her shoulder and then felt that's hands nails run down her cheek. She moaned as silently as she could. "I love that sound from you Gracie" care Slink's tantalizing voice. Grace turns and kisses him deeply allowing her tongue to trace the inside of his mouth.

Slink smiles against her lips and picks her up and carries her over to the Camaro where he lays her in the back seat. He crawls on top of Grace and grins. "Now what shall we do before we are sent of on a deadly race?" Slink says, the grin never leaving his face. Grace returns his grin and pulls her shirt over her head.

"So beautiful" Slink says pulling of his own shirt. "Fucking fabulous" Grace says with a grin. "Of course I am" Slink smirks as one of his hands, which was now holding a hidden blade, ran itself down the side of Grace's shorts and cut them open. Grace felt the rush of cold air and let out a long, over exaggerated sensual moan. "Definitely a mood piece" Slink said licking his lips and now running one of his long fingernails over the opening to Grace's pussy. She tried her best not to respond, to tease but it felt to good. Another moan escaped her lips making Slink harder than he already was.

Slink stepped back and Grace watched as he took off his own pants exposing a fully hardened cock. "Damn Slink, I thought you were dickless" Grace said as her mouth watered in wanting. "Oh that, that was one of my non operational clones, this is the real me. I'm fully equipped" Slink said with a smirk making Grace move with wanting.

Slink climbed on top of her and teased her pussy with his cock. He could feel she already a little wet and ready to go. Grace begged him to just slam in. Slink smiled, played with her hard nipples, placed a hand on both of her full breasts and slammed in. Grace screamed in pleasure:

Day one of the Race: Team Mayor

Felicity watched as the windows of the Camaro fogged with the two passengers breathing. Turning around she ran straight into the chest of her husband. "Hey Ollie" she says smiling up at him. She smiles back and kisses her.

Felicity melted against him as his lips covered hers and she let out a small gasp as his hand cupped one of her breasts. He deepened the kiss allowing his tongue to find its way all over Felicity's mouth. Felicity got closer to Oliver until she could feel his hard, thick cock up against her throbbing pussy.

They both hated the clothes in between so Felicity jumped into Oliver's arms and he carried her inside their tent where he undressed her and then quickly got his own clothes off. The fact they still listed after one another like dogs in heat made both of them very happy. Oliver grinned as he straddles Felicity. And with one last kiss he slammed in hard earning a loud, sensual scream from Felicity.