"Bitch-Chan. Wake up~"

I opened my eyes and shot my arm in the direction of the asshole.

His head jerked back just in time. "You missed."

I got up, and glanced at the clock. 4:00 AM. Damn it I could have had an hour more of precious sleep.

I sat on my bed, and sighed. "Alright what do you want?" I asked tiredly glancing at the vampire.

"Why bitch-chan I'm surprised you haven't guessed already," He leaned in close. "I want your blood." I held out my wrist near his face.

"There, bite, then leave me alone. I need to get ready for school." I said.

The look on his face was priceless. "What? Are you expecting me to run away in fear at the prospect of a simple bite?" I asked with an amused expression.

Laito frowned slightly. "Well actually yes." He said.

"Why?" I asked.

He gave me an 'are you stupid' look.

"Because I'm a vampire and I could kill you?"

"That may be true, but I could also die because of car, or a plane, or stairs. But that doesn't stop me from driving a car or flying in a plane or walking up and down stairs now does it?" I asked the vampire in front of me who held a surprised expression.

He quickly reverted back to his cheerful self.

"Well in that case." He bit down on my wrist, looking at me for a reaction. I winced. He smirked and tug his fangs deeper, moaning slightly. I grit my teeth.

"Hey! Don't touch what belongs to Ore-Sama!" Yelled Ayato, who behind me. Laito stopped and was pushed off the bed.

"Aw no need to be so rough Ayato." He whined climbing back up. Ayato snatched my wrist, glaring at it.

"Tch I was supposed to be her first!"

"Oh quit whining both of you." I said. They both looked at me. "If want blood, then take some, otherwise get out, so I can get ready for school." I said.

Ayato blinked. "Eh? Your not scared?"

"No I don't fear vampires." I said. I pulled my hair back. "Now bite or go, I don't care." I said.

Ayato stared before smirking. "Good, you should be submissive towards Ore-Sama." He leaned in and bite down.

I winced again. "Not submissive, just lazy." I said.

Laito, smirked before grabbing one of my legs, which had been sprawled in front of me and licked up my thy, then bit down.

This time I hissed.

With Ayato and Laito both feeding off me, I started to feel faint. "T-that's enough." I said weakly, but they didn't stop I struggled a little, but Ayato had wrapped and arm around my waste, and Laito held my leg in place. If they kept this up, I would miss school.

Wait, is that a bad thing?

"Stop it you two, or she'll be late for school." Said Reiji. Of course. Fang-block Reiji.

"Aw, we were just getting to best part." Complained Ayato.

"Why don't you join us Reiji?" Asked Laito.

"That's enough, let her get dressed and ready to go." Said Reiji before leaving. I starred at the spot he just occupied before my head was yanked towards Ayato.

"Hey, you scared now Peaches?" He asked.

"I stick to my previous statement." I said, before pulling away. "I hope to taste you again soon, Bitch-Chan~" Said Laito before they vanished.

I grumbled about vampires before changing and quickly making my way down stairs and to my ride. Which was taxi.

Almost an hour later I finally arrived on campus.

"Where's my class?" I looked around trying to find the right building.

Suddenly I ran into someone. "Hey watch where your going!" Said a male voice.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't see you!" I apologized. I scrambled to pick up my books. The boy helped me, and almost died when I saw who it was.

I nearly choked on my spit.

Light Yagami. And to make matters worse, he held a small black notebook.

A Notebook, that belonged to me. My Death Note. I froze.

I snatched the book from his hands and jumped up, ready to run, before the blood loss, no breakfast and stress got me.

My world spun before everything went dark.

I woke up in the nurses office. Light nearby. Nobody else was in the room.

"Who are you?" He asked quietly. He was holding my notebook.

"None of your business. Now give me my notebook back before I cause a seen." I said holding out my hand.

He glared. "Do you know what this is?" He asked. I nodded. "It's a Death Note, one of many, a tool of a shinigami, used to kill humans in various ways, the default method being heart attack 40 seconds after the victims name being written, the purpose of said humans death to increase a Shinigami's life span, taking the lives it stole. Kill to live, a Shinigami's purpose." I said.

By the look on Light's face, he didn't expect such an answer.

"Due to the fact that you reconized this weapon I can only assume that you to posses one?" I asked.

He nodded. "Yes. I have a Death Note."

"There have been an increase in criminals dying around the world, mostly of heart attacks, it's obvious a person with a death note is behind it. Am I correct to assume said person is you?" I asked. "Are you Kira?"

Light smirked. "Yes, your correct." He said. "I am Kira."

"Alright. Now I need to get to class." I said, picking up my stuff, and snatching my death note from Light. He grabbed my arm. "What? Your just going to shrug it of so causally?"

"Yes. Yes I am. I've seen some shit, done some shit and don't really feel like dealing with this right now." I said pulling away from him and walking towards the door, before pausing. The nursed walked in.

"By the way, I know your name Light Yagami." I said looking at him smirking. "Considering on how you asked who I was, you don't have what I do." I almost sang.

I walked away without another word.

There, now he has less motivation to kill me, on the other hand, if this is a real death note, I hope I can make the eye deal soon, so he doesn't find out.

Of course I could just say I'm psychic. He would just assume I have the eyes.

I walked on, heading to class. How exciting.

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