Chapter 2 Out of Ashes.

Colin sighed as his phone buzzed in his pocket - this was the second interruption in ten minutes. He excused himself and got up and looked at his phone. It was Marty - it must be important because they never called each other when they were with clients. Colin stepped out of the meeting room.

"Marty? What's up?" he answered his phone.

"Colin, I got a call from Steph. I am on my way to your loft apartment in New York. She asked me to contact you. Steph was having lunch with Rory Gilmore when she received bad news; Rory's in shock."

"What sort of news? "asked Colin. Just then he noticed that a few of the courtroom guards were standing around a television set. On the bottom of the CNN report the words crawled… CBS foreign correspondent Ace Gerrard was one of the 77 victims at the recent terrorist bombing when a truck plowed through a crowd in Nice...

"Wait, where are you now?" Colin asked Marty.

"I left the office, why?"

"Have the car swing by and pick me up; I will be outside of the courthouse waiting."

"Okay, we should be there in about ten minutes," Marty replied before hanging up the phone.

He knocked on the partition between him and Rocco. "Rocco, we need to stop by the courthouse to pick Mr. McCrae up before leaving the city," he told his driver.

"Certainly, Mr. Knight," Rocco responded as he maneuvered the town car into the left lane to make the turn for the courthouse.

As they were making the ten-minute ride to the courthouse, Marty quickly sent a text to Steph to tell her that he and Colin were on their way. He then turned on the car radio and pushed the buttons until he got to a news channel, hoping to gain more information about what had happened.

Steph sat holding Rory while she cried. She asked her if there was anyone she wanted her to call, but Rory just sat there crying. Steph got up and poured her a glass of water after noticing that she never drank her wine. She dumped both glasses of wine down the sink and walked over to the bar poured herself a glass of scotch. How could this have happened?

She decided that she needed help to get some answers and the only one who could find out information quickly was Logan Huntzberger. She knew that Logan and Rory had not spoken in eight years. It took Rory a long time to date after she told Logan no when he proposed at their graduation. In fact, Ace was the first man she dated seriously. Up until she met him she would go on occasional dates but they never lasted more than three months. Colin and Finn had confided in Steph that Logan still loved Rory but when she said no to his marriage proposal, he was too proud to ever contact her again. Steph knew how stubborn Logan could be, but she also knew that he was loyal and would do anything to help out a friend.

She looked over at Rory and asked her if she wanted to lie down. Rory nodded her head, and Steph escorted her to the guest room and pulled the shades down. She put Rory's water glass on the night table beside the bed and helped her get into bed. She turned on the lavender diffuser that she always kept filled. She added a few drops of Peace and Calming oil hoping that would at least relax Rory and help her sleep.

Steph walked back into the front room and dialed Logan's number.

"Huntzberger, here," Logan quickly answered his personal line.

"Hey Logan, it's Stephanie," she replied.

"Hey Steph, how is married life treating you? Are you ready to give up Colin and move in here with me?" Logan joked.

"You're funny Logan, no I have to ask you for some help."

"Don't tell me, Colin bought some huge estate again in London and you want me to check it out."

"No it's not like that, it is about Rory Gilmore,"

"Rory? What happened to Rory, is she okay?" Logan replied with concern in his voice.

"No, Logan, she's not okay. Something happened today to her fiancé. She got a phone call while we were having lunch. All I can understand from her is that she took him to the airport two days ago for an assignment. She got the call, and she told me that he's gone and he's not coming back,"

"Wait, her fiancé? Tell me, was she engaged to Ace Gerrard?"

"Yes, do you know Ace?" Stephanie asked.

"Steph, he was killed in a terrorist bombing this morning outside of a cafe in Nice."

"Oh my god, Logan, no wonder she is in shock."

"Listen, Steph, I will get in touch with my contacts then I will be on the first plane over to help sort this mess out. You know you might want to contact her mother, she could help Rory."

"No, Logan, that won't help, her mother passed away ten months ago from cancer."

"Oh, no I am so sorry to hear that. I wish I had known. Okay, well can you call a doctor? I think she will need something with this happening."

"Okay, I will call Paris, and see if she can come over."

"Paris? Don't tell me you are friends with Ms. Gellar now too."

"Yes, Dr. Gellar is a respected doctor here in the city."

"And Steph, I will be on the next flight out to help."

"Logan, thanks. We are at our apartment in the City. Do you know where it is?"

"Yes, I know where it is. I will call Colin when I get in."

She hung up her phone and hoped that Rory wouldn't be angry with her because she called Logan. She then called Dr. Gellar.

"Dr. Gellar's office, can I help you?" said the receptionist at Paris's office.

"Yes, this is Mrs. Stephanie McCrae, this is an emergency and I need to speak to Dr. Gellar," Steph said with a forceful tone in her voice.

"Just a minute and I will see if Dr. Gellar is available to take your call," the receptionist answered. Stephanie didn't have to wait long before Paris's voice came over the phone.

"Dr. Gellar. This better be important, Stephanie, I am in the middle of seeing patients and I need to do rounds in an hour at the hospital," Paris barked into the phone.

"Paris, it is important, it's Rory," Steph said quietly.

"What's wrong with Rory?

"Paris, Ace is dead. He was killed by a terrorist bomb outside a cafe in Pairs,"

"Okay, I will be right over. Are you at her apartment? "Paris asked quickly.

"No, we are at my apartment at 620 West 42nd Street. Silver Towers," said Steph.

"I'll be there in fifteen minutes, tell her I am coming."

"I will," Steph replied and hung up the phone.

Paris immediately shot a text to her husband Doyle.

"Going over to Silver Towers 620 West 42nd St. Rory needs us. Call me when you get this message and I will fill you in."

She quickly left her office and barked at her receptionist to cancel all her appointments - that she has an emergency and she was leaving immediately. She left her office at the hospital, grabbing her medical bag and got in a taxi.

Twenty minutes later, the taxi pulled up to the Silver Towers. Paris quickly paid the cab driver and rapidly walked into the lobby. She greeted the doorman and told him that Stephanie McCrae was expecting her. She got into the elevator which took her to the 40th floor where Steph and Colin's loft apartment is. She knocked on the door and Steph quickly opened it.

" Where is she?" Paris asked.

Steph brought her to the guest room and knocked at the door. "Rory, Paris is here. Would you like her to come in or would you like to come out?"

They heard Rory sniffling and shuffling to the door. She opened the door and looked at her best friend. "He's gone, Paris. He promised me he would come back."

Even though Paris was not one for affection she reached out and pulled her best friend into her arms. Paris led Rory out into the large living area and they sat on the couch. Steph went and got three glasses of water and a box of kleenex and set it on the coffee table in front of them.

Rory took a deep shaky breath and looked at her two close girlfriends. With her blue eyes filled with tears she looked at her two best friends. "What do I do now?"

Both girls look at each other and then back at Rory.

Steph spoke first. "Rory, we will help you get through this, don't worry. Who would you like me to call?"

Rory thought for a moment and then began looking around the room.

Paris said softly, "Rory what are you looking for?"

"My phone," Rory said softly. "I remember talking on it but I don't know what I did with it."

"Hon, here it is" Steph said, and she handed it to her. "You carried it into the apartment and then you set it down when I gave you your drink. "

"Oh, okay, Steph. All my contacts for work are on there," Rory said handing her phone to Steph. "Excuse me, but I think I am going to lay down, is that okay?" Rory asks.

"Of course, Rory. Do you need me to get any of your clothes from your apartment? "

"No, not yet," Rory responded.

"Who else would you like me to call?" Steph asked, and she looked at Paris.

"Umm, someone should call Ace's mother, but maybe that should be someone from work or me. Umm... maybe Luke or Jess," she said

"I will do that. Rory, take this, it will help you sleep for awhile. Your body is in shock," Paris said.

Rory took the medicine that Paris handed her and a sip from the glass of water that Steph brought out and went into the room and laid down again on the bed.

Just then the door to the apartment opened and in strode the two men. Colin went immediately to Steph and put his arms around her,

"Where is she?" Colin asked. "Oh, I am sorry Paris, hi. I didn't notice you sitting there, I guess I was too focused on Steph."

"Limo Boy, no offense taken. Hi Marty," Paris replied with a smirk. "I gave her something for her to relax and sleep, she's laying down in the bedroom."

Marty stood there not knowing what to do. Finally, he spoke. " Okay, what should we do first? Do we know who called her with the news? Would you like me to call the station or go over to get information?"

Colin was used to this Marty. He was always organized and took charge whenever there was a crisis or when a situation needed to be sorted out. He depended on him at the office. He never thought that Marty would be his closest friend now that they were adults. He remembered meeting him that day at Yale when they were walking by and saw him standing there with Rory. He purposely bumped into him and Rory called him, Logan and Finn on it.

He looked at Marty gratefully. "Why don't you make the calls to CBS, talk to her boss and other members of the press. Find out what they know and tell them that we have Rory here with us. You can go into the study in the back to make the calls, Marty."

Marty grabbed his phone out of his breast coat pocket and then left the room.