Chapter 79

Logan met his uncle at the private airport in Hartford; the two of them got on the plane for London later that afternoon. On the flight he told his uncle everything that they had figured out along with showing him the paper trail. His Uncle Wes just shook his head, it seems that his older brother's selfishness had finally caught up with him. Logan made sure that although his father had destroyed his own life, he would not destroy the lives of his family along with all the employees that worked for HPG.

Logan had left Bobbi a voicemail telling him that he had to return to London. Liam oversaw the ACE news company for now and that she was to report to him. He was unsure how long he would be in London, but he would call her later when he landed. Sitting on the airplane with his headphones on, Logan closed his eyes and fell asleep. He began to dream about his life in college with Rory. He remembered the day he was so excited to bring his Ace home to meet his parents and what a horrible reception he got. He remembered the times that they were so happy together and then their fights. They were young, but she had brought him so much happiness back then. A type of happiness that he has not yet been able to experience again.

He opened his eyes and looked down at his phone and out of the window. It was 11:25 pm and they were making their descent. He could see the lights of the city of London and could hear the engine change as they began to descend to the private airport. His uncle smiled over at him and said, "Logan, go back to your flat and get some sleep. I have planned for a car to pick us up. We will have a meeting with the lawyers at HPG at 10:00 am. Soon this mess will be behind us."

On January 3, Marty and Rory were returning from their honeymoon. It was wonderful, but Rory was feeling more and more uncomfortable every day. She had a doctor's appointment on Thursday that week. She hadn't told Marty, but she was beginning to have some back pains. Their honeymoon was wonderful, and Marty had planned for them to have a couple's massage, making sure her's was a prenatal massage. She felt relaxed when they arrived home.

They arrived back at their apartment at two pm. Rory was sitting with her feet propped up watching television when Gabby called telling her that she and Liam were bringing dinner over for the two of them. Gabby was anxious to see them both and Liam was anxious to talk to Marty about what they found out today.

Marty and Rory had just finished setting the table with the new pottery and glassware that they had purchased on their honeymoon. It was a beautiful marble indigo pottery dinnerware and she had a blue tablecloth on the table. Since they were not sure what type of food that Gabby was bringing, she left a serving platter out on the counter and a serving bowl. When the apartment buzzer went off she answered the door, Gabby was excited to see her giving her a big hug when she entered their apartment.

" Wow, Rory, are you sure you aren't due sooner than the end of the month?" her sister in law asked her.

Liam entered the apartment carrying the take-out bags filled with food from Carmine's, one of their favorite restaurant. Gabby and Marty took the food and Liam gave Rory a big hug.

"You two look great. I guess this honeymoon was just what you both needed, or is it married life?" he asked them with a smile on his face.

"It's a little bit of both."

Marty shook Liam's hand and took their coats. They removed their shoes and placed them on the mat by the door. They all walked into the small kitchen area where they sat at the granite bar. Marty poured himself, Liam and Gabby a glass of Cabernet and gave Rory her sparkling grape juice. Gabby and Rory started to open the containers.

"Oh, this smells so delicious. Chicken and Veal Parmigiana with Angel Hair Pasta. My two favorite foods. So, what are you three going to eat?" Ror told them jokingly.

Gabby took out the garlic bread and asked Marty to get a bread basket to put it in. Then she took Carmine's salad and put it in the beautiful salad bowl they bought.

"These dishes are beautiful. Are they new?" Gabby asked as she placed the food in the serving dishes and brought them to the table.

"Yes, You two will have to go to the Village Inn at Woodstock in Vermont. There is this beautiful restaurant at a mill on the waterfalls, it's called Simon Pearce and they make this beautiful pottery and glassware," Rory told Gabby.

They sat down and began eating dinner telling them about their honeymoon and then Gabby took out the Tiramisu that she bought for dessert. Marty put the tea water in the kettle to boil and made coffee for the three of them. While they waited for the coffee and tea, Gabby and Rory went into the kitchen to rinse the dishes and place them in the dishwasher. Liam and Marty went into his office where he had some brandy, Liam sat down on the small leather couch and Marty sat at his desk.

"A lot happened while you were gone," Liam states as he started the conversation.

Marty looked at him in surprise, "What do you mean?"

"Logan found an envelope between the mattress and the box spring with a name Spencer. Once we found the P.I. Spencer we were able to piece this all together."

"Logan found it?"

"Yes, he also found more in his father's office, you see Mitchum was very involved. In fact, Logan is in England right now meeting with his father."

At ten am, Logan met his uncle in the HPG conference room where his Uncle Wes had set up the meeting between Logan, himself, the lawyers, and an existing CFO of the company. They sat there for three hours and went through everything. Logan was given complete control of the HPG corporation. He was now the CEO for this large company. They found the hidden accounts that his father had in a safe in his private office. There was a ledger with a list of the money that he was taking from the company and where it was going. They also found the account numbers of the banks in the Caymans that the Interpol was looking for. As they went through all these documents they found the smoking gun, the paperwork from the lab that did the DNA of the child. Taking that information, Logan left at three in the afternoon to the prison where his father was incarcerated. It was called the North Sea Camp. The prison was what they considered as an open prison but Mitchum would not be staying here long since he was a citizen of the US.

Logan's driver stopped in front of the North Sea Camp, it was hundreds of acres of land that the prisoners worked at producing the vegetables and meats to other prisons in England. Logan chuckled when he was told that his father had been working in the field in the gardens. Logan had never seen his father get his hands dirty and would always pay for other people to do work around the house and outdoors.

Logan met his father in a conference room. He was wearing a denim blue work shirt, jeans that were baggy on him and sneakers.

"How the mighty has fallen," Logan said as he took out his cellphone and took a picture of his father.

"Logan what do you want."

"Answers dad."

"Answers to what?"

"Everything, let's start at the beginning and before you say anything, there is a warrant out for Honor and mom's arrest, so you better come clean."

Sitting at a table across from Logan he folded his hands together and looked down at them.

"The beginning Dad…. with Odette and her family."

Mitchum began to tell him how he got involved with them. How he and Odette had met at a society party and began their affair. How Odette's brother caught them and decided to use this as blackmail. Mitchum her brother and Odette decided to arrange for the engagement between Logan and Odette. Mitchum never anticipated that Logan would not sleep with her. He never realized how much Logan was in love with Rory. Even though Odette slept with other people, she and Mitchum never used protection. When she became pregnant and Logan provided the DNA that showed that the child was not his, but a relative of his, they knew the whole affair would be exposed. The Fontanes was in deep with the Russian Mafia and began to ask for money from Mitchum. Panicking Mitchum suggested to go after Acelot Gerrard, the young journalist who was very rich and his father was an American Ambassador from France. They never expected the FBI and Interpol to be alerted to the money laundering that the Fantones were involved in. When Mitchum's assets were frozen HPG became in jeopardy and Mitchum panicked. He began to blackmail Acelot. Then entered Liza Morgan. When her sister died in childbirth the Fantones were afraid that the money would stop. Liza, Odette's half-sister who had been raised in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, by her maternal grandmother, was called by her mother to join the Huntzberger company and continue to pressure them for money. What Liza never told Mitchum was that the child died two days later due to a congenital heart condition. With her stepfather, and stepbrother in jail they no longer had access to their fortune. It was her mother, Neomi, who came up with the plan to blackmail the Huntzbergers.

Logan had recorded the whole conversation and had his father sign a statement that what was on the recording was the complete truth. He walked out of the building and hung his head. Getting into the car that had waited for him he called Tristan.

"I have everything you need to extradite him to the US. My sister and my mother were accomplices when their life and the lives of her boys were threatened."

"I just finished speaking to your mother and sister Logan. I will let you listen to their confession and see if it matches with what you heard. We picked up Liza Morgan at the airport she was trying to leave the country."

"Tristan, thank you."

"Hey anytime, if I could help you with anything else let me know. You know Mare means a lot to me, even though she did marry Marty."

Giving a sad laugh Logan said, "Yeah, she is pretty special. But I would rather have her in my life as a friend than not at all."

"That is true. Logan, I am going to call Jess now and tell him that she is safe."

"Thanks again, Tristan. "

"Stay safe Logan, and listen you are a good guy. The companies will do fine."

The driver returned Logan to his flat. Logan walked in and sat at his desk. He picked up his phone and looked through the contacts seeing her number he called.

Marty rolled over when he heard Rory's phone ring. "Babe, do you want me to get it?" he asked her and then he kissed her on the lips.

Rory woke up and reached over to her side of the bed reaching for her phone.


"Ace, sorry to wake you."

Then Logan began to silently cry. Everything that had happened since he saw her came to him. His loss of the love of his life when he told her not now. He wondered now how their life would have been different if she accepted the engagement ring.

"Logan? Are you okay? Logan?"

Sniffling and wiping the tears from his face Logan said, "It's over, Rory. You are safe now."

"Logan? What's over? What do you mean I'm safe?"

"I will be home tomorrow and if it is alright with Marty I would like to tell you everything."

"Alright. Logan are you sure you are okay?"

'I will be. But can you promise me something?"

"Of course, Logan, anything."

"Promise me that someday in your heart you can have a space for me too. A small space like you have for Jess and Finn."

Tears came to Rory's eyes and a small smile came on her face. "Logan, you are already there."

"I love you, Ace."

"I know," Rory said back and smiled as she ended her call.

She swallowed and turned to her husband and the tears started falling down her face. Marty pulled her into his arms and she placed her head on his chest and silently cried. Rory cried for Logan, the first man she loved, she cried for Finn, the second man she loved but had to give him up, she cried for Ace. Finn and Ace helped her heal her heart so that she was able to love again, and that love is Marty. The baby began to move, and Marty could feel a little movement. They both began to laugh.

She looked up at her husband and said, "I love you and now I know everything will be okay."