Word Count: 877
After months of fighting something changes their relationship. Are they going to survive?
Disclaimer: I don't own Crossing Jordan or any of the characters.

Their relationship hasn't been good for a while. And the stunt that Jordan pulled on their last case was the last straw. So when Woody showed up at her office that night she knew what was about to happen. They both did. The thing that had been happening ever since Max's death. Fighting.

"Hey" Jordan turned to find the one the blue eye detective looking at her.

"We need to talk," they both said at the same time. They look at each other slightly nervous about that conversation, which was weird since she was usually so comfortable talking with him. Time does change people.

"You first," Jordan said, waving towards him. Woody knew best so he just started, but he seemed nervous, which made Jordan worried.

"I'm going undercover for a while" Out of everything she was thinking that he would say, that wasn't one of them, "I think we need some time apart." He bits his lip, thinking he should probably stop talking before she started to leave the room.

"Oh…Ok…when do you leave?" Jordan manages to ask, feeling the tears appearing in her eyes, but keeping them at bay. She doesn't want to cry.

"In 2 days. I already told everyone else. Lily said that if I die, she would kill me." he chuckled, trying to lighten up the room. "Nigel just said 'if you don't come back I know how to find you. I'm that good you know?'"

All Jordan could do was a nod. Woody turned knowing Jordan needed time to process the information he just gave her. But before he leaves, he turns to her once again.

"I can't tell you much about what it's going to happen only that it will last about 6 months to a year." Jordan looked at him and nodded again. "I'm going to sleep," Woody mentions and turns away once again. He has been sleeping on the couch in his office so when Jordan thought that she wasn't going to see him for so long she felt the need to have him close.

"Can…can you come home with me?" Woody was taken by surprise with her question. What was she trying to do?

"Jordan…I thought you…? "She interrupted him

"I need… I need to say goodbye" She explained, still with tears almost leaving her eyes.

"Okay then. Have you eaten yet? We can pick something on our way. Pizza?" He smiles at her, a soft one. He knows she's trying her best not to break down in front of him. Max's dad hit them both hard, especially to her. Losing the one parent she still had was hard, and the fact that Max hadn't been around for a long time before dying made things worse.

"Sure. You want some ice cream?" He nodded. She knew he couldn't resist ice cream. Strawberry was his favorite.

Those days went by faster than anyone was expecting. Woody went to say goodbye to every one of the morgue, again. And again everyone said the same things but this time they all had tears in their eyes. Even Dr. Macy, Bug, and Kate that weren't people who cried much-had tears in their eyes, not being able to hide the fact they were going to miss that detective. They said goodbye and after Lily hugged him for the thousand times and made him promise her he was going to be okay, it was Jordan's turn. She didn't want to say goodbye to him. But she had to.

"I'll walk you to the elevator." Woody smiles and nods, and starts to walk to the elevator.

"Thanks" Lily hugged him again, and Woody had to smile and promise he was coming back safe and sound once again and then kissed her forehead. "Take her of her Bug." Bug smiled and grabbed Lily to make sure she wouldn't go after him to say goodbye once again.

He then went to Jordan. They rode the elevator in silence until they heard the "ding" that made them so scared. It was the moment they were afraid. They had to say goodbye.

"This is the moment you tell me it was all a joke and you're staying." As always Jordan used humor instead of facing the situation in front of her.

"No…what I said it's true. And I think it's going to be a good thing, Jo."

"How are you leaving me a good thing?"

"Time apart will make us think about the last few months"

"My dad dies and you leave…anything else?" She's fighting with herself to make the tears do not leave her eyes, but it doesn't work.

"Jordan…" He smiles at her and takes a tear from her cheek with a thumb.

She hugged him. "I love you so much Farm Boy. Come back to me, okay?"

"Of course I will. I love you Jordan" He smiled that Woody smile that makes the whole room brighter. "I have to. I don't want Nigel tracking me down." They both laugh, and then Woody walks away, leaving Jordan riding the elevator alone.

End of Chapter 1