Word Count: 408
Woody is fine.
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After a week at the hospital, Woody was released. Doctors said he only needed to get some rest and could go back to work as soon as his captain allowed him, but only desk duty until he fully recovered.

One day, he got home from work, tired of being stuck to a desk – and was going to be for a few more days – and found his wife sitting on the couch. Upon seeing him, she gets up and goes to him, with a soft smile. He smiles back and sits on the couch, but Jordan is still standing.

"Sit next to me." He tells her, but she doesn't do that.

"We need to talk." She says, and Woody gulps. He hates those words, especially when they are followed by silence.

"About?" He decides to play dumb, pretending not to remember that he left for a long time, basically running away from more fights.

"Our future." She's still standing, her arms crossed.

"Oh…like what exactly?" Millions of things, such as divorce, flew by his head. But then he remembered the hug she gave him at the hospital. The one that made him ask the doctor if he broke any ribs – to which she playfully hit his arm and laughed.

"Like kids, Woody! I want kids! And we can't have them if you just go undercover every time we fight!" She blurts out, leaving Woody slightly relieved that she wanted to take that step.

"Jordan…I went undercover after weeks of fighting! We didn't talk…we fought. That was all we did. And you know how much I want to have kids with you…right?" He gets up then, smiling at her.

"Yes… I know…but…" Woody kissed her gently at first, just so she would shut up, to make sure that wouldn't turn into another argument. But when she responded by deepening the kiss, he leads her to the bedroom.

And because of that moment – or because of all the others that followed – Jordan stood in the bathroom of their house with a pregnancy test on her hand. A positive pregnancy test.

It was with a smile on her lips and a hand on her soon-to-be-growing abdomen as to protect her unborn child that she calls her husband telling him to go home. It was with the biggest smile she had ever seen that he shows her how thrilled he is to become a dad.

Problems can turn into something good...if you let them.

The End