Alright, so here's the deal, I wont be continuing this story. Both Fire and Shadow, and Rise of the Dark Lord are going to be discontinued. For context, I started both stories in the lead up to season 8 of GoT, and as I'm sure many of you realize, season eight was a rushed garbage fire, and it basically killed my creativity when it came to those stories. I don't want to keep pushing myself to continue something I started in anticipation for something that I ultimately disliked.

So instead I have decided to rewrite both stories as a new one. That new story will be called Darkness Reborn, and it will take elements from both Fire and Shadow, and Rise of the Dark Lord. It will serve as the spiritual rewrite of both stories. Please feel free to go and read that if you want to, I know it wont be for everyone, and I know some of you are disappointed, but I'd rather put an end to this, rather then force myself to keep working on it, when I know I'm no longer interested. Darkness Reborn is something fresh, and it's built off of my desires for a new story. So I hope some of you can enjoy it. I will leave both stories up for now, so that people can still read them if they want too, and again I apologize for stopping both of them, but I don't think I can push myself to keep writing them where they are now, and I don't think you guys want to read something from a disinterested author. So for the final time, I apologize. Thank you all for your support, and I'm sorry things couldn't be different. Hopefully you can find what you're looking for in my new story, and find enjoyment in it, as I said, it's a spiritual rewrite of both stories, so if you liked either of them, you make like this one. Hope to see some of you over there. With respects and admiration for you all- Fear

ps, new story should be up in a few hours form this post, pm me with any questions.