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Non Pov- Team CFVY casually approached the charging grimm horde. "Fox up front. Yatsuhashi on right Velvet with me on left." Coco ordered. They all stopped in got into they're combat stance and readied themselves. "Let's get this over quickly there's a sale going on at my favorite clothing store and i'll be damned if I miss it."

-Team CFVY Theme music Caffeine starts playing-

Fox charged at a group of Beowolve's. One tried to swipe at him from the side but he ducked under swung his arm blade upwards cutting it's arm off. The wolf cried out in pain and Fox finished it off with a beheading. A group of three more charged at him from the front and both sides. He jumped up making them all collide with each other and he came back down with his fists out forward and landed on all three of their skulls crushing them instantly. He back flipped towards an Ursa and landed in front of it. The Ursa swiped at him but Fox blocked it's attack with his right arm blade. He wheeled his body backward kicking the Ursa in the jaw in the process staggering it and when he landed he charged forward delivering fast strikes to it's torso. The Ursa cried out then Fox kicked it into the air and as it fell back down Fox gave it one more hard gut punch. The Ursa flew up into the air knocking one of the Nevermore's out of the sky. Fox looked over and saw a pack of more Beowolve's charging at him. He charged at them with blinding speed. They all cried out at once then Fox stopped to a halt behind the pack. A moment later all their head's fell off and their bodies hit the ground simultaneously.

Yatsuhashi saw the giant Nevermore Fox knocked out of the sky coming at him. He slowly pulled out his sword and just as it was about to crash into him he raised his blade up and the Nevermore was slice in two as it's body ran through the blade. Both halves on both side's of him. He then saw a few Ursa's charging at him. They roared in anger and lunged at him. Yatsuhashi spun around and as he came back around his blade struck the leader and he sent it flying into a car making the car explode as it collided. Then Yatsuhashi held his blade up and blocked an another Ursa's attack. They struggled for a moment for dominance until Yatsuhashi pushed it back then brought his sword down splitting the Ursa in two. The last one headbutted Yatsuhashi. His feet dragged across the ground stopping his momentum and then he saw a pack of Creep's surrounding him and they all lunged at him from all side's with the Ursa charging from the front. He yelled as he smashed his blade into the ground causing and earthquake around him and shattering the ground the shock wave sending all the grimm surrounding him flying in different directions.

Coco backhanded a flying Creep casually up into the air with her handbag and turned to her partner Velvet who looked nervous. "Velvet look at me." Coco said calmly. When she got Velvet's attention she continued. "There's nothing to be afraid of. Just remember everything you've learned. What the team taught you. You can do this Velvet. Your ready."

Her faced turned to determination with a slight blush and nodded and focused on the grimm in front of her. Three Boarbatusk turned into they're wheel form and charged at Velvet. Velvet took a deep breath then charged forward. The closest Boarbatusk closed in on her but she jumped over it and landed so she was in front of the second one. When it got close enough she kicked it as hard as she could into the third one knocking them into each other. The first one spun back around and jumped itself into the air raining down on her. Velvet quickly turned around and back flipped kicking the spinning Boarbatusk up into the air and shot it straight a the other Nevermore and the spinning grimm tore right through it's body. The Nevermore cried out in pain and crashed landed a few blocks down.

Velvet beamed and jumped a bit in place in excitement. "I did it!"

Coco smiled as she casually walked up to Velvet giving her a light smack on the butt causing Velvet's face to glow bright red. "See what did I tell you? Knew you could do it doll. But let's clean up house shall we?"

Coco's handbag quickly transformed into a mini gun and she held the trigger. Bullets rained on the last of the charging grimm. The Death Stalker being torn to shreds from the mini gun rounds. Coco slowly moved her weapon to the left shredding everything in it's path. She let go of the trigger and Team CFVY stood side by side gazing out into the carnage they caused in front of them. Coco with one hand on her hip while holding the minigun with the other. To her left Fox had his arms crossed. Yatsuhashi with his sword over his shoulder next to him and on Coco's right Velvet fidgeting from embarrassment and still blushing from Coco's earlier butt smack.

The Creep Coco backhanded into the air earlier finally landed with a splat behind them.

-Theme ends-

Coco's Pov- "Alright you guys re." Before I could address my team I heard a familiar annoying voice.

"Holy shit balls! That was fucking amazeballs! You guys are serious ass kickers!"

I groaned and rolled my eyes from behind my shades. I turned around and saw that the blue haired civilian was running towards us with stars in her eye. "I said to stay back at the!" The ground started to shake then something came up from under the ground behind the blue haired civilian. "Damn it! We never saw the King Taijitui burrow itself!"

The civilian turned around in horror and cried out "Holy shit!"

The snake lunged it's fangs at the civilian the only one of us who was prepared for it was Yatsuhashi. He yelled as he quickly pushed the civilian out of the way and held his blade up to block it's strike. His sword struck it's fangs and to my horror some of it's venom splashed into his face as his sword and the fangs collided. He screamed in pain and was thrown back dropping his sword and holding his eyes. The snake turned it's attention back to the civilian.

The snake lunged at her and before we charged in to help. The girl out of a rush of adrenaline screamed as she picked up Yatsuhashi's sword with both hands and with all her might swung it. The snake's head flew off it's body from the momentum of it's attack and into a building and the body fell around the blue haired girl.

In all honesty I was slightly impressed...Slightly. " Yatsuhashi!" Velvet cried out as she and Fox ran towards him. I broke out of my trance and headed for my teammate. "Fox go check on the civilian i'll call for an evac!"

He nodded and rushed to the blue haired girls side and i pulled out my scrolled and called my superiors number. "This Coco of Team CFVY we need an immediate evac and a medic! One of my team is wounded. The mission is clear just get us out of here." I hung up and Yatsuhashi was sitting up groaning in pain. "I..I can't open my eyes."

Velvet held him steady trying her best not to cry but failing. I walked over to him and knelt down in front of him. "Always got to be the protector huh?" I said with a slight tease.

He chuckled back and said. "It's our job isn't it?"

I smiled weakly and replied. "That it is. I'll be right back. Going to see how miss potty mouth is holding up." I stood up and walked over to the stranger and Fox. "How is she?"

He stood up and replied calmly. "Beside's shookin up she'll be fine."

The girl slowly stood up on shaking legs while trying to stop herself from hyperventilating. "Holy...Shit."

"Hey..You did good ok? I'm actually impressed you were able to wield Yatsuhashi's blade like that. You got talent." I said trying to calm her down. Nothing is worst than a freaked out civilian especially in a combat zone.

She chuckled nervously. "Haha yeah..phew..Ok..I'm ok now. By the way..I take back what I said. Team CFVY is a bad ass name." She said with a smirk.

I gave a little smirk back. "What's your name again kid?"

"Chloe. Chloe Price."

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