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Non Pov- Theme. Wings. Starts Playing-

"It has been exactly one month since the great Battle Of Beacon. Repairs to the school and city are nearly complete and classes will begin in a couple weeks. We also wish to ask for a moment of silence for the brave students and Atlas soldiers who fought bravely but sadly did not make it...We hope they're souls find peace knowing their sacrifice's were not in vain.

In relation to the news. White Fang activities have gone down by an astonishing seventy percent since the death of they're former leader Adam Taurus who died at the The Battle Of Beacon. Faunus rights groups have also been on the rise with more and more human's joining in their campaign. After Remnant witnessing the live feed from the Battle Of Beacon. Watching students who were both Human's and Faunus's fight side by side against a great and terrible threat have moved the peoples hearts and have asked for Faunus equality among the masses.

It seems Remnant is heading towards a more peaceful and brighter future.

The young man. Yatsuhashi was sitting outside his house meditating. His eyes had a blindfold over them but he had a genuine smile after hearing the news report from the radio that was sitting on the tree stump next to him. "Look's like everything is working out." He heard footsteps approach him and he said without moving. "Been a while."

Fox approached and sat next to him. "Yeah it has."

"How is everyone holding up?" Yatsuhashi asked his old teammate.

Fox stretched then replied. "Good. Chloe's been...Having it rough. Nightmares and all. But she's pulling through."

Yatsuhashi nodded. "Yes Coco sent me a voice recorded message telling me everything that happened. Having to fight to the death with someone you trusted and loved must not have been easy for her."

Fox sighed. "Yeah...But she's getting better...So you ready to go?"

Yatsuhashi chuckled. "As ready as I'll ever be."

Fox helped him up and guided him to the airship that he came in on.

Glynda's Pov- I was outside at the top of the reconstructed tower. The breeze lightly blowing through my hair. My hands were gripped to the handles of a wheelchair. A chuckled broke my thoughts.

"Splendid isn't it?"

I smiled and replied to the occupant in the chair. "Yes...It is."

Ozpin took a sip from his mug and said. "At long last after all these years...We can now rest easy."

I nodded while smiling. A single tear rolled down my cheek. Shortly after the Battle Of Beacon was over. We feared Ozpin fell before Cinder after what Mr. Arc told us what happened. But when me and the rest of the circle were alone Raven said she saved him. Apparently she used her semblance and was able to get him out of there in the nick of time but it cost her burns to run throughout her left arm from the explosion that Cinder and Ozpin caused.

A week later after we recovered Qrow got a tip from one of his contacts. Salem made a slight slip up thanks to her grand plans of Beacon failing and we were able to locate her stronghold. So as the repairs were underway and in secret. Ozpin the circle and the other two headmaster raised a small army of Remnants best hunters and huntresses and attacked Salem head on. The grimm and her accomplices were difficult but they fell before us. It was the queen herself that was the problem. The fight lasted hours. Many good Hunters died fighting her and Ozpin even became paralyzed and lost the use of his legs but in the end. We won. Salem is dead. Remnant was now free of her looming shadow.

"Told you I was right." Ozpin said teasing me.

I rolled my eyes but smiled. "Yes of course you were right...If Chloe wasn't around...Who knows what would have happened."

"And don't forget Ruby. I couldn't picture a more fitting person to take on the role as Fall Maiden."

I nodded in agreement. Ruby Rose was now the new Fall Maiden. Ozpin believes that when Cinder died Ruby was the only pure hearted person in her mind that was worthy and so the power chose Ruby. "Summer would have been proud of her." I replied.

He sighed. "Yes...She definitely would."

We stood there in silence just enjoying the bright sunny scenery.

*Bleep Bleep*

My scroll just buzzed. "Looks like its almost time."

Ozpin took another sip then smiled. "We don't want to be late then."

I smiled in return and pushed his wheelchair towards the elevator.

Winter's Pov- I was now currently helping organize the rebuild efforts of Vale. In some twisted and kind of sweet irony. The Battle against Salem left me with a scar on my eye just like Weiss's except on the opposite one. When she asked how I got it I just told her. 'It's classified.'

"Hey watch where your going with that! That is pure glass you idiot!" I yelled at some of the men under my command as they were trying to put in a new front window in a store.

"Glad to see your doing well."

I gasped slightly and quickly turned around and saluted. "General Ironwood sir! I did not expect to see you here so soon!"

He laughed lightly. "At ease Specialist. It's almost two."

I blinked a few times. "That late already?"

He nodded. "Yes which means we should get going but first theirs something important we must do."

"Sir?" I asked in confusion.

He folded his hand behind his back and said. "Winter Schnee. For your spectacular performance at both The Battle Of Beacon and the fight against Salem. We are opening a new council position. With the councils vote you have that seat. Winter Schnee you are now Admiral of the Atlesian Fleet. Congratulations."

I could have sworn my heart stopped then was about ready to explode. "Sir...I...I don't..Know...What to say." I was at a complete loss.

He chuckled and replied. "You don't have to say anything. You've earned it Winter. Now lets get going we don't want to be late now do we?"

I smiled and nodded. "Yes General." As I followed him my Scroll buzzed. I checked it and the message I got read.

"Want to go for drinks later?"

I chuckled to myslef while shaking my head. "Damn lucky i'm in a good mood." I sent a reply as I followed the General.

Yang's Pov- I thought my life changed forever. Thought it was over after losing my arm. I was in complete depression after I woke up in the hospital. Even with all my friends and family there. The loss of my arm and Pyrrha ran so deep. But Blake. The young woman I was so in love with never left my side. And eventually I got a new prosthetic arm from General Ironwood. It was perfect. After that my confidence went up and now i'm back to my old self. I even painted my new arm yellow with black stripes. Blake teased me for it because it was so cheesy but she loved it.

Right now I was outside doing push ups with Blake sitting on my back reading a book. "Are they here yet?" I asked.

Blake flipped the page of her book and answered without looking away from the pages. "Nope. Not yet."

I groaned. "If we're late because of them."

She chuckled. "Don't worry we won't miss it."

After my two hundredth push up I laid down in the grass and asked. "Blake? Are you...You know...Happy?"

I heard Blake shut her book then felt her lay on top of me kissing my shoulder which caused me to smile. "I am Yang...More than I ever thought possible."

"I love you." I whispered.

"I love you too..So much." She replied.

We both were then startled as a bird flew down in front of us. I blinked a few times seeing the envelope in its beak. It dropped it and flew away.

Blake and I sat up and I picked it up and used a nearby tree to lean against. "This from your Uncle?" Blake asked.

I shrugged. "Could be. Lets find out." I opened the letter and after reading the first few lines my hand trembled.

Blake put a comforting hand on my shoulder. "What is it?" She asked worryingly.

I took a deep breath. "It's from my mom."

Blake nodded in understanding. "You don't have to read it then."

I smiled and gave her a quick kiss. "Thanks for the concern kitten but...I have to...But will you read it with me?"

She smiled and laid her head on my shoulder. "Of course."

I took a shaky breath and we started reading the letter together.

Dear Yang- You are probably wondering why I sent you this letter. Well. Think of it as a final proper farewell. There are some things you deserve to know. When I was put on Team STRQ I loathed it. Beside's your Uncle I thought it was going to be a nightmare. Just like how me and Qrow ended up as orphans. But by the time I graduated I fell in love with your father and Summer was the greatest friend anyone could have asked for.

For reasons you wouldn't understand I tried distancing myself from them but my heart wouldn't allow it. Then I had you. Not a day goes by where I never regretted having you. I loved you the moment I laid my eyes on you. But my past caught up to me.

I had a lot of enemies. People who wanted me dead because I was raised by a tribe of assassins. Leaving you and your father was the hardest thing I ever had to do. All I wanted was to keep my family safe. Even if it meant hurting you. Eventually things happened and I became the leader. That was around the time your father and Summer got together.

I knew then that part of my life was over. Summer was a great mother and your father deserved someone like her.

Before The Battle Of Beacon my tribe was annihilated and I barely escaped. The reason I'm not returning now is because i don't deserve to be with you. Even if I was protecting you I still failed as a Wife and Mother. I don't even desrve to be called that. I'm nothing more than the person who brought you into this world. Summer was your mother and I could never replace her.

You might be furious about my decision and thats understandable. I don't ask for your forgiveness. I just wanted you to know the truth.

Goodbye Yang. I'll always love you

-From Raven Branwen-

P.S. You and that cat girl look adorable together. You have my blessing.

I could see the tears slowly landing on the letter as I wept. Blake pulled me into an embrace and held me. "I'm sorry Yang...I'm sorry."

After a moment I finally calmed down and pulled away. Wiping my eyes. "I'm fine...I'll be ok because now...I got closure."

Blake smiled as I puled her into a loving kiss.


Me and Blake both groaned and pulled away glaring at the car that honked they're horn.

Sun and Neptune were smirking at us. Sun waved out the passenger window and yelled. "Come on or we're going to be late! You can suck each others faces later!"

I chuckled as Blake blushed a bit and rolled her eyes. "Let's go kitten!" I said excitedly as I scooped her up in my arm bridal style.

Blake glared at me and blushed harder. "Yang! Put me down now!"

"Come on you love it!" I teased.

Her frown slowly turned into a smile. "Fine...You win."

"I always do!" I yelled and ran towards the car. "I'm not angry mom I understand it all. Thank you for looking out for me. I'll always love you too."

Qrow's Pov- I walked up behind my sister. We were both standing on top of building watching the car drive away with Yang and her friends inside. Raven turned to me as her raven bird landed on her shoulder. "Knew I'd find you somewhere around here."

Raven sighed and said. "What do you want?"

I smirked and replied. "What? Can't say goodbye to your own twin brother?" My smirk turned into a frown. "I know your leaving. Leaving it all behind."

She truned back around with her back facing me. "Yes...With the tribe gone..I have nothing left. Time to start fresh."

I took a few steps closer and replied. "You can comeback. All you have to do is put your damn pride aside for one damn minute."

She shook her head. "I can't..." She lifted up her left arm which was completely covered in white bandages. "It's to late for me Qrow. I've hurt to many people." She summoned a portal in front of her and before she stepped in she said. "Please Qrow...Don't waste your life away down the bottom of your damn flask...Summer wouldn't have wanted that...Goodbye brother." she stepped inside the portal and it disappeared.

I sighed. "Later sis.." I pulled out my flask and before I put it to my lips. I groaned and put it back in my pocket and took out my scroll instead. "What the hell." I typed a message and sent it.

"Want to go for drinks later?"

"Well guess I better get going as well. Don't want to be late like I usually am." Before I could turn into a crow my scroll buzzed. I checked the message and chuckled not believing the reply.

"As long as your buying"

"I'll be damned."

Jaune's Pov- I was standing in front of Beacon's statue. But it had a new addition since the reconstruction. They added a memorial wall for all the students that didn't make it through the Battle Of Beacon. Even the ones that were here for the tournament. There were a total of forty three names on the slab. But right now my hand was touching the one name that I held most dear.

The top of the slab read.

In Memory of the brave young souls who chose to stand up to the forces of darkness. May they always be remembered as heroes of Beacon Academy.

The second row of names the fifth one down read. *Pyrrha Nikos*

My hand trembled over her name as I tried to keep my emotions in check. "Pyrrha...Why did you have to fight her?" I love you Pyrrha."

"Oh..I'm sorry." I turned around to see a girl with a beanie standing behind me. "I'll Umm leave you be...I'll come back later."

I stopped her. "No it's alright...You look familiar."

She smiled sadly and nodded. "Yeah we fought in the four on four rounds in the tournament."

I smiled a bit. "Yeah now I remember May right?'

"Yeah..Umm sorry for interrupting." She said nervously.

I shook my head. "No it's fine...What are you doing here anyway? I thought you were in Vacuo?"

She slowly walked up to the memorial and placed a hand on the slab. "My team...All of them died during the Battle."

"Wow umm...I'm so sorry." What else could I say to something like that?

I saw a lone tear run down her cheek. "We could have run. We could have just ran away easily...But Brawnz my leader wanted to stay and fight. It was the right thing to do...But at the end of the night I was the only one left...I decided to transfer here. Attend the school they all died protecting."

I smiled a bit and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "I'm sure they'd be proud and honored by your decision. And your going to love it here."

She smiled a bit. "Thanks...You lost someone to?"

I sighed and nodded. "Yeah my partner Pyrrah we...Were really close."

She replied. "I'm sorry for your loss..It must of been hard losing someone...That close."



I checked the time on my scroll. "Hey I gotta be somewhere."

She smiled. "That's fine I'll be around."

I put my phone away and asked. "You can come along if you want. It would be no trouble at all."

She looked a bit nervous. "You sure?"

I nodded. "Positive." I held out my hand and hestiantly she lightly grabbed it and we started walking. "I'll be sure to give you the grand tour later."

Her smile grew a bit. "I'd like that."

Nora's Pov- I almost squealed from the adorableness me and Ren just witnessed. We were standing behind a pillar. NOT spying. And saw and hear the whole conversation. "That was so adorable!"

Ren nodded a bit. "Yeah..Just don't push it ok Nora?"

I was a little offended by that. I mean sure I can be kind of wild and blunt. But Jaune isn't the only one who's been having a hard time over Pyrrha's death. She was like a sister to me.

"I won't I promise. I jut think it's kind of romantic. Two people in grief coming together." I told Ren.

He shrugged. "I suppose it is. Just don't get your hopes up alright? Now come on we have to go or we're the ones who are going to be late."

I grabbed his hand and I ran dragging Ren. "We'll be the first one's there!"

"Nora slow down!"

Ruby's Pov-Me and Weiss were at the cliff side over looking Emerald forest. In front of us was a tombstone. Weiss had her arm around me holding me close as I laid my head against her shoulder.

*In Memory of Roman and Neo Torchwhick. A father and daughter who were misjudged and forgiven.*

"This was really sweet of you Ruby." Weiss said with complete honesty.

I nodded trying not to cry. "I just wish I could have helped them."

Weiss turned me so that we were facing each other. "This wasn't your fault Ruby. None of it was. Pyrrah, Neo, Roman, Yang...None of it. Please stop blaming yourself ok?"

She gave me a small kiss and my guilt started melting away. "Thank's Weiss...All we can do is just keep them going on in our memory right?"

She smiled. "Exactly."

We turned to the stone and gave a little prayer. "A lot of people may think you were bad guys...But at least we know the truth and we have forgiven you. So you may both rest in peace."


"Ruby it's time to go." Weiss said after turning her scroll off.

I wiped a few more tears away. "Goodbye." I turned around and Weiss gave me a smile as she held my hand. I smiled back as we walked. "I love you Weiss."

Her grip tightened a bit. "I love you too you dolt."

Coco's Pov- I was outside sitting in the shade as I watched Velvet set up the equipment. I gulped nervously as my body shook in fear and anticipation. It has been a long month and a lot has happened since the Battle Of Beacon. Everyone was shooken up especially Chloe. She wouldn't leave our room for days. But she has been slowly recovering. But right now I was nervous for a different reason. It came to me a couple weeks ago. The Battle Of Beacon opened my eyes. Anything could happen and anyone could get hurt or worse no matter how hard I try to keep everyone safe. So I decided to do something that I don't want to regret later.

"Coco everything ok?"

I looked up to see Velvet standing in front of me with a look of worry. I took a deep breath and stood up removing my shades. "Velvet...I love you."

She blushed but smiled. "I love you too Coco."

I held her hands and stared at our intertwined fingers as I continued. "Velvet...When I first met you I thought you were nothing more than a replacement and..I'm so sorry for that."

"It's ok Coco I know you."

I cut her off. "Please don't interupt me...Let me finish."

I didn't look at her but her silence was the answer I needed. "Even after..All the hurtful things I said to you. You still stood by me and helped me move on. I'm so happy and grateful you were brought into my life. I could have lost you during the battle. I almost lost you on the Miracle Valley mission. The thought of losing you breaks my heart...Life is too short Velvet especially for us huntresses so..." I slowly got down on one knee and looked up to see my girl in shock. I held her hand and smiled. "Velvet Scarlatina...Will you marry me?...After we graduate of course."

Velvet's lips trembled as tears rolled down her cheeks. But as soon as her smile graced her lips I knew what her answer was going to be. "YES!"

She tackled me to the ground and couldn't help but chuckle as I held her. "I love you so much doll."

She snuggled into me. "I..I love you too...Coco" She sobbed in happiness.

"I'm the luckiest gal in Remnant."

Chloe's Pov- I was at the Beacon docks waiting for a certain ship arrive. I can't believe it's been a month since the Battle Of Beacon. I still have horrible nightmares about it. Rachel betraying us. The fear of losing penny. Watching Roman and Neo die. Having to kill Mercury and Cinder...Losing Pyrrah...I'm amazed I haven't lost it. Well maybe not. My team and friends have all been there for me and so has Penny. They took her away back to Atlas before I could see her which terrified me. But the reason I started leaving my room was because Penny messaged me one night saying she was fine and that she missed me. I was so hella relived to hear that.

Now here I am waiting for Penny to show up for the event. I beamed as I saw the ship flying in. I watched it land and a few moments later people satrted to depart it then I finally saw her. "Penny!"

Penny looked over at me and beamed. "Chloe!"

We both ran towards each other and met half way. I picked her up in my arms and twirled her around. "Penny! I can't believe your back!" I set her down and kissed her with every fiber of my damn being. When I pulled away she had a dazed look.

"Oh my...That was unexpected..But enjoyable! And I missed you as well Chloe."

I smiled as we held hands and started walking. "So how are things back at Atlas?" I asked.

She smiled and replied. "Very well. The White Fang have almost been neutralized and the Faunus have been getting better jobs and salary."

"That's great Penny! Glad things are finally looking up."

She nodded and used her free hand to pull out an envelope from her pocket. "What's that?" I asked.

"Well...Since I defeated Adam Taurus the higher ups and my father wanted to give me something for my accomplishment. They said I could have anything I want...These are transfer papers. I am officially a student of Beacon academy and Ozpin has already put me on team JNPR!"

I beamed. I couldn't believe it. "Penny that's awesome! We'll be in school together."

Her face fell then replied. "I don't know...I feel like...I'm replacing Pyrrah."

I wrapped my arm around her shoulders in comfort. "Penny. No one could replace Pyrrah. Just like no one could replace you. Your not a replacement Penny. Pyrrah would be honored if you took her spot. Besides Jaune Ren and Nora are very friendly guys. They'll welcome you with open arms."

She smiled again. "Your right. I was just being silly."


I gasped. "Oh crap we're late! We gotta move double time!"

By the time I made it to the large open field in the park everyone was already there. "Your late Chloe!" Coco snapped.

I rolled my eyes and replied. "You know how I like to be 'Fashionably' late Coco."


I looked around. "What!? Don't you get it? Fashionably late. Coco's all about fashion. Huh..Huh..Anyone?"

Half the group turned to Yang glaring at her. "You created a monster double version of yourself." Weiss sneered.

Yang chuckled nervously. "Come on it wasn't that bad."

Yatsuhashi laughed. "Oh. How I missed being among friends."

Jaune spoke up. "Well since we're all here I like to introduce May to everyone she'll be attending Beacon with us and I thought you guys wouldn't mind her being here."

Ruby smiled. "Not at all! Hi May! Welcome to the family!"

May smiled and rubbed her visable eye clear of tears. "Thanks..It's nice...Meeting all of you."

I smiled. Ruby was right. Everyone here was just more than friends...We're family.

"Well...Are we ready to do this or what?" Qrow teased.

Coco nodded. "Yes we are. Come on everyone gather around Velvet worked really hard trying to get everyone here for this."

Velvet blushed but smiled as she set up the tripod camera in front of the group. Everyone got into their positions and smiled. Velvet ran towards the group and stood next to Coco. "All right everyone say cheese!" Nora yelled!


The camera flashed and everyone cheered. Velvet excitedly ran to the camera and inspected the photo. She smiled brightly and nodded. "It's perfect!" She then had the camera print copies for everyone.

I looked at the photo and smiled. Ruby was being held by Weiss from behind. Yang had Blake in her arms. Jaune and May were smiling with Nora giving them both bunny ears with Ren next to her rolling his eyes. Neptune and Sun were making goofy faces. Ironwood and Winter were standing professionally. Glynda stood behind Ozpin. In the far right corner my eyes winded a bit. I saw Qrow but right next to him barely in the picture was Yang's mom with a red portal behind her.

I looked over at Yang. She had a smile on her face while shedding some tears. Her team gave her a group hug.

I went back to the photo. Velvet had her head resting on Coco's shoulder with Coco's arm around her waist. Fox and Yatsuhashi had and arm around each others shoulder. Then last but not least me and Penny were in the front. Penny was on my back shooting a peace sight over my shoulder. Every single person in the picture were smiling.

I looked back up from the picture to see everyone talking. Penny was introducing herself to Team JNPR.

I then felt a hand being placed in my shoulder. I turned around and gasped. "Dad?" I mumbled.

He smiled at me and said. "I'm so proud of you Chloe." Then just like that he was gone.

After a moment i rubbed my tears away and smiled. "Thank's dad." I looked up to see Glynda wheeling Ozpin away. I ran up to them. "Wait!" She stopped and spun Ozpin around. I surprised them both when i bent down and gave him a hug. "Thank you...For giving me a second chance." I might not be here is it weren't for Ozpin. If he didn't let me into the school...I might have become just like Rachel and gone mad.

He patted my back and replied. "Everyone deserves a second chance Chloe. I'm honored to have you at my school."

I stood straight back up and smiled. "Thanks Oz."

"Hey Chloe!"

I turned around to see all my friends staring at me. "We have a feast to dig into!" Yang yelled.

I beamed. "I'm coming hold your horses!"

I caught up to the group and Penny grabbed my hand. "Today has been fun so far."

I chuckled. "And there will be plenty more of these day's to come."

I looked over and noticed my team and Yatsuhashi looking out into the horizon. "I'll catch up with you in a minute Penny."

She smiled and nodded. "Of course." We gave each other a quick kiss and I walked over to the original Team CFVY and stood next to Velvet.

..."It's been a hell of a journey hasn't it?" Coco aid as the breeze flew by us.

Velvet held Coco's hand. "Yeah...But we all pulled through though"

Yatsuhashi nodded. "That we did. I may still not be able to see but even I can feel the difference in the atmosphere...A sense of tranquility."

Fox spoke next. "Yeah...I think we all changed...For the better."

"Hey guy's...Thanks..For everything. For looking out for me, teaching me, putting up with my bullshit...It means a lot."

They all chuckled and Coco replied. "Chloe...Keep your thanks. We're a team...A family we'll always have each others backs. No matter what."

"I couldn't have asked for better friends. Even though we stopped Cinder and the White Fang the grimm are still running around remnant. But I know one day we'll beat them too. All of us. Together as one."

-Theme Ends-


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