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"Oh I can't wait to see them," Ruby began, looking at her step-sister with a look of excitement. "they said they would be at the dock in front of Beacon but what if something goes wrong! Things always go wrong."

"Calm down sis, everything will be ok. Heck, they're probably already there now." Yang said leaning to the side a bit to try to hug her little sister, who escaped being squished to death from Yang's inhuman strength.

"But what if-"

"But what if nothing Ruby, everyone's going to think you're the bee's knees when they see how kick ass you are."

No they're not. Ruby just wanted to be normal. Nothing in her life was ever normal. . . it was so weird, her uncle could be her dad and it would make sense. Ruby sighed and flopped into one of the chairs that lined the wall of the Bullhead. She honestly didn't know what to do, at least she wasn't Vomit Boy over in the corner.

Ruby was broken out of her depressed musings by the whir of the aircraft landing at beacon's docs.

"Do you think they're there Yang?"

"Rubes, what did I tell you earlier. They are probably sitting there now waiting for you to come out." Yang started to walk out of the Bulkhead with Ruby in tow. There was no one there but the incoming freshman."Ok, look. Something's probably holding them up, I have to go because I see my friends but I'm sure they'll show up."

Yang pushed Ruby a little too much in the process of getting to her friends, resulting in Ruby spinning till she was dizzy and fell onto a pile of luggage.

"Excuse you! What do you think you're doing!"

"Oh my! I'm so sorry! I tripped!"

"Do you even know what's in here you imbecile!" The girl just glared at Ruby even more when she didn't answer. "What are you! Deaf? Dust is in here! Power! Ener-"

With that the snowy haired stranger was cut off with a "Kit!" coming from the right of Ruby.

When Ruby looked over she saw a certain group of people who practically helped raise her and proceeded to stand up, ignore the pompous girl next to her, and run to the voice.

"Coco, Fox, Velvet, Yatsuhashi! I was waiting for you!"

In response to her yell she got a nod and a small smile from Yatsuhashi, a hello and a hug from Fox, a "hello little kit" from Velvet, and a "nice to see you rubes" from Coco.

later on~

"We were looking for you Red! Your bullhead must've been late." Coco said ruffling the young reaper's head. "We were walking around looking for thinking you had already got off and went to the main hall when we saw you being bombarded by that Schnee girl. What was up with her anyway?"

"No clue."

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