A ghost that had the unique and all too disastrous ability to create warp points through time and space had made its presence known in the heart of New York City. The warp points had caused many disturbances throughout the city as people would wander obliviously into a warp point at one end of the city and wind up on the complete opposite side without a clue! Cars, trucks and even subway cars would disappear and reappear without any ability to detect the warp points, save for a wavering motion of light at the entrance of the warp.

The Ghostbusters had been called to deal with the nuisance. Dr. Raymond "Ray" Stantz and Dr. Egon Spengler were able to adjust the settings on their PKE (psychokinetic energy) meters to detect the warp points, and had set out with the rest of the team in an attempt to close the warp points and finally capture the troublesome ghost before it caused further disturbances.

Egon and Winston Zeddemore had managed to isolate a majority of the warp points and use their proton packs to seal away the dangerous entrances that had manifested inside the city while Ray and Dr. Peter Venkman tracked down the ghost to a dilapidated slum of a mansion on the outskirts of the city.

"Find it Ray?" Peter asked into the radio as he gave a bored, uninterested sigh. Walking the the third floor of the mansion gave him an eerie feeling in the pit of his stomach as his grandparents had own a large house very much like the mansion. It even smelled the same. "I want to get out of here."

"Nothing yet!" Ray's voice crackled in response over the static filled radio. "I'm going to head out of the basement and meet you in the attic. If it tries to descend down the floors I'll catch it in the act."

"Yeah, sure." Peter was very disinterested in the ghost as the dreary yet familiar mansion filled his mind with dreadful childhood memories full of neglect and disappointment. Finding the large door that connected the third floor to the attic above Peter turned the knob and let out a deep breath. The door creaked open and revealed the bottom steps of a creaky, worn, dark staircase leading up into the shadows. "Lovely." He commented as he set his foot down on the first step. The wooden board creaked angrily beneath his weight. "Hey, I don't like being here anymore than you. Stop with the attitude!" Peter lamented as he began the gloomy ascent.

Ray easily made his way from the basement through the first floor and well on his way up to the second floor. As he used the PKE meter to sweep the air and track down the ghost Egon's voice interjected over the otherwise silent radio. 'Come in Ray, Peter.'

"Go for Ray." Ray answered without breaking stride.

'Winston and I have just finished sealing the last of the warp points. We'll meet with you and Peter as soon as we clear the city. Are you still at the mansion?'

"Yeah, we're checking through the building as I speak." The PKE meter suddenly chirped as it detected a faint trail coming from somewhere directly above Ray's head. "And I think I just found it. I'll keep you posted!"

Ray hastened his pace as he glided through the second floor and made his way to the third floor, the signal becoming stronger with each step forward. "Venkman, did you hear Egon?"

'Yeah Ray, I did.' Peter sounded a little irritated as he replied. 'Where's the ghost you claimed to have found?'

"Should be in the attic! Where are you?"

'The attic. Where else?'

"Okay, don't move! I'm making way toward your location!"

'Where would I go, anyway? Out the window?'

"Just... Just wait for me!"

Standing alone near the entryway of the attic Peter turned his attention away from the radio and toward the depths of the long deserted and dusty attic. "Okay ghost, let's play nice. You come out with your hands- or whatever you have, up, and I'll make this easy on you!"

A deeply upsetting cackle from the shadows sent a chill down Peter's spine. Unsheathing his thrower Peter aimed at the center of the attic and darted his eyes back and forth in a futile attempt to pin down the exact location of the ghost.

"Show yourself! Face me like a man!"

The cackle responded with a wicked glee from the ceiling directly above Peter's head. Looking up Peter watched as particles of dust began to rain down from the ancient wooden beams of the surprisingly high ceiling. A board groaned and a loud 'snap' echoed through the attic as the ceiling began to lose structural integrity under the presence of the ghost.

"Uh..." Peter moved his hand back to his radio to try and contact Ray. "Come in Ray, the ghost is here."

'Almost there!' Ray replied as he again quickened his pace. 'Keep it distracted!'

"Distracted?" Peter nearly spat at the odd instruction. "Sure, no problem..."

The air above Peter began to waver as the ghost began to manifest from the shadows. The ceiling beams snapped a second time and a large hole formed in the roof as the beams went falling down directly on top of Peter at an alarming speed.

"No, no, NO!" Peter protested with his wide green eyes as the heavy lumber barrelled down on him without hindrance. Lifting one arm above his head in a futile attempt to shield himself from the heavy timber Peter felt his entire body cave under the immense weight as the boards pinned him down against the window floor of the attic. A horrific crash deafened Peter's ears as he laid helpless under the crushing weight of the wooden beams.

A burning pain in the side of his neck accompanied by a warm sticky feeling told Peter that he was now bleeding. A sharp jagged edge of the broken boards had managed to graze against the side of his neck, but managed to just narrowly avoid breaking his neck in the process.

Coughing against the choking dust and chest crushing weight Peter desperately tried to call out for help. "R... Ray!" Wrestling his arm free from beneath a heavy board Peter stretched out his hand in a desperate attempt to find something, anything, to hold onto. "Help! Ray! Egon? Winston! Anybody! Help me, I'm trapped!"

A gentle feminine voice responded very near Peter's ear as a pair of warm hands wrapped his own as he reached out helplessly. "I'm here, now. Don't worry."

"Who- It can't be..." His panic filled eyes widened further as he recognized the kind voice, his heart skipping a beat as a surge of confusion and adrenaline began coursing through his veins. A lovely face leaned over him and looked down at him between the crushing boards. She smiled at him with a sincere tenderness in her green eyes that made Peter swallow a sob of emotional torment. "M-Mom?!"

...to be continued...