One snowy night amidst all nights, Popo and Nana decided to go Ice Climbing around the glacier sea because that's all they ever fucking do. So they went to the top of one of the many frosty snow capped mountains that surrounded them in the ever expanding icy expanse that was covered in glaciers. What the Ice Climbers didn't expect was that they weren't the only two beings present. Why? Because all toasters toast toast!

"It's been one of those days..." Popo sighed in a lower pitched voice than normal as he stretched his arms out, just for you.

Nana's stomach growled as she patted her grumbling gut. "I wonder what's for dinner..."

"Squadalah! We're off!" Bowser Junior exclaimed as he was riding in his Junior Klown Kar, blasting the Ice Climbers off the mountain with a cannonball fire as he simply laughed at this predicament, yearning the chance of being a troublemaker.

"Oah ship!" Pichu exclaimed as she watched Popo and Nana tumble down the snow mountain while feeding herself some cheesecake, tilting her head to the right as she pondered on whether or not to help her fellow Smashers. Get the hint?

"No..." Silver The Hedgehog commented as he was using his psychic powers to prevent several snowballs from rolling down due to Popo and Nana screaming, which in turn would have caused an avalanche.