Chapter 1

The first thing Shirou thought of once he opened his eyes was pain. It wasn't the kind of pain that made you cry out, but it was more on the stinging side.

He had found himself in the middle of an alleyway with not a single soul within his sight.

Where was he?

Shirou had no clue at all, which meant that all he could do now was pick a direction and walk.

As Shirou turned to take a step, he noticed the world around him tilt slightly.

Before Shirou could think more of it, he had fallen face first onto the cement.


"What in the…" He involuntarily muttered.

As Shirou struggled to rise as he exerted his muscles.

What was going on?

As he lifted his left hand towards himself and noticed that his hand had looked smaller than how he initially remembered it. An ominous thought crept its way into Shirou's thoughts as he lifted himself up.

A glint of light caught his eye as he turned back to the heap of trash that he woke up on. After some rummaging around he had found a mildly shattered mirror.

Once he had gazed upon it, he was shocked. What he had seen would be forever ingrained into his memory.

"I'm… a kid?"

One singular glance at the reflection and he could tell.

He lacked the pronounced chin, and his cheeks had reverted to their previously round form.

He reached for his own cheek and yanked.



He had felt pain, meaning that it was no illusion whatsoever.

"Damn it… What is going on?"

He dropped the mirror, stepped away from the trash pile, wobbling as he was not used to his younger form yet, and walked down the alleyway.

Wherever he was, he was not going to get answers from a trash pile.

He would need to find a phone booth and immediately contact Rin to let her know of the situation. Afterward. he would set up a rendezvous point to-

His thoughts broke off once he heard a scream.

Without wasting a second. Shirou bolted down the alley, stumbling slightly before tripping. Scraping his knees in the process.

But that did not deter Shirou as he rose to his feet once more and ran.

He had gotten back up from each stumble he made with broken determination.

After each time he fell, he had stayed running longer. After three more falls he was running without stumbling, but there was still a sense of imbalance left behind.

His body ached slightly but it was not as painful as before.

With vigor, he turned a corner to something eye-catching.

He had found a young woman running towards him with fear and worry stricken in her eyes, but from behind her was what truly caught Shirou's attention.

He looked like a classic delinquent wearing chains and everything around

his wrists. A nasty sneer along with a gold necklace to boot.

He would've passed as a civilian in Shirou's book if it were not for one thing…

… The man had a scorpion tail. An extra appendage that moved and swayed on its own.

The woman ran past and hid behind Shirou, unaware that she was using a child as a meat shield due to her fear and distress.

Shirou activated a circuit in order to utilize his magecraft but struggled to do so. Shirou did not have time to think of why he could not access his circuits and instead cannibalized a nerve, something Rin would no doubt scold him for.

The person before him was definitely human… but that appendage attached to his back…

Was he subjected to surgical alterations?

Shirou ruled that possibility out of his mind rather quickly. The tail was in no way a foreign entity, but was in fact apart of him, as much as an arm belonged to Shirou. Even an idiot could tell from the way it moved around naturally.

If it was natural… then what was he?

"Kid. step aside," The strange man said. "I got business with that woman over there!"

Shirou stood his ground.

"I can't do that… Sir," Shirou stumbled a bit, unsure on what to call the being in front of him, "What business do you have with her?"

The creature snorted and stood straighter, "That woman owes me money. Despite me telling her over and over again that her final date was today."

"That's a lie!" Shouted the woman from behind him, "I already paid you back!"

The man let out a minor chuckle, "That wasn't enough woman! You were missing several thousand!"

The woman widened her eyes, in what seems to be, blatant shock, "B-But, you said a hundred!"

"I meant a hundred thousand. woman! Now cough over the dough, I know you have it in your bag over there."

Shirou stepped between the two, "If the two of you could please calm down, we could get this sorted out with the proper authorities-"

Shirou was cut short, his minor instincts caused him to swerve to the side as the man's scorpion tail sailed pass him… and towards the cowering woman behind him, whose eyes widened in horror.

Something snapped into place within Shirou's mind as he wrapped his arms around the soaring tail, and was dragged from where he stood for some time before stopping it from reaching its mark.

Shirou glared at the creature before him.

"I do believe that was unnecessary, sir."

The creature sucked his teeth in annoyance and swerved his body, dragging his tail and Shirou, and slamming him into a wall.

Shirou grunted in minor pain as he thanked his subconscious need to reinforce himself before every single conflict.

The tail was pulled from his grasp as the creature ran at the woman, tail ready to spear through her and leave a corpse in his wake.

"Trace on!"

An odd random shout called both their attentions alongside the sound of footsteps.

The creature raised his tail to block whatever the kid was doing, but widened his eyes and sidestepped in the nick of time as a white sword flew pass by him.

The creature glared. but that was what Shirou had wanted. He had the man's full attention as he backed up slowly to create space.

The woman sensed the growing tension between the two and moved away for her young rescuer to stand in between her and the man.

"Where did that sword come from?" The man asked with narrowed eyes, "It wasn't anywhere on you before."

Shirou remained silent as he held Bakuya within his palm, mentally cursing himself for not having enough prana to trace it's companion sword Kanshou.

At first, he attempted to once more access his magical circuits, but they would not respond whatsoever.

Thus Shirou came to a conclusion, it would seem that his magic circuits had reverted to when he had not unlocked them, so he had to cannibalize another nerve in order to use his magecraft.

The faulty sword was barely holding itself together which frustrated Shirou greatly. His circuits were not in prime condition alongside the facts that his rushed trace of Bakuya would shatter after a single use.

Magic circuits existed within the soul, meaning that he should still have full access to his circuits. However that was not the case, not only did his body revert three years younger, his soul had as well, despite the fact that he kept his memories.

Does that debunk the theory that memories resided within the soul?

More importantly, Shirou glanced at Bakuya, frowning in confusion.

Why hadn't Gaia's influence done something about it?

Now that he truly thought about it, he had barely felt Gaia's authority being pressed upon his traced falchion.

Actually, his sword should have reverted back to Prana by now.

Shirou bit his cheek to remove unneeded thoughts, the only thing he should be thinking about now was the enemy before him, and how he would defeat him.

Despite the fact that he had traced a noble phantasm, he was not completely confident in his victory.

While the enemy before him was not a servant, he did have the advantage of an extra limb… Add that to the fact that Shirou has barely any access to his Unlimited Blade Works, child body and magic circuits state…

… Shirou, in all the possible meanings of the word. was in deep shit.

The man sucked his teeth in annoyance, "Of course you wouldn't tell me your quirk during a fight…"


Before Shirou could ask what that was, the man spoke, "You don't have to do this kid. walk away and I'll be taking my cash."

"I can't do that," Shirou replied.

The man glared. confusion filling his eyes, "Why? What do you get out of this? Are you trying to be a hero?"

Somehow Shirou felt that those words meant something different to what he had in his mind but paid no heed to it.

"Do I need a reason to help someone in need?" Shirou asked back, shocking both the man and the woman behind him greatly.

The man's lips curled into a small smile, "I shouldn't have even asked."

He widened his stance and raised his tail above his shoulder, "Before I lynch you kid. my name is Yarikaze Sasori. What's your name?"

Shirou paused for a moment before answering. "Emiya Shirou,"

Sasori nodded. and in what felt like minutes, bolted forward in surprising speed that he did not show before.

His speed was inhuman, fast enough that one had to strain his focus to keep track of him...

But he was not a servant

Within this next exchange, it would undoubtedly determine the victor. Sasori intended to end the fight right then and there, but Shirou would not let that happen.

He raised Bakuya at an angle before him and held his stance.

Sasori had no doubt predicted this and weaved his tail to strike Shirou at his side, a smile drawing on his face once he saw barely any reaction from Shirou, who was now about to have his neck speared thoroughly.

But that was his first mistake

That smile faded away quickly once he saw the blade move faster than thought possible for a child of his stature and parried his tail to his side, where it crashed into the pavement allowing dust to envelop them.

Sasori growled in frustration and attempted to leap away for vision, but shouted in pain as he felt something stab his tail.

Sasori widened his eyes once he realized that the brat unexpectedly stabbed his falchion into his tail and crucified it to the ground.

Due to the pain, Sasori had hesitated and attempted to kick the boy away from his bleeding tail.

That was his second mistake.

Shirou batted aside the weak and impromptu kick, which was far slower than Rider's stiletto from the grail war, and threw a tightened fist at Sasori's unguarded liver.

Sasori gagged in pain and fell, his only leg maintaining his balance weakening. He tried to maneuver away from the brat before him.

But It did not work as before he could have even moved to evade, the brat was already completing his next action.

During the same stride Shirou had taken to nail him on his side, he had also stepped towards him, using his other leg to swerve around him with an elbow raised.

The last thing Sasori remembered in that alleyway was the feeling of a child's elbow crashing into his defenseless visage…

… and that his elbow had felt like iron.

Shirou rubbed his sore elbow, which he found strange but he just chalked it up to his child body straining itself. He could already feel the muscles cry and rage at his reckless nature.

Not that it was going to ever stop him though.

He turned to the woman whom he had technically saved and found her staring uneasily at the stabbed scorpion tail on the cement.

"Are you alright?" Asked Shirou,

To which the woman, whose eyes that were previously filled with vague hope, were now filled with endless confusion.

"Who are you?"

Before Shirou could answer, he was wrapped in bandages as a person had sneaked up on him from behind.

He turned to look at ragged goggles covering an equally ragged man, "This boy, ma'am, is under arrest for charges of vigilantism and excessive violence ."

When purple smoke enveloped Shirou's senses, he plummeted into a deep slumber.

Aizawa Shouta, or otherwise known as Eraser-head. sighed as he turned to Kayama Nemuri, or Midnight, in annoyance.

"Did you really have to use your quirk here? I had him securely detained."

Midnight pouted.

"Of course I had to! You were going to probably drag him to the nearest police station like that weren't you?"

Aizawa's silence told her everything.

"He's still just a kid. Aizawa. He may not know right from wrong." Midnight reasoned.

Aizawa nodded and sighed.

"He still broke the law and must atone with the corresponding consequences." Aizawa turned to the lady. "Junoichi Masai, correct?"

The lady, now identified as Masai, nodded.

"Y-Yes, that is correct"

She was undoubtedly nervous, seeing as her savior had just been detained. despite the sound reasoning given.

"Your money will be returned to you once it is located along with compensation as an apology from the Pro Hero's delay in response," Aizawa stated respectably. "The Pro Hero could not fit into the alleyway and be reliable enough to stop the villain you ran into. Due to this reason, she had to call for back-up."

After that, Aizawa simply lifted the boy onto his shoulders, carrying him with surprising ease considering his lithe form. "Pro Hero Midnight will take care of any questions you may have, good day."

And with that Aizawa walked away, with Junoichi's strange savior alongside him.

Shirou awoke.

It took a while for Shirou to gather his bearings. However, once that was done he noticed two things.

One, his wounds were treated.

The cuts and stab wounds he had received from Gilgamesh were disinfected and wrapped in bandages.

Two, he was in a jail cell and he had no answer as to why. Heck, Shirou could barely, or rather couldn't, even fathom a reason why.

He got up from his back and sat on the bed he rested upon. Slowly he began to remember the events that had transpired.

The battle with Gilgamesh.

The Holy Grail's Wormhole.

Waking up in an alleyway.

Saving a woman from a humanoid scorpion creature.

Upon recalling his recent bout, he mentally cursed himself. Why had he used his magic out in the open? In the view of two civilians of all people?

Maybe the scorpion thing didn't count, it was clearly unnatural.

Did he need to go back and erase her memories? Could he even escape his prison without alerting the local authorities? What wrongdoings did he do that landed him in this cell in the first place?

Wait, did he even know how to erase someone's memories?

"I see you're awake."

Shirou widened his eyes in surprise as he noticed someone near the jail cell bars.

How had he not noticed him? Had he been lost in his thoughts yet again?

He definitely did not have this problem before, was it a side effect of his child body? He did find himself lost in thought quite a bit during his younger years.

"Get up, we're moving you."

Shirou blinked and took in the person in front of him. He wore black overalls what appears to be a bundle of bandages loosely wrapped around his neck.

Upon seeing those bandages he came to a conclusion.

"You were the one who knocked me out," Shirou stated.

"Wrong," He replied swiftly. "I merely restrained you. You may thank my colleague for knocking you out. Now hurry up kid and follow me."

Seeing no reason to argue, Shirou nodded and followed.

After a few minutes, Shirou found himself in front of a relatively bland room with a few metal chairs and a large metal table.

An interrogation room.

Shirou took a seat across the man who brought him without much hassle.

"Thank you, Aizawa,"

A new person made himself known. He wore the standard Japanese detective outfit.

The man who brought him, his name presumably being Aizawa, nodded and left the room, allowing the newest person to take a seat across Shirou.

"Greetings young man," The man greeted. "My name is Tsukauchi Naomasa and I am the lead detective of the Musutafu police force."


Shirou did not recognize that name, was it a recently built city?

"I have a few questions for you, I hope you do not mind."

After Shirou nodded. Tsukauchi took out a script from within his coat.

"Then let us start with a simple one," Tsukauchi said. "Who are you?"

"My name is Emiya Shirou,"

Tsukauchi nodded. ticking off a question from the list, "How old are you?"


…Going by his current body's age that is…

Tsukauchi nodded once more, "… and what were you doing in that alleyway?"

"I do not know, I woke up there."

Tsukauchi raised his eyebrow, "You simple woke up there? Do you have any memories of how you found yourself there?"


"No," he lied.

They wouldn't believe him anyway, what kind of madman would believe that he went through some portal created by an omnipotent wish granting device?

Tsukauchi, however, noticed his lie. "Emiya-san, please answer the question."

Shirou racked his brain for an answer that he could give but ultimately came up clueless.

Apparently, his mental struggle was noticed once more.

"Is it something you cannot talk about?" Tsukauchi asked.

Shirou nodded. cursing his child form's poker face, or lack thereof.

Tsukauchi sighed.

"Is there a reason as to why you cannot?"

"It's… something I'd rather not talk about." Shirou said.

There was no way he was gonna get in trouble with the Mage's association by revealing anything of magical origin to civilians.

Tsukauchi rubbed his chin in thought.

"Was it a painful memory?"

Shirou twitched ever so slightly as he felt a chance arise.

If outright lying did not work then he needed to be more secretive by redirecting the truth to something else. In other words, let the officer in front of him draw a connection by himself.

Tsukauchi noticed the recognition in Shirou's eyes for an entirely different reason.

Thank the little things in life.

"I won't pry further into it for today, but since most of the other questions require your answer I'll skip them."

Shirou nodded.

"We've brought you in for charges of vigilantism and excessive violence," Tsukauchi said. "If you were an adult you would be subjected to around 18 months in jail with a shortened sentence with good behavior…"


"…However," Tsukauchi continued. "Since you're just a kid. a minor, we can probably let you out right now with, probation of course."

Shirou nodded slowly.

"I'm sure you just wanted to help that woman didn't you?" Tsukauchi asked. a small smile forming on his face.

This time Shirou nodded without hesitation, "I can't let someone in front of me get hurt without doing something."

Tsukauchi sighed softly at this, "I see."

A knock resonated from the door,

"Hello? I'm here to see the kid!"

A woman?

Tsukauchi opened the door swiftly, allowing a woman to enter the room…

Is that spandex?

The woman before them was without a doubt something Rin would call, a blonde bombshell. However, she did wear a purple mask that added false horns to her head alongside a purple and cream colored spandex.

All in all, she looked like a cosplayer who liked American superheroes.

"Welcome!" Tsukauchi introduced. "Allow me to introduce her to you Emiya-san, this is-"

"No need!" She interrupted cheerfully, ignoring the annoyed look being given by the officer, "I can introduce myself!"

She walked around the table and was right next to Shirou.

"Hello! My name is Mount Lady, a Pro Hero!"

Shirou had to take a moment to register what she said.

Pro Hero?

Despite the fact that he wanted to ask what a 'Pro Hero' was, he remained quiet.

"She will be the one to keep you on probation," Tsukauchi added swiftly.

She held a hand out in greeting, "Nice to meet you, kid!"

Shirou shook her hand briefly,

She was bigger than Sakura

Shirou blinked. That thought was out of place… really out of place. Goddamnit, was his body regressed to the point that his young teenage hormones had returned? He thought he had gotten over that phase!

"I'm sorry to ask this of you Mount Lady," Tsukauchi said. "But since we have not finished interrogation, could you wait patiently outside?"

She nodded professionally and left the room, allowing Tsukauchi to resume.

"I'm sure you are curious as to why a Hero is here, but I'll explain it to you later."

Yet again Shirou heard the word Hero, but only now did he realize what it truly meant. No, he already knew what a hero was, but the way both the humanoid scorpion and this police officer used it…

That was not the only confirmation, the lady that also appeared called herself a 'Pro Hero'…

There was… one conclusion he could draw up.

This was not his world. it was a world where Heroes existed as a profession with payment and recognition.

Maybe he really was a kid again if he seriously considered that conclusion.

The mere thought of such a thing admittedly made Shirou feel… odd. It was as if something was welling up from within him but he couldn't tell what it was?

Tsukauchi cleared his throat, dragging Shirou from his thoughts.

"Where are your parents? We tried ID'ing you earlier but you had no possessions on you."

Shirou, blunt as ever, answered.

"My birth parents probably died in a fire."

By the time the words left his mouth Shirou cursed the habits of his younger body. It was mostly on reflex as the grown-ups around him asked that question frequently when he was younger.

Tsukauchi widened his eyes dramatically and spluttered. caught off guard from the answer.

"Wha-!" Tsukauchi nearly shouted out, but restrained himself, "What do you mean by probably? How long ago was this?"

He took out a notepad and flipping through it to find a blank page.

Was he going to note down details?

Shirou thought about his answer for a long while and decided to go with his bodily age's answer.

"Eight years," He answered. while admittedly this lie would have gone noticed. but the slight panic on the man despite his attempt at remaining professional made him ignore it.

Was he stressing himself?

"What do you mean by 'probably'?"

"I do not have memories from before the fire."

"I see… Trauma locked those memories away I assume…" He concluded pen at the ready. "Was there anyone afterward who took care of you?"

"I did have a foster father who adopted me…" Shirou replied.

Tsukauchi nodded pleased that there was someone who he could contact-

"…But he died when I was twelve." Shirou continued. to which Tsukauchi promptly used his pen to swiftly scratch out something he had written.

Tsukauchi sighed quickly and deeply, "Alright then… Do you have any legal guardian?"

"Yes," Shirou said. but Tsukauchi had his pen hovering over his notepad motionlessly, "However I cannot contact her at the present moment."

"Why?" Tsukauchi asked swiftly,

"She is not with us."

Inwardly Tsukauchi cried in frustration… Outwardly Tsukauchi dropped his head onto the table with a noticeable thud.

"Are you okay, sir?" Shirou asked.

Tsukauchi raised his head and nodded ever so slightly, a sad and forlorn expression taking shape.

"Any relatives?"

"None that I can remember."

Tsukauchi sighed. "Well... since you do not have a caretaker that we can discuss this with, I guess I'll just let you go with Mount Lady…"

Inwardly Tsukauchi wished that the protocols had something to deal with this.

"That's fine," Shirou said.

"My time seems to be up, you may entertain yourself with the TV over there," He said pointing to his left, "The remote is on top of the TV, don't die of boredom okay?"

Boredom is one of the things that won't kill Shirou, Archer can attest to that.

Tsukauchi left the room with a tip of his fedora.

Shirou stood and grabbed the remote, turning it on to see the news channel.

"Today on the twelve o'clock news! All Might, the number one Pro Hero…"

From the other side of the one-way glass that was standard within all interrogation rooms, Aizawa rubbed his irritated eyes with an irritated expression.

The situation had gotten complicated.

Tsukauchi entered the room with Mount Lady, Takeyama Yu, in tow.

"It seems we have had a problem, woof." Someone said from behind him.

Aizawa turned to face the main police chief of Musutafu, Tsuragamae Kenji, a man with a quirk that gives him a simple dog head with barely any benefits.

He had some enhanced smell and instincts but that was it. Helpful in investigative works or tracking, but not for Hero work.

"I'm sorry, chief," Tsukauchi said. "I was not able to draw out more information from Emiya-san,"

Mostly because you got flustered. thought Aizawa.

"That is fine," Kenji said. "While we were not able to get many direct statements, we can use his reactions as a base for our answers, woof."

"I suppose that is true, chief."

With a nod of finality, Kenji turned to face everyone else in the room but grew curious once he looked around. "Where is Midnight?"

"She could not make it," said Yu, "She mentioned that she needed to prepare her class plans in UA. Don't worry, Midnight told me everything that Junoichi Masai told her!"

Kenji nodded. "While regrettable she could not be here, I suppose it is understandable. For now, let us compile what we know, woof."

"Before that," Yu interrupted. "Can I ask just one thing? Why am I overseeing the boy again? Can't you get someone from social services to do that?"

"We have to take into account the possibility that the brat might slip away unnoticed," Aizawa answered. "A standard social services worker will be helpless if the brat decides that he doesn't want to be kept on surveillance."

"Would the kid actually want to harm anyone though?" Yu asked. "He didn't seem like the type,"

"Looks can be deceiving," Aizawa said. "Also this is good for you, Mount Lady. You might learn something from this."

Yu sighed but nodded. "Alright, I guess I can see your point,"

Exactly where she would use what she learned from taking care of a kid. she would never know.

"If you two are finished. we can move on now," Kenji coughed as he took out a notepad with some writing already present. "Emiya Shirou, age fourteen, no available guardians for contact, woof. Arrested on charges of vigilantism and excessive violence, injuring the Villain via a stab wound. woof."

A few people frowned at the mere mention of 'stabbing'. Without a doubt, a civilian should not have been capable of, even at a young age. They would naturally have an aversion to such acts.

No civilian would readily stab someone, they would still have hesitation.

Not to mention the overall damage that the Villain sustained…

Yu spoke up, "Perhaps he was misguided? He has no living relatives that we are aware of, he could have fallen in with the wrong group of people while trying to survive?"

"Plausible," said Kenji, "However the problem is how to handle him, woof."

Everyone in the room nodded at that.

"We have no idea as to where his origins are, nor do we have an idea what he was doing in that alleyway, woof."

A mystery.

That was what the boy was, Yu thought, yet another reason as to why she was given temporary custody she supposed.

"He could have been threatened into secrecy," Aizawa spoke up this time, "It is possible that whilst he was trying to survive alone that he made deals with the wrong sort of people."

Tsukauchi nodded. "That would explain quite a bit, but if that were true then why was he in that alley in the first place?"

"It is possible that they were attempting to dispose of him," Answered Aizawa, a frown worn on his face.

Kenji deeply frowned. "If that were true, then we have an amnesiac orphan with a villain possibly after him, woof. This certainly bumps up the difficulty doesn't it, Detective Naomasa?"

Tsukauchi nodded. "I suppose that we need you to keep an eye on both Emiya-san and on any possible Villains targeting him, Mount Lady."

She sighed lightly, "This will certainly limit my Hero work, but I suppose it cannot be helped. However, with my quirk, it would be next to impossible to protect him in narrow spaces."

"Do not worry," Kenji said. "We will assign another Pro Hero to work alongside you. Whilst you handle him directly, another Hero will stick to the shadows, woof."

Yu rose an eyebrow. "And who will this mysterious hero be?"

"I have a few in mind but the Ideal Hero would be Ragdoll, from the Hero team the… Pussycats, woof." Kenji answered. albeit with minor irritation.

The distaste was evident.

Tsukauchi let out a small intrigued smile. "Throwing away your distaste for the Pussycats? This is certainly a surprise!"

"It's only for this one job Detective Naomasa, as much as we dislike each other, this is admittedly important. The young boy's life is in question." Kenji answered.

Yu walked up to Aizawa, "What's up with the Chief and the Pussycats?"

Aizawa sighed. "It's childish, it's merely a quarrel between cats and a dog."

Yu held in her laughter, "I see,"

Kenji cleared his throat. "In any case, we have his surveillance worked out. The next issue would be…"

"… Where will he go afterward," Aizawa said. "Isn't that right?"

Kenji nodded. "No relatives, no guardian to call in, and no similar family name in Musutafu. Truly a troublesome situation."

"We could have his blood checked and ran through the database to find some kind of match?" Yu suggested.

"A brilliant idea, take him to the hospital once he is allowed to leave," Kenji ordered. "With luck, we can reunite a broken family."

"… And if there is no match…?" Aizawa asked wearily.

While Yu did send him a minor glare for his negative outlook, she could not deny the possibility and remained silent.

"If that is the case then we shall place him in a local orphanage." Kenji said with finality, "The next part would be what to do with his current mentality…"

"The excessive violence that he had wrought on to the Villain," Aizawa stated.

"Correct," Kenji said. "We cannot let a talented youth fall into a path of Villainy."

"But he did all that to save that woman right?" Yu retorted. "This does not mean he would become a villain, his heart was in the right place."

"The end does not justify the means," Kenji said. "You could end a war but in the process have ended an entire country alongside its people."

Yu could not retort that claim and sigh. "So therapy? Or something more?"

"We will have him undergo weekly meetings with psychologists in order to rectify his way of thinking," Kenji said. "We cannot have this happen again. Children at his age need to be thinking of their education, not utilizing their quirks for vigilantism."

They had enough reports about teenagers going off and getting themselves killed for idealistic heroism.

"That reminds me!" Tsukauchi exclaimed. planting a palm on his face slightly, "I forgot to ask about his quirk!"

To be fair to him though, everyone else seemed to forget after hearing his thrice-orphaned status.

"It seemed to be a type of emitter quirk," Yu stated. "From Midnight's earlier report, she said that the woman claimed that he created a white sword out of thin air."

"So sword creation?" Aizawa stated. "The sword he created was clearly very detailed based on the report and strong enough to parry the tail, which if I may add. can break through concrete."

"That brings up another question," Kenji said. "From the footage of the nearby Security camera, we can safely say his skill in swordplay did not seem to be at the level of a beginner, woof."

"If he has had his quirk for ten years then he may have taken up sword training," Tsukauchi added.

"That is a definite possibility," Aizawa stated. "But who trained him? Are there any known Kenjutsu dojos still in Musutafu?"

"No, woof," Kenji answered. "While there are still Martial art's dojos, the way of the sword is admittedly lost nowadays."

"What if his quirk gave him basic swordplay knowledge?" Yu asked.

"A small possibility that cannot be discounted. but ultimately unlikely," Aizawa stated. "Information, talent, skill, and knowledge must be created from a base. What you are suggesting is that his quirk would give him all those skills from nowhere."

"Sir Nighteye's quirk creates knowledge of the future from nowhere though," Yu retorted.

"His quirk follows the same rules, his quirk draws information the passage of time, something which many argue is predetermined," Aizawa said. "For the swordplay knowledge to manifest within him, he would need to require to draw the information from somewhere."

Aizawa scoffed slightly, "If he could draw knowledge of how to use swords from swords, then that might be a possibility. However, it is terribly unlikely."

Kenji coughed. grabbing the attention of the discussing Heroes, "While the discussion of his quirk is interesting, we could simply ask the boy later."

The Pro Heroes nodded.

"If there is no more on our agenda, then this meeting is adjourned," Kenji said. "Now if you'll excuse me… I need to call a cat."

With no one speaking up, Kenji left the room with Tsukauchi in tow.

"Make sure you don't let that kid get into any more trouble," Aizawa said as he too left the room.

Seeing she was by herself within the room, Takeyama Yu sighed. "What have I gotten myself into…"

Sometimes she wished that she could freely morph her size. If she could then that Villain would have never escaped.

Granted. his escape from her was only attributed to the fact that the woman panicked and ran into a narrow alleyway but that was no excuse for her…

Once more she sighed.

What kind of Pro Hero was she if she could not save a single woman?

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