This is my first story so please be nice.

This idea has been floating in my head over the last few months so i decided to write and post it.

I do not own anything over than the plot for this story.

Bella's POV…

I have always known what pain felt like. It was part of growing up being a klutz. This was different though. My whole body felt like it was on fire. I was screaming begging for it to stop but it didn't. I could sense people around me. They were just watching me. Watching me scream out in pain. I could hear their laughing over my screams. It was like they were watching a show.

After what seemed like hours the pain finally stopped. I was free from the burning pain. I knew it wouldn't last. I knew the pain would only return before long. You would think after 3 long weeks of the same pain I would have grown used to it. 3 weeks I had been here. every day was the same. I was tired to a table and then the pain would start it lasted for ages then would stop. I would get a small break before it started again. This happened repeatedly until I would pass out. I would wake in a small room and wait for the pain to start again.

When I do get the breaks all I can think about was my father. He had been with me when she came. I could still see his face as he was killed. My father was the only real family I had. I hated that after I moved in with him I distanced myself from him because of Edward. It had been like I had forgotten everything my father ever did for me. I remember a time when my mum had really lost control when I was only 8. I had tried to sort everything out by myself but I finally had to give in and call my father after everything was cut off. I had no water, no food or anything else. He had somehow managed to get all the money I needed and came to take me away from there. Unfortunately, mum managed to get me back. My father was all I ever wanted and now he was gone. He was gone and it was my fault.

This whole situation was my fault. My fault that I fell in love with Edward. My fault for letting his family into my life. My fault that my father was killed. The only reason he was killed was because I decided to spend time with him. I wanted to us his night off to stay home and watch movies instead of going to his best friends to watch some football game. I should have let him go. I should have kept my distance from him. It would have kept him safe.

I was so tired. I wanted it to end. I wanted to really be free of pain. I wanted to be happy again. I knew this wasn't going to happen though. My life wasn't fair like that I would always be in pain and nothing would ever stop that. I also wanted to be with my father again. I wish he was here to take the pain away like he used to. I knew the tears where streaming down my face. when this had started when the pain would stop I would beg her to let me go.

Suddenly the pain started again. This time was different. The burning was 10 times worse than all the other times. I could feel the darkness closing in around me. I was welcoming it like every other time it comes. I hopped that this was going to be the last time. The last time I would ever feel this kind of pain. Any kind of pain to be honest. Maybe this time I would finally be with my father again. I would finally be 100% free. I would finally be at peace.

Hope you all enjoyed my first chapter i have another one ready to post so please tell me what you thing.


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