Reid awoke as the jet hit the runway and rubbed his hand on Morgan's back to wake him as well. Morgan quickly sat up and looked around the plane like he had been in another dimension.

"It's Tuesday, 9pm, in the year 2011," Rossi joked from his seat having seen the bewildered look on Morgan's face.

"Man, I was out," was Morgan's only response. Reid smiled as he packed his book away into his satchel.

"Alright everyone, good work today. I'll see you all at 9am tomorrow," Hotch directed. The plane had reached the hanger and everyone gathered their go bags and got off in a haze.

"See y'all tomorrow," JJ called as she and Emily headed to their SUV with Rossi. Everyone called their goodbyes and the boys got into the SUV of their own and headed back to the FBI building. Reid sat in the back this time and fell asleep against the window as they left the airstrip.

"Jeez, didn't he sleep enough on the plane?" Morgan joked trying to make small talk with Hotch. Hotch smiled a little, "I think he kept himself awake most of the trip. He had… other priorities." Morgan nodded, the comment quieting him.

"Derek, if you need some time, I'm more than happy to grant it for you," Hotch approached the subject directly. Morgan shook his head, "No, no work keeps me busy. I don't know what happened today Hotch, I'm sorry. I'm okay to work though, I'm here."

"I know your perfectly capable of handling your responsibilities, I'm more concerned about your personal health. Have you been seeing anyone?" Again, he got straight to the point. Morgan shrugged.

"I did, for a while, back when we first got him. But, I don't know man, things just, they seemed to be fine. I was handling it just fine on my own," Morgan explained.

"Anniversaries can be hard, Morgan. Maybe there's some things you still need to face. Maybe you should call your therapist," Hotch urged him. Morgan shook his head.

"I don't know, I've been doing fine, I really don't know what happened today," Morgan retaliated.

"That's what concerns me," Hotch pushed, "I can't have my agents drinking in the field. If this could come up again, I have to insist that you see someone." Morgan sighed.

"I'll call my therapist tomorrow. But I'm not making a full time commitment out of this again." Hotch nodded, "Alright, deal."

They had reached the BAU and Hotch parked the SUV in the parking garage. As he turned off the car he turned to Morgan.

"Morgan, I know this has been difficult for you to deal with at times, but please remember we are your family and we care deeply about you. When I lost Haley, I felt like I had no one left in the world but Jack. It's important to know that you've got friends here that you can rely on to help you with anything." He gave Morgan a pat on the shoulder and turned back to Reid.

"What are we gonna do with him?" He chuckled. Morgan laughed too, "I'll take care of him, I can give him a ride home." He leaned over the center counsel and shook Reid's leg.

"Reid, wake up man, we're at the bureau," He called. Reid blinked his eyes open slowly and looked around in a haze.

"Oh," was his only response. Morgan laughed again.

"Come on man, I'll give you a ride home." Reid nodded and stumbled out of the car. The three men took their bags from the back of the SUV, said their goodbyes and parted ways. Reid stumbled all the way to Morgan's car.

"Jeez, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you've been drinking!" Morgan teased.

"Haven't slept much," Reid retorted.

"You could have slept on the plane," Morgan chided him. Reid was suddenly somber and looked straight into Morgan's eyes from the passenger seat.

"No, I couldn't," he told him seriously. Morgan rolled his eyes a little and started the car.

"You really could have," he argued. Reid grabbed his arm from the shifter and made Morgan look at him again.

"I could never sleep knowing you needed help," Reid looked earnestly into Morgan's eyes as he said it. Morgan quickly looked away and Reid let go of his arm. The two were silent as he pulled out of the garage and headed in the direction of Reid's apartment. After a few minutes, Morgan reached over and nudged Reid's shoulder.

"Hey now, no falling asleep on me this time!" He exclaimed. Reid laughed.

"Alright, alright, I'm awake!" They made small talk for a while but as they neared Reid's apartment Morgan knew he needed to ask the question on his mind. He took a deep breath before glancing over at Reid and prying, "So, what were you and Hotch arguing about on the plane?" Reid tensed in his seat.

"Oh nothing, wasn't a big deal, no worries," He tried to smile to reassure Morgan, but Morgan saw right through it.

"Reid, we're best friends, right? That's what you said." Reid nodded, "Yeah..."

"Well, best friends know when the other is lying," Morgan told him. Reid was quiet for a minute.

"Please Morgan, now is not the time. Just let it go," Reid pleaded. Morgan nodded.

"Okay, but tell me are you okay?"

"Yes, yeah, I'm perfectly fine, healthy as a horse," Reid joked. "But for real, yes I'm okay." Morgan nodded, "Alright..." He didn't want to let it go, but Reid was probably right, it was late and it had been a long day. Now may not be the right time.

When they arrived at Reid's apartment, Morgan pulled into the parking lot and found a spot near the front. They got out and Morgan helped Reid get his bags from the back. Reid was almost at the front door when Morgan called out to him.

"Hey, uh, you mind if I come up for a drink?" He asked hopefully. Reid turned around.

"You just want me to spill my secrets," he protested. Morgan smiled, "Maybe, but I also had a really shitty day and I could really use some time with a friend." Reid sighed, he could never say no to Morgan, but especially not tonight, "Alright, come on up." He smiled a little as Morgan joined him on the front step.

"So, you got anything good?" Morgan asked as they entered the building.

"Mostly tea," Reid replied honestly as they waited for the elevator. Morgan laughed, "Well, I guess that'll have to do."

The elevator doors opened to reveal a person sitting outside of an apartment near the end of the hall.

"Reid, isn't that your apartment?" Morgan asked.

"Yeah," Reid answered begrudgingly. This could not be happening. His face sunk in anxiety. The figure stood up and made their way down the hall towards them.

"Spencer! I'm sorry about what I said before, I…" Reid cut him off before he could continue.

"Trey, what are you doing here? It's 10pm on a Tuesday night. This is Agent Morgan, we have some work to do. I'm sorry but whatever it is will have to wait." Reid stated sternly. The man, Trey, stumbled a little over his words, eyeing Morgan over.

"You just got home from work, can't it wait, we really need to talk about this. I thought it would be a nice surprise," Trey fumbled over his words as Reid's demeaner stayed cold.

"Morgan, go on in, help yourself to whatever, I'll be in in a minute," Reid directed his friend giving him the keys to his apartment. Morgan hesitated for a minute, "You sure?" Reid nodded, "Yeah, I'm fine just some NA stuff." Morgan nodded understandingly, "Alright, see ya in a minute, gotta finish up that paperwork." Reid glared at Morgan as he smirked back.

Morgan went in Reid's apartment and sat on the couch. He would have turned on the TV but Reid's set looked like it was from the 90's. He doubted the kid ever actually watched it and had it more for social stigma than anything. It wasn't long before Reid came in behind him looking frazzled. He headed straight for the kitchen so Morgan got off the couch and followed him. Reid started pulling out things to make tea and Morgan leaned against the counter to watch him.

"Reid…" Morgan questioned as the kid slammed cupboard doors and knocked over the cups he set out.

"Who was that?" Morgan wondered what could make the kid so upset.

"Nobody, like I said just a friend," Reid brushed him off. Morgan moved in front of Reid and stilled him, grasping his wrists in his hands.

"Ya know, I would believe you, but it looks like a tornado just hit your kitchen and we've only been here for five minutes. Now if you need to go help him, be his sponsor or whatever, we can talk another time. It's okay," Morgan told him. Reid pulled out of his grasp and took a deep breath before going back to making the tea. He filled the kettle with water and Morgan took it from him to put on the stove.

"We don't need any burns tonight," Morgan reasoned. Reid rolled his eyes.

"I don't have to go anywhere, everything's fine. He just shouldn't have been here," Reid didn't budge on his story. Morgan just shrugged.

"Alright, well when you're ready to tell me the truth, I'm right here." He sat at the bar in Reid's kitchen. Reid braced himself against the counter and hung his head.

"Why did you come here tonight Derek?" Reid asked pointedly. There was a reason Morgan was here he had to remind himself. Morgan had asked to come up, Reid hadn't invited him.

"Because I wanted to thank you for what you did today, on the plane, I… I really needed it," Morgan answered honestly. It was hard for him to admit but Spencer was finally showing the support Morgan had always needed. Reid wasn't scared of hurting Morgan's ego and he was reaching out to him. Most people just brushed it under the rug and pretended nothing was wrong when Morgan encountered a particularly bad case. No one knew how to confront him without upsetting him further. Reid had offered him unwavering support and Morgan had finally caved. Reid straightened and turned to face him.

"It was nothing, I'm sorry I can't do more," Reid told him earnestly. Morgan gave a cold laugh.

"More, kid, you've done more for me than anyone ever has before," Morgan looked Reid straight in the eye. "You know I've never told anyone about what he did to me before." Reid was surprised, they'd talked briefly about Morgan's encounter with Buford in the past, when Morgan first admitted to the team what had happened. He'd told Reid separately as the genius was out cold on the plane when Morgan had originally admitted it to the team. It had never occurred to Reid that Morgan might have shared something different with him than what he had told the rest of the team.

"You've told me a little," Reid argued, trying to defend his perspective. Morgan nodded, "You're the only one." Reid seemed to sink back against the counter with the weight of the revelation. Surely Morgan had told the team the same thing he'd told Reid.

"So, the cabin… the drinking…" Reid pushed. Morgan shook his head.

"I talked to James about it before they took Carl in, I didn't have to give a statement because the statute of limitations was up." So no one else knew about the cabin.

"But, Hotch… and Gideon…" Reid fumbled. Someone else had to have the same information Morgan had given him. Morgan shook his head again. It was scaring him the way Reid was trying to deny that he was the only one who knew details about what had happened to him. Maybe Reid wasn't ready for that kind of information.

"They heard me say it happened, but not what happened. You're it kid," Morgan looked so vulnerable in that moment Reid wanted to just rush him and give him a hug. Tears pricked his eyes as he realized he was going to crush everything Morgan had ever put into him.

"No!" He got angry. "No, you shouldn't trust me. Tell Emily, or JJ, not me. I'm not right, don't… just don't!" Reid clenched his fists and his eyes closed as he thought of how betrayed Derek would feel when he told him. He felt sick to his stomach.

"Spencer, what?" Morgan was out of his seat and staring at Reid bewildered. He should have known, he pushed the genius too far. He needed Reid to understand though, he needed Reid to be the one. Fear evident in his features. "What are you talking about man?"

"I'm sorry Morgan, I never meant to, I'd never hurt you on purpose. I'm so sorry, I, I can't help it" Reid stammered out desperately trying not to cry. He should have told Morgan sooner. But how could he have known the agent would put all his trust in him. Reid was distraught over the conversation that was about to go down.

"Reid, what the hell are you going on about man?" Morgan gripped the edge of the bar searching Reid's face for any clue as to what caused the sudden outburst. Reid was going to tell him it was all too much. He couldn't help Morgan. But Morgan needed him. He needed him now more than ever. He had opened himself up to Spencer and he was sure it would kill him if Spencer crushed him now.

"Morgan, you're my best friend, you always will be, please forgive me, I'm so sorry, I didn't want to tell you because I couldn't imagine losing you." Morgan stalked around the bar, grabbed Reid by the shoulders and shoved him into the counter, giving him a shake to snap him out of his fit. His hands were shaking he was so scared the genius was going to tell him to leave, that it was too much. That he couldn't look at Morgan the same way after finding out what had happened to him.

"REID!" Morgan followed Spencer's face looking straight into his eyes, not letting him break eye contact.

"Spencer, you're not going to lose me just tell me what's going on? What did you do?" Morgan's mind was flying miles per minute. Reid would never violate a child, Morgan doubted he even had a sexual side most to the time, so what the hell had Spencer done to have him so worked up. Was he in trouble, could Morgan have helped him sooner? Morgan wouldn't admit it but he was terrified of losing Spencer in that moment. He would have forgiven Reid for just about anything in that moment. But then it flashed again, it wasn't what Spencer had done it was what Morgan had done and Reid just couldn't handle it. He was going to tell him that he blamed Morgan for not being stronger, that he lost respect for him after the case in Chicago, that he couldn't trust Morgan in the field when Morgan couldn't even protect himself. Reid desperately tried to avoid Morgan's eyes but Morgan just followed his gaze so finally he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Tears escaped the corner of his eyes as barely above a whisper he admitted, "Trey is my boyfriend."