The rest of the week went by uneventfully and when Friday came everyone was ready for some excitement. It came as no surprise to Spencer when his phone chimed and showed a text from Penelope inviting everyone out to the bar. Reid was hesitant to go, but he decided it was time for him to take the step and introduce Trey to his team. They'd been in the dark long enough and now that Morgan knew, well he didn't really care much what everyone else thought. He typed a quick reply telling Garcia that he would be there with a plus one before punching in the familiar number to call his boyfriend.

When Spencer and Trey arrived at the bar Spencer couldn't hide his anxiety. His palms were sweating and his fingers couldn't stop picking at a stray thread on the bottom of his sweater. Trey didn't seem to notice any of this and entered the bar strutting in his usual confident manner. Once they were inside Spencer shyly guided them to a table near the edge of the bar that his team currently occupied. They were running a bit late so the entire team was already assembled, just as Spencer had hoped. Best to only have to do this once. As they approached the table the team slowly noticed their presence and turned to smile at Reid in welcome.

"Hey guys," Reid greeted them.

"Ooo sugar, who's the hunk?" Penelope burst out. Reid blushed deeply. Trey stood next to him, taller than Spencer and much more muscular. Sandy blond hair was cut neatly around his face and spiked up in the front. His bright blue eyes entranced the ladies at the table, while his toned frame had Morgan sitting straighter in his spot at the end.

"Everyone this is Trey," Reid got out quietly trying his best to stay calm in the situation. Trey was again oblivious of his partner's nervousness and stepped forward holding out a hand to Rossi and Hotch who were seated at the end of the table opposite Morgan.

"Trey Nichols, Spencer's boyfriend," He swiftly introduced himself with a stunning smile. Agent Hotchner reached out to grip Trey's hand as the rest of the team turned their attention quickly to Spencer. Reid wanted to run and hide. He shrunk in on himself as he wrapped his arms around his body for comfort. His team picked up on the apprehension his boyfriend had missed and JJ quickly spoke her congratulations to the couple.

"Spence! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!" She reached across that table to give his arm a gentle squeeze. He smiled at her relaxing a little.

"My, my, baby genius keeping such a gem hidden from us! It's a crime!" Garcia teased him with a grin.

"Reid, that's wonderful, how long have you been together?" Emily smiled comfortingly at Reid. Reid opened his mouth but Trey interrupted before he could start talking.

"Well, he finally said yes about six months ago, but we've been seeing each other for, oh, 8 or 9 months now," Trey told them all with a grin. He wrapped an arm around Spencer, the team of profilers didn't miss the way Spencer's body flinched away from the touch. They were so focused on Reid no one noticed the way Morgan tensed at the revelation. Reid had lied to him about how long he had been seeing Trey. Why would he do that?

"What's everyone drinking, a round on me," Trey exclaimed as he removed his arm from around Reid. The men at the table all ordered a beer, while the girls asked for screwdrivers.

"I'll have a screwdriver too," Reid told his partner. Trey laughed, "Oh come Spencer, have a beer with the rest of us." He didn't give Spencer time to respond before he walked to the bar to place the order. Reid blushed a little at the forwardness of his partner but dismissed it. His team didn't miss the obvious dominance Trey was presenting over Reid. Morgan scooted over next to him throwing an arm over Reid's shoulders as he sat.

"Alright, pretty boy, tell us about this man? Who is he? How'd you meet?" He inquired. Morgan made a mental note of Spencer's response to his touch. The other man didn't shy away from him as he had from Trey, instead he smiled shyly and leaned into Morgan's embrace.

"Well, Trey works at the naval base in Quantico. He's was a navy seal but he's mostly on desk duty after an injury last year. We met, well," Reid trailed off and ducked his head leaning away from Morgan. Morgan didn't let him go far though giving his shoulder a rub he encouraged Reid to continue.

"You met where, kid?" Keeping his head bowed and not looking at his team Spencer continued.

"We met at Narcotics Anonymous," He admitted softly. He quickly continued, looking up at his team. "Trey had a problem with drugs in high school. He's been clean for 15 years, he just sticks around as a sponsor." He wanted to make sure they didn't get the wrong idea about his boyfriend.

"I didn't know you still went to those meetings," Penelope voiced before thinking. Spencer hung his head again.

"That's great Reid. I'm glad you brought him here tonight to meet us," Rossi finally spoke up from his seat giving the younger agent a genuine smile. Reid smiled back and perked up again.

Trey was making his way back from the bar with the beers in hand, a waitress following with the screwdrivers when he noticed Morgan's arm comfortably wrapped around Spencer. He bristled but kept a smile on his face as he approached the table.

"Alright folks, here we are!" He handed out the beers as the waitress set the screwdrivers down in front of the ladies. Reid took his beer and made a face at it before taking a reluctant sip. The table was quiet for a minute before Penelope spoke up.

"Well, Trey it's a pleasure to meet you, I'm…" Before she could continue Trey cut her off with a grin.

"The lovely Miss Penelope Garcia, I presume? Reid's told me all about guys." He went around the table. "And you must Agent's Hotchner and Rossi, the lovelies Agent Prentiss and Jureau, and Agent Morgan." There was bite in the tone that he said Morgan's name and the girls at the table didn't miss it.

They talked about their weeks and got to know each other better. Trey shared stories about how he courted Reid and convinced him to date. There was a lull in the conversation finally when the DJ played a slow song. Trey turned to Reid.

"May I have this dance," He asked with a smile. Reid blushed as he took Trey's hand and they walked to the dance floor. They began dancing when Emily burst out.

"Okay, is it just me or is their body language all over the place?" She mused.

"Emily, we're not supposed to profile each other," Rossi reminded her. "But I can't deny it's been an interesting evening to observe."

"Oh, come on I'm just saying look at them now, Reid's confident and he's smiling but he still holds himself away from Trey just a bit. Whenever Trey touches him he flinches away," Emily explained.

"We all know how Reid is about his personal space," JJ argued. "They haven't been together that long, he's still getting used to him."

"He doesn't flinch when I touch him," Morgan gloated. Hotch noticed the competitive tone in his voice, and he wasn't the only one.

"Derek Morgan, are you jealous of the attention Trey is giving Dr. Reid?" Penelope couldn't help herself. Morgan looked taken aback.

"What? No! I'm just saying!" Morgan got defensive. Penelope nodded and gave him a look.

"Mhmm, and that's why you've been competing with him all night?" She pried.

"I have not!" He argued back. Emily and JJ shook their heads laughing.

"Morgan, you drilled him on his work out, you insinuated you could cook better than him, and when he said he was working on getting his black belt you showed off your gun. You are totally jealous Reid's got someone else to turn to and it isn't you," Emily shot back. Morgan finished his beer before arguing.

"I'm happy for Reid! He deserves someone to care for him. I just don't think this guy is gonna cut it." And with that he left the table to get another beer. The girls all laughed. Rossi and Hotch just shared a look before quietly going back to their beers.

"Oh, what is he going to do now that Reid's not a little baby anymore?" JJ joked.

"Five bucks he tries to chaperone their next date," Emily said and that sent the girls into a whole other fit of giggles. The song ended and Morgan returned to the table at the same time as the couple. The girls all raised their eyebrows accusingly at him as he set a screwdriver down in front of Reid and handed Trey a beer. Reid smiled thankfully and pushed away his barely touched beer. Emily subtly took it as her own and started casually sipping it as though Morgan had just brought it back from the bar with him. Hotch and Rossi didn't miss the slight glare that crossed Trey's face as he watched the exchange.

Trey positioned himself between Reid and Morgan and casually wrapped an arm around Reid. Although Spencer didn't lean away from the touch he kept a safe distance between his body and his boyfriend's. Trey turned to Reid with a charming smile.

"So babe, I have to work in the morning, but what do you say to dinner tomorrow night? We can go back to my place for some dessert?" He boldly asked Reid suggestively in front of the entire team. Reid blushed so hard his ears turned red. His whole team could feel his embarrassment.

"Trey!" He scolded his boyfriend. Morgan had stiffened considerably at the suggestion. His first instinct to protect Reid from what was making him uncomfortable.

"Oh come on baby, I'm just teasing you. I'll pick you up at 6?" He cooed comfortingly to Spencer. Spencer sighed.

"Alright, yeah," He agreed smiling up at Trey and leaning his head into his shoulder a bit. Garcia had her eyes on Morgan and watched him bristle at the younger man's agreement. He quickly excused himself to the bathroom and Garcia followed. Morgan went into the bathroom and splashed water on his face trying to calm himself. He couldn't understand why this man was getting on his nerves so much. There was something about him that just seemed to just piss Morgan off. He knew the girls were right. He'd been competing against Trey all night. He couldn't help it. They were both strong alpha personalities and Morgan wasn't about to back down in front of his team. He sighed and looked at himself in the mirror. Why did Trey bother him so much? It wasn't like he had feelings for Reid. Reid was like his little brother. He just thought Reid deserved someone better. Which also wasn't fair, he barely even knew this guy. He sighed again and shook his head, deciding he'd had enough to drink for the night he headed back out to the bar only to be abruptly stopped by Penelope Garcia.

"Alright, sugar britches, spill. What has got you so worked up tonight?" She cornered him. Morgan sighed again.

"I don't know baby girl, honestly. Something about this guy, just doesn't sit well with me," He confessed.

"Look sugar, I know Reid's your little man, but he's a big boy. Whether we like it or not he's grown up since he joined the BAU. He doesn't need you to watch out for him anymore. You've gotta trust him to make his own choices now," Penelope counselled him. Morgan shoved his hands deep in his pockets and sighed.

"I do trust him Garcia, it's just a big surprise. Why wouldn't he have told me sooner? I thought he trusted me," Morgan confessed. Garcia reached out to rub his shoulder comfortingly.

"Aww, honey, he does trust you. But everyone's got their private lives. We shouldn't be surprised that Reid wanted to keep something personal," She comforted him.

"Yeah, I guess," Morgan sighed as the two of them headed back to their table. The couple was out on the dance floor again when they arrived. The table was quiet as they all watched their resident genius in a new light. When the song ended Trey pulled Spencer in for a kiss and this time Spencer didn't hesitate. He kissed the man in front of him lovingly as the girls at the table awed at them. The men rolled their eyes while Morgan took note of the way Spencer's actions disagreed with his body language. He pulled Trey's face close to him and kissed the man confidently, but he didn't press their bodies together the way couples normally do, he left space between them. Spencer blushed as they made their way back to the table to say their goodbyes. He finished his screwdriver as Trey excused them from the bar.

"Well, I think that's our cue to leave," Trey smiled at the table. "It's been wonderful meeting you all." He shook Hotch and Rossi's hand again and simply nodded at Morgan.

"See you Monday!" Reid waved goodbye cheerily. The table waved goodbye to their friend before the girls burst out gossiping about the new couple as soon as they were out of ear shot. Morgan swirled the last of his beer in the bottle as he tried to take his mind off of Reid. He set it back down on the table and noticed that Spencer had left his phone behind. He picked it up and excused himself from the table as he ran after the couple into the parking lot. He made his way through the rows when he heard shouting. He ducked behind a truck and peered out to see Trey pinning Spencer to his car. He held his hands on either side of Reid and was yelling right in his face.

"6 months Spencer!" He was shouting. "And you won't even touch me. But Agent Morgan comes along and you can cuddle with him all night! Is that the way it is? Huh!"

"Trey, it isn't like that, I've just, I've known Morgan for a long time. You know how I am with a personal bubble," Reid was trying to reassure his partner, squirming to try and evade him.

"Personal bubble my ass Spencer! I've been very patient with you, you know. We've been together for 6 months and I've respected your limits, but you owe me some progress!" Trey reprimanded the young agent. He moved to press his body against Spencer's as he held him against the car and started kissing the younger man. When his kisses weren't returned he ventured to Reid's neck line instead. Reid struggled against him but didn't ask him to stop. Derek decided he'd seen enough and jogged out from behind the truck holding up Reid's phone.

"Hey! Glad I caught you!" He shouted towards the couple. Trey stopped abruptly and stepped away from Spencer.

"Reid, you left your phone on the table," he explained handing the younger man his cell.

"Oh, thank you," Reid answered quietly. Trey glared at him.

"Yeah, thanks, Derek," he spit out venomously. Morgan just smiled back at him.

"Well, goodnight!" He cheerily told them. He started to walk away and then turned back. "Oh hey Reid, JJ asked me to remind you to call her later. Something about brunch with Henry this weekend?"

"Oh, uh yeah okay," Reid looked at him questioningly. Morgan just gave him a small smile and headed back inside to the bar. His blood boiling at the situation.

Morgan slammed his fist on the table as he sat back down startling the whole table.

"Derek!" Penelope gasped.

"I knew that bastard was no good!" Morgan barked. His face was dark with anger. His fists were clenched on the table and he was breathing heavily.

"Morgan, what happened?" Rossi asked him candidly. Morgan took a deep breath to calm himself before telling his team what he had witnessed outside.

"Trey had Reid pinned up against his car and was yelling at him, pressuring him to be more physical. He was mad that Reid was comfortable with me in his personal bubble, but not him. He was basically forcing himself on Spencer!" Morgan could barely contain the rage bubbling inside him.

"Did Reid say anything to you about it when you returned his phone?" Emily questioned. Morgan shook his head.

"No, but JJ I told him to call you. I want to know that he's okay." JJ just nodded and set her phone out on the table so she wouldn't miss the incoming phone call.

"Morgan, if Reid didn't object to his advances, Trey is his boyfriend, couples argue, it's not our place to judge them." Agent Hotchner rationalized. Morgan glared at his unit chief.

"He shouldn't be forcing Spencer to do anything he doesn't want to!" Morgan exclaimed. Agent Hotchner just gave him a stern look and Morgan sighed shaking his head. Just then they were interrupted by JJ's phone ringing. She jumped to pick it up.

"Hey Reid, how are you?" She asked putting the phone on speaker.

"Hi JJ, I'm fine. Morgan mentioned something about going to brunch this weekend?" Reid's voice was difficult to hear over the commotion in the bar.

"Oh yeah, Henry would love to see you. Are you at home yet?" She questioned him carefully.

"No, I'm riding with Trey. We just stopped at a gas station. He's outside now." Reid told them.

"Morgan overheard you arguing, is everything okay? Are you safe?" JJ asked worriedly. Reid let out a terse laugh.

"Everything's fine, don't worry about me. I'll all you tomorrow to make plans for brunch okay?" JJ's face scrunched at how quickly he glazed over things.

"Alright fine, promise me Reid, I really don't need to be worried about you?" Reid could hear the worry in her tone.

"I promise JJ, just a lover's quarrel. We'll kiss and make up later. Don't worry about me. I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay?" JJ sighed.

"Alright, Spence talk to you later," She conceded.

"Bye." The line clicked off signaling the end of the call. The group didn't say anything as they all tried to gauge the situation. Finally, taking a sip of his beer Rossi spoke up.

"Reid is a smart kid. If he was in trouble he would let us know. I'm sure it was just an over-reaction," He concluded. Derek sighed as the end of the conversation was signaled. He couldn't stop the uneasy feeling that had settled itself in his stomach.

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