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Annabeth flew out of bed, her head hitting the close cut ceiling. She turned to the clock on her right. Damn.

It read 7:32, meaning she had a 89 percent probability of missing the bus and being late to school. She slid off her bed, hustling to her closet. She pulled out a simple tee-shirt and jeans. While pulling on her her socks she hopped to the corner of her room. She slipped on her sneakers and grabbed her sweater from her bed.

Annabeth's stepmother angrily stalked up the stairs.


Annabeth gulped, shuffling to the door. Her Stepmom pushed it open angrily, "You are so late, and I do not want to have another talk with the principle."

Annabeth shrunk away from her Stepmom, out of the corner of her eye she could see that she had dilated pupils and glassy eyes.

Annabeth nodded hastily as her step mother stomped down the stairs. She couldn't help but let out a sigh before she turned to the other bed in the room, where her younger sister, Maya, lay sleeping. Annabeth shook her awake, helping her get dressed. She Gave Maya her small backpack and her premade lunch. Annabeth then grabbed her backpack and took her sister's hand, quietly walking down the stairs.

Her father had left for work early, again.
Her Stepmom had been out at her stripping job, again.
Her Stepmom come home with a man, again.
Her Stepmom got laid, again.

And when Annabeth tried to tell her father, he told her she must've imagined it, Helen was the perfect wife when Frederick was home, she cooked, cleaned, walked around in short skirts to get his attention.

Annabeth bit her lip, thinking of last night.

When Frederick wasn't home, Helen went to a strip club, wearing very revealing clothing, cursed, brought home men to make love to, and... got extremely out of control, especially with her fists. Annabeth always made sure the violence was directed at her, not her little sister.

Annabeth peered her head cautiously around the corner, to find her Stepmom, on the phone, facing the other direction. Annabeth silently thanked god, she didn't want her Stepmom to give her a new set of bruises to cover up.


She rustled around in her bag, finding the cover up, and sighing. She would just have to do it on the bus, her best friend knew anyway, he wouldn't judge her because of it. Annabeth gripped her sister's hand, pushing her quietly towards the door. She quickly grabbed her lunch off the table, and sprinted out the door, ignoring the shouts from her Stepmom.

Annabeth helped Maya get on her bus and then made it safely to the bus stop, slouching against the stop sign as she went. She checked her bag, making sure she had everything, neat and tidy, spick and span. She pulled out her cover up and a mirror, covering the bruises on her neck and arms.

Jason Grace casually walked up next to her, putting his arm around her shoulder. "You know Chase, life would be a lot easier if you just left."

Annabeth shook her head, "No. I Can't leave Maya behind. My mother would take her wrath out on her, I couldn't live with myself if something happened to her."

Jason shook his head, leaving the arm around her shoulder.

"You could alwas take her with you."

Annabeth looked him in the eye, "No. Where would I go, how would I take care of her, where-How-wha-"

Jason cut her off by putting a finger to her lips. "You are welcome at my house any day of the week, Chase."

The bus pulled up and Annabeth smiled at him, adjusting her backpack on her shoulder.

"I'll think about it." She said, before boarding the bus and heading to her seat.


After getting to School, Annabeth headed to the main office. The principle said she wanted to discuss something important with her. Annabeth bit her lip before pushing the door open. Behind the desk sat the principle, her hair as neat as a pin. Her clothes were nice as always and her serious face told Annabeth she was in serious trouble.

"Annabeth Chase."

"Principle Herondale." (Props and a shout out to anyone who knows where that last name is from.)

"I need to ask a favor of you," She started. "There is a new student here at Lightwood Academy, This student needs a tutor to catch him up on all of the things we've done. His school didn't quite follow the Common Core Curriculum, so someone must teach him."

Annabeth didn't smile. Sure, it gave her a reason to be out of the house, it gave her a reason to go out and actually do something, but it left her sister home, defenseless, against their Stepmom's rage. No way was Annabeth going to let that happen.

"Despite your, extensive tardiness, I believe you are the best student for this job." The principle stated flatly. "Do you accept my offer?"

Annabeth didn't respond. She was busy counting the numerous ways this could go wrong. She was also busy counting the positives in her head, but so far, the pro's far outweighed the cons.

"I will not ask again, Do you accept my offer?" She asked icily, anger filling her tone. Something very unprofessional.

Annabeth made the hasty decision, her brain screamed no! But for some reason Annabeth answered with a, "Yes. I'd love to."

The principle smiled, handing her a manila folder. "Now, go on. I gave him the locker next to yours, I'm sure you won't mind."

Annabeth silently cursed herself as she walked from the room. Yes I'd love to! What was she thinking!

Annabeth was so busy in her own thoughts she almost walked past her locker.

She quickly walked to it, beginning to open it, tears lingering, waiting to fall. No, you are perfect at school, like you never will be at home. No crying!

Her forehead connected with the locker door, her palm pressed against the cold metal. She took a few slow deep breaths, trying to regain her composure.

She was interrupted by an, "Excuse me.

She turned to see a boy, her age, maybe slightly older. He had raven black hair that looked soft to the touch, Sea-Green eyes that shined brighter then the any sun she had ever seen, and he smelled like freshly baked cookies and the ocean mixed together (Which wasn't unpleasant).

"Uhm.. that's my locker.. Are you okay?"

Annabeth realized she still had the tears in her eyes and quickly brushed them away.

"I'm fine." Annabeth looked down at the papers in her hands, "Are you-Perseus Jackson?"

The boy in front of her blushed, his hand trailing to the back of his neck, "Yeah, My friends call me Percy."

"Well... do you like it here at Lightwood Academy?"

"I-I don't know. A few of the kids here are mean."

Annabeth nodded, "Yeah, there are jerks here. A lot of them. Don't worry, You'll get by."

A girl appeared at Annabeth's shoulder, "Ooo, Anniebell, who's the hottie?"

Percy looked down, blushing, and Annabeth groaned, "Go away, can't you see no one wants you here?"

Drew Tanaka, followed by Mitchell and Lucy, plus a bunch of other preps. (They were just following her because they 'had' to.)

Drew pursed her lips, strutting over to Percy, wrapping her arm around his shoulders, "Well hi, hon, I'm Drew, the most popular girl, in like, ever."

Percy met her eyes as she said, "I have a deal for you."

"You leave Annie-chick alone and never ever talk to her, and you can date me."

Annabeth sighed, looking down. Who would turn down that offer, turn down one nerdy, ugly chick, get a hot, popular one free.

Percy looked into her eyes and glanced back at Annabeth.


"Oh I knew you'd accept. Let's start planning our first date." Drew said, attaching herself to Percy. Annabeth turned away, opening her locker and shoving what she didn't need inside.

"But no Thanks." Percy finished. Annabeth's eyes darted upwards and met his.

Drew laughed and then realized he wasn't joking. "You will regret the day you crossed me Percy Jackson." She turned to Annabeth, jabbing her in the chest, "Last I checked, it isn't good to cross me, is it Annie?"

She turned on her heel, her followers trailing like dogs behind her. Annabeth bit her lip, her mother had made a bruise there several times before, just the slightest touch made her flinch.

Annabeth met Percy's eyes again, "Why? Why would you choose me over her?"

"I've met so many girls like her." His tone was icy, "It never ends well, no matter what you choose."

Annabeth nodded, before saying, "Well, let's get to class, any questions?"

"Yeah, when does school end? And how much trouble would you get in for cutting?"


About a half an hour and two milkshakes later, Annabeth was in a some cafe not too far from her house, Percy at her side.

"Did you do this a lot at your old school?" Annabeth asked, staring at the whipped cream that was attached to his upper lip.

"Only on alternate Tuesdays... And maybe a few Wednesday's in a row."

Annabeth let out a laugh and said, "Well, since we aren't in school, we should do some work, I could swing us out of trouble if I say I was tutoring you and show some work."

Percy's eyes lit up and he said, "Okay. What do you want to start with?"

"How about some Math, it's my favorite." Annabeth said, the sound muffled by the rustling of paper. She carefully place the work on the table.

"Favorite?" Percy's nose wrinkled, "How can you like Math."

Annabeth trailed her fingers over the paper, at the neat formation of notes, the precision in each line, "I can control it, the neatness, the way I do it, It isn't always one way. I can be as precise as I want to. Not having to worry about what anyone else will think."

There was a pause and Annabeth looked up, Percy was staring at her. She felt her heart go ka-bump. No one ever paid attention to her like that.

She quickly went back to the work, she showed him the newest things they'd learned. By the time another half hour went by, they did almost 3 lessons. Percy completed most of it with help though.

Annabeth looked up again and met his eyes, a blush entering her face. She tried to look away, but the silence was overwhelming her. Percy excused himself to go buy them both another milkshake and Annabeth's phone started to ring, making her jump.

She pulled out her I-phone, a gift from her father for her sixteenth birthday. Jason was Facetiming her.

She pressed accept, "Yeah?" She smirked at him when his face was visible.

"Where are you!?" He hissed, "Dr. Herondale is going to kill you. She's already threatened to have you expelled."

Annabeth's eyes widened, "No. No no no." her hands snaked their way up to her hair as she shook her head.

A surge of panic poured over her. She started packing up everything, as fast as possible. She threw the work into a folder, pushing everything in haphazardly.

"What's wrong?" Percy asked, returning with their milkshakes.

"We have to go. Now!"

Annabeth's hands started shaking, she pulled her hands up to her head, scrunching her eyes shut. She crouched down, trying to stop the shaking fit, she was dimly aware of Percy's hand on her shoulder. She could already imagine her Stepmom, after last time Annabeth did not want to anger her:

Annabeth was late once again. The eighth time in two weeks. Annabeth sat in the back of the car as Helen entered, obviously drunk.

"You were late again! What have I told you!"

Annabeth looked down, not wanting to meet her step mother's gaze. Helen glared into the back of the car, a bottle of beer in her hand.

"I didn't want to meet with that damn principle! She said that one more screw up and you are out of it."

"Out of it?" Annabeth asked timidly, she had meant it to be rhetorical, but Helen heard her.

"Yes!" Helen yelled, "Expelled you nitwit, I thought you were supposed to be smart."

Annabeth shrunk back in her seat, as Helen began the drive home.

"You are lucky I love your father so much, I won't tell him."

"You'll have to tell him sooner or later." Annabeth mumbled.

Helen stopped the car, jolting Annabeth forward. She got out of the front seat, and slammed the door shut. Annabeth scrambled for the lock on the door, trying to push it down, but her hands were shaking.

The back door flew open, Helen smacked Annabeth across the cheek, hard. "I don't want to hear another word out of your mouth until we get home. Do You Understand!"

She enunciated each word, hitting her every couple of seconds. Annabeth wanted to cry. her face stung, her arms ached, and her hands would not stop shaking.

Annabeth opened her eyes, pulling her hands downward to find them still shaking. She went to bring them back up, to hold back on her head, but Percy's hands covered them. His eyes were soft and gentle, and his hands completely covered hers.

"Come on, we aren't to far away. We can get back before third period." His voice was calm and reassuring. She shook her head, "You don't get it."

Percy's eyes traveled her entire frame, "What don't I get?"

Annabeth couldn't tell anyone, she had mistakenly told Jason and she told Luke about a year before that, she couldn't have anyone else know.

"I can't be expelled." She said, standing quickly, trying to ignore her racing heart and shaking hands. She grabbed Percy's wrist, tugging him along after her. She was going to be in so much trouble.


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