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(form where we left off in his POV, where Rachel was smiling at him)

Percy searched Rachel's eyes for a reason why she was here. Sure her family was rich and she could literally get anywhere she needed with the snap of her fingers, but what reason did she have.

"Why are you here, not that I'm not glad or anything but-"

Rachel cut him off, "Shut it, Kelp head. I'm here because you are one of my best friends and I needed to tell you something, though it looks like you could use a shoulder. You alright?"

Percy looked down at the floor, thinking of his father, who was never coming back, and Annabeth, who's relationship with him was now completely ruined. His life was full of people he loved getting taken from him, like his first girlfriend Calypso, whom he called Callie. She had to move away to Ohio, where she ended up meeting this guy Leo. Apparently she moved to California shortly there after to go to a boarding school with him. Percy hadn't taken it that well.

Percy had several girlfriends after that, half the school thought he was this perfect guy and they all fawned over him. Personally, though, Percy couldn't see what was so great. He let a man abuse him and his mother for years, he had gotten addicted to alcohol (Whoop's, did I let that slide?), his mother had been badly hurt by Gabe, Percy himself had been badly hurt by that bastard; I'm not so perfect now, am I. Percy thought bitterly.

A girl, Juliet, had broken his heart, he walked in on her and another guy making out. Shirts off an everything. It had crushed him. It made him feel not worth anything.

Of course, it was after her (end of eighth grade) that Percy had began cutting his wrists. Gabe's fist could only tear the pain away from him for a little bit, and it wasn't self caused so it wasn't enough, but the horizontal lines on his wrist, and long vertical cuts running from his forearm to his shoulder were a constant reminder of everything he needed to know.

You aren't worth it. You will never be worth it. Stop trying to be everyone's golden boy. You Are Nothing!

Percy's father had gone missing for years, and then he died; Percy's ears would sometimes ring like they did that night, Percy paralyzing with fear. His father was killed while Percy was listening,

So how was Percy supposed to react to Annabeth, who he had fallen head over heels for. Annabeth who's cute smirk and adorable laugh had captivated him the minute he heard it. How was Percy supposed to let her happen to him, knowing-knowing - full on that she would end up gone like everyone else who was important to him.

How was he supposed to let her come to him when everything fragile in his life so far had shattered to pieces. As far as Percy was concerned, Annabeth was the most fragile thing that had entered his life since his father had left. The most important thing Percy had let in since he had lost his father. Even if she stayed longer than the others, she would never accept him for who he was before she met him. For gods sake, he had lied about his mom finding about his dislocated shoulder. No, His mom had found the beer bottles stashed in Percy's room. She knew that it was Gabe's fault.

Percy's mom had gotten rid of Gabe after that because she thought it would end Percy's addiction to beer and alcohol, she was wrong, very very wrong about that. He knew it was bad, heck it was downright horrid, but Percy had already found a group of kids who did the same things. Had plans to 'hang' with them next weekend.

Percy explained all this to Rachel (All except the parts about him being addicted to alcohol and the cutting of his wrists), and she listened very well. After she smirked at him, slapping his arm. Which hurt, by the way, because of the fresh cuts that had snaked their way up his arms. You aren't good enough.

"This is great. The fact that you found someone I mean!"

Then Rachel went into school social worker mode, folding her hands neatly in her lap and saying to him, "You know, Percy, I think I found the root of all your problems. Your father."

He shook his head, "No duh, sherlock, but what am I supposed to do about it?"

Rachel put a hand on his shoulder and he met her eyes. She sighed before saying, "Just go get her, take her out to a movie, get a pizza, make some popcorn and watch some cheesy T.V. show, just go do something with her."

Percy sighed and looked down, but Rachel continued, "You need to jump into the wind, this is the first girl that has made you happy since Juliet."

Percy gave her that look, the look that came when anyone mentioned Juliet. Rachel's face softened and she said to him with a soft tone that he had never heard before, "Percy, stop being afraid, if you live your life in fear, you're not really living."

Percy put his head in his knees, trying to listen to Rachel drone on and on about pure nothingness instead of the voices in his head telling him he was nothing.

Your father died contacting you! You killed him Percy, by reaching out to him, you killed him.

Stop. He tried to plead, but it came out a whisper.

Calypso never liked you, she was using you.

You're not perfect, those girls are just using you for the title. You aren't special.

Juliet hated you, she made out with another guy, when she was supposed to have you over.

Gabe was right all of those years, you really are worthless.

"Well, I'm going to tell you my good news." She smiled at him, snapping him out of his thoughts, "My father is letting me go into artistry. He says that I can do all of the art for all of our new venues, buildings, hotels, everything!"

Percy's face brightened, "He decided to let you?! Really?"

Rachel nodded her head vigorously, and her phone began to buzz. She pulled it from her pocket, glancing at the number and giving him the finger (the once second finger! Gods people) and walking off to answer it.

"Yeah Jonah?" Her voice was soft, "I'm at Percy's house? You remember Percy right?"

Percy couldn't hear the reply, but it sounder nervous, "No, he needed some cheering up, girl trouble, and I wanted to tell him the news so I figured I'd knock out two birds with one stone."

Another reply, sounding like, "By flying to California?"

Rachel laughed, a lightness in her tone, "Yeah, besides, My dad is looking into buying some buildings over on the west coast. I'm here with some agents to go check the place out."

Another laugh, "Yeah, love you too. Bye."

Rachel walked back in the room and Percy smirked, lifting his eyebrows suggestively, "'Love you too'?"

Rachels face reddend, "Yeah, remember Jonah?"

Percy nodded, thinking about how sweet they were to each other before he moved, he imagined the kisses Jonah would place on Rachel's head and he broke into a bigger smile.

"You two are probably very cute together. Do I have to do the big brother routine?"

Rachel shook her head, sighing. "I do have to go, though, Buildings to check out, a helicopter to catch..."

Percy nodded, standing and walking her to the door, "It was great to see you Rach, thanks for coming by."

He opened the door and Rachel turned to him, placing her hands on his chest and giving him a quick kiss goodbye.

Percy's heart heaved when he seen Annabeth's hair, jogging in the opposite direction of him. He felt stomach drop when he ran past the fallen Pizza on the ground.

He heard her sniffling, he could almost feel the tears running down her face. Percy felt the cuts on his arms burn, old and new ones, screaming at him:

Why bother? She hates you now, look what you've done. Ruined another soul.

Percy felt a scream rise in his throat as a car came barreling down the road as Annabeth was crossing it, wiping her eyes.

It hit her and Percy's eyes went wide, adrenaline rushing through him. He reached her side with shaking fingers, too afraid to touch her, in fear she would shatter. The car sped off, apparently not caring to see if the person they just hit was okay.

"Somebody help!" He yelled, "Call 911, Please! She-She needs help!"

Percy vaguely heard the police sirens and the ambulance coming his direction after that. His hands were clutching Annabeth's shoulders, softly shaking her.

He kept sobbing, "Wake up. Pl-Please wake up. Ann-Annabeth? Pl-Please."

His hands were shaking and the ringing in his ears began, louder than ever before, louder than the night he lost his father. The voices he always heard in his head screamed over the ringing in his ears, It's your fault, if she had never met you, she wouldn't be injured this badly. If you hadn't ran after her, she would still be okay. She would be fine if you had never existed at all.


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I got the idea for Percy hearing voices from Ro222's fanfiction voices in his mind, I had planned on Percy's cuts and everything, but the voices came from her fanfic. They aren't necessarily real voices like in her fanfiction, more his subconscious telling him these things. But I figured she should get credit because the idea came from her.