Henry was busy talking to Rachel as he cleaned out his locker. Lizzy inched her way near to him, she instantly felt jealous. It seemed Henry is more interested in Rachel instead of her. Luckily, her friend Daiyu was able to comfort her .

"Don't worry. Its going to be fine.",said Daiyu.

Daiyu took one look at her and nodded. They were also focusing on trying to get their lockers cleaned out. As the three teenagers cleaned their lockers it was interrupted by Hugo showing up out of nowhere by slamming Henry's locker door closed.

"Dude, what are you doing!?",exclaimed Henry.

"We need to steal the wand!",shouted Hugo.

"What are you talking about?",asked Henry.

"Ahem.. do you remember what we are here for?.", said Hugo.

Henry Henry,Lizzy,Daiyu were all silent. They have no idea what Hugo is talking about until Henry was finally able to get a word out.

"Listen, Hugo, I was just talking to Rachel. I think she likes me.",said Henry.

"Oh! Grow up Henry! Do you really think I would want to listen to that!?",yelled Hugo.

Lizzy was about to get a word out but Daiyu stopped her.

"Boys can you please just stop?",asked Daiyu.

"You know what Hugo!? Everything cannot be about you! Try to act like you care about something for once in your life! I mean you never ask me anything!",yelled Henry.

He ignored what Daiyu said. It did make Hugo stop himself before he was about to say the next thing that was going to come out of his mouth. What Henry said made him stop to think as he looks on his friends

"Henry, you know I do care about you. Growing up, you have always been like a brother to me..."

But before Hugo could say anything

"No Hugo, I don't wanna hear it I just need some alone time right now okay.",said Henry.

He walked off. Watching Henry made Hugo's heart sink. His best friend, who he looked at like a "brother" figure, just walked him out like that! He couldn't believe it! He looked over to his two female friends, Lizzy and Daiyu

Lizzy,Daiyu.", he began.

Before he could say anything Daiyu interrupted

"Hugo I hate to say this but what Henry said was right! Now me and Lizzy have to go and see if he's alright, bye.",said Daiyu.

She and Lizzy left him. Hugo stood in shock, three of his closest friends just left him. He was so shocked that he didn't know what to do next.