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In which turning flesh into metal does funny things to peoples brains.

Or what not to do too freshly turned metal people.


T-minus 9 years to Hogwarts

She was flying. The wind kissed her cheeks. Laughter rumbled out in a bark beside her. Dimples popped out as her own laughter bubbled out. The motorbike slowly glided in a large circle above the yard.

"Sirius bring her inside before James finds out I let you take her flying." An amused women's voice called up.

"Ya, in a second Tigerlily," Padfoot replied as he finished the lap. "And it's a perfect landing from Captain Wendy and her co-pilot Padfoot. As always." Padfoot hoisted Wendy on to his as the landed on the driveway. "Let's go see what Moony and your mom put on the telly shall we?"

"Thanks, Sirius. Seems like flying, Remus' hugs and frozen sweets are the only things to make her stop crying." Lily smiled before melancholy pressed out a sigh. "Remus put in Peter Pan."

"Pan? So no nap today?" Sirius handed Wendy a baby biscuit from the icebox. "And what's wrong with getting sweets?"

"Nothing, occasionally. But every time the teething starts to hurt is too much, soon she'll get as round as a ball." Lily gripped as Sirius handed her over to Moony. Sirius made the motions of getting popcorn.

"You're dodging my first question, Lily," Sirius whispered the popping noise slowed as the movie started. "You never put out the Pan collection unless something is wrong."

"Dumbledore is sending Remus away to talk to the packs." Lily's shoulders sag the whisper fell out defeated. "This might be the last time he sees Wendy until the end of the war. That might be years from now."

"…That bastard can't do this! Remus is as much of a dad to Wendy as James and I are. He can't expect him to abandon his cub like that." Roughly slammed the pot of popcorn into the plastic bowl. Sirius looked over to see glassy eyes peeking over the couch arm. "It's going to be alright Pup, I promise."

T-minus 4 years to Hogwarts

Wendy woke with a jolt head slamming into the stairs with a muffled thump. "Padfoot? Mooney?" How could she forget her dads?

Glancing at the door she waited until she heard the loud twin snores of the Dursley males. Pulling out a long wire she slid it through the grate at the top of the door and tried to hook the small lock latch.

Missing a few times she clenched her teeth. 'Come on, almost there.' A near-invisible blue glow wavered off the wire. *Click*

Wendy's heart jolted as the noise seemed to boom out. Waiting a few long seconds, she placed fingers against the grate. Pushing up and out she opened the door enough for her body to slip through. Light from the full moon spilt from the patio doors.

Slipping out she grabbed a small stub of a yellow candle that she took from the teachers' lounge. Inching her way down the hall towards the kitchen. She made sure to stay a foot's span away from the left side to ensure no boards squeak. She glanced at the clock on the microwave 11:45.

Pulling the junk drawer open three inches (the wheels squeaked any farther) she felt around for the matchbox. There. Prying one out she made her way back to her room, she closed the door with the wire.

Counting each tick the grandfather clock made in the living room she waited. 11, 12, 13, 14, lighting the candle. "Make a wish Wendy." She whispered to herself as the bell went off. "I wish Padfoot and Moony were here..." She engulfed the room in shadow and smoke.

Azkaban same time

Sirius' eyes snapped open. Heart humming he gasped. "Wendy!" How long has he been in here?! Standing on his bed mat he shifted to Padfoot. 'I have to get out of here!"


Year 4 - Hogwarts - December

General pov

Electric pops filled her ears and the liquid silver body pulled, pulled her into its burning, glowing depths. She tried to fight it off but it wouldn't let go, it was like innumerable hair-like vines sticking like ducktape on sunburnt skin.

There was screaming everywhere, who was screaming?

Was it me?



Where are they?

She couldn't concentrate on anything beyond the burning. Wendy took a desperate breath only for it to stop short, then blackness came, as it flooded her lungs. The last her vision saw was the tendrils pulling itself up out of the pit. Towards others.


Wendy floated. Wendy floated in a most particular way. Or she thought she was, as she watches light race across unseen angular lines. It felt like her whole body licked a battery. It was so warm... Didn't she need to breathe? Taking a breath she didn't see or feel her chest inflate. But she could feel air flowing through her lungs.

Why was this happening? How did she get here? She was in Japan with Dad and Papa, wasn't she? They were eating at the Ryokan talking about what abandoned castles to buy, weren't they? No...no...that's not right, that's not right at all. That happened last summer or was it last week? Wendy pulled her knees closer, as years seemed to turn into weeks of time. Maybe it all did happen in that small time frame. How else did she remember having a fresh bun straight out of the oven at the good pan bakery in Sweden?

We were just in Rome for a chariot race, weren't we? Or was it Egypt? Picking citrus with granny Marwa. Greece? Greece we were harvesting honey.

Flashing of metal bodies injected themselves between memories, behemoths that raged against ever chocking laws. A ship landing and a pod landing in a clay slurry hidden for millennials slowly changing the environment. We looked for ages...we? I wasn't there I found the hiding spot, I couldn't have been the.

Seventy-two behemoths for seventy-two humans enclosed around a table.

She knew their faces, their names just out of reach like a memory of a dream.

Wendy knew them and her heart ached when she saw to figures off to the side.

A young teen and boy. Wendy recognized the upturned crescent scar on the little boys' right brow she felt such terror at how deep it ran. She knew the starburst scars decorating underneath the older child's sideburns and how she raged that someone tampered with his stuff leaving him with no hearing for a year.

Her heart lurched as she looked closely. Their eyebrow slope and full lips with no cupids bow that pulled permanently into a slight secretive smile. She knew that seekers build started out with large shoulder and chest before narrowing sharply to the waist. She saw the way they rested on the toes instead of the balls of their heels. The familiar mane of wild curls that framed wide cat eyes in a strong slant.

She knew and recognized all of this because...because she saw it all when even she sees her own reflection.

Then she screamed as the scene popped as burning whiteness ripped through to throw her around.

Her mind felt like it went a few rounds in a dryer as it bounced down a mountain. The endless darkness surrounded her slowly pushing her deeper into her mind.


First Year- Hogwarts Express...

The train swayed with a mechanical click mimicking a heartbeat -click-click--click-click--click-click-. Wendy sighed in contentment as she turned the old page, found in a shop outside daigon ran by an old couple. It was a translated dragon-taming book from a small Nordic island about one thousand years ago. It seemed like dragon taming was once a very common practice. Enough that they travelled the world doing it.

'For best results with wild stock: grip the freshly hatched dragon by the forewing pushing the first joint together. Once the dragon opens its maw to send a flame to push your finger (thoroughly coated in the mixture below) to close the fire palate to stop it.

Mixture: Four parts each: Eucalyptus oil and dried aloe vera centre.

Two parts: crushed Eucalyptus seed and resin. Mixed until opaque.

Two parts: moly flower only. Whole flower.

One part: Fluxweed powder- Made from the whole plant.

Once completed do so once a day until gone. Reheat with the fine ground shell mixed in after the first application. See below for tincture instructions.

"Hello, may I sit here?" A timid voice pulled Wendy out of her book.

A timid brown-haired boy with a toad in hand stood in the doorway. "Sure, I don't mind. My names Wendy. What's yours?"

"Neville, it's nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too." Seeing his books title was about Herbology Wendy gathered up her courage. "You like plants?"

"Y-yes, I love studying them, there are so many things they can do."

"Cool, I don't know much about magical plants but mundane ones I know plenty. Maybe we can swap info?"

"I would like that! No one in my family seems to care much about them." Neville's face brightened with enthusiasm.

"Well that's foolish they have been on earth for far longer than humans". Wendy huffed. " You think that people would care about one of the essential things for life."

They continued to chatter even as they got onto the boats. Both keeping an eye on his escape artist toad.

"Not Slytherin. not Slytherin." Wendy whispered to the hat. Thinking back to the very rude boy Draco that made fun of Neville.

"Not Slytherin huh... Better be Hufflepuff!" The roar was deafening and loud enough to cause dust to drift down from the ceiling.

Gently putting down the sorting hat she was greeted by enthusiastic housemates. Slackjawed headmasters were easily ignored by students in favour of trying to get their hearing back.


System rebooting:...

: Audio online:…

: vocal processor online:…

: visual sensors:…

General pov

With a jolt, Wendy's eyes flew open to see the very familiar sight of the hospital wing's arched roof. 'Why am I in the hospital?'

"Pup! Thank the stars your awake!" The worried face of a much better looking and tanner Sirius came into view. "Everyone was afraid that you wouldn't wake-up."

Seeing the question on her face he supplied. " It's been six months. You're the last one to gain consciousness out of all of us. Although you were pulled to the very bottom of the pit."

"Sirius, what do you mean all of us?" Wendy coughed, reaching to push up the frame before realizing that she didn't have her glasses on and that she could see the pattern of the wood door across the room.

"Why does my voice sound so echo-y?" Wendy felt like smacking her head 'Really Wendy that's what you ask not why Sirius is at Hogwarts? And in human form?' she scolded herself.

"Well, Moony and I came to see you to tell the various levels of good news. The simplest one; Peter Pettigrew was captured by muggle police, after being shot by a housekeeper watching for thieves." Sirius explained while gesturing with his hands making air guns, unknowingly answering one unasked question.

"So Moony and I came here with the DMLE, next thing everyone knew the ground was caving in underneath us and well, we fell in -along with someone I need to introduce you too." Sirius spun his story of everyone waking and sounding like a boy going through puberty yelling down a long hall. Who incidentally also took tango lessons from a newborn gazelle.

"While you were out I gathered from the Muggle-born children we turned into some sort metal men called robots. And that is why you sound like that. It will stop in a few weeks."

Wendy was more confused at that. "So now what, I mean everyone is fine with this?"

"Everyone is fine physically as far as the medics can tell just a bit more everything. They're trying to figure out what exactly happened, by the time they were able to pull us out the changes finished." Sirius informed as he tried to get comfy in a seriously tiny chair. "Wendy the person I was talking about it's-"

"Ah, my dear boy may I borrow Harry for a bit." Their least favourite person called after walking in without knocking.

"Stop calling me Harry you old goat, my name is Wendy and you know that!" Wendy yelled the same time Sirius lept to his feet with a snarl, only to stumble and fall to the floor. "You bastard! What did you do?!"

"Nothing too drastic my dear boy I simply made a vapour form of a potent sleeping draught." Dumbledore's eyes twinkling as he watches them try to fight off the effects. "Now my dear it's no use fighting it."

Wendy tried to push herself up with her arms but she didn't even manage a twitch of her fingers. So she did the only thing she could do sware. As the shadows crept along the edges of her vision she felt true rage at his patronizing tone of voice. 'All for your greater good huh you expired crackerjack. Can't even think that a girl could be strong so you made everyone think I was a boy...'


How the heck did she get in a room with a giant three-headed dog. Breathing slowly she took in the room as Neville and two other Gryffindors shuffled behind me.

Sleeping dog. Check.

Small room. Check.

A trapdoor in the floor. Check

Dog waking up. Che- dog waking up!' Wendy's mental list came to halt as six red eyes lazily opened. Then someone behind her screamed causing whatever chance of it going back to sleep to jump off the astronomy tower.

Three things happened simultaneously Neville gripped her arm, Bad Dog charged, Wendy remembered a dog is a dog three heads or not.

Wendy filled her lungs, crossed her arms with her most upset expression. "BAD DOG! What do you think you're doing?!" Its eyes widen as it started to scramble to a stop. Coming to standstill mid-room it tail drooping at Wendy's expression. "Being bad, that's what. You know better, going after kids, for shame."

"Go to your bed. Go on." Tail tucked between its legs, it went to the blanket in the corner. "No, to your bed." Wendy pointed when it looked back with watery eyes. "Stay."

Wendy walked out the door leading the trio back to their dorm through secret passages.

"You just tamed a Cerberus." The red-haired boy whispered.

"I wouldn't care if Spot in there was covered in flames. A dog is a dog." Wendy huffed upset that someone would lock up a dog that size in such a small room. "If I find out who put that poor puppy in there. I'll give them a piece of my mind."

Waving goodbye to them she went back through another tunnel into the main staircases. Soft whimpering met her ears. "Can't just leave them in there. Do I still have that extra dental chew..." Wendy slipped behind a portrait that leads directly to that particular third-floor corridor.

Halloween morning

Wendy groaned as she stared up at a vine filled roof. "Huh, how did I get down here? Let's see: Gave the good puppy his Halloween gift at five this morning. Proceded to play with his new tennis balls. Pushed the trap-door inwards, pulled said door out slipped and something hit me as I fell."

Touching the lump she felt for blood. Pulling back clean fingers. Proceeding downwards in her quick checkup. Clear except a few bruises.

She glanced around until something caught her eye. "Lumos." Overcrowded by larger vines was a bright blue vined plant with partial white leaves. Leaves and creepers were looking wilted, some completely shrivelled.

"Devil's Snare?" Wendy placed her wand closer causing the bigger vines to cringe away. "Hmm, you're definitely much different from your relatives in here. Maybe a cross-species. I'll take you to Neville."

Seeing a few vines curled into a dark spot on the wall. 'A hallway? Maybe there's something to carry the little sprout.'

Torches lit up as she walked down until she saw a window. A giant chess set. 'Someone likes the game a bit too much,' a room full of keys 'how do they see?' Gagging at the smell even before she got the window. 'Ye gads! How could something smell worse then flooded toilets in a neglected high school locker.' Fire and fancy bottles were next. 'Maybe creating liquid fire extinguisher?'

The hall curved around the enclosed amphitheatre with a large mirror settled in the middle of the performance floor.

Wendy's trek continued as she came to the direct right of the stage. Hand met air as it trailed along the wall, the wall was clearly there but it wasn't. 'Oh, I get. It's like the train platform.'

"Enter stage right~" Wendy took a flying leap to the front of the mirror. "And the crowd goes wild!" Wendy mimicked a short ballet dance she saw on a telly in a store.

Stilling mid-spin she stared at the multiple people in the mirror. Two warm pairs of eyes stood out. Eyes she sees in every fever or hunger-induced dream at the Dursleys. "Mom? Dad?" Wendy took a step forward but stopped at her mom's arm motions.

She watched as they did one part sign-language, one part charade. "A barrier?" doing a large sweeping motion, "Police Siren? At her right hand waving circular motions while the left continually opened and closed.

Her dad pointed at themselves before doing a hand heart in her direction. "Love you too." Seeing her mom slip something in her pocket. She felt a weight settle in her pocket before they motioned her to go. "Bye..."

Slipping back through the illusioned wall she looked about the crates. Quickly getting harder as tears melted everything to blobs. Using an opera Viking helmet wedged behind a beam with horns going back the way she came she grabbed the tiny plant. Slipping up the stairs she made a mental note to remember which portrait she came out of.


Unknown time later

The wooden boards were worn smooth into a slight dip under the small circular window sitting high on the wall, it cast a dim morning glow that barely reached halfway across the loft. It was impaired by the thick layer of dust that covered everything hanging like sheets and filling the air. The fast steady tempo of a drip, drip, drip, in the shadowed far left corner, made a growing dark spot on the floor.

Wendy groaned blinking at the light in pain. Sitting up from the place on the floor by the looks of it where she was thrown. 'I haven't been up here in a long time.' Wendy glanced around before grimacing 'I sent long days up here when the Dursley's had guests.'

Fixing her sprawled position she crawled to place her ear by the loft ladder straining to hear if the telly was on. Hearing nothing she went to the window to see if the car was there. Empty.

She righted her trunk from where it was thrown upside down and carried it towards the loft ladder. Wendy checked to see if her wand was in it 'Nope..' before latching the lid. 'Of course, it wouldn't be if the Dursleys didn't break it to pieces, then Dumbledore kept it cause "I would misuse it in my misguided ways" bunch of dragon dung right there.'

Trying the stairs if they will lower just in case 'locked' lifting her truck again she slammed it against the closed entrance. 'Why hasn't it opened yet, anything the Dursleys could have put in a lock would have broken by now.' She placed it down panting her vision was starting to show double and muffled noises could be heard. Was she hearing things too now?

Squeezing her eyes shut she swallowed the excessive amounts the saliva as her stomach churned and flipped. She laid her head down on the trunk relaxing at the feel of cold metal against her face. 'I forgot how warm it got up here.'

The shriek of a trombone had Wendy glancing at her trunk. 'What was that- the mirror!' she jerked upwards scrambling to unlatch it door before digging through the contents. Forcing her way through the thick layers of winter garments she pulled an ornate silver hand mirror.

"Cub! Cub can you hear me?!" Remus called out from the mirror. Just before the unseen instrument wailed.

"Remus I'm here." She giggled in a high pitch, feeling slightly hysterical with relief.

"Cub where are you, we found Sirius unconscious on the floor, Dumbledore went rogue and is being hunted by the DMLE... Are you all right? Do you know where you are?" Remus could be seen swatting at something beyond the mirror.

"I'm in the loft of the Dursley's house and I'm fine. Are you, Sirius, and the others fine?" She asked dreading that her poor companion was also here. "I wouldn't put it past Dumbledore to do something to Hedwig, Malka and Fluffy."

"Yes we all are, just keep the connection open so I can hear you okay. We'll be there soon we're coming in your collective masterpiece. You'll be out of Durskaban in no time." He cracked a worried grin.

"Sure, I'm going to have to place the mirror someplace for a bit the clothes I'm wearing smell foul". Wendy said sniffing at the cloth like musty wood and sweat-soaked dust.

"Sure as your doing that you can tell me what side of the loft you're on." His voice called out.

"Left side, there should be a window closest to the street corner, it's across from me." Wendy went through the winter clothes looking for something that wouldn't cause heatstroke. "Remus, are the twins anywhere around you? 'No but I can go get them?' Smack them for me. Please." Wendy said as she pulled out the only clothing suitable for the heatwave she was experiencing. What were they going to fill her trunk with to take out all her summer clothes?

Huffing she put it on then felt her anger wilt. A peter pan collared dress with a waist between empire and natural high, slightly loose puffed sleeves. It was made out of a semitransparent fabric that slightly floated it was so light. It was ombre from light to dark green and so many layers that even in heavy wind and rain no one could see anything. It reached down to Ankles just showing the tips of her feet. Wendy was surprised that with the amount of fabric that it didn't puff out like a ball gown.

"Thanks, Luna." Wendy smiled, it was a wendy dress. She knew she recognized it Luna shown her a drawn picture of it.

"I'm glad you liked it, there are some shoes and underwear as well. I put a bag of cleaning supplies in there before the fall the charms should have kept them wet." Luna said popping into view making Remus yelp. "I will give a warning signal followed by five seconds of silence. Cover your ears." She said before leaving.

Wendy opened the bag with a wet hairbrush and small towel picking them up she smelt with a faint scent of herbal cleaning solution Neville created. Placing the mirror down on the truck top she pulled the brush through her mop of hair feeling the grim pull away from her scalp. Quickly pulling her dress off she scrubbed down her body until it stung, yanking the dress back on she made sure nothing was backwards.

"Seems you guys will be having quite a big audience looks like the whole community is outside". Wendy said as she walked towards the windows pointing the mirror outside for Remus to see the gathering crowd. "Probably for the best lawn or something dull in the same category." The shoes felt like she was walking on air or maybe clouds. "Including the Dursleys."

She could hear them lumbering down on the main floor as they came into the house. Moving the trunk between the window and her, she placed Luna's package back in the before sitting down behind it.

"Perfect. You still know how to fly?"

"Of course." She said showing her do a small circle around her school trunk before darting down at the sudden silence. Clasping her hands over her now earmuffed ears at Remus's nod she held her breath.

A shriek of what sound like a giant version of a rich man's kazoo '1-2-3-4-5' then a thunderous boom was heard as light flooded the loft, Wendy could see fragments of house fly over the truck. The house shook like it was turning into jello, Petunia's screeching was heard over the noise. More followed the first one then a clang and smash. She looked over the trunk to see a silhouette of a large chain in the dust cloud. Dragging her chest behind her she saw a note that said *clip truck here* on a giant lobster clasp.

Laughing she clipped it on the chain making sure it was locked before flying out of the remains of what was once a house. She looked down when she landed on deck at the clinking of the chain to see the anchor ripping out of the house and hooking into Vernon's company car before pulling up and into the hull. The car broke off into the park pond a few fields away from her old elementary school.

Drifting above the clouds she got to see who all affected. Forge and Gred, Luna, Neville, Padfoot, Moony, and Hedwig. Surprisingly Forge and Gred who was piloting the ship until they get to Egypt.

"Pup there's someone we'd like you to meet." Sirius started to pace. "Heres the thing Pup there are shops you can rent house elves from for a certain amount of time. And when these contracts and depending on the job a new house-elf while been given directions from the last one it's replacing." He took a breath in shakily. "Say taking care of a person in a magical coma if there is no new house-elf. The elf is now with two options depending on the conditions: one gets a Medic or gets a DLME Auror."

"The elf went with the second and well they found- they found Prongs Cub. A month before you woke up Amelia Bones led a team of Auror and ward breakers to a highly warded small cottage where your dad was in an induced magical coma." Moony finished for him.

Wendy stilled in such a way that it made the hair on their stand on end. Like they walked through a ghost or winter breeze. "My dad? As in my birth father?"

"Do you want to meet him?" Sirius asked rubbing his arms to get rid of the goosebumps. He hated when she went like that.

She nods in confirmation. "Yes." Oddly for was no sweating palms or hammering heartbeat drumming in her chest. She felt still, placid even.

Being directed to the lower levels she was lead to one of the garden rooms in use. Pushing it open she met the sight of a standing figure. With a short mane of black unmanageable curls and hazel eyes, he looked like an older male version of her with different colouring.

She froze when arms wrapped around pulling her close "My little fawn." A voice rough from no use filled entered her ears. The room rippled as her forehead bumped into his shoulder. "It's going to be okay." She knew this scent, and this voice she closed her eyes. Her shoulders trembled as silent sobs racked her body.


Tranquillity, California- 23 years later

"Sam, hurry up I want to meet the new neighbours today". Judy yelled from the front door.

"One-minute mom!" Sam yelled coming down the stairs. "Why do we have to go any way they live in the old Blitz place. That's at the edge of town."

"Oh shush, It's only a few minutes away. Maybe you'll make some more friends and you get to drive your new car." She said taking out the cake to the car.

Grumbling he grabbed the keys and ran to the driver's side. 'Who in the world would move into the old blitz place.' He thought what he remembered of the decrepit property. The house looked like something a mass murderer would hide in or a mad scientist.

Driving through the open gates they came to a large three stories plus basement queens Anne house. It looked brand new and it was very colourful which was even more off-putting to Sam. The grass was dark green and looked like it hasn't been cut in a long while, wildflowers if you could call them that. They looked alien to him, grew in abundance between the flowering trees.

"Maybe we should lea- Mom! Mom..." Sam groaned getting out to follow. Judy was speed walking to the door.

"Or don't be such a baby Sam there probably really nice". Judy said already out of the car and heading towards the front door. "Hello? Is anyone home?" She called out after ringing the bell.

/Raven hair and ruby lips/Sparks fly from her fingertips/ The radio blared out from the car causing them to jump.

"Oh! Hello, I thought I heard someone out here." A voice called out.

A tall woman with dark golden-copper skin came out from around the house. She was at least six feet tall wearing some type of scarf for a skirt wrapped around the back of her legs down to her knees then to the mid-front tied to in a flat knot leaving four rectangular tails in front, making two curved slits. A black scarf that crossed over her chest with a twist then to the back of her neck and down to the band where it was tied in a knot. She had a mane of waist-length dark red hair that curled everywhere and a pair of piercing green eyes.

"I hope you weren't waiting long my name is Wendy." She smiled.

"We just got here. I'm Judy and this is my son Sam." Judy directed towards Sam standing beside his car.

"Nice to meet Sam I like your car." Wendy tapped the corner of her lips. "A Camaro, right?"

"What? Oh. Y-yeah a Camaro." He fumbled over his words as Wendy looked over the yellow car.

"My family is out back in the river cooling off follow me." She stopped walking before looking back to gesture to Sam's car. "Oh- there's a carriage porch you can park your car under so it's not in the sun."

Wendy pointed to a place to the side with a smile. Before leading Judy to the back "Thank-you for the cake it is really thought full of you..."

Sam didn't hear any of the conversations after that being too focused on her voice it was hypnotizing.

"Sam did you hear anything I said?!" Judy said staring at her son snapping him out of his daze. "Maybe Remus was right you should stay inside, you may have gotten sunstroke. I sure wasn't expecting to spend all morning there or have lunch".

'When did we return home?!' Sam stumbled in out of the kitchen and to his room. 'Maybe mom's right I don't feel so good. I'm going to a beach party with Miles have to get ready.'


Bumblebee's Pov

'Thank Primus I thought Sam would never fall asleep. Now he was late for messaging Optimus and the others. I didn't think humans could be that tall. What was the one at 9'2" designation? Remus? Or Moony?'

Sliding out of his disguise he stretched his pedes and stabilizing servos. Door wings twitching when he stood up sending the message to Optimus Prime. Hearing the panicky voice of Sam on his phone drift to meet his audio receptors. 'Oh, frag...'

Later that Day

'Is that Sam inside the police station?' Wendy stopped at the front doors. "Sam?"

"Do you know that boy?" A woman asked at the front desk.

"Yes, we met yesterday. He had a pretty bad heatstroke and was developing quite the fever when he left. Did something happen?" Watching a cop talk to Sam beyond the glass.

"That would explain the strange phone call last night. Said his car was stolen and it was standing up. The unit found him at the scrap heap didn't have any ID on him and his phone had a cracked screen and dead battery."

"I could give you his house phone number? His parents are probably worried sick about him." Wendy said getting out her phone.

"That would be appreciated."

"*-*-*-*-*-*-*. Umm not that it's any of my business but did you know that man has currently overdosed on some type of drug?"

The woman looked up from where she was typing the number down and at who Wendy was pointing at. "Are you sure that man is an officer."

"Unless my medical training has become obsolete in the past year I'm completely sure." Wendy watched as the female officer stomped into the room just in time for her to hear if Sam ask if he was on drugs.

'I have yet to regret going to those voice lessons by the mermaids and sirens.' Wendy thought back to those years around the Mediterranean. 'I should send them some baskets of goodies later.'

A few minutes later and a phone call to Sam's parents she had in her custody; one Sam sans empty stomach curtsey of druggie cop now soiled pants. Her found cell phone plus any other electronic device abandoned at the police station.

"Thanks for taking me home Wendy". Sam mumbled as he leaned against the window eyes drooping.

"It's fine Sam you almost have the same type of luck as I do." Wendy glanced over at him. "How are you feeling?"

"Better, thanks to the Advil. Do my parents know?" Voice barely audible.

"Yes, I told them everything". Wendy whispered seeing that he fell asleep.

Finally making it to his house she got out and greeted Judy and Ron. "Sorry for taking so long he fell asleep didn't want him to wake-up in case he threw up again."

"It's fine Wendy. The officer that phoned she said he chased after a car thief." Judy was flushed when she came out, Wendy saw that her right thumb had chew marks on it.

"Yep, and got arrested instead of them seems like they drove right past and got Sam instead. Oh yeah, I gave Sam a tablet of Advil with some water I hope that's okay." Wendy questioned as Ron got Sam from the car.

"It's fine, I just can't believe Sam's luck sometimes, he gets it from Ron's side of the family. I don't know anyone who would chase down a car thief on foot" Judy exclaimed.

"You think that's bad you should see mine some days, I can get into the most bizarre situations." Wendy laughed. "Well I better get going before my dad gets worried."

"Oh yes, see you later and thank you for this."

"No problem Judy". Wendy said starting up the car again. Giving a quick wave through the passenger window she was off.


"I'm back!" Wendy yelled as she walked towards the ship disguised as a house. "So that energy signal that allowed Sam and his Mom to come through is definitely being produced by his car."

"Really! So theirs the potential for it to be like the things you create." Neville said as he came out of his lab.

"Yep, almost but not exactly the same, older and I mean way older," Wendy exclaimed in confusion. "Heres the thing it feels familiar like the ones we met in the war. It could be one of them but that was when I thought there was someone else with the same abilities as me out there. You know when we went back to Britain?"

"You mean those knight bots? Wouldn't they be rusted out husks by now? The only reason they're still mobile is because of you."

"I thought so too. But what if something out beyond our solar system made us the way they were made?"

"Are you saying alien robots? Like Cogs stories?"

"Well what else could there be, I mean we always brushed off that idea but if it's true?"

"If it's true then we have to kick our plans into overdrive. We saw the damage already before when humans get control of new technology they don't understand." Neville shuddered. "Let's change topics it's touching things I don't like remembering."

"Sure thing, guess what I have." Wendy patted her satchel.

" Seeing as your sitting on the floor instead of the furniture I'd say you're giving it another go?"

"Yep, the police even gave me some of their old electronics. A good deal if I say so." Wendy shifted through the bag transfiguring any plastic into metals. She dumped her bag onto the pile on the sitting room's rug. 'What should I try for this time? Boy? Girl?'

"Wendy's trying again!" Neville yelled up the stairs. "If you want to see better get here before I activate the dampening ward!"

A stampede of footsteps came from around the house. "Don't you dare start without us little fawn". James said grinning as he leapt over the couch back.

Seeing them all sit down on the couch she closed her eyes. The last few years they learnt a lot about their new bodies and it's abilities they don't age, they change their size and their more connected to magic then they ever were as humans.

Wendy breathed in concentrating on that energy she wanted starting to glow just under her skin. There. The energy that beaded and dripped off her core naturally condensed to the side closest to her rib cage. Then skin rippled like a mirage as it became metal and she smoothly grew in hight.

The large pile of loot started to soften and turn to one metallic shade before compressing on itself. It continued until it was four inches long in bean-like shape, finally, four tiny nubs appeared (two on the end and two near the middle). A section of the metal bean; above the nubs near the middle, pulled in forming a tiny head and two bumps appeared on the back.

Wendy slumped over as her form rapidly shrunk in size then opened her eyes as the last crackle of energy left her and into the bean.

Picking it up she looked it over making sure everything felt in perfect order. Everything was practically perfect except it wasn't moving. Did she do it wrong? Was something wrong with her? She felt the little light leave to the form. A heavy ball sunk her heart as each second turned into an eternity of waiting.

'I failed again…'


A pair of large green optics blinked sleepily up at her in her hands. Wet inhale of breath, she pulled it close to he chest.

"I-I did it."

"Congratulations, you are a mom." Luna hummed as she watched Sirius faint. "It's a healthy baby bean~"

"At least we now know what the Kangaroo pouch is for now." Forge leaned over. "So it's definitely not a place for food."

"Yep, one mystery solved. Perfect delivery Luna as always." Gred complimented tipping his imaginary hat. "Perfect formation their Wendy."

"Thank-you Gred." Luna grinned at him before it softened. "What are you naming it?"

"No idea I-I didn't think it no he would actually come alive. None of the other ones did and I tried for years." Wendy said as she softly brushed her fingers on his head. "Sire, do you want to hold him?" She said looking at James.

"Sure let's see my grandson." He cradled him close only needing one hand to hold him. "I'm a grandpa..."

"Prongs…are you crying?" Sirius said from the floor.

"Moony, Padfoot look at our grandson," James said holding out the bean for them to see. "He's precious."

They blinked he blinked back.


They melted "He's so small~" They chimed.

"Wendy how big will he get". Moony said as he wiggled his fingers at it was turning them into a figurative puddle of goo. "He's moving his little arms and legs~."

"At least as big as you in both forms. That's going to be a long while before that though." Wendy pulled herself into an empty chair.

"Let us get a look at our nephew. What are we chopped liver!" The rest cried out.


That afternoon

"We'll be fine, we'll only be gone a half an hour at most". Wendy said getting on her bike, Bean was safely in the kangaroo chamber. "You know how to find me and I have my comm-link and phone."

Starting the engine she sped off to one of the shops to gather some more containers and jars. She smiled at the pulses of content-happy-safe from her bean as he fell asleep.

Making her way in she was greeted by sweetgrass and sage. "Afternoon Bianca got anything new today?" Drifting to the counter she leaned over to see the bright purple-haired witch step through the beaded curtains.

"Definitely some upstart cancelled their order the day before it arrived." She huffed before giving her a critical look with gold eyes. "No way...Congrats!"

She hit a sale! A new hello kitty kettle and a bunch of new jars even some shaped like various fish, stars, whales and little fruits. She even got some more stardust for the twins' projects and a few extra spools of spider sting that Luna needed for her arts and crafts. Thank you expanded bag.


Wendy saw a girl get knocked off her scooter by a very familiar figure. "Sam! What are you doing!" She rushed over to help. "You can't just tackle people."

"What is your problem, Sam." The girl angerly asked helmet knocked off.

"Okay! There's a monster right there, it attacked me! Here he comes!" Sam yelled. Legs tried to get traction to get up.

A giant robot was barreling down the road reminiscent of an American footballer, flipping over cars as it came towards them.

'Do giant robots watch the telly?'

Sam was still yelling as his missing yellow Camero shot from behind us before doing a doughnut and knocking over the red-eyed evil Robocop. Screeching to a stop it opened its door.

Wendy jumped in she knew it was better than trying to get away on foot. "Hurry up!" Sam and the girl scrambled in after he convinced her. The Camero slammed on the gas as music blared from the speakers.

"Ok you have a good choice of theme music, I'll give you that much". Wendy said as she saw robocop turn into a police cruiser in the mirror. Not seeing the looks she got from the duo sitting beside her.

"Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!" Sam yelled from the passenger seat he shared with the younger girl. Then her hearing was filled with the chanting of "Oh god! We're going to die."

"No, we're not!" Wendy couldn't tell if he was trying to convince her or himself.

"Oh my god!"

"Trust me he's a kick-ass driver!" The car swerves for a glass-covered wall. "Oo, bad idea! We're going to die!"

Smashing through the window and through some mostly empty shelving it spun around and went out one of the entrances. After more than an hour of driving it parked in reverse and turned off all the lights. Hiding in the shadows that the dusk made.

Hearing the click of locks Sam reached over Wendy pawing at it at driver sides door. "We're locked in!" He turned the key barely a noise.

"Wendy, start the car!" Sam panicked as he tried the windows that wouldn't budge.

"Sam you really think he's going to let you or me do that after putting Nascar racers to shame?!" Wendy loudly whispered as she covered his mouth. "It's safer with him or did you not see the drill bullets that the Robocop shoot at us! Drill. Bullets. Sam."

Mikaela slowly slid down and when the police car drove by slowly lights flashing silently. "It knows where we are...I hope you have a plan. Yellow, If you do I would do it now." Mikaela's voice didn't even register at whisper levels when Robocop stopped.

Yellow's key turned and the lights flashed on as it bolted past the reversing machine. Its doors swung open sending the other two falling out, Wendy jumped running to the side of a structure. Remembering Hogwarts' second year and being sent flying by the ford a good few feet. 'Why are they just standing there?'

The numerous clicking and whirring of gears met her ears as the Camero proceeded to change into thousands of shapes before standing with a few last pieces sliding to click into place. 'Wait. I know that form, but how they-?'

Robocop transformed mid-drive with a rev of its engine and slammed into the yellow in a container sending sparks all over.

It pulled out a weapon that looked like the spawn of a flail and swung at Sam and Mikaela while a smaller robot popped out of its chest which began chasing after the two.

Seeing the yellow one pick up slam Robocop to slam him right into a building, Wendy gave chase to the smaller trio between the containers.

Going up a gravel-covered hill she sent reassurance-safe-love through the bond to the bean which woke up from its nap at the noise. She came upon a pair of familiar torn up jeans not even halfway up. 'What the pit is he doing?'

"Not so tough without your head!" and a silver mechanical screaming head was flying above her. Grabbing the pants she weaved through buildings and pipes to find them sliding down the hillside. Just in time to see the yellow robot's gun to change back into a hand with a shake.

"Probably Japanese. Ya, definitely Japanese."

"Sam it's not Japanese no matter how much more advanced they are". Wendy spoke before adding in her thoughts. 'I should know I spent over a year there before coming here.'

"What are you doing!?" The girl said as Sam walked up the drainage slopes side.

"I don't think he wants to hurt us or he would have done that already."

"Really. Do you speak robot because they just had a giant robot death match." The girl said as Yellow walked over and placed its hands on his hips.

'Is it doing a superman pose, he is. That's adorable.' Wendy thought as she walked closer becoming more convinced of who he was. 'I'm not going to even ask why or how Sam lost his pants.'

"I think it wants something."


Sam continued as he crept closer. "Cause the other one was talking about my e-bay page."

"Sam, what on earth are you selling on e-bay that would get the attention of giant robots?" Wendy internal commentary questioned aloud.

"You are the strangest boy I have ever met." Girl admits.

"Girl you need to go outside more, Sam is normal compared to some people I have met," Wendy told her. "Like fancy vanilla yoghurt before you mix in the toppings."

"Fancy vanilla? What sort of people do you hang out with?" Mikaela asked perplexed and astonished.

"They're the type of people to take with you on a life-changing field trip." Wendy proudly admitted. "What can happen will happen and they have a plan for it."


"Can you talk!" Sam yelled not hearing them behind him.

"XM Satellite Radio/Digital cable brings you/Columbia Broadcasting System/" He called out.

"You talk through the radio?" He questioned.

"Yes, Sam he clearly does or did you think that the convenient theme music was by chance?" Wendy sighed. 'Though why would he choose that song yesterday..'

Yellow clapped his hands at his answer before pointing at him ."Thank you, you're beautiful. You're wonderful, you're wonderful."

"So what was that last night?" Sam stepped closer with growing confidence.

"Message from Starfleet, Captain/Throughout the innate vastness of space/Angels rain down like visitors from heaven! Hallelujah!"

"So what your like an alien or something?" The girl spoke walking to Sam's side.

A quick point and he transformed back into a car. "Any more questions you want to ask?" The doors swing open. Wendy got on the side nearest to her.

"He wants us to get in the car."

"And go where?"

"Fifty years from now when you're looking back at your life. Don't you want to be able to say you had the guts to get in the car?" Sam convinced Mikaela to come along.

"Hi, I'm Wendy. I live in Sam's neighbourhood." Wendy chirped out giving a short wave of her hand.

"Mikaela and I have the history class as Sam." Mikaela introduced herself leaning over from the backseat.

"Sam, you're going to need these". Wendy said as she gave him back his pants when the now named and introduced Mikaela got out to get her bag.

"Thanks." Sams fumbled as he forced his pants on over his shoes.

"This car is a pretty good driver."


'Oh this is awkward, come on Sam think fast and be smooth.' Wendy forced herself not cringe. 'Ye gad it's too awkward. It's too painful time to step in.'

"Maybe you should sit on my lap."


"I have the only other seatbelt here. Safely first."

'Good going Sam.' Wendy cheered mentally doing a fist bump as her fingers scraped along the seams of her seat. 'Don't screw this up.'

"Yeah alright." Mikaela moved to sit on his lap. "You know the seatbelt, was a pretty smooth move."

"Yea? Thank-you."

"You know what I don't understand."


"If's he's supposed to be this super-advanced alien robot why does he transform back into this piece of crap Camero?

Wendy felt her jaw slack. "Mikaela!" Just in time for yellow to slam on the brakes. 'I can't believe she said that, if I think I know who this is, then I know he's sensitive to his appearance.'

"Oh see that doesn't work. See." He said as the three of them got out. He whipped a uey before speeding off. "See fantastic. Now you pissed him off. That car is sensitive. My four thousand dollars just drove off."

Wendy saw a flash of blue from the corner of her eye. She whistled "That's one way to clean up. Good job Yellow."

"What?" Sam stared in disbelief. Sam raced to the passenger door opening it to ogle. Getting in the back Wendy watched Sam race to the driver's side.

After driving a bit Yellow drove them through the gate of an official-looking place before letting them out. "So Mikaela what do you for fun?"

"Work on cars most of the time," Mikaela admitted. "Or keep my man-child of a father from killing himself doing something stupid."

"I know the feeling it's like what compels you to do that? What world do you think that would actually work?" Wendy sympathized. "Somedays its closer to "your heart is thanking me for not letting the 12 ounces of espresso be chugged."

"I know what's with coffee? My dad drinks so much of it when bored he starts to vibrate." Mikaela griped to her. Shoulders uncoiling at being able to rant. Wendy patted Mikaela's arm as she calmed down.


A crack broke the still air as four fireballs streaked across the sky. One landed nearby with a deafening boom, which Sam and Mikaela ran to see.

"I guess we're going to the meeting place now?" She said not really needing an answer as she saw the robot change into a semi-truck from here.

A blink of its lights with the door opening was her reply. Making sure to get into the passenger seat this time, they were soon arriving at the meeting point in a back alley. A blue semi with flames drove up in front of them, followed by a canary yellow emergency vehicle, a silver Porsche, and a black Hummer. Then they all started to fold like countless origami tumbling over each other and oh boy they were they tall.

Wendy took a step away from Sam when the not semi, crouched down to be eye to eye. "Are you Samuel James Witwicky descendant of Archibald Witwicky?"

"Yeah." Sam squeaked out.

"My name is Optimus Prime. We are Autonomous Robotic Organisms from the planet Cybertron." Optimus Prime told them standing to his full height.

"But you may call us Autobots for short." The ambulance said.

What's crackin' little bitches? The silver Autobot flipped over doing a somersault and striking a pose.

"My first lieutenant. Designation: Jazz."

"This looks like a cool place to kick it!" Jazz proceeded to use a car as a seat.

"My weapon specialist: Ironhide."

Wriggling his fingers he spun his cannons around. "You feeling lucky punk." pointing the cannons in their direction.

"Easy Ironhide."

"Just kidding. I just wanted to show them my cannons."

"That was a total Clint Eastwood reference right". Wendy asked not the least bit afraid of the display she has seen scarier things. Seeing the replying grin she felt a bit proud that she caught it.

A near-silent sniffing had her turning her head towards the ambulance.

"Our medical officer: Ratchet."

"The boy's pheromone levels suggest he wants to mate with the female."

"You better not be talking about me." Wendy said clenching a fist with a step back from Sam. 'I'll knock those thoughts right out of his head if it is about me.'

"No, the other female." Causing them to shift awkwardly while looking away Sam whistling a few notes.

"You already know your guardian Bumblebee" A song came on as the now named Bumblebee did a few boxing moves.

'It is him. That jerk who in the pit leaves right after a battle for space? I so telling Cogman he's back' Wendy internally ranted.

"Bumblebee huh? You're my guardian?" Sam asked getting a beep and nod.

"His vocal processors were damaged in battle." Ratchet said shooting a laser at Bumblebee's throat making him let out a cough and squeak, rubbing it. "I'm still working on them."

"Why are you here?" Mikaela asked looking up at Optimus.

"We are here looking for the All Spark. And we must find it before Megatron."

"Mega-what?" Sam's bewilderment voiced itself.

"Please tell me this All spark isn't some all-powerful MacGuffin." Wendy pleaded she didn't want to get into another war over a weapon of all things. "This better be not another celestial robe situation."

Optimus fiddled with the side of his head causing a hologram-like pensive view to surround them. A war-torn and dying planet laid around them as the ground crumbled into the molten slag far below. What was once a great city was now blackened and burning ruins. Bodies laid still where ever they fell or were blasted too.

"Our planet was once a powerful empire, peaceful and just until we were betrayed by Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. All who defied them were destroyed. Our war finally consumed the planet, and the All Spark was lost to the stars. Megatron followed it to Earth, where Captain Witwicky found him..."

"My grandfather." Awe appeared in Sam's eyes.

"It was an accident that intertwined our fates."

"Megatron crash-landed before he could retrieve the Cube." Sam realised.

"Your grandfather accidentally activated his navigation system. The coordinates of the Cube's location on Earth were imprinted on his glasses."

"How did you know about his glasses?"


"eBay..." Sam echoed

"If the Decepticons find the All Spark, they will use its power to transform Earth's machines and build a new army." Rachet said scanning each of them.

"And the human race will be extinguished. Sam Witwicky, you hold the key to Earth's survival." Optimus informed standing to his full height looking down at them.

"I jinxed myself it is an all-powerful weapon..." Wendy rubbed her temples she could feel a headache in the making.

"Please tell me that you have those glasses?" Mikaela whispered while leaning over to him.