Chapter 13: The Final Chapter

"So tell me, does anything cool happen in my future?" Omni asked as he and John/Soron made their way to his room.

"You do know that there are some things I can't say concerning your own personal future right?" John/Soron said raising his right eyebrow.

"It's just a question," Omni said, shrugging his shoulders as the two stopped in front of his bedroom door, "BTW, if we end up fighting this thing, we need to take it outside. I am not destroying my bedroom for this thing."

"Oh don't get your knickers in a wad," John said, rolling his eyes, "I won't let anything happen to your room. I'll just go Martian Manhunter and phase him out of the room."

"Well, okay then," Omni said, looking to the door, "Would you do the honors?"

"Of course," John said as he turned back into his Time Lord form and pulled out his sonic, "You might want to step back a bit. I've never actually deactivated this particular technology before."

"You won't blow up my door, will you?" Omni asked, taking a couple steps back.

"No, no," John said, before adding, "Well, probably not… You might wanna get back more. It'll probably send out a wave of energy that can disintegrate things if anything. If it has to come to that… I hope it'll just disintegrate the door."

"If anything's destroyed, I'm sending present you the bill," Omni said, getting into a battle stance.

"Oh, so that's why I had to use a lot of Vortex's money," mused John, "Guess there's no helping it."

"I'm just going to hope you're joking," Omni muttered, his hand hovering over his watch.

A second later, John activated his sonic and raised it level to the door. The door then glowed a bright light, before collapsing into dust.

"Well, at least no one was hurt," John said.

"Goody," Omni muttered sarcastically as he and John cautiously walked into his room. They surveyed the area, and for the most part it looked normal with a dresser on one wall, two bookshelves surrounding the door, a little TV area with a DVD player, a small HD TV, and a shelf with various DVDs behind it, a black desk with a few shelves, and a bed, and sitting on the bed, its back turned to the duo was the Volgaid. From the back, it didn't look very threatening, with a human figure, a slim physique, a bald head, and shiny skin.

"I'm guessing that's it?" Omni whispered.

"Yes," John whispered back, "That creature used to be human, but was devolved into a mere plastic looking creature. The man who created them had an obsession with devolving anything living. Unfortunately, the government allowed it to continue as an effort to win the war against the Vreshnayans. I found the project revolting, so I stopped it. The Vreshnayans even allied themselves with me to stop it. This version is the version of the Volgaids I fought then, but the ones Torchwood or Vortex 3, whatever they call themselves will look more like you or me. That is irrelevant to now though. The good news about this version is… They're easier to destroy. The bad news is they're much more deadly cause they know they can be defeated easily. It's like a wolf backed into a corner."

Omni was silent for a second, and briefly gave John a look of confusion.

"Well, I see that hasn't changed," Omni whispered, "Is it sentient enough to talk to?"

"Sort of," John said uneasily, "They don't really have mouths, but they do get the gist of what we say. Unfortunately, they don't really care. This version only cares about destroying things so it'd ignore us."

"Never hurts to try," Omni whispered, "Just keep your guard up."

"You go be a diplomat," John said as he slapped his Megatrix, turning into the Martian Manhunter, "I'm going to be hiding in the ceiling."

"Sounds like a plan," Omni said before John/Soron phased into the ceiling. Omni then slowly walked over to the Volgaid, his hand still hovering over his watch, before taking a deep breath and speaking.

"Excuse me," Omni said, prompting the Volgaid to slowly turn its head 360 degrees like from the Exorcist. Of course, Omni was disturbed by this, but what also surprised him was that the creature seemed to have no face. It had the basic facial features like a mouth, nose, ears, etc. But there were no details. It was almost like a walking Mannequin. Nevertheless, Omni swallowed the lump in his throat and continued speaking.

"My name is Omnitrix the First, leader of the Omnitrix Guardians," Omni continued, "You are currently sitting in my personal quarters. I'm assuming this was an accident, and as such, I will offer you this one chance. If you come in peace, then I will allow you to leave my room and get you situated with the Plumbers. However, if you're intentions are hostile, I will not hesitate to fight you. Do you understand me?"

The Volgaid only stood up and turned its body around before raising its arms transforming them. One arm turned into a strange looking gun and the other had vicious looking blades whirling about. It immediately blasted at Omni with a big red laser ball, prompting Omni to duck and roll, destroying a bookshelf behind him.

"Okay, doing this the hard way," Omni said, "Soron? You're up!"

John immediately phased out of the ceiling and grabbed the Volgaid as soon as he was behind it. The next second he had phased them through the wall to the back yard and crashed them onto the ground. Immediately after, there was flash of green light from Omni's room, and the next second, Omni as Big Chill phased outside.

"You wanna play rough?" Big Chill said, "Let's play rough."

The Volgaid only leaned backward to stare at Omni before preparing another blast, but of a different frequency. Somehow, the proceeding blast actually hit Big Chill even when he went intangible again, causing him to fall to the ground.

"AH! What the hell was that?!" Big Chill said.

"I told you he's from my universe," said John before hitting his Megatrix symbol, becoming Shor Alor. He immediately fired heat vision at the Volgaid… to no effect.

"How was I supposed to know that that meant he could hit me while I was intangible?" Big Chill said before getting to his knees and breathing a blast of ice breath at the Volgaid, freezing it.

"Big Chill's people can essentially shift to a different plane of existence," John replied before transforming into his Olympian. He then continued, "Volgaids are able to fire blasts to anything from any plane of existence."

The Volgaid stood frozen for a second. However, its body began to glow red, and suddenly, it shattered the ice.

"Okay, so freezing it won't work," Big Chill muttered, taking to the air.

"Let's see how it handles a shock to its system!" Zeus/John said firing lightning at it, "Nothing can resist the lightning of the Gods! Fry freak of nature! Fry and go to Tartarus where demons like you belong!"

The Volgaid saw this and, surprisingly, ducked out of the way into the air of the lightning before shooting at Big Chill and Zeus. The two shifters managed to dodge around the shots for a few seconds before Big Chill formed an ice club around his hand and flew up to the Volgaid, smashing it in the face. The impact managed to send the Volgaid to the ground, but before Omni could capitalize on the situation, the Volgaid righted itself and slashed at him with its blade arm, prompting the Guardian to jump back.

"Nobody blasts the King of the Gods and gets away with it!" snarled Zeus as his hands crackled with lightning and his eyes glowed blue. He then walked at the Volgaid and suddenly the clouds started rolling above them and as soon as John grabbed the Volgaid a huge blast of lightning struck them both, causing Omni to jump back to avoid getting hit. The only one seeming to have a hell of a time was Zeus as he cackled madly like a combo of Mark Hamill's joker and Heath Ledger's Joker. Once the blast had subsided the Volgaid disintegrated in Zeus's hands becoming dust in the wind.

"WHEN COULD YOU DO THAT?!" Big Chill said, shocked.

"Don't you ever speak to your God like that again you pathetic insect!" roared Zeus, "Now grovel before me and pledge your allegiance to Zeus!"

"I'm not doing that," Big Chill said, a little confused, "Look, why don't you just turn back to normal? If we didn't wake up the neighbors with our fight, that lightning probably did the trick."

"The more the better!" Zeus said grinning insanely, "More people to worship me as their God! There is no way I'm going back inside that small, pitiful device! This is my time to live, not his!"

"Okay, this is officially getting ridiculous," Big Chill muttered, "Look… Almighty Zeus, the people will not grovel before you in this land. Instead, they would most likely run from you in fear."

"Then I will destroy them for their weakness!" declared Zeus before he suddenly collapsed on one knee, "Gah! No I will not submit to a mortal!"

Suddenly, the Megatrix symbol started sending out some form of energy, causing Zeus pain, and one flash of silver later, John lay on the ground where Zeus had convulsed, and boy did he feel it.

"AH!" John exclaimed, getting to his feet, "I really hate having to do that to myself."

"Soron, what the hell was that?" Big Chill said, "You were like Rath if he was off his meds."

"Ah right," John said, "You never saw that one before. That was Zeus… I scanned him off of some aliens I met during one of my solo adventures through the Multiverse. They're quite the rowdy bunch, and they have some getting used to. You can rely on him at times, just not when it comes to his stubborn belief that 'all beings should worship him like the Greeks of Old'. He's always a complete arse though."

"And you turned into him for the fight because…" Big Chill said, gesturing for John to finish the sentence.

"That was not my intention," John replied, "I had intended to turn into Diamondhead or Humungousaur, but the fecking Megatrix had a mind of its own."

"Okay, I get that," Big Chill said, "But hang on. You said 'scan'?"

"Hmm? Oh yeah," John said, showing off the Megatrix, "New model has DNA instead of customizable forms. Keeps people from stealing it since, well, needs to bind to my DNA to work, and I find it easier than designing the things myself. You would not believe how many hours it took to create a Kryptonian on the first two models. It was a gift from you actually. As a reward for something the me you know is going to do."

"Wait, I give you that?" Big Chill said, "No offense, but that's a little hard to believe."

"Eh, give it some time," John said, "You'll get there."

"Okay," Big Chill said before slapping his Omnitrix symbol and reverting to normal, "Well, anyway, thank you for the help regardless."

"Ah don't need to thank me," John said dismissing it entirely, "I was going to do this of my own volition anyway. It's not as if I had to be convinced like past me would have."

"Well, I thank you anyway," Omni said before looking up to his house, "You know, there's a reason I don't like bringing work home with me."

"Yeah, I get the feeling," John said as he tossed a laser gun looking thing at Omni, "I tried to retire from the Hero life after I married Sara, but us Heroes never get to retire. One of my enemies attacked my home, but it worked out in the end. Hey, before you go back inside, there's something you've gotta see."

"Does it have something to do with the laser you just gave me?" Omni asked, examining the device.

"No," John snorted, "That is an upgraded version of the ball I tossed to you last time a building of yours got damaged conveniently because I was around. This is something different. Something brilliant."

"Okay then," Omni said, "What is it?"

"You know when I said I got a legit TARDIS thanks to the Gallifreyans?" John asked as he walked to a particular spot in the backyard.

"I do," Omni said.

"Then what do you think I'm leaning on?" John asked with a grin as he appeared to be leaning on the air itself. Omni's eyes widened and he began looking between John and the invisible wall he was leaning on.

"You're kidding," Omni said, pointing to the "empty" patch of grass, "You're telling me it's…"

"Yep," John said popping the 'p', "Want to see the new desktop? Well it's new from your perspective."

"Every fiber of my being says no, but my brain is telling them to shut up," Omni said, "I would love to."

"Very well then," John said, "Just stand there looking like a caveman staring at a flamethrower in action."

John then snapped his fingers, and the invisible doors to the TARDIS immediately opened and light emanated from the rectangular space. Omni stared blankly at it for a couple seconds before looking to John, who just gestured into the TARDIS. Omni then looked back to the doors and slowly walked in. Just as Soron said, the interior was completely different. Like the last design, the pillars still stood around, but the walls were lined with coral, and the lights emanated with a soft, yellow glow that lit up the control room.

"So what do you think?" John asked with a grin from behind Omni, "Brilliant yes?"

Omni was silent as he took it all in. Then, he looked to the console, looked to Soron, and for a brief second, he felt a bit of snark come up.

"Eh, it's fine," Omni said.

"It's fine?" exclaimed John incredulously, "Oh fat load of good you are. You go around insulting people's TARDISes… TARDI… whichever without a care for other people's feelings. You know what? Maybe I should just go say that your Warehouse is a piece of shit? See how you like it!"

John suddenly stopped talking when he looked to Omni, saw a smug smile on his face, and he began to realize what was going on.

"You're messing with me, aren't you?" John said.

"Big time," Omni said.

"I forgot how much of an arse you are," John grunted, "Seriously. Who crammed that stick so far up that American a-hole of yours?"

"It's just a joke dude. Lighten up," Omni said, leaning on a nearby railing, "So, what have you done with this thing since you got it?"

"Oh I traveled through time and space," John said as he looked back into his memory, "Also, travelled the Multiverse."

"Really?" Omni said, crossing his arms, "You met any other yous?"

"Yes I have," John said, "Some were women, some were pacifists, some were warlords, some were Asian, etc. Only one shared the name I went by during my past iteration though."

"I see," Omni said, "Were any of them nice?"

"Don't ever tell Sara this," John said as his face reddened, "But the women versions were very nice. If you know what I mean."

Immediately, Omni's eyes widened and his face went a little pale.

"Soron… Please tell me you didn't do it with yourself," Omni said.

"Okay then I won't," John said as he started clacking keys on the console's keyboard, "Let's change the subject."

"AGREED!" Omni said quickly, "What aliens do you have on your watch now?"

"Read it and weep," John said with a grin as he pulled up the list on the monitor. Omni looked over the list, and while there were some alien species he recognized, there were also some he didn't.

"Wow, that's a lot of forms," Omni said.

"Yeah," John said, "But I don't really use any of them except for Rath, Humungousaur, Diamondhead, Shor Alor, The Manhunter, The Time Lord, and that's it really. I still can't think of a name for the Martian Manhunter form."

"Manhunter sounds cool," Omni said, still looking over the list.

"Nah, that's taken," John said dismissing it, "After all, in one of the DC universes I met some evil robots that called themselves The Manhunters. Even have one of their heads around here somewhere."

He then left the main console room and Omni could hear him rifling around through his TARDIS till he found the robot's head. John then returned to the console room and while Omni was still looking over the list, John tossed the head at him, Omni causing him to stop and look at it.

"Oh, you fought Manhunters?" Omni said, "That's cool. But what do you care if they have the same name? What are they gonna do, sue you?"

"No," John said, "But the Green Lantern Corps is searching the Multiverse for the ones that escaped from being dismantled. If I use that name for any of my aliens… I'd get the wrong sort of attention from them. Also, It's just a stupid name in my opinion."

"Just because someone has the name 'Manhunter' doesn't mean they're one of these things," Omni said, pointing to the head, "After all, it is actually a job. And if they really were searching the Multiverse for anyone with that name, then they'd probably go up against the Tangent Manhunter."

"The what?" John asked.

"Long story," Omni said, "Basically it's an alternate DCU where the only thing the heroes have in common with their main universe counterparts is their names. Everything else is completely different."

"Okay then," John said, "Never actually been there, but why not? Anyway, you should keep that head. Install it in your Warehouse. In case the Manhunters arrive, it works as an early warning system."

"Um… Thanks, I guess," Omni said, looking over the head, "So, Soron, is there anything else you wanted to show me?"

"Nope," John said, "I've shown all I wanted to, or had to. I think it's time for me to go meet the Ood as they had requested me to when they summoned me last. Have to face the music after all."

"I have no idea what those are, nor do I want to know," Omni said as he began cycling through his aliens.

"The Ood aren't in the Omnitrixes," John said, "They're not from this time era. They were born a few thousand years later. The Ood used to be a slave race enslaved by humans, but as I told you, Sara and I freed them. They're actually very wise and kind. Kinder than the Time Lords. Anyway they're not a threat."

"And he ignored me. Very nice," Omni mumbled as he stopped scrolling through his aliens. He then brought out the dial, slapped it back down, and one green flash later, he was Upchuck. He then looked to the head, spat his tongues out at it, and swallowed it.

"Good luck for the future Omni," John said as Omni made his way out the door, "You'll need it. Also, that's a very disgusting alien."

"I know," Upchuck said, "But if it works, it works. You should see what Toepick can do."

After Omni stepped outside, the doors shut, and he saw the now visible TARDIS dematerializing away. Inside the TARDIS, John was running around the console messing with switches and turning knobs.

"Allons-y!" John yelled as he felt the TARDIS enter the Time Vortex.

Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location…

The hoodie wearing boy sat alone in a cargo hold. A little ways across from him, laying on a crate, was the Cyberman head he took. At the moment, the head's eyes were glowing as it attempted to do something, and all the while, the boy just sat nearby, tapping his fingers on another crate.

"Anything yet?" the boy asked, getting impatient.

"NEGATIVE," the head said.

"Why not?" the boy asked.


"Great," the boy said sarcastically, "So now what do we do?"


"Makes sense," the boy said, still sounding annoyed, "Well, then that means we're going to need to improvise."


"Gee, why didn't I think of that?" the boy said, "If I could do that, I wouldn't need your help getting home. Every facility on this planet with the necessary equipment to upgrade you has me on their wanted list. If we tried a break-in, it would fail."

The head was quiet for a few seconds before its eyes began glowing again. Then, after it did this for a few seconds, it stopped.


"What?" the boy said, "Where?"


"East?" the boy said, rubbing his chin, "Tell me, is this place about the size of a standard warehouse?"


"Can you detect if it has any advanced signals transmitted through it?" the boy asked.

"AFFIRMATIVE," the head said.

"Well then," the boy said, rubbing his chin, "Here's hoping they left the door unlocked."

The boy then grabbed the head and began making his way out of the warehouse.


"No need," the boy said, "I already know."

"HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?" the head inquired.

"Let's just say I know the owner," the boy said as he carried the head out of the building.


At the moment, Soron was in front of Omni and Tonto's warehouse. After Omni and Tonto were sent home, Soron decided that now would be a good time to retrieve his TARDIS. As such, he had Church send him back to the warehouse so he could retrieve it. However, there was a problem; the door was locked. As such, Soron was currently fumbling with the front door and cursing to himself.

"Come on, come on!" Soron muttered to himself as he continued fumbling with the nob, "Now I wish that I had a spare Megatrix; I could transform back into my Time Lord form and pull out my Sonic."

When the door wouldn't budge, he banged his fist against it. All this did was push him away and hurt his hand. He began to get annoyed and almost tried again, but before he could, he heard the sound of footsteps coming from somewhere. He noticed an empty trash dumpster nearby and quickly climbed inside it to hide from whoever was coming, just in case it wasn't either of the Omnitrix Guardians.

He poked his head out a little, doing his best to remain hidden, and walking up to the warehouse was a boy. He was wearing a grey hoodie with the hood pulled up, so he couldn't see his face, but from his height and physique, he looked to be in his late teens. However, what got Soron's attention was that this boy seemed to be carrying something. Something round, metal, and with two handle bars.

"Oh no," whispered Soron as he realized what the object was, "This is the opposite of fantastic. I thought we had disintegrated all of the Cybermen parts."

Soron continued watching the boy as he made his way to the front door, with the intent to figure out who the boy was and why he was carrying the Cyberman head.

"This it?" the boy asked the head.

"AFFIRMATIVE," the head answered.

"Thought so," the boy said smugly. He then reached for the doorknob, but much like with Soron, it wouldn't budge.

"Well, I guess it was too much to think they'd leave the door unlocked," the boy said, putting the head down.


"No need," the boy said, as he began messing with something on his left hand, "I've got my own personal skeleton key."

Soron squinted his eyes at the kid, trying to see what he was messing with. On the boy's left hand was, what looked like, a red fingerless glove. There were white veins running along it and in the center of it was a grey dial with a red hourglass symbol.

"It can't be!" Soron whispered a bit loudly with wide eyes, "There's only two Omnitrix wielders I know and neither of them have one of that design! It just can't be an Omnitrix!"

The boy continued messing with the dial 'till it popped up and showed a red hologram of a miniature robot. Then, the boy slapped down on the dial and his form was covered in a red flash, and once it subsided, in place of the boy was what looked like Nanomech, miniature size and all. However, all the green areas on his body were red, his metal skin was black instead of silver, and the Omnitrix symbol was red.

Soron watched as the transformed boy took to the air and flew into the keyhole on the door. Soron then waited for a few seconds, when suddenly, he heard the lock click. Then, through the warehouse windows, he saw another flash of red light, and the next second, the boy opened the front door.

"Come on," the boy said, grabbing the Cyberman head before pulling it inside with him.

Soron quietly but quickly climbed out of the bin and crept in behind them in order to stay out of their sight. He definitely had to get to the TARDIS now. Thankfully the TARDIS wasn't far from the door, so once he got into the warehouse, he rushed over to the TARDIS, pulled out the keys, unlocked the door, and ran inside.

"Never used this mechanic before," Soron said to himself as he hurried over to the console and began messing with the controls, "But now I have no choice but to make it invisible."

At that he toggled a switch up making the exterior shimmer into invisibility.

"Now then," Soron said as he activated the monitor, "Whatever he's up to, I better get him out of here before he completes it."

He then ran into the depths of his TARDIS in order to acquire some gear to deal with the mysterious shifter.

With the mysterious shifter…

"Alright Sparky," the boy said as he walked through the warehouse halls, "I know these guys have a lab here somewhere. Can you can give me directions?"


"Excellent," the boy said, making a left turn. Then, after walking ten feet, he arrived at a door that said "Lab" on the front. The boy then opened it, and sure enough, there was the lab.

"Nice," the boy said, entering the lab, "You know, I used to have a lab like this. Only I had professionals working for me."


"Alright, alright, don't get your panties in a twist," the boy said, putting the head on a nearby work table.


"It's an expression dumbass," the boy muttered. He then began looking around the room, examining all the pieces of tech he could before stopping at another work table, only this one was covered with various hi-tech disks, tools, weapons, and so forth. The boy then began examining the various items, but unbeknownst to him, the door to the lab opened and someone walked in.

"Should have been Brainstorm for this," the boy muttered as he picked up a few pieces of tech and examined them.

"Put your hands up and step away from the technology," ordered a modulated voice, "Also, keep your hand away from your strange Omnitrix unless you want me to deactivate it for good."

The boy suddenly dropped the tech he was looking at and turned to the door. Standing there was Soron, only now he was wearing a high-tech suit of armor that resembled the standard Iron Man suit, only instead of red and gold, it was black and gold.

"What the? Who the hell are you?!" the boy asked, "And… Why are you dressed like Iron Man?"

"Why?" Soron smirked behind the faceplate, "I am Iron Man."

"Um… No you're not," the boy said, "If anything, you're a very impressive cosplayer."

"I'm as close as this reality is going to get to an actual Iron Man," Soron said, "Let me show you."

As soon as he finished his sentence, he blasted the repulsor at the boy, sending him crashing into the Null Void Cannon.

"Is that real enough for you?" Soron said.

The boy said nothing as he got to his feet. He then looked at Soron, and Soron saw that beneath his hood, he was gritting his teeth.

"Well, congratulations buddy," the boy said as he began messing with his Omnitrix, "You pissed me off."

"Oh no you don't!" said Soron as he blasted his repulsor at the boy again. However, the boy managed to activate the Omnitrix and, one red flash later, standing in his place Diamondhead, who took the blast like it was nothing.

"Oh crap," said Soron right before Diamondhead punched him hard sending him flying through the building and landing outside.

"That was annoying," Diamondhead said as he turned around to keep searching the lab. However, just as his back was turned, he heard something land by his feet. He then looked down to see what it was, and he saw a miniature tank missile.

"Oh you've gotta be kidding me," Diamondhead said before the missile exploded, destroying a portion of the warehouse and sending him flying outside.

"You didn't actually think I was out of the equation did you?" Soron asked sarcastically as he floated above Diamondhead's landing area. Diamondhead growled at seeing him there before he slapped his Omnitrix symbol and turned into Big Chill. However, his Big Chill looked a little paler than Omni and Tonto's versions. However, Soron didn't have time to question it as the boy flew into the air and tried to deck him in the face with an ice club. Thankfully, Soron managed to duck under it and punched the rogue Omnitrix bearer away.

"Missed," Soron taunted, "You're gonna have to do better than that."

He then fired two repulsors at once, but Pale Big Chill turned intangible and they merely passed through him.

"Oh, you want better?" he said, coming back into focus, "Then I'll show you better."

The boy then slapped the Omnitrix symbol on his belt, but instead of immediately transforming into another alien, the symbol jutted out four, twisted spikes. Then, the symbol sent out a red wave that spread across the boy's body, altering his appearance as it went. Then, once the wave was done, the boy was something else. He still looked like Big Chill, only now, instead of his body being blue, it was orange and red, and the fins around his eyes were now more pronounced.

"Me and my big mouth," Soron muttered to himself as his eyes widened.

"Say hello to Ultimate Big Chill," the boy said before breathing a stream of fire at Soron. Soron quickly dodged the attack, but a bit of the fire skimmed his arm, and he saw that the small portion of his arm was covered in ice.

"That was a close one!" Soron said as he examined the frozen segment, "Cortana, call Vortex and tell them I'm going to need some help."

"Yes sir," said the voice of the A.I Cortana, "I suggest you stay on your toes… even though you're currently flying."

"Tell me something I don't know!" Soron said in annoyance as he fired a rocket at Ultimate Big Chill uselessly before blasting off through the air, "I mean it this time! Cause I have no idea how to fight such an alien!"

Ultimate Big Chill turned intangible, allowing the rockets to pass right through him, before he flew after Soron.

Soron looked back to see if he was there and, oddly enough, there was nothing there. He breathed a sigh of relief, but just as he looked ahead, he saw Ultimate Big Chill floating there.

"Going somewhere?" Ultimate Big Chill said, before breathing another blast of fire at him.

"Not this time!" Soron said as he activated a force field blocking the flame entirely. After a few seconds of thinking he rocketed higher into the sky as he called down, "Let's see how you fair in the vacuum of space! You may be freeze proof, but I don't think even you can survive that!"

Ultimate Big Chill smirked as he took to the air after him. The pair flew higher and higher, the warehouse looking smaller the further they went. Then, as they began to breach the Stratosphere, Soron looked back to make sure Ultimate Big Chill was still following behind. Thankfully he was, and Soron began to smirk beneath his faceplate. He then looked back to the sky and activated the afterburners on his boots and palms, causing him to fly faster.

"Come on you oversized bug," Soron muttered, "Just follow the nice metal birdy."

Soron kept getting higher and higher, 'till eventually, he breached the Exosphere and was in space. Reacting quickly, Soron hit a button on his chest, activating his suit's Oxygen Tanks. Then, using his thrusters, he turned himself around and watched as Ultimate Big Chill got closer.

"Come on Mothman," Soron taunted, "I'm right here!"

Ultimate Big Chill flew closer and closer, causing Soron's smirk to grow larger. However, once Ultimate Big Chill broke through the Exosphere, Soron's smirk vanished; he wasn't gasping for air. In fact, it looked like he was fine. This confused Soron greatly, but before he could work it out, Ultimate Big Chill flew up to him and socked him across his helmet.

"Warning! Armor has sustained external damage," Cortana spoke out.

"Ya think?" Soron retorted sarcastically, "Do you have any ideas on how to beat this freaking mothball?"

"While you were floating here, I took the opportunity to scan that alien form," Cortana said, "The Plumber database classifies it as a Necrofriggian."

"Lovely," Soron said sarcastically, "Anything more useful?"

"I was just getting to that," Cortana said in a heated tone, "The Necrofriggians can phase to a different plane of existence entirely."

"So all I have to do is tune my repulsors to the right dimensional frequency," Soron concluded, "Gotcha. How are the reinforcements coming along?"

"Should be at your location within the hour," Cortana replied.

"An hour!" Soron exclaimed, "Very well. Gonna have to deal this asshole myself then."

Soron quickly changed the frequency of his repulsors and began blasting at Ultimate Big Chill. Like with the rockets, he turned intangible to dodge them, but unfortunately for him, the repulsor blasts managed to hit him, causing him to convulse and become solid. It also knocked him back a ways.

"Now that had to hurt," Soron said with a smirk. Meanwhile, Ultimate Big Chill righted himself and glared at Soron.

"You think that will stop me?!" Ultimate Big Chill said before he flew at Soron. The armored man began shooting more repulsor blasts at him, but this time, he flew around the blasts, dodging them at every chance, 'till eventually he made it to Soron and grabbed him by the throat.

"Got any more tricks, Bucket Head?" Ultimate Big Chill said.

"Actually, yes," Soron said before his gloves ignited with electricity. He then grabbed Ultimate Big Chill's shoulders and ran a large current of energy through his body, causing him to convulse. Soron quickly took advantage of this, letting go of one of his shoulder, raising his right fist and punching him back. Once Ultimate Big Chill was floating back, Soron quickly flew at him grabbing him in the process with his electrified gloves, and flying them both down towards Earth. When they re-entered the planet Soron redirected them to an abandoned, but still active power station. Once Soron judged they were close enough he let go of Ultimate Big Chill and charged his unibeam until it was at full power then let a huge blast go. Thankfully the unibeam is so powerful it existed in all dimensional frequencies, so he blasted Ultimate Big Chill, and sent him flying directly into the plant.

Soron began smiling again and flew in after him. However, just as he got close, he saw another flash of red light within the station, and before he knew it, a giant stream of electricity blasted from the station directly at Soron. Thankfully, he dodged it rather quickly before looking down to see what tried to hit him. To his surprise, inside the plant was what looked like a yeti. It had yellow fur over most of its body, red fur covering its head, hands, and feet, yellow horns on its head that resembled electricity, and on its waste was red belt with the Omnitrix symbol on it.

"That's new," Soron remarked. He then called down, "What's that supposed to be? The Abominable Man-ape? Cause honestly, I'm not that impressed."

"Do I look like I care?" Shocksquatch yelled before unleashing another blast of electricity at Soron.

"I don't think electricity is your best choice," Soron said as he hovered away from the blast, "I used to shoot electricity naturally, so I know how powerful it can be. Let me tell you something man-ape, this suit will only get stronger."

"Good God, are you in love with your voice?!" Shocksquatch yelled, "You're worse than Tonto!"

"Tonto?" Soron said as he stopped floating, "Hold on a second. Temporary truce? There are things I really need to know, and honestly… I think you have a few things you need to know as well. Maybe we can answer each other's questions?"

"Hmmm… NAH!" Shocksquatch said before charging up his fists and blasting at Soron's helmet. Soron managed to dodge the attack before aiming his repulsors and blasting at the yellow yeti. Shocksquatch managed to dodge the attack, and then ran further into the plant, prompting Soron to fly in after him.

"I'm being serious," Soron called down to him, "If I'm right about my suspicions, and you're from an alternate reality, then I think I can help you get home to your universe. You don't need that Cyberman head. Besides that head will only betray you much as you will do to it when you have no more uses for it."

"You lie!" Shocksquatch yelled from somewhere in the building, "You don't care about helping me. No one does."

"If I'm lying, then I'll let you shock me," Soron said as he landed on the ground, "Just scan me. You'll know I'm telling the truth when you do."

As soon as he had said that he stepped out of his armor and looked at the yeti who was only glaring back with electricity arcing about it.

"Go on," Soron said, holding his arms out.

Shocksquatch was silent from his corner of the room, his hands brimming with electricity. Then, he slowly began walking over to Soron, weary of the Universe Hopping genius. Then, he stood in front of Soron and looked him over.

"You really say you can help me?" Shocksquatch asked.

"That's what I said, yes," Soron replied, "I'm the resident dimensional traveling expert in this universe. I'm not even from this reality. I'm from another one, which is now… Gone. In my reality, I built a non-DNA based Omnitrix which I called the Megatrix, but that's irrelevant."

Shocksquatch was silent for a few seconds as his eyes looked Soron up and down. Then, to Soron's relief, his hands stopped brimming with electricity and he smirked.

"Thank you," Soron said, "Now please tell me-"

Soron was suddenly cut off when Shocksquatch grabbed him by the throat and lifted him up off the ground.

"But.. I can… Help…" Soron tried to choke out.

"You see, I don't really care what you do for me, eh?" Shocksquatch said, "Like I said before, you pissed me off. And no one pisses me off."

And with that, Shocksquatch threw Soron to the other side of the room. Soron groaned as he began getting back to his feet, before looking over and seeing Shocksquatch approach him.

"I'm sorry for blasting you Samuel," Soron said, "However, I was merely protecting the property of my friend which is this reality's version of you. I can see the rage in your eyes, and I understand it. I really do, and I still feel it but I will not let it consume me like I did not too long ago thanks to Switch. I still don't remember jack shit about that, but that's unimportant right now."

"You just don't shut up, do you?" Shocksquatch said as he stood in front of Soron. He then charged his fists with electricity and raised them into the air, ready to pound Soron into the ground. Soron closed his eyes and braced himself for the attack, but just before Shocksquatch could slam down, something blasted him, causing him to scream. Soron, confused, opened his eyes then looked towards the blast and saw Leonard Snart standing there in his Captain Cold outfit, blasting Shocksquatch with his gun and freezing him in place.

"It's not like you to call for backup Director," Snart said, "Who's the gorilla?"

"Stand down Snart," Soron ordered, "He needs our help. Not only to get back home, but mentally as well."

"I weep for him," Snart said, walking up to the frozen sasquatch, "But that doesn't answer my question. Who is he?"

"He's an alternate reality version of Omni," Soron replied.

"Ah," Snart said, "That explains the hourglass and it's color. How do you plan on lugging him back to Vortex?"

"There's no way I'm letting him anywhere near Vortex," Soron said shaking his head, "I'm going to leave what happens to him up to our Omni, but I'm going to make sure he gets the help he needs. No more killing. There's been enough of it."

Snart shrugged his shoulders at this and began to walk out of the plant, with Soron following behind. However, as they walked, they began to hear the sound of something… Cracking. Both Vortex agents then looked at each other, turned around, and saw the frozen form of Shocksquatch shaking as the ice began to crack.

"Oh son of a bitch," Soron grumbled, "How did I not know this was going to happen?"

He quickly called his armor back to him which then reattached itself on him just in time for Shocksquatch to burst out of the ice. He then looked to the two Vortex agents with a look of complete anger. However, instead of blasting them with more electricity, he slapped the Omnitrix symbol on his belt, and one red flash later, in place of Shocksquatch was XLR8, only this one's jumpsuit was red and his skin was light gray.

The two Vortex agents immediately blasted at the alternate Omnitrix bearer with their respective firearms, but XLR8 quickly dodged the attacks before zooming out of the building.

"I miss my speedster powers," Soron commented, "They were incredibly useful. Especially for situations like this."


XLR8 quickly zoomed back to his hideout, with the Cyberman head under his arms. After he escaped from Soron and Snart, he ran back to the warehouse and picked up the Cyberman head. Then, after making sure no one followed him, he ran away.

As such, XLR8 quickly entered his dock warehouse, threw the Cyberman head back on a crate, closed the door, and then reverted back to his human form.


"I encountered some… Problems," the boy said, pulling down his hood. Sure enough, the face beneath the hood looked exactly like Omni's; same blond hair, same eyes, same structure, everything. However, there was one difference; just as Soron said, in his eyes were nothing but anger and hatred, and his expression properly represented that.


"Because," "Omni" began, "I've got us a new target."

"EXPLAIN," the head said.

"When I fought that guy, he got some backup from a guy with a freeze gun," "Omni" explained, "They said something about a place called 'Vortex.'"


"Yeah, same here," "Omni" said, "But apparently, whatever this place is, it's got some equipment that our armored friend doesn't want getting out."


"Then we might be able to help you get back on your feet," "Omni" said, a grin appearing on his face.

In the morning…

Omni and Tonto stood dumbfounded in front of their warehouse, their bags over their shoulder, as they saw the large hole in their warehouse, leading to their lab.

"Tonto?" Omni said.

"Yes Omni?" Tonto replied.

"Did you activate the security system last night?" Omni asked.

"No," Tonto said, "Did you?"

"No," Omni said, "Why didn't we turn it on?"

"I think it was because we never came back after the thing with Switch and Dark Speed," Tonto said.

"Yeah, that makes sense," Omni said calmly as his face became red. Both Omnitrix Guardians then made their way to the hole, climbed inside, and then dropped their bags on the floor.

"I'm gonna look and see if anything was stolen," Omni said quietly as he approached a bench, his face still red, "You get to work on the hole."

"Of course," Tonto said, slightly annoyed as he began searching through his aliens.

"I think you'll find that nothing has been stolen," said the voice of Soron from behind them. The two shifters quickly turned around and saw Soron standing outside the warehouse.

"Soron!" Tonto exclaimed.

"That's me," Soron said, "I don't know of anyone else wearing this awesome Punisher jacket of mine."

"Soron," Omni said as calmly as he could, "Did you have something to do with the large hole in my warehouse?"

"Before you go bonkers at me again," Soron said nervously remembering the assault Evil Omni did to him, "I think you should know that I didn't make this hole. The one on the ceiling and roof… yes… regrettably."

Omni and Tonto then looked to the ceiling and, sure enough, they saw a couple holes in it.

"Oh, I didn't even notice those," Omni said calmly as a vein began pulsing on his forehead, "Thanks for telling me about them."

"Someone was trying to steal from your Warehouse," Soron hurried out, "I also know who he is."

"Who?" Tonto asked.

"Omni was," replied Soron.

"What?!" the Omnitrix Guardians said in unison.

"It wasn't 'Omni' Omni," Soron explained, "It was another Omni."

Immediately, the red in Omni's face vanished as he and Tonto suddenly looked focused.

"What?" Omni said quietly.

"Was he wearing a grey hoodie?" Tonto asked.

"He looked to be wearing a soldier's hoodie, yeah," Soron said nodding.

"Was his Omnitrix kind of like a red, metal glove?" Omni said, gesturing around his left hand.

"Yes," Soron replied, "At first I thought he was from this reality and created it on his own, but when I noticed how ferocious he was when fighting… That reminded me of you. Another clue was when he said I was worse than 'Tonto'. Like you are at times, he wasn't very reasonable either."

Omni and Tonto's eyes widened as they looked to each other.

"Nega," Omni whispered before running out of the lab and into the hall.

"Hey, where are you going?" Soron called out.

"I need to alert the Plumbers!" Omni yelled back.

"Already did so," Soron called after him, "This isn't the only bad news of the day either."

However, Omni was already down the hall, out of the range of Soron's voice.

"He doesn't like to listen, does he?" Soron said.

"Sometimes, yeah," Tonto said, "But if Nega's involved, it's doubly so."

"I'm sorry, 'Nega'?" Soron said, a little confused.

"It's what we call him," Tonto said, "Short for 'Nega Omni'."

"You sound like you've met him before," Soron said.

"We have," Tonto said, lightly grabbing Soron's arm and lightly pulling him out of the lab, "Follow me."

"Please don't grab me," Soron said pulling his arm from Tonto's grasp, "I really don't like being grabbed. I tolerate it if Sara does it, but if anyone else does it… I get very irritated."

"Noted," Tonto said as the pair continued on. Eventually, they made it back to the main room of the warehouse, where Omni was frantically typing something at the main console.

"What'cha doin Omni?" Tonto asked.

"Trying to see if any of our security at least picked up on Nega last night," Omni said frantically, "But unfortunately, the damage to the warehouse seemed to knock a few circuits out of place, so it's difficult."

"I've got it," Soron said with a smirk before he called out, "Centurion. To me!"

Then to Omni and Tonto's shock, a black and gold Iron Man suit walked in through the main door.

"You have an Iron Man suit," Omni muttered, "Because of course. Why not?"

"Oh don't get snippy with me," Soron said rolling his eyes, "I built this thing a few days prior to you two and Sara arriving. It was child's play compared to the Megatrix. Anyway, Cortana recorded everything because this was the first test run of the suit. I have to say… It held up nicely against Nega's forms. Cortana's the AI built into the suit btw. I called it Centurian because why not."

"So you can show us what happened?!" Omni said.

"Sure," Soron said, "Cortana. Initiate 'Obi-Wan Kenobi You're Our Only Hope' program."

Immediately, the eyes on the suit's helmet lit up, and they began projecting a hologram on the warehouse floor. The image showed Nega in his human form as he fumbled through the lab while Soron walked in. Then, the Soron in the recording blasted Nega with a repulsor blast, sending him into the Null Void Cannon, and causing him to face the camera.

"Cortana, freeze," Soron ordered. Immediately, the image froze, allowing the three to see Nega's hooded face, and while it may have been concealed, the three could clearly see someone that resembled Omni beneath the hood.

"That's him," Omni said.

"Nice shot dude," Tonto said.

"The recording angle or the repulsor blast?" Soron asked.

"Um… Both, I guess?" Tonto said.

"Ah," Soron said, "Anyway, I have a piece of advice for you Omni. No matter how much a certain villain may scare you or anger you, you should always keep listening because Nega is not the real problem."

"And what exactly is?" Omni said, leaning on the computer terminal.

"Nega has allied himself with a Cyberman head," Soron said bluntly.

"What?!" the two teenagers exclaimed.

"He must think it'll help him get home," Omni said.

"Yeah," Soron said, "I tried warning him that the Cyberman will turn against him eventually, but like you he didn't seem to listen."

"He doesn't exactly like people very much," Omni said.

"I also offered to help him get home, but apparently he takes getting shot by a low level repulsor blast so seriously he's willing to kill to get payback," Soron said in irritation, "He's much more of a pansy ass ape than you are."

"That's because he's nuts," Omni said.

"What are you talking about?" Soron said.

Omni quickly turned back to the computer and began typing. Soron and Tonto walked up to see what he was doing, and saw that he was going to a file labelled "Criminal Directory." Omni opened the file and its contents consisted of a list of various people. Omni scrolled through the names before stopping on one title "Nega." He then opened it up, and immediately, a criminal file opened up. In the corner of the file was a picture of Nega, only he looked a few years younger, almost 14 or 15.

"Nega and I have a lot in common," Omni said, "For example, the kids at school made fun of us because of our explosive tempers."

"I think that's why he's so cynical," Tonto said.

"Quite," Omni said, "However, the divergence between our worlds came when he and I found our Omnitrixes. Here, I used my anger from being bullied and turned it into fuel. I remember what it's like to be mocked and treated like nothing, and as such, I know what's it like to want help. Ergo, when I see someone in danger, it reminds me of my school days."

"So you learned empathy. That's nice," Soron said, "What does this have to do with him?"

"Simple, he didn't," Omni said, "In his universe, when he got the Omnitrix, he saw it as an opportunity to get revenge. Needless to say, when aliens attack kids, it would get someone's attention, and so the governments of his earth tried to get him. Put simply, he didn't take it well."

"So he basically became a shapeshifting Darth Vader while you became a shapeshifting Galen Marek," Soron summarized, "Still doesn't explain his actions being so extreme."

"I'm getting to that," Omni said, "The reason he acts so extreme is because, in his eyes, he's still the victim. He got tired of being pushed around and in his eyes, it's all justified. Combine that mindset with my short temper and you've essentially got a recipe for disaster."

"I see. Well, we can talk about him later," Soron said, "We need to get back to Vortex and send Harkness home. We also need to find out everything he knows about the Cybermen. I also have some questions I'd like to ask him unrelated to the Cybermen issue, but that'll have to wait till after."

"Then have fun with that," Omni said, turning back to the computer.

"You're not coming?" Soron asked.

"No offense Soron, but I need some calm right now. As such, with Nega's reemergence, I think I'm better suited to work here," Omni said as he typed away.

"Vortex has much more advanced software," Soron said, "We can find that Cyberman head in no time. It sets off a very specific energy signal which only our systems can isolate. Where the Cyberman head is, Nega will surely be. Besides, if you find him you can get there faster than saying the word 'cheese'. How is Vortex the opposite of calm by the way? We barely have much to do so all we do is whatever fits our fancy. It's the most calm organization out there. We're the definition of calm practically."

"Soron, just because you're comfortable at Vortex doesn't mean I am," Omni said, "You founded the place, I just discovered it existed a day ago. But I've been familiar with this warehouse and this Plumber tech for years, whereas in Vortex, I'm lucky if I can find the bathroom without a guide."

"You feel like your useless there, don't you. All because of the highly advanced tech and you still can't figure out why some of the agents are there if you haven't seen them die in anything, don't you?" Soron said frowning, "Ah fuck it. Old man go ahead have fun with your parcheesi."

Omni suddenly stopped working as he and Tonto looked to Soron, confused.

"You know what? I'm not even gonna bother," Omni said, turning back to the computer, "It's not worth it."

"You humans are unable to accept change or willing to be near something you don't understand. Very annoying. I suspect that you're also jealous that I can easily access all Plumber files, even ones involving him," Soron said, "Your computer, while fairly advanced for a Level 5 planet, is nothing compared to Vortex's. You're computer's software runs at a snail's pace compared to Vortex's! Also, this isn't a cop show. There is no investigation to be done, because I already know what he was here to take and there is literally no need for investigations if you have Vortex's tech at your disposal!"

"Don't you dare assume to know me," Omni said, his voice rising a little, "In the last nine years, I have fought warlords, ancient evils, super-powered nutballs, beaten back invasions, and even seen my entire world crumble into nothing. I may not know what you've been through, but don't you dare think you know what I've been through."

"I'll presume whatever I want to! I'm 902 years old and I know almost everyone by their personality after a while of meeting them. You may be 19 but your just as stubborn as a Grandfather from the 80s. Also, what you've been through while horrendous is nothing to what I've been through. What you have done in the past is nothing compared to…" Soron retorted, "We're literally running out of time to find the other you and his fucktoy. He knows about Vortex now, and if he somehow manages to get in he'll be able to take over this reality and any other! He'll also have access to the Infinity Gauntlet!"

"Guys," Tonto said.

"And that somehow makes you better than me?!" Omni said, "News flash, just because you're old doesn't mean the world revolves around you."

"It may as well since I brought the Cybermen here! Even if it was not my intention that's on me! So I have more incentive to find them than you. You may know more of your counterpart, but when it comes down to it you're worlds apart. But apparently, the great and powerful Omni thinks he can do the job better with his run down, piece of shit computer and limited knowledge of Nega instead of the highly advanced A.I. controlled one of Vortex?" Soron mocked, "Fine! If you want to risk the safety on the multiverse just because you feel nice and comfortable in your primitive cave, then you go ahead. I'm actually going to go do something useful and tr-"

"GUYS!" Tonto yelled, prompting Omni and Soron to stop arguing, "Would you both knock it off?! You're like a couple of Kindergarteners fighting over a toy train."

The two were silent at the comparison while Tonto began massaging his temples.

"Look… Omni, how about if I go with Soron to Vortex while you stay here and do what you can," Tonto said, "While I'm there, me and Soron can see if we can use Vortex's facilities to try and track Nega and the Cyberman head. Sound good?"

"Fine," Soron said still irritated, "I don't want to look at Omni's ugly face anymore right now anyway. Especially his crappy tech that belongs in the dinosaur age. If you're still going to go to Vortex Tonto, hurry up because I'm going now."

"Then by all means, go," Omni said, just as irritated as Soron, "Your TARDIS is right there big shot."

"Asshole," Soron said to him as he turned around on his heels while gesturing for his Iron Man suit to follow him to his TARDIS. He then popped his head out and looked at Tonto pointedly before popping his head back in.

"Will you be alright Omni?" Tonto asked.

"Yeah, I'm good," Omni said, going back to his computer, "Just need some time to cool down."

Tonto was a little hesitant, but after a few minutes of staring between Omni and the TARDIS he decided to go with Soron. Then, after he went in, the machine began wheezing and groaning as the light atop it strobbed to life as it faded away from the warehouse, leaving Omni.

"Dick," Omni muttered as he went back to work, "I give him a new Megatrix. Yeah, right!"

With Soron…

"Why did I ever think to call that asshole with a superiority complex a friend?" Soron spat angrily to himself as he walked around the TARDIS console pillar thing flipping levers and turning knobs.

"Hey Soron, are you going to be alright?" Tonto asked.

"Peachy," Soron said sarcastically, "As soon as I prove to Omni that my way is better, his royal smugness will bow to my majes-"

Suddenly, the TARDIS began shaking in a stronger way than when it did while he was flying to Appoplexia, interrupting Soron.

"Oh what now!?" Soron exclaimed in even more irritation, "What the hell is… oh shit."

When Soron looked into the monitor, he saw the ship of one of the worst beings he had ever encountered prior to Vortex. It was a cliche flying saucer with bumps on it forming a circle colored golden or bronze; Soron was never quite sure which color. Tonto looked as well, and suddenly all the color drained from his face.

"No," Tonto said.

"Nononono," Soron said, "Not today. I am not in the mood to deal with Daleks today. Nopenopenope!"

"What are they doing here?!" Tonto said, getting worried.

"Don't care," Soron said, "We'll deal with them later. Right now I have to prove Omni that his way is crap."

He then began hurrying around the pillar, messing with the controls as he tried to escape the Daleks, but no matter what he did they kept on him till they eventually grabbed the TARDIS in a tractor beam.

"Oh fan-fucking-tastic," Soron grumbled as he quickly put his Iron Man suit on in order to be ready for a fight.

"Tonto, stay in here," Soron ordered, "If things go sour out there, I'm gonna need some backup, okay?"

"Okay," Tonto said, his hand hovering over his Omnitrix.

Soron and Tonto stood ready as they felt the TARDIS land inside the ship, and through the monitor, they could see an army of Daleks outside, each pointing their laser rods at the TARDIS.


The other Daleks began saying "exterminate" over and over again till Soron walked out, causing them to go silent.

"YOU WILL EXPLAIN WHY YOU HAVE COME INTO DALEK SPACE!" the Supreme Dalek said from his pedestal.

"I'm nowhere near Dalek space," Soron replied through the suit's speakers, "I'm only one lightyear away from the Sol System. Why don't you explain why you seem to be heading for Terra?"


"I answered your damned question you stupid trashcan," Soron spat in irritation, "I'm nowhere near Dalek Space which means I haven't even entered it. So get off your high horse and answer my question before I… exterminate all of you. I'm really not in the mood for mercy or negotiations right now."


"The people on that planet are under my protection so unless you desire to become floating space debris I advise you to move your ass-less selves back to Skaro and tell Davros that Earth is off limits to the Daleks!" Soron said.

The Daleks were silent for a minute, each of them looking to each other. Then, the Supreme Dalek looked down to Soron and spoke.

"YOU KNOW OF THE CREATOR?" the Supreme Dalek asked.

"Yes," Soron replied, "I met that psychotic paraplegic cyclops two Earth years ago after I fell through time. Made my way back, as you can see."

"IMPOSSIBLE! IMPOSSIBLE!" the Daleks began to yell.

"YOU WILL EXPLAIN! YOU WILL EXPLAIN!" the Supreme Dalek yelled.

"Okay, I'm getting sick of this," Soron said, "I'm giving you one more chance to do as I say! Leave now or I will leave every last stinking one of you abominations as floating space debris!"


"Then give it your best shot!" Soron yelled holding his arms up, "Go ahead! Exterminate me!"

The Daleks needed no further encouragement as they unloaded their lasers on Soron. Unfortunately, Soron underestimated his armor's defenses, and as soon as the first laser hit him, he felt tremendous pain! I did not expect to go like this, Soron thought as he fell down onto his back. The next second later the suit opened up, but to the Dalek's surprise Soron was still kicking.

"I'm not dead?" Soron said raising his eyebrows in surprise. Then, he noticed a golden glow come from his hands and when he looked down he came to a realization; since he was half Time Lord he was still be able to regenerate. He still had a chance to survive.

"ALERT! ALERT! INTRUDER IS REGENERATING!" exclaimed the Dalek nearest to Soron as it backed up.

"Oh yeah," Soron said with a grin, "And you know what that means Dalek boys and girls? It means I'm taking all of you Dalek monsters with me!"

Soron closed his eyes, as he felt regeneration energy whoosh from him. However, he suddenly felt another surge of pain in his chest, and suddenly, he stopped feeling the regeneration energy. The last thing he saw was the surroundings going blurry as he saw Tonto running out of the TARDIS and a Dalek plunger reaching towards his face.


It appears that I have permanently antagonized my colleague so the story is cut short before it could get very far off the ground. all those future versions of soron? they're now from an alt reality to this since I have no choice but to kill my guy off in order to end the story. this is no longer a prequel to the Crisis of the Multiverse stories. Omnitrix1 if you're reading this, i do apologize for whatever caused me to antagonize you, but since your obvious decision to cease collaborating with me has been made... there's nothing i can do or say to get back in your good graces. i guess this means good bye forever. i'll just remove you from the documents so you won't ever have to look at them again, and i'll delete the pm thread i have in my private messaging as well. i think i'm going to cease writing fanfictions now except the ones done with my cousin since all i do is piss people off and i have no choice but to cut them short at times or discontinue them. i'm going to delete all the ones i have on hiatus or discontinued since i won't be fanfiction-ing anymore.