The Young and the Dramatic

Episode 1: Bridgette Moves to the City

"Are you sure you want to do this, honey?"

Bridgette Summers had just finished placing the last box in her already crammed Jeep when she heard her mother call from the front porch. Bridgette let out a sigh, mentally preparing herself for yet another argument with her mother.

"I'm sure, Mom," Bridgette replied. She closed the trunk of her Jeep and walked back up the driveway to where her mother stood, "I've already accepted the job. I have to leave,"

"I'm just going to miss you," Mrs. Summers sighed, setting her coffee cup down on the railing, "It's always been me and you for as long as I can remember. It's going to be odd without you around,"

"I can't live in Boney Isles forever," Bridgette said.

"But are you sure that the city is what's best?"

"You know I've always loved the city. This is the start of a new adventure. I'll be sure to come visit as often as I can,"

A smile crept over Mrs. Summer's face. Bridgette caught her gaze and returned the smile.

"You don't have to do that. You're right. I have to let you leave the nest," Mrs. Summers let out.

"Thank you," Bridgette said.

A pause occurred, and finally Bridgette found herself in her mother's arms. For the past 25 years, Bridgette had been comforted by the thought that her mother was always there for her. Even though her new home was only an hour drive away, it still was a huge distance.

"I love you," Mrs. Summers said.

"I love you too," Bridgette replied, "Now I really have to get going. I told the landlord I'd meet her at noon. I hope there isn't traffic…"

"Then get going,"

Mrs. Summers delivered a final kiss on Bridgette's forehead, and then gave her a gentle push off the steps. She watched Bridgette head down the driveway and climb into her baby blue Jeep.

The Jeep puttered to life, and soon Bridgette was backing out of the driveway. With a simple wave to her mother, Bridgette put the car in drive and headed down the road she had called home for years.

Glancing into the rearview mirror, Bridgette saw her mother watching her from the porch.

"Next stop, Wawanakwa City," Bridgette said softly to herself, and placed her sunglasses on.

At the same time, nearly an hour away in Wawanakwa City, Katie Stars sat in the lobby of the 32nd floor of McLean Tower. She was dressed for an interview. Her feet tapped the ground nervously as she watched the clock above her.

"Can you stop that?"

Katie looked up in the direction of the voice. It came from the brunette sitting behind the desk. Her name plate read "Courtney Jones".

"Sorry," Katie muttered.

"Are you Mr. McLean's 11 o'clock?" Courtney questioned. Her eyes flew up from her computer where she was checking the latest gossip sites across the counter to where Katie was sitting in the waiting room.

Katie nodded, unable to make an audible sound. Her nerves were really catching up with her.

"You're early," Courtney snapped.

"I—I know. I thought it would be best to be early," Katie tried to reason, "I—"

"Mr. McLean is a very busy man. You'll be waiting right up until 11 o'clock,"

As if on cue, a voice came through the speaker. A man's voice.

"Cooooourtney! Order me some lunch! I'm sooooo bored!" cried the man through the speaker. Courtney rolled her eyes and pressed a button to answer him.

"Right away, Mr. McLean. What are you hungry for?"

"Anything. Just not pizza. I had that last night. Or a salad. I'm not feeling like being healthy right now," the voice cut off, before returning a second later with, "Actually, get me pizza,"

Courtney groaned and looked up to see Katie staring blankly back at her.

"He's busy," Courtney snapped before going to look up a local pizza shop's number.

"Damn it,"

Gwen Michelangelo groaned as the coffee mug she had been filling fell out of her grip and onto the tile floor. The coffee spilled everywhere and the mug itself surprisingly did not shatter. As Gwen picked it up from the puddle, she noticed a heavy crack down the center.

"Good job Gwen," came a voice from behind her.

"Sorry Heather," Gwen mused, "I'll get that cleaned up,"

"You better,"

Gwen glared daggers into the floor as Heather Carmichael, the manager of the Coffee Cup, the local coffee shop in Wawanakwa City, walked away. Heather walked to the cash register, opening it to pull out a stack of 20s and 10s. She opened her purse and stuffed the cash into it.

"I'm going home for the night. I have a date," Heather said.

"It's only 10:30 in the morning," Gwen shot after her, "I'm the only one here on the floor,"

"It's a Monday morning," the raven haired manager replied.

"Precisely. It's a Monday morning. We're going to get slammed,"

"You'll be fine. Besides, I have a hair appointment,"

Gwen rolled her eyes as she watched her boss exit the shop. She grabbed a roll of paper towels and proceeded to wipe up the hot coffee. Without thinking, Gwen placed the cracked mug in the sink with the other mugs waiting to be cleaned.

"Here we go,"

Bridgette watched as her new landlord turned the key to the apartment door and stepped aside. The landlord was a rather odd girl, dressed in a green sweater, despite it being nearly 80 degrees outside.

The blonde chick stepped through the doorway and into a rather medium sized apartment. The front door opened into a living room area which consisted of a couch, side chairs and tables, and a coffee table. All of the furniture was covered with white sheets to preserve it. The walls were painted a dark tan and the floor had a dark blue carpet. Along the wall was a counter, leading into the kitchenette. Down the hallway led to the single bedroom and apartment.

"It's rather dark," Bridgette commented, after taking it all in.

"I like dark," the girl replied, "It soothes me."

"Are all the apartments like this?"

"It's called the Darkness Suites for a reason,"

Bridgette waited for the girl to let out a laugh or crack a smile, letting her know that it was a joke. The girl did nothing of the sorts, leading Bridgette to realize she was being completely serious.

"I'm sorry," Bridgette said, setting her bags down on the floor, "I don't think I caught your name,"

"Dawn," the pale girl said, "Dawn Peters,"

"So what's Wawanakwa City like? I'm new in town. I just got a job teaching out at the high school," Bridgette said.

"It's quiet. Everyone pretty much minds their own business," Dawn replied.

Bridgette nodded, and a smile came across her face. She thought it sounded perfect—

"I'm joking. Everyone is constantly up everyone's ass. It's been like that for years, ever since that whole Cameron Robertson thing happened," Dawn quickly said.

"Who's Cameron Robertson?" Bridgette asked, interested.

"A high school student who disappeared. No one ever knew what happened to him. Some high school kids were questioned, but nothing ever came out of it,"

"That sounds awful,"

"That's Wawanakwa City. Unexplained disappearances," Dawn said.

This was the most energetic Bridgette had seen Dawn since meeting her. Bridgette even thought she saw Dawn crack a smile. Then, Dawn returned to her original composure.

"Let me know if you need anything else," she said.

And with that, the girl turned and walked out of the apartment, shutting the door behind her. Bridgette cocked an eyebrow at the space Dawn once filled.

"Dawn, huh," Bridgette mused, "That's ironic,"

She turned and looked around the apartment. She walked over to the couch, and pulled the sheet from it. Underneath it was a black couch, made of leather. Bridgette let out an exhausted sigh.


Back at McLean Tower, Katie looked overheard to see that the clock now read 11:05. She let out a sigh, obviously frustrated with how the morning had been going. The receptionist behind the counter had disappeared into the office down the hall with a pizza, and had not returned for at least 20 minutes.

Katie reached into her purse, pulling out her phone to check her texts. She noticed a new text message from her roommate, Sadie White.

How'd it go? the text read.

Katie grumbled to herself as she quickly sent back a response, Haven't even had my interview yet. McLean is more concerned with getting his pizza.

A text quickly came back saying, That's Chris McLean for you.

Katie rolled her eyes, and looked up to see the door at the end of the hall swinging open. Courtney entered the hallway and started to head towards the lobby. Katie swore she saw her re-button her blouse as she walked.

"Is he ready for me?" Katie asked.

"Excuse me?" Courtney snapped back, completely taken off guard.

"It's almost 11:15. My appointment was at 11:00," Katie said with a newfound confidence. She didn't like this receptionist at all, and was going to be taking any of her crap.

"Mr. McLean is a very busy man. He'll see you when he sees you," Courtney folded her arms.

Once again, as if on cue, a voice came through on the buzzer.

"Cooooourtney, send in my 11:00!"

Katie smirked as she grabbed her purse. Courtney rolled her eyes and pointed down the hallway.

"Have a nice day," Katie said, and headed down the hall.

Inside the office at the end of the hall, the blinds were drawn. In the corner a fireplace roared, despite it being nearly 80 degrees outside. A large chair and side table sat in front of the fire. On the mantel was a large oil painting of a 40 something year old man in a business suit.

At the desk sat Chris McLean, the man in the painting. He was engrossed in his laptop, watching a new cast of some sorts. On the screen, local newsman Josh Jacobs was delivering a news update.

"Well folks, it looks like today is a slow day in terms of news. There's a high of 80 degrees, so it's going to be another hot one! Beautiful August day, if you ask me!" Josh said, "On this day in history, though, high school senior Cameron Robertson mysteriously vanished on the eve of his high school graduation. What an interesting case that was never really solved. Since then, multiple other students from his graduating class have either skipped town or maintain a close distance from society—"

The door to the office creaked open, and a young brunette entered the office.

"Hi, Mr. McLean?" Katie called out, not entirely sure where the business tyrant was located in his office, "It's rather dark in here,"

"Right here," Chris said, muting his laptop. He looked up, impressed with the young girl's attractiveness, "Welcome. Have a seat,"

"Thank you for seeing me," Katie said, taking the seat right across from Chris's desk.

"Tell me about you, Ms. Stars," Chris said, touching the tips of his fingers together in a rather masculine pose.

"I just graduated from Wawanakwa University with a degree in Business Administration this past May. I graduated from Wawanakwa High School in 2009—"

"2009?" Chris said, his eyes perking up.


"So you graduated with Cameron Robertson," Chris said, "Er—you would have,"

Katie nodded.

"Yes, I knew Cameron very well," the young girl suddenly grew very quiet. Chris noted this, raising an eyebrow. Katie then started to dig through her purse, pulling out a paper, "Here is my resume,"

Chris held up a hand.

"That will not be necessary," Chris said, "You're hired,"

Katie's jaw nearly dropped.

"Excuse me?" she asked.

"You're hired," Chris nodded, "Be here on Monday for your orientation. We'll get you started as an assistant,"

"Thank you sir," Katie smiled, "You won't regret this!"

Chris could only smile in reply. He watched as Katie grabbed her purse and then headed out the door. After he was sure she was gone, Chris pressed a buzzer on his desk.

"Courtney, can you come in here?" he asked.

A few seconds later, and Courtney was in the office. She shut the door behind her and turned to see Chris was a raised eyebrow.

"So?" she asked, "How did it go?"

"She has the job. I want you to keep an eye on her. She knows Cameron Robertson. I want to find out what she knows," Chris said.

Courtney nodded.

Chris glanced down at his computer to find that the words BREAKING NEWS were now coming across the screen.

"What is this?" Chris mused. Courtney walked around the desk to see the screen as Chris hit the unmute button. Josh was on the screen, listening into his earpiece and then frequently looking at the camera.

"Well folks, it appears like it's not a slow news day after all," Josh said, "It appears as though we have an update on the Cameron Robertson case, after all these years,"

Chris and Courtney both exchanged a worrisome glance and then looked back at the screen.

At the coffee shop, Gwen had finally finished dealing with the morning rush when Katie stopped in to sit at the counter. The only other people in the shop at the moment were an older black lady sitting at a table in the corner and a blonde girl in a baby blue shirt sitting at the counter.

"Hey Katie," Gwen said, recognizing one of her favorite customers.

"Morning Gwen, how are you?" Katie said, barely able to contain her excitement.

"Awful. Heather left me during the morning rush, and I could barely get to everyone. Some people left angry without any coffee," Gwen groaned.

"That's Heather for you,"

Gwen raised an eyebrow, noticing that Katie was uncharacteristically giddy.

"What's up with you?"

"I just got a job at McLean Enterprises. I'm the new assistant to Chris McLean," Katie smiled.

"Whoa," Gwen said. She didn't crack a smile or anything, but instead remained rather deadpan. Katie noticed this.

"Is something wrong?"

"No," the Goth girl said, "It's just—be careful with that. McLean can be a real ass, especially to his employees,"

"I'm sure it will all be fine," Katie said, waving away Gwen's concerns.

"Who's Chris McLean?"

Both Gwen and Katie turned to see the blonde chick at the end of the counter staring back at them.

"You don't know who Chris McLean is?" Gwen asked.

"Sorry, no," the girl said, "I'm new in town. Bridgette Summers,"

After quick introductions were made, Gwen continued.

"He owns McLean Enterprises. It's the obnoxiously large building downtown," Gwen explained, "He's probably compensating for something,"

Katie giggled at this.

"Do you remember Courtney Jones from high school?" Katie asked and Gwen quickly nodded, "She's his secretary. I'm pretty sure Chris is banging her,"

"That wouldn't surprise me," Gwen said with a smirk.

"Is he a bad guy?" Bridgette asked.

"He has a lot of influence in the town, unfortunately," Gwen said, "We used to go to school with his son. I don't really care for him,"

"Who's Cameron Robertson?"

Gwen and Katie both exchanged a glance, and then looked over to Bridgette.

"Why do you ask?" Katie said.

Rather than an audible response, Bridgette pointed up to the TV hanging over the counter. On it was the local newscast, where the news anchor was delivering the latest headlines. Across the bottom of the screen read CAMERON ROBERTSON CASE UPDATE.

"Turn that up," Katie ordered.

Gwen hit the unmute button the TV just in time to catch the tail end of Josh's speech.

"…and if you're just tuning in folks, here is a quick summary," Josh said, "It appears as though the eight year mystery surrounding high school student Cameron Robertson's disappearance has come to an end. Today, a dog walker discovered Cameron's body at the town park,"

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