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Chapter One

August's POV

"Another one?" I complained. This was the fifth note I'd found this week! At first I was like, "Whoa, this is creepy!" But now I'm just like ,"Oh, another note. That's great."

I guess I'm almost used to those slightly scary notes, like I'm almost used my slightly scary face. Well, what some other people think is slightly scary (yes, I'm looking at Julian).

The notes would say stuff like, you don't belong or you're not the only one. I'm guessing they, whoever "they" are, are talking about my face. But I know that there's others like me. It's just that it's incredibly unlikely that you'll be like me, after you get two incredibly unlikely genes that cause some weird mutation at birth and then you'll have many surgeries to make you look a little more normal, and then some other things will happen when you have more surgeries and blah blah blah. The point is that it's like, what did I say? Doubly incredibly unlikely that you'll look like me.

Anyway, I took this note, which was in the pantry, and read it. Why can't I peacefully get a snack, and peacefully eat it after I get it? This isn't right!

It said to go to Beecher Prep (well, it's gonna be a while until I don't have to go the Beecher Prep. It's my school for goodness sake! Do you really have to remind me that school is starting in a week?) and look in my locker for their "gift" and another note. I doubt that it would be good in any way. They were probably trying to kidnap me or something. I decided that it was time to go to my parents.

"Thank you for showing us this Auggie." Mom said. "This is important. Something could've happened if you'd followed the note!

"Yeah," Dad added. "You could've thought summer was over!" We all burst out laughing but Mom.

Mom glared at Dad. "This could be serious, Nate. How did someone get into our house? And what if someone was waiting for him?"

"Don't be silly." Dad said. "It was probably from a friend that came over or something. Maybe Jack wanted to meet him there during school."

"Wouldn't the note have said when to meet there if it was a friend? And come to think of it, I don't remember someone coming over recently, so I've been in the pantry a lot ever since the last time one of his friends came over.

Now they were talking like I wasn't even there. That was my cue to slink out of the room and let them talk their adult talk. But then Dad had this blank look on his face, and it seemed like he wasn't really there. Then he turned to me, still with that distant look on his face, and said,"C'mon, Auggie. Let's go check it out." His voice sounded like him, but I knew it wasn't. He wouldn't just decide to do something Mom was just having an argument with him about!

I followed Dad to the front door, but on the way we bumped into Via. Like, really ran into her. Dad was just walking towards her, not even hesitating before he slammed into her, and then I bumped into Dad, and then we were all sprawled out on the ground. But Dad just stood up, brushed himself off and walked out of the door without even looking back. Via gave me a what the heck is going on? look, but I just shrugged. It's not like I know what's going on! Why's she asking me? One second Dad's joking around, and the next he's leading me to who knows where. I mean, he said that we're going to school, but… it's not him. Plus, it's summer! Dad like, just said that. The real him said that… now I'm talking like he's a clone or something. I mean, he could be, like maybe some ancient alien race from Mars swapped him out as we were talking and they need him for experiments and — sorry, I guess I'm crazy. I watched Star Wars again last night. The whole thing. Hmm… maybe the aliens could be like Jawas? Don't they like sabotaging things? I guess not… They were good, right? And did I say that he was a clone, like the clone troopers? That's funny. Sorry, I'm rambling again.

Me and Dad get into the car before Mom comes running out of the house to stop us. I don't know why we're taking the car though. Beecher Prep is like, three blocks away!

Dad doesn't say a word to me the whole ride. Well, it was only a minute or something, but usually he jokes around or sings to the radio. Our favorite song came on the radio, and he didn't even bother smiling in the rear view mirror! Now something's really wrong with him.

When we arrive, there's only a couple cars in the parking lot. Do the teachers have to be there a week before school? I thought they only come the day of! Or maybe they come the day before. I don't know! But the point is, the place is pretty much empty. There wasn't anyone to stop Dad.

Dad leads me straight to the lockers, and opens my locker. I forgot I gave him my code! If I had followed the "don't tell anyone your locker combination" rule, then he wouldn't have known how to open it! Come to think of it, I'm not sure I told him which locker mine was.

Before I can find a logical explanation, Dad reaches into the locker and pulls out a clear crystal-ish thing and hands it to me. It has a note on it. I hold it up to the light coming from the window since the lights weren't on (wait, the doors weren't locked when Dad opened them! That's strange). When the light hit the crystal, a blinding light wrapped itself around me just as Dad seemed to snap out of his daze. I screamed as loud as I could. He looked at me just as the light seemed to pull me away, and shock sunk into his features. Then the light pulled me completely away from him, and his panicked expression faded from view.

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