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Chapter 2

Sophie's POV

"Ugh, do I have to come here every day?" I asked. Yesterday, Elwin saw that my cells were very traumatized and now wants a checkup every day. Especially since my cells were the same today, and he had treated me yesterday.

"Yes you do, Sophie." Elwin replied. "Unless you want me to sedate you every day and carry you here, then I recommend coming to your checkups."

"Can you even do that?" I asked. "How are you gonna find me?" He wouldn't know where I am every day, would he?

"Trust me Sophie, I have a lots of sources."

"Fine." I grumble. This was going to earn a lot of teasing from Keefe. He already thinks I go to Elwin every day for an emergency, so when I have an emergency after a checkup, I'll have to go twice to Elwin in a day. I think that'll ties us for the Most Elwin Visits in One Day contest.

After Elwin shined a dozen different lights into my eyes and ears, he finally lets me go. As he closed the door behind me, I hear a loud thump and then a high pitched scream. I'm thinking, is someone pranking him? But at the same time, whose scream was that?

I rush back into the Healing Center, to find a human-y dressed boy laying on the floor with his face to the ground, and a petrified Elwin studying the boy.

There were hundreds of thoughts swimming through my mind, I chose, out of all of them, "Whose scream was that?"

Elwin was recovering from his shock, but I don't understand why he was still hesitating to check on the boy. He's the doctor here! But then the boy rolled to his side and I saw his face. I feel really bad for saying this, but… there was something wrong with his face. I'm not being mean!

I guess that living in the Lost Cities made me used to the perfect faces and… yeah. Elves never had birth defects or anything, but maybe they can just fix them. Oh my gosh, now it sounds like I'm saying that it's weird to be deformed. I assure you, that is not what I said.

Anyways, the kid groaned and opened his eyes groggily. Then his eyes snapped right open when he realized he was in some Healing Center. "Mom? Dad?" His eyes sped around quickly.

His eyes finally landed on me, then Elwin. He took one look at our strange clothes and I could tell he knew something was wrong.

"Who are you?" He asked, still looking around wildly. I waited for Elwin to speak since he's the adult here, but he was still frozen in shock. I guess elves don't have birth defects since he hasn't seen anyone that looked this way. Back in the Forbidden Cities, this stuff was all over the news.

"Umm… I'm Sophie." I said, sounding stupid. Like he needs to know who I am. All he needs to know is where he is and how to get home.

Apparently Elwin had snapped out of his daze, and added, "You're in the Healing Center." I guess Elwin assumed that the boy was an elf. To me it was pretty obvious, but hey, who knows.

The kid got up and walked around the room, studying the strange Elvin machines. "I don't suppose you'll tell me why all of this looks so weird, 'cause it looks like I'm in Star Wars. Even though Elwin seemed thoroughly confused, I smiled. So he was a human after all. Then I remembered something important: humans weren't allowed in the Lost Cities! They weren't even supposed to know we exist! Stupid, stupid Sophie! I criticized. Now we have to find out what to do with him!

He probably noticed my change of expression, because he said, "What? What's wrong?"

I looked at Elwin for help, but he wasn't even looking at me. He was just staring off into space, probably pondering if he could cure the boy.

"Uh, I think we could talk at my house." I could imagine Keefe smirking at me. Smooth, he'd say. I had to agree with Imaginary Keefe. Especially when I pulled out my Pathfinder from my satchel. But since I really had nothing to lose (and because I realized we have Washers) I created a path to my house. And in case you were wondering, I got my pathfinder last week. Now I use it as much as I can.

The boy's jaw dropped in amazement. "How'd you do that?" He asked. "That's the same thing that took me!"

As I explained how light leaping worked, I realized that he must have light leaped here without even knowing since he appeared out of thin air. I glanced at his wrist and noticed he didn't have a Nexus. Then he might be fading! But I thought it was more important to get him to Havenfield, so I guided him into the path.

When we were stepping into the light, leaving a confused Elwin, I wondered how he took all of this in in a couple of minutes. It's like impossible to not at least feel like you're gonna faint!

I also wondered about how much trouble I was gonna be in at home. Grady will probably ground me for a couple of months, I thought.

And boy was I right.

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