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The Forgotten Huntsman ch 7

Previously: Ozpin was staring at his work and decided to drink his mug and turned to see the moon but as he turned he spit his drink out as he saw the moon. He soon fixed himself as he glared at the heart shaped moon.

"So you managed to get this far then get ready Salem soon we will have a massive problem." Ozpin said as he kept on looking at it towards the night.

Chapter start

It was morning and everyone was in the amphitheater waiting for an announcement from the headmaster.

"Did you guys see the moon last night? A random student asked his friends.

"What was up with that anyway." A student asked but then the doors opened and in came Ozpin with Goodwitch at his side.

"Good morning students I am pleased to announce that the Vytal Festival will soon be here." He let that in as the students cheer for the event.

"Soon students from the other kingdom and academies will arrive to prove themselves that their the best. Now regarding of moon you all have nothing to worry about for nothing will come out of it." Ozpin said to calm them down but silently put teeth together at the last part.

"Now there won't be class today so that you can all enjoy the festivities." Ozpin said and everyone cheered and left so they can enjoy the festival.

As he turned around he went back to his office so that he can make a few calls while Glynda was looking worried about him.

"Is it about that moon or about Naruto?" Glynda thought as she remembered her old student.

Flashback begin

At the arena was Naruto without his jacket wearing only his gloves a red shirt blue pants and boots. While on the other side was Glynda Goodwitch and both were getting tired of the match.

"Hirra" Shouted Naruto as he shot red flames from his chakrams to try to throw them at Glynda .

She did dodge one and blocked the other.

"Got you this time." Naruto as he grabbed his chakram to slash the other one and setted both of them on fire and threw them at her.

"No you don't" Glynda said as she used her crop to move the debris and shot down at him.

He tried to block them but there was too much and took the hit and got laid on the ground with his chakrams embedded on the steel floor.

Match over winner Glynda Goodwitch!

Naruto laid on the ground as Glynda came towards him with her hand at him so he could take it.

He took her hand and raised himself up and Glynda shook his hand.

"I am impressed Mr. Uzumaki this is the the first time in a long time since a student made it to get my bar to the orange section before."

They both stared at the screen and saw that Naruto was at the red while Glynda was at the orange. Naruto rubbed the back of his head and gave a wide smile.

"Gee thanks."

Flashback over

Glynda then realized she going to memory lane and kept on walking towards Ozpin.

Scene change

We see team Rwby walking around the city of vale seeing everyone getting ready the festival.

"The Vytal Festival! Oh, this is absolutely wonderful!" Weiss said as she spread her arms spreading around the place

Ruby: "I don't think I've ever seen you smile this much Weiss. It's kinda weirding me out..." Ruby said uneasy about Weiss's behavior.

"How could you not smile? A festival dedicated to the cultures of the world! There will be dances! Parades! A tournament! Oh, the amount of planning and organization that goes into this event is simply breathtaking!"

"You really know how to take a good thing and make it sound boring." Yang said as she crossed her arms

Weiss: "Quiet, you!" Weiss yelled at Yang.

"So why are we at the docks again?" Yang asked.

"It smells like fish over here." Ruby said covering her nose. While Blake eyes went to stars as she smelled the fish.

"I've heard that students visiting from Vacuo will be arriving by ship today. And, as a representative of Beacon, I feel as though it is my solemn duty to welcome them to this fine kingdom!" Weiss said with a cheeky smile.

"She wants to spy on them so she'll have the upper hand in the tournament." Blake said in a non tone voice

"You can't prove that!" Weiss said as they kept on walking and stopped by a store that was broken in and police officers were there.

"What happen here?" Weiss asked the officer.

"Robbery. Second Dust shop to be hit this week. This place is turning into a jungle." The officer said to his partner.

"You thinking the White Fang?" the officer said taking off his glasses.

"Hmph! The White Fang. What an awful bunch of degenerates!" Weiss said closing her eyes.

"What's your problem?" Blake said glaring at Weiss.

"My problem? I simply don't care for the criminally insane." Weiss said getting closer to Blake.

"The White Fang is hardly a bunch of psychopaths. They're a collection of misguided Faunus." Blake countered her statement.

"Misguided? They want to wipe Humanity off the face of the planet!" Weiss said trying to prove her point.

"Hmm... Blake's got a point. Besides, the police never caught that Torchwick guy I ran into a few months ago... Maybe it was him." Ruby said trying to end the argument.

"Hey, stop that Faunus!"

As the team overhears the cry for help and rush over to investigate, a Faunus with a golden monkey tail running down the length of the boat and leaping on to the edge as the two sailors are about to apprehend him.

"Thanks for the ride, guys! Haha!" The faunus said as he jumps off and hits the dock running

"You no-good stowaway!" That sailor said as he tried to catch up to him.

"Hey! A no-good stowaway would've been caught! I'm a great stowaway!" The faunus said as he tried to eat a banana upside down. He came down and began running pass the team.

The team tried to catch up to them but they crashed into someone on the way there.

"Um... hello. Sorry for bumping into you." Ruby said

"Uhh are you... okay?" Yang asked the girl.

"I'm wonderful! Thank you for asking." the girl said.

The team looks at each other in bewilderment before Yang speaks up again.

"Do you... wanna get up?"

"Yes! My name is Penny! It's a pleasure to meet you!" Penny has short, rather curly orange hair with a small ahoge on top that came down to her chin, and she wore a pink bow on the back of her head. She also had bright green eyes, light skin and freckles. She wore a whitish-gray old-fashioned blouse with short gray feminine overalls, as well as a black and green collar with a matching pair of stockings. A layer of skin concealed her metallic structure and spherical joints, and her irises bore similarity to the shutter of a camera.

Ruby: "Hi Penny. I'm Ruby."

Weiss: "I'm Weiss."

Blake: "Blake."

"And I'm Yang."

"It's a pleasure to meet you all!" Penny said with a bright smile.

"You already said that." Weiss said in frustration.

Penny paused for a moment. "So I did!"

"So... what are you doing in Vale?" Yang asked Penny

"I'm here to participate in the tournament." Penny did a salute "I'm combat ready!"

"Wait, you're fighting in the tournament? Forgive me, but you hardly look the part."
Weiss said with a smirk.
"Says the girl wearing a dress." Blake said

Weiss gasped and crossed her arms "It's a combat skirt! Ruby then ran over to her side "Yeah!" They both gave a high five.

Weiss the realized something "Wait a minute. If you're here for the tournament, does that mean you know that monkey-tailed... rapscallion?"

"The who...?" Penny asked confused about it.

"The one who was running away from the law." Weiss said.

"I don't know but if you want I can help you all let's go." Penny said as the team began to move away they didn't that they were being watched on the roof. Ansem was looking at who were going to be at the festival until he saw penny and sensed something strange about her but found something interesting.

"My my a hollow puppet that managed to grow a heart, just imagine that." Ansem said as he kept on staring at the girl.

"I wonder if this has something to do with the festival." Ansem as he jumped down to start walking around town.

Scene Change

Back at team RWBY's dorm Schnee Heiress and Blake kept on arguing about the faunus from the docks.

"I don't understand why this is causing such a problem!" Weiss kept on arguing her statement

"That is the problem!" Blake said back to her.

"You realize you are defending an organization that hates Humanity, don't you? The Faunus of the White Fang are pure evil!" Weiss said almost shouting out loud.

Blake got up from her bed "There's no such thing as pure evil! Why do you think they hate Humanity so much? It's because of people like Cardin, people like you, that force the White Fang to take such drastic measures!"

"People like me?" Weiss said clenching her teeth.

Blake yelled out "You're discriminatory!"

"I'm a victim! You want to know why I despise the White Fang? Why I don't particularly trust the Faunus? It's because they've been at war with my family for years. War, as in actual bloodshed. My grandfather's company has had a target painted across its back for as long as I can remember. And ever since I was a child, I've watched family friends disappear; board members executed; an entire train car full of Dust, stolen. And every day, my father would come home, furious. And that made for a very difficult childhood."

"Weiss, I-" Ruby said as she tried to calm Weiss down.

"No!" Weiss yelled out and walked back over to Blake. "You want to know why I despise the White Fang? It's because they're a bunch of liars, thieves, and murderers!" Weiss screamed out and Blake has had it.

Blake: "Well maybe we were just tired of being pushed around!" And just like that the cat fell out of the bag figuratively that is.

Silence dropped down on the moment. Weiss slowly backed away,

Blake realizes what she had said "I... I..." Blake couldn't say any words and just ran out the door and slammed it. As she slammed the door at the side was Ansem listening in on what happen and just stared at Blake leaving.

He activated his portal and left.

Scene Change

Blake was outside staring at a stone statue at the academy as she took off her bow only to for two cat ears to appear and start to move.

"I knew you would look better without the bow." Blake stared up and saw the Faunus they met from the docks.

"Care to explain as to why not only a student is out during lights out but the leader of a team from Vacuo is here without his team or with the rest of the students from Vacuo?" both were shocked when a portal appeared and out came Ansem walking towards them.

"Whoa dude I am so sorry I was-" but Ansem raised his hand and smiled at them.

"Without a teacher going with you." And that pretty much calmed themselves down.

Scene change

We see team Rwby walking looking around for Blake.

"She's been gone all weekend..." Ruby said worried for friend

"Blake's a big girl, I'm sure she can handle herself out there ." Weiss said not caring about her teammate.

"Come on Weiss, she's one of our teammates."Yang said trying to convince Weiss.

"Is she? We all heard what she said!" Weiss said.

"Maybe she is, maybe she isn't. Either way, she's missing, and we need to find her!"Yang said trying to motivate her team.

"A member of the White Fang! Right underneath our noses!"

"Can you just stop about that for one second." Yang yelled.

As they argued they didn't seem to look up on top as Ansem was watching them from the roof of a cafe with Blake and Sun drinking tea.

"So you want to know more about me." Blake said to Sun.

Sun: "Finally, she speaks!" He raised his arms and then looked at Ansem who was drinking his tea.

"Nearly two days and she gave me nothing but small talk and weird looks!"Blake and Ansem gave him a firm look

"Yeah, just like that." Sun pointed at the two of them.

"So is there something you want to get off your system?" Ansem said as he finished his tea. Blake and she took a deep breath.

"Are you both familiar with the White Fang?" Blake began to explain that she was once a member of the White Fang when it was a peace group doing riots. But when the White Fang changed leadership and became violent she decided to leave them behind.

"So, I left. I decided I no longer wanted to use my skills to aid in their violence, and instead, I would dedicate my life to becoming a Huntress. So here I am: a criminal hiding in plain view, all with the help of a little black bow."

"Hmm Ozpin must have known about this if she was able to get into beacon with what she has done." Ansem thought as he kept on thinking about she got in knowing Ozpin he would have known this ahead of time.

"I believe that the White Fang are behind the robberies." Ansem said and as Blake was about to tell him no he resumed his statement.

"If the White Fang are against humanity then what better way to do it than stealing what they need to defend themselves." Ansem said.

"How do we know that it's true then." Sun said as he and Blake looked at Ansem as he put down his tea.

"We go to the docks where they bring dust and if i'm right they will go there and steal it all." Ansem and then decided to go there.

Scene change

We see team Rwby continuing walking around town trying to find their friend.

"Oh! You know what might be able to help? The police!" Weiss suggested while everyone gave her a dead look.

"It was just an idea!" Weiss said.

"Yeah, a bad one." Ruby said as they kept on walking.

"Weiss, I think we should hear her side of the story before we jump to any conclusions." Yang told her not knowing someone familiar was behind her.

"And I think Weiss' hair looks wonderful today!" The team turned around and saw Penny smiling at them.

"What you all up to today" Penny asked the team and explained the situation.

"Ooooh, you mean the Faunus girl!" Penny asked the group while they were staring at her.

"Wait, how did you know that?" Ruby asked Penny while she points to her head.

"Uhh, the cat ears?" Penny said and Yang laughed a bit.

"What cat ears? She wears a… boooohhh..." Yang said as she quickly realized it. Then Weiss thought of an idea.

"Why don't we split up I go with Yang while you go with your friend." Weiss said looking at Yang as she got the message.

"What?" Ruby as she turned around and didn't see them. So she decided to take Penny with her.

Scene change

We see Blake and Sun at the pier with Ansem to see if what he said was true.

"I will be on the roof to provide support." He activated his guns and put them together to make it into a rifle and disappeared to find a sniping position on one of the buildings close by.

Just as he says this, the winds blows all around them, and they look up to see a Bullhead's searchlights flashing around for a landing spot, descending in the middle of the cargo containers and extending a ramp came a few people wearing what looked like grimm masks and in came the man ansem tried to stop at the store

"Oh no..." Blake said with her eyes wide open

"Is that them?" sun asked Blake.

"Yes it's them." Blake said with her head and ears down.

Ansem had his sites at Roman's head and was about to pull the trigger until someone showed up.

"No, you idiot! This isn't a leash!" as Roman kept on looking around, Blake suddenly appears behind him with her blade at his throat "What the- Oh, for f-"

Ansem continued to see her trying to talk to the members of the Fang but instead they see him laugh instead.

"Oh, kid, didn't you get the memo?" Roman asked Blake.

"What are you talking about?" Blake said narrowing her eyes.

"The White Fang and I are going in on a joint business venture together!" Roman said as he fired his cane to the ground separating them apart.

Ansem saw this and began shooting at some of the white fang members luckily he was able to shoot at the legs causing them to fall down.

Ruby was able to see this and quickly went to aid Blake. Roman saw this was about to shot her and pulled the trigger not being able to see the hit she closed her eyes waiting to take the hit but no. she opened her eyes and saw a barrier with a heart logo and another symbol appeared and saw Ansem appeared with a massive weapon in hand.

It has a smooth, white handle with a grey spike set in its pommel. The guard is a pale yellow semi-circle with four small notches in its outer edge. The lower part of the main blade is thick and has concave sides, each side being lined by three small notches. The blade is pale blue and has blue-grey edges. The lower half of the blade is decorated by two small, light blue diamonds. The tip of the Lunatic is a blue ring with dark-blue edges and lined by seven spikes. The tip is connected to the main blade by a pale yellow symbol (1).

"Ruby what are you doing here shouldn't you be with your friends." Ansem said as he turned his face around to see her. He turned around and saw that Sun was trying to face Roman with what looked like shotgun nunchucks.

"No matter just get you and your friends out of here I will deal with them." he then ran towards a group of grunts with their guns aiming right at them he was able to slash at them and caused them to get pushed back.

Ansem then saw Roman heading towards and went in front of him and decked him in the face causing Roman to look at him.

"Hey who was that." He then saw Ansem right in the face and stepped back.

"Y-y-you I thought they were lying about you?" Roman said and was looking for a way to leave.

"You thought wrong." Ansem and raised his claymore down on him until.

"Ruby, are these people your friends?" Penny said as she ran towards Ruby to check on her.

"Penny, get back!" Penny was looking at the area and saw Roman and Ansem but as she saw Ansem her green eyes became red and tried to punch Ansem only for him to dodge the hit but she maintained her focus on him letting Roman escape.

Ruby: "Penny, wait! Stop! He's our friend." Ruby yelled at only for Penny to turn around to look at her.

"Don't worry, Ruby. I'm combat ready!" She said and pushed Ansem away so that she can space from them both. From her back a sword came out only for it to form to multiple blades that started to go after him using his weapon to block them and he went to slash her with his weapon. She quickly put her blades in a circle and a green blast came towards him. The blast was strong it caused a hole where he was.

"Up here!" Ansem yelled as he was on top of the bullhead that was from the White Fang as he had a planned on how to get rid of them. Penny then aimed at him and as she fired he moved at the other bullhead that caused the one he was on to split in half. He moved to another and Penny fired but moved at the last second as it was also cut in half.

"Now that the issue is over now to deal with the puppet." Ansem thought as he ran towards her and slashed her front but moved at the last second but was able to hit her as he saw a bit of machine. Penny saw this and began to run off. Just as he was about to go after her the rest of team Rwby arrived with police cars arrived to see Ansem with Ruby,Blake, and Sun together. Ruby saw Weiss walking towards Blake.

"Look Weiss, it's not what you think, she explained the whole thing. See, she doesn't actually have a bow, she has kitty ears and they're actually kind of cute..." Ruby said trying to get her away from Blake.

"Stop! Do you have any idea of how long we've been searching for you?" Weiss asked her.

"Four hours" Sun said. Weiss just facepalm.

"Twelve hours. That means I've had twelve hours to think about this. And in that twelve hours, I've decided..."

Yang, Sun, and Ruby look on, worried while Ansem didn't care.

Weiss: "I don't care."

"You don't?" Blake said with her eyes widen.

"So were you hurt at all I mean look at this mess." Yang said as she looked at the remains of the docks.

"Umm no not really I was with Ansem,Blake, and Sun wait where's Penny. Ruby said as she was looking for her but couldn't find her. Meanwhile Yang was looking at Ansem and was walking towards him.

Then Yang and Ansem stared at each other until Yang ran towards him and hugged him while Ansem looked surprised.

"Thank you so much." Yang said as she hugged Ansem hard and Ansem didn't know ow to take since he doesn't have a heart.

At the street there was a car with penny inside with someone inside it.

You should know better than to go running around in a strange city." the person said inside the car.

"I know, sir." Penny said as she lowered her head down.

"Penny, your time will come… and next time you won't miss." the person as he drove off.

Scene Change

We see Ozpin staring at his scroll as a message came out.


"Hmmm..." Ozpin said as something else stepped up to his plate with what he has.

Scene Change

Roman torchwick was at his hideout looking at some of his plans and then someone was behind him.

"How very disappointing, Roman."

"Whoa! Hehe... I wasn't expecting to see you guys so soon… Cinder" Roman said as he saw someone behind him.

She has ashen-black hair and bright amber eyes, while her fingernails are painted dark red. In "Black and White", she wears lipstick and violet eyeshadow. She wears a dark-red, off-the-shoulders, v-neck minidress with yellow designs. There is a blue feather-like accessory on her right hip, at the top of an open portion of her dress. The dress ends in an upside-down triangular tail in the back, ending just above the knees.

"We were expecting... more from you." Cinder said to Roman.

"Hey! You were the ones who suggested working with those stupid mutts from the White Fang. Oh and another thing you didn't also say that he was going to be there as well."

"And you will continue to do so. We have big plans for you, Roman. All we ask is... a little cooperation. And don't worry about him he will won't cause any trouble" Cinder said as a fireball appeared from her hand and gave an evil smirk.

Scene Change

Pyrrha was standing on the roof looking at Kingdom hearts as she was wondering what is going on until a portal appeared and Ansem appeared with something behind his arms.

"Are you ready to continue your training with the blade." Ansem said as he saw Pyrrha getting ready.

"Let me get my weapon first." Pyrrha said as she ran to get her weapon but Ansem put his hand on the way.

"No you don't have to for I have what you need for your training." He then gave pyrrha what he had behind his hand and threw it at her. What she caught was a Wooden sword. The handle is a dark brown in coloration, same for the tip. Teeth are placed unevenly on both sides, held together by rope, same as the hilt (2). Pyrrha saw it and gave it a bland look while Ansem had smirk on his face.

"You serious?" Pyrrha said as she gave weapon one last look at it. Ansem nodded.

"Yes and to make feel good I will do this for you." He then summoned another blade that didn't look like his other blades. It consists of a honey-covered honey pot handle with a model of a tree trunk as the blade's shaft. The end of the key consists of a branch with a beehive being the teeth (3).

"Now let's begin." And they both got into their stances and began to clash their weapons.

Chapter end

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(1):Saix's Claymore

(2): Birth by sleep wooden keyblade.

(3) Sweet memories keyblade