Chapter 6: One Week Leaving Marineford on the way to Impel Down

On a Marine Ship

Luffy who was covered in his own blood and battered was also seastone shackled chain wrapped around his body. He had a blue vest and black shorts no sandals lost them in the fight with Blackbeard and his strawhat too. Luffy who was sitting in a chair on his way to Impel Down next to him was Vice-Admiral Garp aka Garp the Fist which is also his grandpa by Blood only Family member beside his dad.

"Sigh Luffy you and your brother I have tried so hard to protect you and him from being exposed to the world but now it's too late. Garp spoke for the first time he spoke to his grandson who was chained who also got some more bruises cause he tried to escape but didn't get far, so they use seastone chains.

"Why would I want to be Marine that works for those Cestia Dragon that killed my brother Luffy spat out with a hint of venom I rather die than work for those monster.

"I knew and I really sorry I didn't want the marine to find out your heritage cause you be executed because of your father.

"Well if I was going to be a marine they would find out who I'm related to I will be executed because my father blood is in my veins. Luffy said below a whisper. And besides, wouldn't matter cause ace would be in the same boat cause we both are sons of a wanted criminal. Luffy laughs bitterly.

Garp didn't even say anything else because they were close to Impel Down.

Luffy had a blank face to hide his fear of the fact that they arrive at Impel Down and that he would not be able to get away from even if he tried cause he was most definitely not strong to fight against his grandpa.

The marine vessel was finally the front entrance to the prison The marine dock the ship and another marine took the chains off that was wrapped around Luffy's body and put Luffy's hands in seastone cuffs behind his back. And forcedly pull Luffy to stand and made him walk.

They finally walked with the prisoner until they were standing by the Head Chef of Impel Down the Wardon who has a poison devil fruit that is very powerful. Former Head Chelf Wardon Megallan and Vice Wardon Hynnbal.

"Welcome to Impel Down what brings you here to My prison. Megallan asked looked at the prisoner the marine brought and judge by the cuffs he a devil fruit user.

"We bring in Monkey D Luffy aka strawhat Luffy is the Captain and he's is also the son of Dragon the Revolution the most wanted man in the world is to be held here until his execution.

"Well let's put him in on the level 6 cause he the most dangerous but first we need to get ready before chain him.

Luffy kept a blank face as they lead him to an elevator to where they lead him to a different room and the stripped Luffy and put him in black shorts and toke to a room to be torture.

They token Luffy to the boil bath of hail and they dipped him. To Luffy, it was like he in hell they dipped in for comp our and pull him out.

Then take him to the elevator to Level 6 where the chained him after and left Luffy to himself.

Luffy POV: One Day Before the escort

Luffy did not know how to describe this situation he knows he hates it was worse when he was about 7 years old when bluejam tortured him. He can say that all that get is being tortured by Sadi he had whipped marks on his chest and back and thigh. He didn't like how guarded always stare at him like how he saw meat when he wants to eat it.

He had his clothes and freedom stripped from and was not dress like the other prisoner that jail clothes are because they plan to execute him and probably to do worst because they touch him inappropriately and he hated it. They were going at it tomorrow.

Yes today was the day of last of being here and escorted to Marineford to die

When dies he'll never be able to say goodbye to ace and He would never be Pirate King and he wanted to kill Blackbeard too. And he will never see or be with his Nakama to see their dreams come true.

All tell that regret he just already gives up hope his eyes that used to have all that excitement were now dull pools of blue with a permanent thin line with no smiles.

End of Chapter 6

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