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Chapter 2


Hijiri Kasuga couldn't remember much from during the time her body was being broken down by the phenomenon her cousin had unintentionally caused, but she had begun to dream of a vision she was presented with as Hijiri started to pass to into an empty and ruined world where she was fated to fade away into nothing.

In the vision, she saw Arata, but at the same time, it wasn't Arata.

The young man she saw was identical save for the fact that his hair and skin had become white, and his eyes had turned grey with cat-like pupils with crack-like marks on the right side of his cheek. He wore black armor and cape; alongside him were seven young women who were of varying ages and appearances, aside from the worrying fact they were all nude. However, one thing they all had in common was the fact that they seemed utterly devoid of thought and feeling as if any trace of free will had been stripped of them.

And around them, the entire world, whole cities, had been reduced to empty ruins devoid of life.

Then the world was reborn anew, and such was the cycle that was continued by the Magic King, which was a truth that Hijiri had seen upon entering the ruined world Arata's breakdown phenomenon had banished her to.

It was a terrible truth, and the Arata she saw was nothing like the young man she had grown up with, so perhaps his body may have been used as a vessel for the Magic King destined to wipe out humanity.


Hijiri cried out for Arata upon seeing the future fate had in store for him, but without realizing it, she cried out again, but this time, she snapped wide away before bolting upright from the bed she had been lying down in. Her mind took a moment to register that she was no longer in Osaka before realizing she was inside Lelouch's room at Ashford Academy. She had been to his room before, which was a decent side with enough room for a queen-size bed, a desk, a sofa, and a place for a dresser and a table for a television.

Lelouch was sitting at the computer in front of his desk before noticing that Hijiri had finally woken up.

"You're finally awake."

"Where… how," Hijiri began as her mind was trying to catch up with everything during the time her body was being broken down into particles. "You saved me?"

"Yeah, although I don't know how I did it exactly."

"For a brief moment, you triggered a breakdown phenomenon of your own and altered reality, if only briefly," Merlin explained. "I don't know how you did it, but that is all I was able to determine. You broke the rules of the world and altered reality just enough to bring Hijiri back."

"But that's impossible," Hijiri said as such a feat was well beyond any Magus's power, or at least as far as she knew.

Then again, it has been said that anything was possible with magic, but what Lelouch had done was beyond anything he should've been capable of. Or maybe he was capable of much more than he had initially thought, but the question was how much, and how was he even able to achieve such feats in the first place?

"Anyway," Lelouch said, deciding to change the subject knowing they would keep going around in circles if they continued such a debate. "If you are worried about Arata, I have placed him into C.C's care, and they are in the small town of Noto located in Hōsu District of the Ishikawa Prefecture where he should be safe for now, and a safe distance from any major cities in the event he unknowingly triggers another breakdown phenomenon."

Hijiri was rather upset with that last part, "C.C, you left my cousin with a stranger?"

"I had little choice, and it's probably for the best," Lelouch said before Hijiri looked at him accusingly, "and before you think I did so just because I was worried about my sister's safety that was only one reason. Don't tell me you forgot that the headmaster of your school knows about Arata, right? So, how long do you think before they figure out what caused the incident in Osaka?"

The young girl was hesitant to answer, but her hesitation was the only answer Lelouch needed as he narrowed his eyes.

"They likely know by now, and they'll likely try to contact you. And those mages from the academies will likely find Arata."

"I never told them about you, Lelouch," Hijiri answered, knowing Lelouch would ask her that.

"I know. That's why I brought you here." The young man said, crossing his arms over his chest as this was a huge problem they had on their hands. "I did make sure that Sora was still in Arata's possession, and I told Arata to contact me if trouble arises."

Hijiri was relieved to hear that Sora was still in Arata's possession, so the Grimoire could provide adequate means of assistance should trouble befall him. However, Arata wasn't a mage, or at least not adequately trained as one, so his ability to use Sora was minimal unless he could determine an Archive and Thema most suited for him so he could begin his training in magic.

"Beyond that, our options are limited." Lelouch said contemplating their options, although the situation was spiraling rapidly out of control beyond what he had expected, "I am glad you didn't die since your sacrifice would've been in vain even if Sora protected him. I can't exactly protect Arata from those likely hunting for him now."

"Yes… you are right," Hijiri admitted, knowing that Lelouch had a point. Even if Arata survived the headmaster of her academy would've sent someone to eliminate Arata, someone else might've done it, or the phenomenon he unknowingly caused would've spread further, causing more devastation. "Lelouch when I was disintegrating, I saw a glimpse of a ruined world on the other side."

Lelouch said nothing as he noticed the solemn expression on Hijiri's face.

"I am not sure if I was hallucinating, but I saw a vision, and it felt real," Hijiri said before she hesitantly told Lelouch about the vision she saw which showed her the real purpose of the Magic King and the mission they are meant to fulfill alongside the Trinity Seven. Lelouch silently listened as Hijiri painted a grim picture of the future she saw and what Arata's role in it would be.

Once Hijiri was done retelling the details of what she saw, Lelouch was silent before asking.

"So Arata is meant to destroy the world so it can be reborn anew."

"Yes," Hijiri answered with a growing amount of barely contained anger in her voice. She got out of bed and stood up near Lelouch as she continued to lock eyes with the young man.

Much like Lelouch in many ways, the young woman cared for her cousin Arata as much as Lelouch cared for his younger sister Nunnally. Even though the context of their relationship was different, the devotion and care they held were the same, and it was something the two had bonded over. However, now faced with the terrible vision of Arata's future, Hijiri understood the drive and the rage that fueled Lelouch vi Britannia's desire for revenge against the Empire and the father who abandoned him and his sister following the assassination of their mother.

Is this what it feels like? Hijiri wondered if this was the same emotion surging through Lelouch at the time of his mother's murder, or did he feel them when the Emperor banished them to Japan.

Hijiri had heard the story about what had happened and the scene of the murder Lelouch saw as the image of his mother, Marianne vi Britannia, died with multiple gunshot wounds while clutching his terrified sister who had been shot in the legs crippling her for life. The resulting trauma from those events also left her blind as well.

Lelouch had tried to appeal to his father the Emperor, Charles zi Britannia, to do something about his mother's killers, who had never been apprehended or at least visit his own crippled daughter. The heated confrontation resulted in Lelouch being stripped of his title as a prince while he and Nunnally were exiled to Japan to serve little more than political barraging tools.

The former prince's opinion about the Emperor and his home country only worsened when they declared war on Japan, completely ignoring the fact that he and Nunnally were still in Japan, which nearly led to them getting killed. An event Hijiri and Arata had been caught up in, but after Arata, Suzaku and Nunnally were knocked out by explosions from artillery shells and bombs going off while soldiers closed in on them. Lelouch's fury awoke the magic slumbering within him.

It was fortunate that Suzaku, Nunnally, and Arata hadn't seen what had happened, but to this day, Hijiri was stunned by the display she saw. Thankfully it wasn't as destructive as when Arata's own magic awoke, but still, not a single Britannian soldier survived, and the two were quick to assure Suzaku, Arata, and Nunnally that the Japanese Military had arrived to ambush the Britannian soldiers giving them a chance to escape.

It was a blatant, necessary lie, but thankfully neither of them sought to confirm the truth.

Ever since then, Hijiri had taken Lelouch under her wing to help him understand and master the magic he was capable of, knowing that such an act wouldn't have been looked upon well if it was ever discovered. Despite that, Hijiri did so, because she had wondered what she would've done had she been in Lelouch's position and something terrible that had befallen Nunnally had befallen Arata.

Now she had her answer, with the revelation of the fate the world had forced upon him.

Lelouch stared into Hijiri's eyes as silence fell upon the two, but words at this point were hardly needed as the former Prince of Britannia recognized the look in Hijiri's eyes. Lelouch rose from his chair, standing before Hijiri.

"You know until I met you, Hijiri, or rather until the day you introduced me to the world of magic." Lelouch began. "I felt destined to be nothing more than an impotent corpse existing behind a false guise of life. A life in which I did nothing real meant to just mind-numbingly go through the motions of living as if I were a zombie while dying a slow death."

The young woman merely continued to stare at Lelouch in silence, allowing the former prince to continue.

"In a strange sense, I am glad for this revelation because now I can finally act because I am sick to death of a world that cannot be changed. We'll put a stop to the cycle of the Magic Kings, and at the same time, we'll remake the world into something better for Nunnally and Arata." Lelouch declared with a smile that showed absolute confidence.

And I'll take my revenge on that man, and those who murdered my mother as well when the opportunity presents itself. Lelouch mused, but preventing the end of the world was his first priority since remarking the world into something better and destroying Britannia would be rendered meaningless if Arata fulfilled his intended destiny.

Killing Arata would merely delay the end of the world at best, so that was out of the question for the time being.

"So how about it, Hijiri, want to join me as my partner?" Lelouch said, offering his hand to Hijiri, who was more than his teacher, but a friend who had filled the void left by Suzaku, one of the few people he dropped the mask that was Lelouch Lamperouge and be Lelouch vi Britannia.

Hijiri didn't hesitate and accepted his hand, signifying their established partnership.

"And you'll need her back," Lelouch said before reaching into his pocket with his free hand to bring out a small tome with chains tied around it into a cross shape with a longer chain that Lelouch was holding.

"Ilia!" Hijiri said happily, taking back her only Grimoire back, the Ilias Fragment.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Japan, inside a small two-story house that sat on the outskirts of Noto. C.C. was seated at a table with four open pizza boxes before her while an uncertain Arata watched her eat what was probably her fifth box of pizza.

How and where does she put all of that away and keep a figure like that? Arata wondered.

"So, how are you holding up?"

"Well," Arata began crossing his arms over his chest. "I just found out I'm not only capable of magic that awoke and raged out of control, wiping out the inhabitants of my own hometown and nearly killing Hijiri."

"Then there is the fact that you are a Magic King candidate, destined to destroy the world," C.C. said with a matter of fact tone before quickly consuming another slice of pizza.

"Yeah, I know, but it's kind of a lot to take in."

"All things considered, you have been taking it surprisingly well."

"I guess so," Arata admitted, but in reality, what else could he do but accept it.

Arata was usually a laid back and go-with-flow kind of guy. He wasn't like Lelouch, who was a genius, and he surely wasn't like Suzaku, who was becoming a capable martial artist, but just an average teenager.

Of course, finding out he was destined to destroy the world didn't help, but there wasn't much point in wallowing about it because he was assured that Hijiri and Lelouch were going to try and help him. Still, Arata would be lying if he wasn't freaked out internally, to put it mildly upon learning he is a being meant to destroy the entire world, and he had already wiped out the inhabitants of a city unintentionally.

He didn't like the idea of doing nothing, but it was clear C.C had other plans in mind.

"There is nothing we can do about the hand fate dealt you," C.C began looking to boost the young man's spirits, "but if you learn how to use your magic, you may at least stop yourself from causing more breakdown phenomenon."

"Ok! I am up for that… but where do we start?" Arata said feeling relieved that he wasn't just going to be sitting on his butt the entire time, but more so that learning magic would help him to prevent causing another incident, which nearly caused him to lose Hijiri.

He had no desire to allow that to happen again, so he would learn magic so he wouldn't be a danger to everyone around him.

"We'll need to figure out which of the Archives is best suited to you, which is done by determining which is the most contrary to your personality." C.C. began.


"Yes," The green-haired woman began, "there are seven, and they are named after the seven deadly sins; Luxuria, Superbia, Acedia, Ira, Avaritia, Gula, and Invidia. Translated and the sins associated with them are Lust, Pride, Sloth, Wrath, Greed, Gluttony, and Envy."

"I pick the one opposite of me, right?"

C.C. nodded before saying, "That's correct, because magic is irrational by nature, so."

"So, I must think contrary to how I would normally think and act to find out my Archive?"

"Correct, but you must also choose a Thema, or theme, under that Archive as your base from which you'll develop your magic and research-based upon that," C.C. explained before deciding to provide an example. "Let's take your cousin Hijiri for example; her Archive is Ira."

"Wrath, huh," Arata said as that was quite apparent of her personality, "for her I don't think you can get any more opposite than that."

For as long as Arata could remember, Hijiri has been a kind and dignified girl ever since they were little, although she could be forceful at times, which was due in part to the fact that she had taken care of him much in the same way an older sibling would for their younger sibling.

"I hope the example helps."

"It does, although I am not sure which one is the most opposite. I can safely rule out sloth as one."

C.C. seemed to agree with his line of reasoning there.

"I understand that you are something of a pervert, so the Luxuria Archive is ruled out."

"Whoa!" Arata said, holding up his hand defensively, "look, I am no peeping tom ok! I mean, sure, I find myself, "The young man was trying to choose his next words carefully, "in the wrong place at the right time. But I'm not a pervert."

A misconception surrounding Arata was that he was perverted, but in reality, he was more of a lucky pervert in the way that he tended to be accidentally caught up in perverted situations either purely by accident or as the result of the actions of someone else. He didn't actively attempt to spy on other girls, nor was he interested in doing so, but because of his go-with-the-flow personality, he would just roll with it and thank the girl in question whom he saw by accident.

Of course, this led to rumors going around that he was a pervert, and it didn't help when he had accidentally walked in on Hijiri a few times, or even groped her breasts by accident when waking up in the mornings.

"I am just thankful nothing like that happened with Nunnally around," Arata commented with a sigh of relief because he knew Lelouch long enough to know that messing with his sister in any fashion, especially a perverted manner was a bad idea. Though Lelouch couldn't do much in regards to retaliation, it was usually up to Suzaku or Hijiri to handle that. Until now, that is, knowing Lelouch was capable of magic led to Arata to make a mental note to avoid angering Lelouch, especially not by being caught up in a perverted situation with Nunnally.

"Anyway, Luxuria is out regardless since one of its Thema requires considerable intellect with an understanding of various materials to take advantage." The green-haired woman said, "This might be a long night ."

The following morning Lelouch and Hijiri were having breakfast together. Thankfully Lelouch didn't have to lie, not wholly, to Nunnally and their caretaker Sayoko, because thanks to the news reports released about Osaka, he told them that Hijiri needed a place to stay for the night while Arata was visiting with a friend. It was true to a certain extent, but Lelouch left out what really happened in Osaka. The news claimed the tragedy was the result of a potent corrosive chemical weapon that was being smuggled into Area 11 through Osaka.

The gas supposedly caused considerable damage to the buildings and wiped out the population. The reports claimed this was the work of an unknown terrorist group with international support, but that was still under investigation.

Lelouch could only imagine what an ordeal coming up with that cover story was, but he knew it was the only story the government could put out.

"I am sorry about what happened, but I am glad you are Arata are ok."

The thirteen-year-old girl sitting at the head of the table said. She had long waist-length sandy brown hair, a fair skin complexion with both eyes closed. She wore a simple white and green dress while sitting in her wheelchair.

"I owe your brother a lot for saving me," Hijiri admitted, although she had told Nunnally a modified version of the story. Lelouch had helped Arata, and Hijiri get to safety, having recognized the danger in time thanks to Lelouch's quick thinking. "Of course, he helped save Arata too."

Lelouch and Hijiri didn't feel comfortable lying to Nunnally, but it was for the best in any event that the world remained blissfully unaware the world might end. Of course, there was no danger of that, as Lelouch and Hijiri didn't plan on sitting around doing nothing.

"I am just glad all of you are alright," Nunnally said before turning to their maid Sayoko, "but thank you, Miss Sayoko, for picking them up when my brother called you."

"School is going to be out for a week until things calm down, so I am going to help Arata and Hijiri," Lelouch said although Nunnally would be under the impression he would be helping the two find a new place to live. In reality, he and Hijiri were planning on heading to the city of Ōsaki in the Tōhoku region of northern Japan.

From there, the two were going to go to Royal Biblia Academy, which was located on the coast concealed by a dimensional barrier to hide its existence and the town that surrounds it from the world. Its location was due to the ancient ruins, including the Yamahata Cave Tomb Cluster, as one of the most famous landmarks in the region. Their objective was to breach the Eternal Library, located within the academy itself, in the hopes of finding information that could be of help. As of now, the two didn't know where to begin as far as preventing Arata's future from coming to past.

A location that has been sealed off because it is a place filled with forgotten knowledge was the right place to start. They had nothing else to work with at the moment, so they needed information.

Of course, that would be the easy part, getting in was the problem.

There is something else we could obtain first to help us since there are only the two of us right now.

Lelouch was already planning a secondary objective to include in their plans; although the risk was high, the payoff was potentially worth it. This was taking into account that they wouldn't be successful in accessing the Eternal Library, or if they did, they wouldn't find anything of use. Infiltrating the academy on its own was risky since, according to Hijiri, the academy typically had some of the academy's most formidable magus join their disciplinary committee: Grimoire Security.

Once breakfast was over, Hijiri and Lelouch made a quick pit stop at a wig shop where the pair bought some wigs to disguise their identities as a precaution, although the academies were probably alerted to keep an eye out for Hijiri it was best Lelouch kept his own identity secret as best he could. They also bought sunglasses before Lelouch rented a private shuttle to drive them out to the city in the Tōhoku region of northern Japan since using the trains might've been risky given that people would likely be looking for Hijiri.

The two traveled mostly in silence, as they agreed it would be best not to discuss their plans out in the open, but Lelouch's mind wasn't silent as he was processing his talk with C.C from the previous day.

It began after he caught Hijiri before she could hit the ground after she lost consciousness.

As he held the unconscious girl, he glared daggers at the green-haired woman.

"How do you know my name, and how did you know about Arata?"

"I've been watching you for a long time, Lelouch." The girl admitted, but Arata joined the conversation.

"What the hell is going on, and what?" Arata began as his voice was initially loud, but it quieted slightly while becoming increasingly shaky as his mind was trying to grasp at everything happening around him.

"Calm down, Arata," C.C said while gesturing with a free hand. "If you start panicking, the power within you will rage out of control again."

"WHAT POWER!?"He demanded.

"You have, unfortunately, been given a terrible burden as a Magic King candidate." The green-haired woman began before explaining. "Those who carry a Magic King Factor will possess considerable magical power and potential, but they are fated to meet the Trinity Seven, seven mages who have mastered their Archive with each member representing one of the seven Archives. Their destiny would be to destroy the world."

Arata was struck numb, but as much as he wanted to deny it, the evidence was all around him, even though he didn't intend for any of this. Lelouch knew Arata had no control over his actions, and having just been told you were going to be the cause for the entire world to end wasn't something he could've expected anyone to take well.

I can't exactly blame him.

"Arata," Lelouch said as he adjusted his arms to obtain a better hold of Hijiri, although the former prince wasn't athletic by any means he was able to at least hold up a person since Lelouch had always carried his own younger sister from her wheelchair and into her bed most nights since he was young. "There no denying you have been cursed with a terrible fate, but right now, you are still you, and you are in control of your own actions."

"What's that suppose to mean?" Arata said with a look of fear in his eyes, which Lelouch found understandable given that he had no understanding of the power he possessed and that uncertainty was causing an inescapable fear to take hold.

"You were always the type that, when presented with two bad choices, you would create a third choice. Your choices are that you could kill yourself to escape your unfortunate fate. Or you could simply sit there and wait for it wrapped up in your fear and helplessness. Your third option can be to find a way to rule over your fate, which you can start by learning about your power and taking control of it. You can at least bring it under control, so you don't have to worry about it going wild again. The rest after that would be up to you."

Arata was silent for a few moments, but thankfully Lelouch's words helped the young man to begin to get a grip, and his personality began returning to normal.

"Nicely done, Lelouch, but how will you teach him to control his magic since I doubt you would be comfortable with him being near your sister." C.C. pointed out, but Lelouch had already considered that.

"I know that, but there is the problem that the mages belonging to the school Hijiri attended were the ones who assigned her to watch over Arata, and will soon be hunting him." The young man pointed out while bringing up another obvious danger to Arata's life. "It would be best for him if he stayed somewhere remote and away from any major cities until he can get a better grip on his magic. I don't doubt other mages from the other academies will also be looking for him too."

"Then, I can help you." C.C. offered, "I am very well versed with magic, and since I am immune to the breakdown phenomenon, I am ideally suited to watch over and instruct him."

"You expect me to trust you?" Lelouch said, eyeing the green-haired woman with suspicion.

"No, I don't, but you don't have much choice, and you know it," C.C. said, which left Lelouch with little to question her with since he knew she was right as keeping Arata close to him would be extremely risky especially with Nunnally. "I'll take care of Arata and teach him magic as a way of proving that you can trust me."

Lelouch didn't like to concede to anyone, especially a complete stranger, but he had no alternative. "Fine, but Arata will keep Sora with him. I'll find Ilia and take Hijiri back to Ashford Academy, but answer me this how do you know who I am?"

The green-haired woman smiled, "because I knew your mother."

"You WHAT!?"

"I knew your mother, Marianne vi Britannia, but that will be a talk for another time since it would be unwise for you to linger here much longer," C.C. said, tempting the young man with the information she knew he wouldn't be able to resist. As much as Lelouch wanted to question her further, the logical part of his mind told him staying in the middle of a ruined city would be unwise. "You have much to attend you, and once Arata is capable of controlling his magic, we'll talk ."

It was early afternoon before the duo arrived at the town that surrounded the Royal Biblia Academy, but his conversation with C.C. the other day had been replaying in his mind over and over again. Was she lying to bait him, but if so, how did she know he was the child of Marianne? Could she even know who killed her?

Lelouch had many questions, but much to his frustration, they would have to wait.

Unlike some of the towns around Japan, before and after its conquest, the town surrounding the magical academy had an old-world feel to it. The town used an old-fashion European design for many of its buildings, including stone in their construction. One look at the old-fashion town, and you would almost make the mistake of believing you were in a remote town in Europe instead of Japan. According to Hijiri, the four great academies had been built upon sacred places and ancient ruins with strong ties to old magic, where magic once flowed more freely in the world back then. There was one academy located in the territories of Britannia, the Chinese Federation, and the Europia United.

The two had purchased a room at the hotel with two beds, although the two should've taken their own rooms the two agreed to share the same room so they could talk and plan their next move without drawing suspicion.

"Ok, we'll examine the academy from a distance by pretending to be bird watching," Lelouch explained as he brought about some binoculars, a book on birds, and a pair of hats for the two. "Since neither one of us have ever been there, we'll need to study the grounds to determine the best point of entry, and we'll find a location where tonight we'll come back and observe the academy at night to determine if they have mages patrolling the school at night."

"We can also determine the best time to enter the school once the night-time curfew is in effect."

"Exactly, but you said the academies don't usually have mages patrolling the school grounds at night?"

"Not usually unless there have been disturbances in the nearby area, but it's no reason to assume they wouldn't, and we should act on the assumption that they would."

"I concur," Lelouch said in agreement. "Tomorrow, we'll begin our plan, and then the day after tomorrow, after night has fallen, we'll infiltrate the school and find the Eternal Library ."

As Hijiri and Lelouch continued to work out the fine details of their plan, Arata and C.C. were working to uncover the young man's choice of Archive and Thema. They ruled out Luxuria, Acedia, Ira, and Avaritia as possibilities leaving Arata a little tried. They were inside the basement with Arata standing in the center of the mostly empty room save for some empty wooden shelves with a chair, which was where C.C. sat, watching Arata working on coaching him.

"You know, what about the Superbia Archive," Arata suggested wiping some sweat from his head, "I can't imagine any of the rest would work if the last four didn't click for me?"

"I suppose, but its Thema are Imperium, Justitia, Velum, and Arbiter."

"What does Imperium do?"

"It's called Rule," C.C. answered, prompting a smile to appear on Arata's face.

"Rule, huh," The young man held up Sora, "Lelouch said I needed to take control, so how about it. I have chosen my Archive and a Thema."

"So you have decided, but will it work?" Sora asked as Arata held up the small book.

"I am positive this time I've found a winner," the young man declared boldly, "so if you like it, then it will it work?"

"Sure thing, but only if I like it, so out with it already?"

"Alright, my Thema is Imperium of the Superbia Archive!"

The room was quiet and still for a moment, almost causing Arata to believe he had failed somehow, but suddenly the chains surrounding Sora's tome shattered as the book opened with its pages flipping from one side to another.

C.C. merely smiled, "I guess you did finally find your Thema!"

Sora couldn't help it as she began laughing, "The true meaning of your spirit, existence, nature, and soul is none other than Imperium, master, so let's finalize our new contract."


"Yes, you and your Grimoire will form a contract, and she will help you store and manage your spells, so as you learn them, you can cast them much faster than with any other means," C.C. explained as Sora laid out their contract.

"I, Astil Manuscript, hereby vow to contract with my master who employs the Thema of Imperium from the Superbia Archive. Now say it's our contract, Arata!"

"Right, I hereby execute my Thema associated with the Superbia Archive!"

At that moment, a surge of magical power enveloped Arata's body-transforming his attire until he was dressed in a black mandarin collared shirt, a matching jacket with ruffled sleeves while trimmed with gold, dark pants and matching shoes, with a white sarong.

As expected, he has a lot of magical power. C.C. noted internally as Magic King Candidates, such as Arata possessed an abnormally high amount of magical power.

"Alright!" Arata proclaimed, feeling proud.

"Well, good job, but those are just your first baby steps as a mage, so don't start celebrating yet."

"You just have to be a real buzz kill, don't you?" Arata replied with both hands on his waist.

"No," The green-haired witch adopted a mischievous grin, "but I am going to tell you right now that the real work begins tomorrow."

The following evening Lelouch and Hijiri were exploring the grounds of the Royal Biblia Academy, which they decided to investigate more closely after spending the day observing and mapping out the grounds after devising several points from which they could enter the grounds from. Now under cover of night, they were searching the perimeter of the academy grounds looking for ways inside. At the same time, Hijiri was setting up chaos runes around the grounds to help to monitor the academy grounds and to avoid being caught off guards by the students and academy staff when they would break into the academy itself tomorrow night.

Security was seemingly non-exist, which others might've thought was fortunate, but Lelouch didn't like it as it left the former prince on edge.

It was too easy, and that alone was enough to make the former prince suspicious.

"I'm almost done," Hijiri said as she was almost done laying down another rune.

No one would find the runes she had hidden, and even if they did, they couldn't be removed easily. Not even by those with magic similar to hers.

"Is security for these magic academies usually this lax?" Lelouch whispered to Hijiri, as the young man was dressed in his Magus Mode attire complete with his mask to conceal his identity.

Lelouch was helping Hijiri by watching her back while the latter was using her runes to help hide the duo from sight, allowing them to operate more freely, but despite their efforts, Lelouch felt increasingly uneasy. He couldn't shake the feeling that someone or something was watching them, but no matter what, the young man couldn't determine the source.

"Each academy is run by one of the five most powerful magi; a Paladin class Magus. So only someone insane would think twice about attacking one of the four academies head-on, let alone breaking in." Hijiri replied, but she didn't ignore Lelouch's concerns either.

Royal Biblia Academy was under the direction of Master Biblia, who was one of the world's five most powerful magi. He was eccentric according to rumors Hijiri had overheard about him besides the fact he was one of the world's few male mages.

"Even so, I don't like this. This has been far too easy for my comfort." Lelouch commented as he couldn't shake the feeling they were being watched. "We should hurry so we can use your runes to map out the interior of the school and plan our infiltration of the academy tomorrow night."

"I agree, but we'll need to be careful." The young woman cautioned as she just finished lying down and setting up her chaotic rune, which much to the relief of the two teens, was the last one they needed to set up. "If I try to do a wide sweep with my runes, their magic could be detected, so I might not have a complete read of its entire layout until tomorrow afternoon."

Lelouch let out a heavy sigh as he wanted to be done and leave the academy grounds, but as Lelouch closed his eyes to take a deep breath, he opened them to find that Hijiri was no longer next to him. In fact, he was no longer standing outside the academy, hiding by a corner of the building. Lelouch discovered he was in a seemingly empty space with a surface akin to water below his feet, but everything around him was just empty space. Lelouch didn't allow fear to grip him, but he did prepare himself for a possible confrontation.

Lelouch calmly analyzed the situation while he began trying to determine where he was.

Suddenly the sound of music caught his attention.

The sound of someone playing the violin drew his attention to an ornate white door that was in the middle of the empty space. Cautiously Lelouch approached the door but hesitated when he reached the door itself. He could hear the source of the music coming from inside, but Lelouch waited a full minute before slowly opening the door.

The room beyond was a bedroom with white wallpaper decorated with pink diamond patterns, white dressers, and a nightstand with cute stuffed animals. There was a robust charming atmosphere within the room, but the fact that Lelouch didn't possess his Grimoire made him a little uncomfortable without the means for his magic to function correctly.

"Welcome to Yui's room!"

Lelouch's eyes fell upon the sole occupant of the room, who appeared to the same age as he. Sitting on a bed playing the violin was a young woman with a very well endowed figure with a fair skin complexion. Judging by her attire, she was apparently a student of Royal Biblia Academy, wearing the traditional female student uniform consisting of a white collared shirt, a black blazer jacket with the school insignia on the left breast pocket, which was a golden Wedjet. The rest consisted of a matching plaid mini skirt, black dress socks, and brown loafers.

She possessed waist-length grey-white hair with unusual, but distinct yellow eyes with cross-shaped pupils that can seemingly change color from what Lelouch could tell. The fringe around her forehead was tied together with a rubber hair band to form a small ponytail.

Lelouch decided to adopt a more formal approach with the young woman, because if she were capable of forcefully bringing him into this world unaware, then it would be wise not to provoke her into a battle. It all happened in less than a second, so her magic must be powerful to have caught him so wholly off guard despite being alert the entire time he had been on the academy grounds.

"Thank you, but who are you?"

"My name is Yui Kurata."

A/N: Lelouch has met the first member of the Trinity Seven, Yui Kurata who is without question one of the most powerful of the Trinity Seven due to both the nature of her magic and the fact she is a Cardinal-class mage, with powerful magic that is only second to the academy's headmaster. What you saw her do with Lelouch is merely a sample of what she can do.

Of all the potential pairings I am the most reluctant to include due to her being the youngest, even though she appears older now in her dream world, but my reason for now including her is the same reason I don't typically use Kaguya. I hope only a two year age difference won't be too bad, and nothing serious would happen between them until they are both a bit older, at least, although I did consider increasing Yui's age by one or two years, though.

Ultimately depending on if she ends up with Arata, but she could go to Lelouch.

Next chapter, more of the Trinity Seven will be introduced, and if the end of this chapter hasn't proved it seems things aren't destined to go as smoothly as Lelouch might've been hoping they would. Yui is the strongest regarding magical power, but other members are quite formidable in their own way. Meanwhile, let's hope Arata and C.C. can keep a low profile for now, and now that he has discovered his thema he can begin learning to control his magic.

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