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Chapter 4

Change of Plans

Hours later, after Hijiri and Lelouch had escaped Royal Biblia Academy, the two teens were on the train traveling to Kagoshima as part of their plan of escape after the pair had very quickly collected their things from the hotel to catch the train the duo was on. They would travel to the far side of Japan before using alternative means and routes to shake off any pursuers. If everything goes according to plan, then it would take them two or at worse three days to return to Ashford Academy.

It also provided plenty of time for Hijiri and Lelouch to talk, especially now that their train wouldn't reach their destination over eight hours from now. Furthermore, they were no longer rushing to flee the area after they teleported away from the academy, which Hijiri wasn't expecting from Lelouch.

"Ok, so now that we are very far away from Royal Biblia Academy," Hijiri said after taking a deep breath as she sat next to Lelouch on a cushioned seat inside the cabin they occupied.

Lelouch reclined in one of the cushioned chairs of their shared cabin aboard the train feeling thoroughly exhausted.

"Right, I think we need to decide on our next move."

"That and I have to know something," Hijiri said in agreement, "How did you teleport us with that portal?"

"Honestly," Lelouch began, "I don't know."


"I honestly wish I knew, and I don't fully understand myself."

"Perhaps I can help," Merlin spoke.

"You know how Lelouch could suddenly open a portal?" Hijiri asked eager to learn how Lelouch did it, especially when he didn't even know how to do it, yet he did it instinctively somehow.

"I believe it has something to do with Lieselotte Sherlock's attempt to steal Lelouch's magic. Instead of stealing it, my master reversed it on her, but he didn't quite steal her magic either," Merlin explained.

"What do you mean? You make it sound like I took a sample of her magic?"

"In a way you did," Merlin answered, "so while you didn't steal it, your own magic has taken a sample as you have suggested and in your empowered state was able to briefly use it to create a portal for long-distance travel. You'll need to take time to master and study the Acedia to fully utilize it, I believe."

"But that means Lelouch can delve into the Acedia Archive, but shouldn't he be restricted to one archive?" Hijiri asked aware that most mages could focus only on mastering one archive, although it isn't out of the question for them to have knowledge of the other archives, only the Magic King and their candidates could learn more than one Archive.

"Not for him," Merlin replied. "Lelouch's empowered state is actually very similar to that of an awakened state of a Magic King Candidate, and they are incapable of impossible feats. However, child don't think a Magic King can be limited to one Archive because some can tap into other archives either through stealing magic as Miss Sherlock attempted or through other means. Lelouch is an exception to this, which, while it makes him very similar to a Magic King Candidate he is fundamentally different in a unique way given now that he is capable of studying and could potentially master the Acedia Archive thanks; to sampling Miss Sherlock's magic."

Lelouch was a little surprised by the revelation, "so are you saying I am a Magic King Candidate?"

"Yes and no," Merlin answered uncertain as well, "the power tied to your empowered state is very similar, but yet I sense something different about it. I suspect in terms of magical power and ability you are capable of similar feats as a Magic King Candidate, which could explain how you were able to save Hijiri and steal a sample of Lieselotte Sherlock's magic enabling him to perform her magic."

Hijiri noticed something prompting her to ask, "Did you suspect this to be the case for Lelouch?"

"I had suspected, but it wasn't until the events at the Eternal Library that I was able to confirm my suspicions. But until then, Lelouch could only draw out a small amount of his empowered state, which affected the size of the wing that manifested. Most recently however, you seemed to tap deeper into your power when faced with life-threatening danger, or when your emotions are running high such as being confronted by the Headmaster, Hijiri nearly being consumed by a Breakdown Phenomenon, and I believe Miss Sherlock's attempt to steal your magic also triggered it." Merlin offered as an explanation.

"How would something like that be possible?" Hijiri asked, trying to fully understand the nature of Lelouch's abilities.

"Remember child, nothing is impossible with magic, yet it always has a price to make the impossible possible. Lelouch might've been born with a Magic King Element himself, but I wonder if my previous master fusing her Hero Candidate element into her child could've been a factor?" Merlin said, which led to Lelouch turning to Hijiri.

"Hero Candidate?"

"Just as the Magic King is meant to destroy the world so it can be reborn anew a Hero Candidate is an existence who fights against the Magic King and to protect the world," Hijiri explained before adding. "I don't know too many details about them, but I heard they are capable of reviving from death endlessly with sufficient training to continue fighting to protect the world."

"I see, so are my abilities, including my empowered state, the result of someone fusing these two opposing elements together?" Lelouch asked while looking down at his hands.

"I don't think it's as simple as that child," Merlin replied sagely, "fusing two opposing powers together is dangerous and risky, so I imagine if such was the case, there was more to it than simply merging them into one."

Lelouch contemplated this, although it bothered him to think his mother would experiment on him, which Merlin was implying to be the case, yet he suspected her reasons for it.

Or rather, a part of him wanted to believe she had good intentions for her actions if she did experiment on him to fuse two opposing elements into his body.

"Maybe tonight wasn't such a failure after all," Lelouch remarked while he had one hand on his chin as a sign of contemplation. "We didn't find anything in the Eternal Library, but we have learned something about my abilities at least, and it has given me an idea as to who else might have knowledge about the Magic King Candidate."

"You mean Britannia?" Hijiri asked.

"It would make sense since I can't imagine a superpower that controls most of the world would allow an existence like the Magic King to destroy the world," Lelouch said while thinking aloud even though he was clearly troubled by the implication his own mother had experimented on him. "If the fact my mother was willing to fuse something like a Hero Candidate Element into me, and if it was something she couldn't have done alone, then who else was involved, and what would they know?"

Hijiri understood Lelouch's line of deduction, but it was a question of where to start.

"Merlin, are you certain of this theory of yours, and if so, how come you don't know much more about what Marianne did with Lelouch? Weren't you Marianne's Grimoire?" Hijiri asked, deciding to be the skeptic in the discussion.

"I was child," Merlin replied. "However, I am finding some of my memories regarding her have been tampered with, so either she altered my memories of events, or someone else did."

"You didn't notice it until now?" Lelouch asked, intrigued by this revelation.

"No, I didn't, most likely either Marianne herself altered my memories, or some other possessing far greater magical power did so before I came into your possession. Considering my own capabilities, I can assure you something like that couldn't have been done by just anyone." Merlin replied, trying to hide some shame he felt at the fact that someone tampered with his memories while trying to keep his pride intact.

"Either they were covering it up or," Hijiri began to say before she came to the same conclusion Lelouch had just reached.

"Or if it wasn't my mother, then it might've been her killer."

"Then why alter the Grimoire's memories instead of taking it," Hijiri asked.

"I don't know, but it could've raised suspicions that a mage was involved in her murder if they did so. Maybe it was all a cover-up perhaps, but regardless we have some new leads to follow up on." Lelouch said while contemplating why her killers didn't take her Grimoire, but just as he could figure out a few good reasons to do so, Lelouch thought of an equal number of reasons why they wouldn't risk it. "Regardless if these experiments were enough for them to kill my mother over, then maybe they are worth looking into."

"If that is the case, but I hope you are not taking this as an excuse to get revenge on Britannia," Hijiri asked a little suspicious.

"Of course not, but given our circumstances and the issues we currently facing I don't blame you for thinking that," Lelouch acknowledged. "It's just that with the Eternal Library out of the question, as to whom or where else could we find any information that could be useful?"

Hijiri didn't have an answer.

"However, one other fact has been made very clear." Lelouch began before taking a deep breath, appearing to swallow his own pride, "we need help."

"Huh," Hijiri said, slightly surprised by that.

"We barely escaped from that academy, and the opposition to the library was fierce, and there is Lieselotte we faced as well too. If we are going to keep going, then we'll need assistance to allow us to operate more efficiently, and we'll be better able to handle any other threats that come our way."

"You have a point," Hijiri said, agreeing with Lelouch. "But who could we find?"

"I don't know, once we got back to Ashford Academy, I was going to ask you if you knew anyone who would be sympathetic to our cause enough to join our efforts."

"I don't really, but," Hijiri said before remembering she did know someone who might, "wait, I might actually know someone. In fact, if I'm not mistaken, she might be attending your school right now. We used to be friends when we attended the Royal Liber Academy together."

"Who," Lelouch asked.

"The name she used when she attended Royal Liber Academy was Kallen Kōzuki, but legally she was known by Kallen Stadtfeld."

"A half-blood Britannian, I assume," Lelouch asked, suspecting it upon the mention of two different surnames.

Hijiri nodded, confirming his suspicions, "I don't know if she'll help us solve the issue with the cycle of the Magic King, but I know she'll join you for your efforts against Britannia?"

Lelouch's eyes narrowed in suspicion, "I assume she tried to use her magic to help out resistance forces in Japan before she was caught and expelled?"

"I figured you would nail it right away," Hijiri confirmed with a laugh, "but yes, that is what generally happened. Her Grimoire was confiscated, and she's banned from the market, so it's extremely difficult for her to use magic right now, but if we could get her the resources she needs, then maybe."

"She'll join us, and we'll have another capable mage," Lelouch replied before he smiled. "I like the idea, but let's look into it a little more when we get back."

"That's probably for the best since we did lose contact with one another," Hijiri acknowledged.


The following morning Master Biblia was meeting with Mira, Levi, Akio, and Lilith in his office; although he originally intended to meet with them following Zero and Hijiri's escape, he decided to have them collect what remained of Zero's creation after the trio had finally defeated it. However, once they had gathered what was left, he decided to save the discussion until the next day, so Lilith, Levi, Mira, and Akio could have time to collect themselves.

Before meeting them in his office, the headmaster took some time to examine what was left of Zero's creation.

That construct of his was quite impressive being able to hold off three members of the Trinity Seven for as long as it did, Master Biblia complimented internally.

"Now that you ladies are rested up let's get down to business," Master Biblia began.

"I believe Levi should share what she learned about this Zero and his accomplice," Mira offered in a business-like manner, but beneath it, she was quietly seething in anger over having fallen for Zero's ploy last night.

"Well, as I am sure we all noticed, he's a master of the Luxuria Archive," Levi replied causally while leaning against the wall on the right side of the headmaster's office with both arms folded around her waist. "I think. I'm sure he surpasses Lilith-sensei in capability given his Thema."

"We've confirmed that his Themas are Vanitas, Terminus, Abies, and Fall," Master Biblia noted clearly impressed with Zero. "I have to agree with Levi that this Zero feller is quite capable since creating something like that knight that gave you three of the Trinity Seven such a hard time is a testament to his talent and ability as a mage."

"Instead of being impressed with him, we need to hunt him down," Mira insisted.

"I know, but try to think with a cool head," Headmaster Biblia offered while gesturing for Mira to calm down.

"He's got a point since neither of us really knows where he went, and there's still Lieselotte we have to deal with," Levi pointed out.

"Exactly, so I'll assign you two to chase down Lieselotte," Master Biblia said while pointing to Mira and Akio, then pointing to Levi and Lilith, he said, "and you two will go after Zero."

"Wouldn't it be better for all of us to tackle Zero, but then again, we can't leave a rogue like Lieselotte alone either," Lilith offered.

"I do agree with her, but this does make it difficult since we cannot ignore Lieselotte's transgressions," Mira said, agreeing with Lilith while aware that neither Zero nor Lieselotte could be ignored.

"True, but I would rather Zero be brought to be alive." Master Biblia replied.

"Alive?" Levi said while raising an eyebrow, "but that's easier said than done given how dangerous that new golem he made in the Eternal Library was like."

"Maybe so, but there is something quite unusual about him, and I would rather we try to win over his cooperation than fighting him," the headmaster answered, but if his expression was any indication, he was ready for Mira's objection to the idea.

"Why!?" Mira demanded. "That man committed a Taboo when he entered the 'That Library.'"

"Because of that wing," Master Biblia began recalling the wing Zero had manifested, "he has the qualities of a Magic King, and yet he was clearly different. It's something that shouldn't be able to happen naturally, and I want to find out how?"

"He might not be willing to talk," Levi pointed out cautiously.

"Maybe, but I am sure once we figure out who he is, we can work out something," the headmaster replied with a sly grin before reclining in his chair with both arms folded.

"You sound like you already have an idea who he might be," Levi guessed, recognizing the expression on the headmaster's face.

"I have a suspicion, and its thanks to his Grimoire that I got a good look at after he returned from the External Library," Master Biblia replied while recalling what Zero's Grimoire had looked like what using a free hand to open a drawer in his desk to bring out a thick red-covered book. "When he stored his new creation within its pages after changing back into its tome form, I got a good look at it."

Opening the book, the headmaster quickly flipped through the pages before finding an image of Zero's Grimoire.

"It was this one, the Grimorum Arcanorum," Master Biblia exclaimed before laying the book on the table, allowing Lilith and the others to see it. "Created by the chief advisor and well-renowned mage to the first emperor of the Roman Empire Caesar Augustus. The book is one of the most powerful and comprehensive book of spells in existence with some of its spells having been contributed by Grand Mage Merlin himself."

"So this book is pretty famous for a Legendary Grimoire. But how does it help us figure out who Zero is?" Akio asked as she leaned down with Mira to read the entry about the Grimorum Arcanorum.

"Because its last known possessor was quite famous," Master Biblia answered with a glint in his eye. "Lady Marianne the Flash. One of the many wives of Emperor Charles zi Britannia and a former member of the Knights of the Round being among its five members ranked among the Emperor's elite and personal mage knights within the ranks of the Knight of the Rounds."

"So, what happened to her?" Akio asked.

"She was assassinated about six years ago, the killer's identity remains unknown to this day. I did contact some sources who owed me a favor or two this morning and found that her Grimoire was given to her son as per her final wishes following her death," Master Biblia answered.

"And what happened to her son?" Mira inquired.

"Lelouch vi Britannia and his younger sister were reported killed during the invasion of Japan, so either the Grimoire has passed to someone else or," Master Biblia said before allowing his sentence to trail off before using a hand gesture to hint at the others gathered before him to figure out what he was going to say next.

"Or Lelouch vi Britannia may still be alive with the Grimoire in his possession," Lilith answered.

"Bingo!" Master Biblia exclaimed before clapping his hands.

"But you said he and his sister died during the war," Mira asked.

"True, according to official sources," Master Biblia acknowledged. "But oddly enough, no bodies were ever sent back to the Britannian Homeland with both Lelouch and Nunnally buried here and the Ashford Family, one of his mother's strongest political and wealthy allies, had handled everything from signing the death certificate to the burial."

"So as part of our efforts, we're to look into the Ashford Foundation and investigate if Lelouch vi Britannia is really dead or not," Levi asked, which earned her a nod from the headmaster.

"And if he isn't, then he is likely Zero," Master Biblia pointed out.

"What happens, should we find him?" Lilith asked, "Assuming Lelouch vi Britannia is Zero."

"I would like it if he would come quietly so he could work with us instead of fighting against him, but I especially want to gain an understanding of what Zero is exactly and how he is different yet similar from a Magic King Candidate," Master Biblia answered. "I would approach the situation cautiously and observe him so we can determine if there is something we could offer him as a token of good faith."

"Understood," Lilith replied before Master Biblia began smiling slyly.

"You can offer him whatever is within reason, but Lilith," Master Biblia said before adding, "don't underestimate the power of body language either."

A moment of stunned silence passed before Lilith's face turned bright red, seemingly picking up on the double meaning of the headmaster's suggestion.

Seconds later, the windows of the headmaster's office were shattered with a large hole of the wall newly formed directly behind where the Headmaster was sitting. In her hands, Lilith was holding an enormous anti-tank rifle she was easily carrying with both hands despite its size, and Master Biblia, having impressively dodged such a shot at extremely close range, slowly raised his head up after taking cover on the beneath his desk to evade Lilith's shot.

"What was that for!?" Master Biblia asked.

"You know why," Mira muttered in contempt.

It was around eight at night as Arata had finished eating dinner, which much to his growing discomfort was pizza again. There was very little he could do to protest what he could eat since Arata was still a potential risk until he had better control of his magic. On the other hand, it only made him even more motivated to master his magic so he could enjoy something other than pizza.

Even a simple bowl of ramen would be nice or even a burger, Arata laminated as he was growing sick of having pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Suddenly a knock at the door of their cabin pulled Arata from his thoughts.

"She's finally here," C.C. commented with a smile as she left the table.

"Who," Arata asked, leaving the table.

"I called for an old friend to help train you," C.C. answered before arriving at the door to open it.

Standing outside the door with a cheerful smile on her face was a fair-skinned girl who looked around the same age as C.C, with light pink hair and red eyes that stretched down over her shoulders and midway down her back, possessing a slender figure. She wore an oversized witch's hat with a strapless black dress with white trimming around the top that parted below her modest bosom exposing her naval before extending down to her hips melding with the long black skirt she wore. Seemingly separate, she wore a white collar with a red cravat tie and black shoes and matching long gloves that covered most of her arms. Then finally completing her witch-themed appearance, she even carried your traditional witch's broom.

"Thanks for coming Mina," C.C. said, greeting her friend.

"Not at all," Mina replied with a smile, "we haven't seen each other in a while, so I was worried what was going on with you."

"Well, it has been a hectic decade or two for me, but first," C.C. said before remembering Arata was behind her, "Mina, this is Arata Kasuga, the Magic King Candidate, and Arata this is my old friend Mina Salem."

"I see, so this is the one whose powers raged out of control in Osaka," Mina said with a saddened expression, "I am so sorry you have been burdened with something like this, Mr. Kasuga."

"Thanks, but you can just call me Arata," Arata replied before asking, "so if you don't mind me asking why is she here?"

"Mina is one of the strongest and most knowledge on magic, but most importantly, she has created Grimoires, all of which have been deemed legendary," C.C. answered.

Arata's expression was one of being very impressed before complimenting, "Wow, and she is so young too. She looks about as old as you and me."

Mina laughed at the compliment, "Thank you, but I am much older than I look. C.C. is the same."

"How so?" Arata asked, curious about the meaning of that.

"When a mage reaches a certain point in power and knowledge, they can use that to preserve their body and soul at a specific age giving them a form of eternal youth to stay in their prime. For example, C.C. is at least around seven hundred years old."

"Hey," C.C. said mildly annoyed while Arata was stunned by the reveal that C.C. was seven hundred years old, "Even if we are friends Mina you shouldn't reveal a girl's age like that? Besides, you know it's different for me."

"True," Mina acknowledged with a nod. "You possess a Code of Immortality, which makes you almost impossible to kill, which is why Breakdown Phenomenon isn't a threat to you."

Arata was curious about the Code of Immortality Mina mentioned, but he was also curious how old Mina really was, but Arata knew better than to ask a girl how old she is.

On the other hand, C.C. was seemingly aware of what he was thinking and wanting to slightly get back at Mina for revealing her age like that.

"If you were wondering, Mina is at least over a thousand years old despite looking like someone in her late teens," C.C. answered.

Mina sighed in annoyance, but she knew she'd been asking for it when she revealed C.C.'s age.

"Wow, you both look great," Arata complimented with a thumbs-up.

"Thank you," Mina replied while C.C. brushed the comment off. "Anyway, I am going to help create a Grimoire to pair with the one you have now to help keep your Magic King Element under control and regulate it."

"So you are going to make another book like her," Arata asked, holding up the Astil Manuscript.

"Well, I can customize it to take the shape of something else if you prefer to make it easier to keep on your person at all times," Mina answered. "But before that, would you like to meet my other creations?"

Arata was curious as Mina suddenly drew eight small Grimoires bound by a chain attached to her arm, which only confused Arata because he couldn't imagine where she could've hidden them.

"These are the other seven chapters of the Ilias Fragment. I don't know if you have formerly met Treis (three)? But these little girls are Enas (One), Dýo (Two), Téttares (four), Pente (five), Hex (six), Eptá (seven), Okto (eight), and Ennéa (Nine)."

"Hello!" Okto called out while each of her sisters tried to greet Arata, but their voices kept overlapping one another.

"Hi," Arata waved while deciding to step back as their voices trying to be heard over one another was getting quite loud.

"Settle down girls," Mina said affectionately.

"I am curious, how are they alive like that?" Arata asked while trying not to sound insensitive.

"Some Grimoires can gain sentience if enough magic and knowledge are poured into them, although the exact circumstances differ, some non-sentient Grimoires can spontaneously develop it depending on its age and the level of magic it is exposed to at the time, as well as other factors," Mina explained.

"I see," Arata said since he was curious how the Grimoire in his possession, Sora, was able to talk. "So if I made a Grimoire, I could bring it to life?"

"Possibly depending on how you go about it," Mina replied. "Legendary Grimoires that have existed since the earliest days of magic – which are in the same class as my Ilias Fragments – have a high probability of attaining sentience if they haven't already, however, your common run-of-the-mill Grimoire has pretty much a one-in-million chance."

"Let's continue this conversation inside," C.C, suggested while gesturing for Mina to come inside instead of standing outside the front door.

Once Mina was inside, C.C closed the door behind her. The group sat down together at the dining room table. C.C. sat opposite of Arata while Mina sat on one side of the table with the former to her right and the green-haired woman to Mina's left.

Removing her oversized hat Mina turned to C.C. asking.

"So how has training him been going?"

"Slowly, but we are making good progress, but," C.C. said before letting her sentence trail off.

"You're not used to teaching magic, are you?"

C.C. nodded before Arata turned to Mina with a question.

"Why is that?"

Mina shrugged her shoulders, "I suppose you could describe C.C. as something of a hermit. We have both lived for a very long time, and depending on your deposition, it can be a lonely existence."

"So the immortality she has is different," Arata inquired.

"Yes," Mina said before glancing at C.C. whose stoned face expression indicated she didn't want to discuss the matter further. "If you want the whole story, you'll need to convince C.C. to tell you her unfortunate tale."

"Ok," Arata answered before feeling a change in subject is in order, "so what's your training going to be like?"

"Well, first, I'll need to get a feel for how your magic works, but we can save that for tomorrow because I am quite tired from traveling," Mina answered with an amused smile. "But tell me, what do you know about the Magic King so I can find out how much you have been told?"

"So far," Arata began folding his arms in front of his chest. "Basically, I am going to become a Magic King who is meant to destroy the world."

"I see, so C.C. stayed with the basics," Mina replied, crossing her own arms under her bosom while she leaned back in her chair.

"I saw no reason to tell him everything. I prioritized helping him learn magic so he could get his own power under control," C.C. pointed out.

"Fair enough," Mina replied before she leaned forward, resting her arms on the table, looking at Arata. "But given your progress, this is a good time to tell you the full details."

"Alright," Arata leaned toward becoming quite curious, "so there is more to this than me becoming a world-destroyer?"

Mina nodded before explaining, "There still certain requirements to be met before you become a genuine Magic King. Even if you were raised as a mage or not, your power would've inevitably awoken just like what happened in Osaka."

"Ok, so why didn't Hijiri's academy take me in?"

Mina shrugged her shoulders, "I can't say for sure, but that would be a question for Royal Liber Academy's Headmaster. There is the possibility that some were worried any training would've accelerated your transition into becoming a Magic King, but in the end, it makes little difference."

Taking a deep breath, Mina adopted a more solemn expression.

"If anything, if one of the academies had taken you in, it could've at least prevented the loss of Osaka."

Arata adopted a similar expression, although he was both aware and had been assured what happened was well beyond his control, the fact that he had unintentionally wiped out a City was something that weighed heavily on him.

"But now," Mina began raising her right index finger, pointing at the ceiling. "That your power has awakened, the next step for you would be to meet the Trinity Seven."

"The Trinity Seven?"

"They are the very best mages who have mastered both their respective Archive and attained their Last Crest qualifying them as Trinity Seven."

"What's a Last Crest?" Arata asked.

"To become a Trinity Seven mastering your Archive isn't enough, but you must learn and gain your archive's Lost Technica, also known as the Last Crest, the ultimate spell of an Archive developed by the Archive's founder to possess immense power to rewrite the laws of nature, but each comes with their own costly consequences," Mina answered before adding to ensure Arata understood. "Think of it like a powerful but dangerous technique that is usually forbidden depending on its mechanics."

"And only one person, per Archive, can have it," Arata asked.

"Correct," Mina replied while during their discussion, C.C. had seized the opportunity to have more pizza. "Naturally, I am familiar with them given my age, but I haven't seen them in use. However, should a more qualified and capable candidate for a Trinity Seven appear, then the current one will be banished and erased from the world."

Arata was surprised by that, leading to him to comment, "That's pretty harsh."

"It only illustrates how dangerous the Last Crest of each Archive is, which was why the founders of each Archive established such a harsh system, ensuring that only one mage from each of the seven Archives can ever have possession of a Last Crest at a time."

"Damn," Arata commented whole he wondered what these Last Crests were like.

Mina took a breath, "We are getting slightly off track, but that was a good question to ask."

"So, there's more?"

"Yes," Mina nodded before elaborating, "The Trinity Seven will meet the Magic King Candidate and will eventually either aid the Magic King in destroying the world, willing or otherwise, or be killed to consume their power to fulfill his destiny to destroy the world and recreate it anew."

"I see so the Trinity Seven would be like my," Arata asked before stopping to contemplate his answer before giving it rather dramatically raising a clenched fist, "my battle harem!"

C.C. nearly choked on her pizza because she was caught off guard by Arata's response while Mina stared at him slack-jawed.

"My master is a pervert," Sora remarked in breaking the silence.

Mina was the first to recover her composure.

"Right, that wasn't a response I was expecting," Mina replied before coughing into her hand. "Well, that's between you and them. I can't speak for them, so I don't know if they would be open to it."

"Well," C.C. began after drinking a soft drink to swallow the pizza she almost choked on. "Harems are acceptable among mages, given how very few male mages there are."

"Really," Arata asked, seemingly quite interested.

"Unlike Britannia, while they generally accept the idea of those marrying additional wives and legally taking mistresses, there no legal restrictions or limitations. A male mage can marry as many female mages who are in love with the male mage." C.C. explained.

"That's true," Mina acknowledged, "it's just a matter of the women involved willing to accept being part of your harem. Some are not open to it, but there are those who don't want to risk having children with someone with no magical potential preventing their children from having it."

"Makes sense, I guess," Arata remarked, "but that's good to know."

Training him might be interesting, Mina thought but was quick to add, if Arata proves interesting then I am even more interested in meeting this Lelouch character C.C. told me about.

A/N: So we now have Lilith and Levi dispatched to hunt down Lelouch who due to the latter revealing his grimoire for a moment gave Master Biblia a potentially dangerous clue for them to track him down with, but how long would it take for them to find out Lelouch vi Britannia is alive and where is he at?

Meanwhile Lelouch and Hijiri will be seeking to expand their group by recruiting Kallen, who has been revealed to once been a student at Royal Liber Academy.

As for Arata and his training C.C. has called in an old friend Mina Salem the Witch of Witches to assist, and she is a planned member for Lelouch's harem.

Speaking of which I have reconfigured Lelouch's harem to the following line up, which will include Hijiri Kasuga, C.C, Lieselotte Sherlock, Lilith Asami, Mina Salem, Kallen Kozuki, Lugh, and Anastasia-L with room for two more if I decide to expand the harem further.

A poll to decide that is currently on my profile until fifty votes are cast or if I see no votes for a week, which will be relocated into my Code Geass Crossover Forum where my other polls for other stories can be found.

Arata's own harem at this point will likely include Arin Kannazuki, Mira Yamana, Selina Sherlock, Levi Kazama, and Yui Kurata, with spots for a few more, including a Code Geass character or two to add some variety.

However bear in mind this line up could change depending on how events involving Levi and Lilith's attempts to track down Lelouch and other events could affect the line-up, but unless something significant happens or one character better fits with Arata or Lelouch this is likely to be the line up for the time being.

That's it from me, so I hope you enjoyed the chapter, and I am looking forward to your feedback and reviews.