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Everyone was thrilled to have Heather back. The past few weeks had been wonderful! AJ no longer was worried about Heather making herself sick again. He felt guilty for not trusting her, but he just couldn't help but worry. Heather understood his concern, though, and all was good. Valentine's Day was coming up. Heather went out on the Tuesday of SmackDown! It was the night before Valentine's Day, and she knew she probably should have gotten AJ's gift sooner but when it came to shopping sometimes, she wasn't very punctual. Heather honestly didn't care if AJ remembered Valentine's Day or not, the only one's that would upset her would be if he ever forgot her birthday or Christmas or if they ever got married, their anniversary. She got him a total of three items. A brand new wrist watch, a small box of chocolates, and a card. She would give them to him tonight after the show when they got back to the hotel instead of waiting for in the morning because she was too excited. She loved giving gifts.

Since Charlotte and Becky were her best friends, she even got them a little something. They each got their own box of chocolates and a little teddy bear. They appreciated the gifts but felt guilty for they didn't get her anything. At this, Heather just laughed. She could care less.

Once SmackDown! was over, and AJ was cleaned up and back in regular clothes, they went back to their hotel. On the elevator, AJ leaned forward and started to nuzzle Heather's neck, causing her to giggle.

"Not here, sweetie."

"I just love you so much."

"Oh, AJ, I love you, too, but can't this wait? We're on our floor."

The doors opened and there was a group of people standing and waiting. AJ quickly moved away and cleared his throat.

"She had something sticky on her neck. I was just, um... getting it off."

With that, he took her hand and they left the elevator both trying hard to suppress their laughter.

Once they made it to their door, AJ stopped her.

"Okay, the room is a bit of a mess. I told Dolph he could use the room for a bit."

Before Heather could ask why, AJ unlocked the door. The light was turned on and Heather gasped at what she saw. There were a bunch of red rose petals scattered all over the floor. There was a large thing of long stemmed roses sitting in a vase on a table, along with a giant teddy bear, a card, and a big box of chocolates.

"Oh, AJ. When did you do this?"

"When I sent you to the arena ahead of me. That's why I took a while getting there. I wasn't really on the can."

Heather laughed at this.

"Oh, AJ, it's so beautiful!"

"I'm glad you like it, babe."

"I do! Oh, and I have some things for you in my bag."

Heather went over to her bag and took out the items for AJ.

"Granted, these aren't as beautiful as what you've done, or-"

"Hey, whatever you get me is enough. Just you is plenty."

AJ loved the watch, and the card, and said he would definitely be munching on the candy later. He pulled Heather into a long and firm kiss.

"I have another surprise for you, my valentine."

"Oh, AJ- this is plenty!"

"Open your box of chocolates."

Nodding, Heather went over to the box of chocolates and opened it. It was just chocolates.

"You see that one on the side that is square shaped and really dark? Look under it."

Heather took out the chocolate and found a ring. It was beautiful! It was silver in the shape of a rose.

"Heather, will you marry me?"

"Oh, AJ! Yes, of course! I will!"

AJ took the ring and slid it on Heather's ring finger. He then kissed her finger.

"I love you so much, Heather."

"I love you so much, AJ. More than you could ever possibly know."

"Promise me you'll always be by my side."

"I promise. Now you promise me the same thing."

"I promise."

They kissed, and they both fell asleep in each other's arms, both happier than they had been in a long time.