I felt a Presence manifest itself behind my working dimension. Unsettled and unable to work smoothly with such a Disturbance, I quickly closed the modifiers I had open before anything uncouth occurred.

"ǮȝǂϕϠҨ҉, you are behind schedule with your Dimension's lifeforms."

Of course it would be the Overseer.

"I am nearly done. There are simply some small discrepancies in the biology matrix that are causing-"


"Sir, developing sentient life forms is not just copy-and-paste from one of ڴᴤᶓῲ's development banks. Far too many have abused his barely functional code! Few of those lifeforms develop civilization, and even fewer yet survive the discovery of the standardized atomic model without promptly annihilating themselves!"

"That is of no concern to the Multiverse."

"But it is to me. Simply because the Production is infinite does not mean that we should wantonly waste millions of dimensions through the repetitive use of a known design flaw!"

I felt the Overseer begin to move around me. Discreetly, ever-so-slowly, it bypassed my lock and began to probe the Dimension.

"You are re-using ڴᴤᶓῲ's Terra models?"

Oh no.

"What ڴᴤᶓῲ's creations lack in functionality, they gain in creativity. The models were far too beautiful to let go to waste."

"The policy on inter-dimensional resource use is quite clear, ǮȝǂϕϠҨ҉. Collisions on passthrough events can be quite destructive..."

A pause in the energy. Suddenly, the Overseer retracts in an almost violent manner.

"Beauty is a fictitious construct. You should not be listening to ڴᴤᶓῲ's ramblings regarding his personal Dimension, let alone using ڴᴤᶓῲ's own models without permission."

Another pause.

"Prepare for the end of the Cycle, and then we shall talk about your... rather flippant disregard of protocol."

Almost as suddenly as it appeared, the Overseer's presence evaporated, leaving me and the Field around my station clouded with energy.

Brushing away the last vestiges of the Overseer, I turned my attention back to the working Dimension...

...Only to find it locked and running in final simulation mode.


I frantically shot through every possible emergency stop, only to encounter a hard wall of energy at every junction. Expended after my sudden outburst, I retracted and resigned myself to see yet another incomplete Dimension run it's course and collapse before becoming even remotely useful.

Only as I watched the eons play out, something... unusual began taking place.

The single-planet, multi-species society I originally had planned instead began exploding into an unstoppable juggernaut of hundreds of different species, the base models of the Terran species branching out into millions of independent lineages, all being morphed by the gentle genetic manipulation that had been perfected over countless Cycles.

I observed with rapt attention as the crude biology began shaping itself into smoother, sleeker, more efficient species. Intelligence quotients skyrocketed as sentience became the norm, rather than the exception. Physical structures morphed and stretched until an overwhelming majority of species utilized bipedal locomotion. Animal life enveloped the laughably temperate planet in a writhing ball of biological fury, endless battles between the producers and consumers raging across all the varied biomes I had carefully balanced.

...Something still didn't seem right.

Once the Horizon Event occurred, I suddenly realized my error. The matrix discrepancy- It was much larger than the short-run simulations had shown.

The Horizon Device hammered the planet with energy a million times above what was originally planned. In the bare instant it took my terminal to simulate an eon at a planetwide resolution, thousands upon thousands of the individual species, unintentionally primed by myself, burst into civilization at the same time.

The mere biological skirmishes between producer and consumer suddenly blossomed into regionwide conflicts. Tool development. The harnessing of organic combustion. Organized warfare. Social hierarchies rose and fell like the rhythmic pulsation of the Universal Constant itself, until some semblance of global stability manifested itself. The final nanocycles of the simulation grew far too hectic for me to pick out any details, the maelstrom of civilization moving at an ever increasing pace.

I would almost dare to call it beautiful.

-And as unexpectedly as it had begun, the simulation ended. The terminal returned to its resting state, prompting me to confirm the Dimension's final parameters before being sent to Production's waitlist.

I barely hesitated for a picocycle. Who was I to mess with such unintentional perfection?