Yawning Steve stretched his arms and got out of bed, stretching his back and touching his toes Steve went to the bathroom to wash up once he was all done he changed and went to the kitchen to start breakfast seeing as he was always the first one to be up first. He didn't mind it actually in fact you might say that he enjoyed it, he found it peaceful. The place were the Avengers lived was a four story building that Tony had bought, everyone had their own apartment, for free-no rent needed, but everyone always came to Steve's for breakfast it was tradition.

And one by one all of the Avengers entered Steve's apartment in their usual and daily order. Thor would be the next to wake up followed by Bryan, Peter would come in next, sometime with blood still flowing to his downstairs friend which was understandable that kinda stuff would happen to kids his age. Tony would come in an next already dressed up in a fancy suit and Logan would be the last one on the table. Today was no different.

"So do we have a job today, Cap?" Asked Peter

"Geez kid we just came back just a week a ago and you want to go on a new job already." said Tony

"I'm just asking, I mean sometimes we do go on jobs even if we just returned the previous day." replied Peter

"Why do you have a hot date or something." Smirked Logan

"C'mon man its too early for that." said Peter

'No, Peter we don't have a job today so you're totally free to do what ever you want, whatever that may be." Said Steve

"Well me and Tony were planning to work on a new material for when I transform that way i don't rip my pants out, maybe you could join us."

"Sounds boring." Replied Peter

"Really finding a way for the hulk to keep some dignity when he turns back to Banner and maybe inventing a new material that could maybe change the world sounds boring to you." Scoffed Tony

"Well yeah, I mean I already solved the problem to it and now I'm bored." Peter responded

"Oh and what would the solution be 'Mr. One day I'm going to be as smart as Reed Richards'?" Said Tony

"Well just ask Reed Richards to give you the fabric he used to make the Fantastic Fours suits." Said Peter

Everyone stopped and became silent.

"You didn't think of that did you 'Mr. Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist'." Continued Peter

"I hate you sometime." Muttered Tony everyone else just laughed

Once everyone had finished and Tony returned to his usual mood, everyone made their way back to the guild. Tony and Bruce went down to the basement , Tony had modified it into a lab for him and Bryan and sometimes Peter, Steve went to Makarov's office to get some paperwork done because someone had too. Logan and Thor both joined Cana at the bar, nothing weird about that, and Peter sat back with the communication Lacrima talking to his good friend Johnny Storm.

"...So let me get this straight another hot girl joined your guild!" said Johnny

"I never said she was hot, Johnny."

"Didn't have too, somehow you Fairy Tail asshats get all the hot girls to join." Said Johnny, "So what does she look like?"


"Ooh I love blonds."

"You say that to every type of hair color." Deadpanned Peter

"Doesn't make it any less of a lie, buddy." Grinned Johnny

"So you have any plans for today?" asked Peter

"Why are you asking me out?"

"Why am I friends with you again?" Retorted Peter

"Because my sister and your teammates forced us to hang out until we liked each other...and no I am not doing anything to day bud, why whats up you want to go out trolling or something?"

"Or something-i'm pretty bored today." Said Peter

"Well maybe you should go and talk to the new girl, she might get rid of your boredom, if you catch my drift." Smirked Johnny

"Oi what's with everyone trying to hook me up with someone?"

"Because it's so much fun!" laughed Johnny, "I'll drop by later and we'll go out tonight, get you loosened up a bit."

"Looking forward to it." muttered Peter

"Yeah I know me too, Later Pete."

"Later, Johnny."

Steve was just about finished with all of the guilds paperwork, something that the master was supposed to do, he always left the last bit for Makarov to finish up so getting up and walking down stairs he saw Peter talking to either Johnny or Bobby and nothing good ever comes of that if all three get together. Last time that happened...a shiver ran through Steve's body, best not to think about it but lets say that there's a very good reason why the three of them are forbidden from all three of them to meet.

Walking towards the bar and ordering a drink from Mira, Steve went downstairs to 'the lab' to talk to Tony and discuss their job for next week. When he got there Tony was wearing a new suit, it was all Grey so it was freshly new and all that was left was the red and gold paint job. Bryan was writing what ever on his clipboard, most likely noted on the function of the new suit if Steve had to guess.

"So this is a new model?" asked Steve walking down the stairs with a drink in hand

"Yup, I'm trying to go for a more lighter and slicker look, want to make it more efficient." Responded Tony

"We're gonna go and test it later today if you want to join us?" asked Bryan

"Sure I'm always looking for an excuse to kick Tony's ass." Smirked Steve

"Like you could." scoffed Tony

"Oh I could."

"You know sometimes I don't know if your both flirting or not." smirked Bryan

"Funny." Said Tony

"Anyway the reason I came down here was to talk to you Tony about our job next week."

"I saw one recently, supposedly a flute was stolen..."

"A flute? Bry-bry we do S-class jobs." said Tony

"(sigh) it's not just a flute Tony it's Lullaby, it was sealed away and somehow it got taken away from the vault it was in." said Bryan

"OK so what I still don't get it it's just a flute with a kids name, what's so dangerous about it that it was on lock and Key?" asked Tony

"It was created by Zeref Tony, who ever hears a note from the flute dies well that was what we were told at the Rune Knights Academy anyway." Explaine Steve

"So you hear this flute and bamm you die? Yeah that's pretty bad."

"Ok I guess we have a job then." said Steve

"Yeah i say we do."


Later that day a streak of fire was seen above of Magnolia, it was headed towards the Fairy Tail building and as seeing as this wasn't the first time that the people of this town have seen the streak nor is it the weirdest thing they've seen no one was too worried about it. Peter, Fairy Tails resident wall crawler, was waiting for his trouble making partner outside the guild when a column of fire descended from the sky and settled next to Peter, when the fire dissipated a young man the same age as Peter with blue eyes and blond stylized hair was standing there with a smirk on his face.

"Show off." said Peter

"Don't be jealous." replied Johnny, "So I now a club that just opened up we should go and check it out."

"How do you know that, you don't even live here?" asked Peter

"Better question is how don't you know that, seriously Peter you should get out more loosen up bud." Replied Johnny

"I figured you wouldn't want me to loosen up seeing as last time I was hitting on your sister." smirked Peter

"Not cool dude." Muttered Johnny

"That was a weird night."

"Don't remind me, I'm still trying to figure out how we set the frozen train on fire." said Johnny, "I mean how is that even possible!"

Peter just shrugged. As they walked into the club, Johnny dragged Peter to the bar and ordered some weird cocktails, his spider scenes is tingling,Peter looks around and sees nothing shrugging he drinks the cocktail. The evening passed like a blur, Peter remembers Johnny pushing him into the dance floor, the color brown was flowing in front of him followed by red, yellow, and purple. The colors were usually accompanied by a grinding sensation, Peter wasn't going to lie...it felt good.

Somehow through the evening Peter and Johnny and another guy who's name escapes Peter were surrounded by a group of burly men...there was fire and webs thrown out, hell Peter swears he saw a fist made of grass punch a guy.

Peter remembers he leaped through the air, flipping behind one of the guys and grabbed him and hurled him towards a group of two. He dodged to the left, leaned right, slapped a punch away and through a headbutt. Peter landed a right hook sitting his opponent down, a ball of fire flew above him and exploded somewhere behind him. Peter rolling to the side and tripping one of the men and hogtying them, hi might have pulled their pants down as well.

and here is where it gets blurry, Peter blinks and him and Johnny are standing back to back and a giant platform made of grass was off to the side with the guy who was with them. He blinks again and he gets punched, he blinks again and Peter swears that he is standing on the shoulders of a giant of man, he falls backwards and plants his hands on the ground and with his magic his feet grip the shoulders of the guy he was standing on and lift him of the ground . He pushes off the ground and smashes the man on the ground, he's standing and looking around all disheveled. He sees Johnny let out a stream of fire from his hand, and a giant foot made of grass stomping on the guys they were fighting.

He blinks again now he's web swinging around Magnolia with Johnny flying besides him and the grass guy no where to be seen. He blacks out for who knows how long because the next thing he knows him and Johnny are with grass guy again and their on a roof...and are pissing of off the roof-ok then. Peter wakes up in his bathtub, he knows its his because his rubber spidey is hanging off the shower head.

"...My head, mmm never again." Muttered Peter

"You got that right never again!" Sternly says Steven

"Shhhh, talk a bit quieter." says Peter

"Young man you don't get to tell me what to do! Do you have any idea what the hell you did last night..."

"Not really..." said Peter

"Don't interrupt me! The guild is getting complains of webs covering most of the town, some of which are on fire. We also have complains of grass growing on rooftops." says Steve

"...Um I blame Grass Guy?"

Steve just shakes his head. "You're going to go and clean up your mess, everything the webs the grass everything am i understood?"

"You do know that you're not my parent right?" Mutters Peter

"Am I understood!" Shouts Steve

"Oww yeah unserstood, Captain geez." Said Peter

"Get it done." and with that Steve walks out

Getting up and heading to his room to get into a set of fresh clothes Peter sees Johnny and Grass guy snoring, Johnny is spread on his bed and grass guy on a grass hammock. Peter looks at Johnny and shakes his head.

"I blame you."