Macy Halbert and Clay Moorington in During and After Heart of Stone

Note: No negative reviews please and this is only a prototype.

Set near the end of Episode 37 if you haven't seen it don't read it.

Macy's POV

I was getting worried for Clay I knew I had to help him so I deactivated the status chamber and Clay fell on to the floor.

"Macy what have you done? Call Merlok you must put me back I'm too dangerous!"

"What are you talking about?" I asked refusing to believe Clay was dangerous. "You're Clay! You're good! You're just going through a rough patch right now."

"NO! You don't understand!" argued Clay.

"Then make me understand Clay." I begged.

"You don't believe I'm dangerous THEN THE GREY KNIGHT WILL JUST HAVE TO SHOW YOU HOW DANGEROUS HE IS!" yelled Clay and he tried to attack me (which I don't like at all Clay's my friend). "I CAN'T CONTROL MY ANGER YOU MUST PUT ME BACK!"

"NO!" I argued. "This must be one of Ruina's spells Merlok can help expell it."

"No he can't expell this!" Clay yelled and attacked me again as I got out my mace and shield I really wasn't enjoying this. "I AM A MONSTER I WON'T STOP UNTIL I'VE DESTROYED YOU DESTROY US ALL!"

"WHAT?!" asked Merlok who had just appeared.

"You must call down a Nexo power it's your only option!"

"I won't!"

"Merlok NEXO POWER!"

"No! NO! I will not do it either!" Merlok yelled agreeing with me.

"Fine prepare for Nexo scan!" yelled Clay and he blasted magic at my shield which shocked me I never knew he did magic!

"NO!" I cried.


And he blasted at my mace I tried to prevent it from hitting him but he used his new magic to pull it towards him as he ran to it and with my eyes closed I struck him! It shocked me so much I dropped my shield and mace as Aaron came in.

"Macy?" he asked.

Then I began sobbing and ran out of my room without answering and collapsed on to my bed sobbing.

"Clay I'm so sorry I can't believe I did that to you why did you make me do it?" I said wiping a few tears I then did a radio call and told Mum what had happened. "You see Mum I struck Clay with my mace and turned him back into a statue and I feel guilty about it."

"I see dear get some air and clear your mind." suggested Mum.

"Ok Mum." I Said.

"Er Macy can I ask do you have some special feelings for Clay?" asked Mum.

"I guess I do." I replied. "I don't know what they are but Clay is special to me."

"Ok dear get some air like we said and think good things and one day Clay will be free." said Mum in a nice way.

"I hope so Mum I really do." I replied switching off the radio and got on the Hotspur and flew off to clear my head hoping Clay will one day be free of stone.

The End