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Jaune slept in late this morning and woke up as a puppy. He was hoping for a chill, non-exciting day.

And then Ruby burst into their dorm and was excited to see Jaune in his current form.

"So uh... it turns out Blake was actually a terrorist in the past and she ran away when we found out. Can you help us search Vale to find her?"

And this is why Jaune found himself in Vale sniffin the sidewalks for any sign of Blake. He was happy to help, but he had no idea how effective this would be. Do they seriously not know how many different scents and smells get mixed together where people walk, especially in a busy city? He'd be lucky if he could differentiate one from the other.

Speaking of the crowded city, he ended up getting separated from everyone after a large crowd walked by. He was lucky to not get stepped on by a mob of feet. Being careful, he continued his quest to find Blake.

After several hours, Jaune finally found Blake. He shall claim that this was his first try, mainly because his actual first tries led to him to stray alley cats instead of Blake.

He wasn't racist, all cats just smell the same to him.

Jaune lay prone under an outside table, being super sneaky as he watched Blake chat with a blond monkey faunus while having tea at a cafe. If he overheard them correctly, the faunus was named Sun. He remembered Weiss warned him of an 'evil rapscallion' monkey faunus, but this guy didn't seem so bad at first glance.

Blake excused herself for the restroom and went inside. This was his chance. Jaune crawled towards their table, not noticed by anyone thanks to his excellent stealthy ninja ways… at least until he got too close and Sun's tail accidentally touched him.

"What the-!" Sun recoiled back as he looked under the table. His surprised expression quickly changed to a smile. "Oh, hey dude. What are you doing here?"

'I'm here looking for a friend that ran away,' Jaune said, which came out as "Arf arf bark."

"I don't know what you said but I am sure it is interesting," Sun said. Jaune could appreciate it that Sun was honest in not understanding him, unlike most people. His sisters were the only ones who knew that 'you're petting/holding me too tight please stop' did not mean 'I love you, please continue.'

"Oh, hide, Blake is coming back," Sun warned in a whisper.

Jaune hid under his chair and saw Blake was indeed walking back. He quietly pouted Operation 'Steal her scroll and use it to call team RWBY' now was a complete failure. Actually, now that he thought about it, it probably had a lock-screen passcode that he didn't know. Dang it.

"Hey," Blake said as she sat back down. "Nothing happened while I was gone?"

"Actually I ran into a little someone," Sun said.

"Oh? Who is that?"

"Well..." Sun unintentionally set Jaune up for another idea that just came to mind. He suddenly rushed forward and hopped up on Blake's lap. The poor girl almost fell out of her seat. While she suppressed a scream, she couldn't stop herself from making unintelligible gasps and stutters that drew eyes from nearby tables and made Sun laugh.

"J-Jaune?! What are you doing here?!" Blake gasped.


"Wait, Jaune? You know him?" Sun asked.

Blake finally calmed down and sighed. "Yeah, he's… my sister team's dog."

"What's he doing all the way out here then?"

"My team probably sent him to find me," she narrowed her eyes at him.

"Arf!" Jaune wagged his tail.

"That is awesome!" Sun exclaimed.



"He missed you so much that he was willing to travel and search like half the city just to find you. That's just why dogs are awesome."


"Can I scratch his ears?"

"Why are you asking me?" Jaune then hopped down from Blake's and ended up in Sun's lap.

"Good boy," Sun scratched his ear and Jaune panted happily. "Are we taking him with us to that… thing we mentioned?" Jaune's ears stood at attention at that and looked at Blake.

"Not like we can just ditch him," Blake shrugged, "and even if we did he'd just track us down again."

"Because he is a skilled and good boy," Sun gave him head pats and Jaune wagged his tail.

"Just for the record, you're going to feel silly about that in a few hours."


Night fell and the trio were overlooking the White Fang operation happening at the docks.

"I'm going to go get a closer look. Wait here," Blake said before leaping down, leaving Sun and a now human Jaune alone. It was an awkward silence.

"So… interesting semblance," Sun said.

"Yep," Jaune agreed.



"Can you tell when it's about to happen?"

"You'd think I'd be able to after all this time but nope, just randomly 'poof'."

"That kinda sucks, but still a pretty cool semblance."

"Thank you."

"Pretty unique too, can't think of another one like it."


"... is it popular with the ladies?"

"Oh, you have no idea bro."




"... ok I have to ask."

"Ask what?"

"A onesie, really?"

"Hey, I'll have you know those are very comfortable."

"Just be happy Blake took pity and bought a shirt and pair of pants for you so you wouldn't still be in that right now."

"Yeah, I gotta thank and pay her back for that later."

"Brothers of the White Fang, why are you working with this human?!" Both blond boys looked down to see Blake forgo stealth and take a hostage. They both jumped down to help.

Roman entered his apartment exhausted. Those dumb kids know how to put up a good fight as much as interfere with his plans. He did learn something though.

"Hey Neo," Roman called as he entered the room. Neo just waved without looking at him, part of the downcast mood she'd have for a while now for an obvious reason.

"I had a little trouble with work today, nothing I couldn't handle but I did run into someone interesting today." Neo paid him no mind. "Tall, blonde hair, blue eyes… looked and sounded awfully familiar to the guy who stole Deadly Vanilla."

Neo was next to him instantly, giving him her full, undivided attention.

Beware Jaune, Neo's been dreaming of stabbing your kidneys.

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