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The forest, which had been been a majestic display of green just a few minutes ago, was being consumed by columns of hungry orange flames. It was almost like a rabid beast had started eating everything in it's path.

I tried to bring himself up but, once again, the strength left my legs in a flash.

It was too much... The thick black smoke was depriving me of the much needed oxygen and the scorching heat that was being produced by the blazing inferno around me was too much for me to endure.

I turned my head and took a glazed account of my surroundings.


A whole bunch of swords.

They were everywhere. Many of them were sticking out of the ground and trees, but most of them were lying on the ground like littered garbage. Some were producing faint traces of electricity or wind, while others were producing water or ice (which was evaporating the instant it was produced).

Some were missing hilts, some were missing blades, some had half a blade or half a hilt left, and some were just completely shattered from hilt to blade. The only detail that they all shared with each other was the fact that there was not a single sword that had not been broken in some way.

I lifted my head up.

A man.

My vision was fading and my eyes were become more and more clouded by tears but I was still sure enough... There was a black haired man standing in front me who was holding his right hand over my stomach.

An unholy black color started emanating from the black haired man's hand and suddenly-!

"Gh-GHAAAAAA!" I screamed in pain.

It felt as if he had shoved his limbs inside my stomach and was trying to rip out the organ with his bare hands.

I had no strength, so I could not move to stop him; That's why, I screamed.

I screamed and screamed but the black haired man did not stop.

Eventually, my voice became hoarse and I could no longer even scream.

But the pain did not stop. Instead, the pain actually got worse.

Before, it felt like he was trying to rip out my stomach, but now... now it felt like he was actually succeeding.

Desperately, I tried to think of my predicament, but the pain was too unbearable for me to actually focus.

'Wh-what should I do?'

'Three years,' A deep voice resonated from within me.

I don't know why, but I felt a sense of comfort invade my pain-ridden body as I heard that voice.

'I can give you only three years at most,' The voice informed calmly, 'If you don't manage to find me before three years have passed...then you will surely die.'

I had so many questions.

Who did I have find?

Why would I die if I didn't find this person before three years had passed?

What was going on?

Where was I?

Why was I in so much pain?

Who was this black haired man in front of me?

All these questions swirled around inside of my mind but I couldn't muster up the strength to ask them.

I still tried anyway.

"Wh... Wha-"

Before I could say anything though, the pain reached even greater heights.

It was as though the black haired man had actually managed to rip out my stomach from its rightful position.

I gagged as I brought my face to the ground and screamed in pain again,


I breathed deeply.

The pain was fading.

But so was something else.

Something extremely important that I simply couldn't pinpoint.

I tried bringing my head up again in hopes of figuring the situation out but, at that exact moment, I felt my consciousness slipping away like water being poured out of a cup.


I mustered up my remaining willpower and brought my head up in a burst of last-ditch effort.

There, in front of me, was a rapidly growing monster that was forming out of red bubbles that looked like quite dangerous to touch. The monster turned its head to look at me and, as soon as I saw its snout, I felt a curious feeing of familiarity.

I reached my hand out towards it but it simply gave me a vulpine grin and turned its head away.

Before I crashed to the ground again and lost my final shred of consciousness, I was sure...

Sure that the monster in front of me had exactly nine tails.

Naruto groaned as he slowly opened his eyes before he reflexively closed them again in order to protect them from the sun. He tried to bring his hand up to cover his eyes, but, for some reason, they would not respond.

'Wh-where am I?' He asked himself, 'And what the hell was that weird vision? It felt way too real to be a dream.'

He tried to move his arms again and was met with the same result,

"Ugh," He grunted, "What the hell is going on?"

Suddenly, he heard a gasp from his right, and he wasn't sure since his eyes were still closed, but the gasp sounded pretty feminine.

"Um, can you please close the curtains or something?" Naruto asked with a wince, "I would close them myself but I can't really move right now."

"O-oh, I'm so sorry!" The mystery person apologized; if Naruto were to guess, then he would have to say that the person sounded like a girl just below her teens, "I'll close them right away!"

Naruto heard the sounds of shuffling and the above him him before the glare from the sun disappeared.

He grinned and opened his eyes, "Thanks."

The person standing above him, a brown haired young girl with chubby features, shyly smiled back,

"I-it was no problem, Naruto-sama."

Naruto's grin widened internally, 'No matter how many times I hear it, it still feels awesome to know that everyone out there knows my name as the hero of the Fourth Great Shinobi World.'

His eyes, now free of the sun's assault, roved around in order determine his location.

It was a simple place. The entire room was made out of wooden logs that made it seem like some winter resort and the entire place was empty except for the clean white bed that he was lying on at the moment. The bed was located at the spot furthest away from the door, which just happened to be right underneath a window. All in all, a pretty decent place.

"Naruto-sama," The young girl called out gravely, bringing the blonde haired boy out of his thoughts, "My name is Christy Almanez and I know that this must be very shocking and disheartening but please... believe what I'm going to say."

Naruto raised an eyebrow in confusion, "Ok...? Go ahead."

Christy nodded determinedly, "The truth of the matter is... you've been in a coma for about two years now."


Naruto's eyes widened exponentially.

It took him moment before he could muster up his voice again, "Wh-what? S-seriously, stop with the jokes," he grinned nervously, "Th-there's no way that can be true right?"

Christy sadly gazed down at the shocked boy, "I'm sorry, Naruto-sama, but all of this is true. Su-chan told me tell you this when you woke up, 'I've been keeping your body from de-dete-deteriorating with magic, but it will still take about five minutes for you to be able to move again.' She also told me to take you to her when you're finally able to move."

Naruto trembled as he tried to process all this new information, 'Wh-what? Why? I don't understand! Kurama could've easily woken me up! Wait... How could I forget? Kurama!'

He closed his eyes and delved into his mindscape.

"OI, KURAMA!" He called out.


No one answered back.

Naruto raised an eyebrow as a pit of dread began to form in his stomach.



Once again, nothing responded to his call.

The pit of dread grew a bit larger.

Curiously, he made his way to the place where the seal that held Kurama used to be. Only... instead of Kurama, he found an odd orb floating in Kurama's place.

The pit of dread continued to expand.

He walked towards the orb and reached his hand out to touch it.


It was a vision. To be specific, it was the same dream that he'd seen just before he had woken up.

Still... it raised more questions than it answered.

'Was that a memory? My memory? Why is thing here instead of Kurama? Why have I been in a coma for the last two years? What the hell happened!? GAH, I CAN'T FIGURE ANYTHING OUT!'

"Naruto-sama?" A voice called out from the outside, snapping him out of his frenzy and dispelling the expanding pit of dread, "I think five minutes have passed by now."

Naruto willed himself back to consciousness before he responded to her statement with a smile and brought himself up,

"Yeah, looks like that Su-chan of yours was right."

With a little bit of Christy's help, Naruto managed to get himself off the bed. It took a few seconds to steady himself but, once again with Christy's help, he managed to succeed.

Suddenly, the entrance to the room opened once again and a brown haired middle aged man with a goatee walked in,

"Christy, who are you talking with- NARUTO-SAMA!?"

"A-ah, hello," Naruto greeted, quite taken aback by the man's reaction.

"H-HELLO, NARUTO-SAMA!" The man greeted back, unable to keep his voice down. Tears started out of his eyes, "M-my name is Alfred Almanez, I'm the father of little Christy there. I-I have to say... I'm so glad... so glad that you're finally awake, Naruto-sama!"

Naruto grinned in response and abashedly rubbed the back of his head. The situation may have been unexpected and weird but this man had turned out to be a surprisingly nice guy,

"Hehe, thanks. Glad to be finally awake. But he way, your daughter told me that when I woke up, I had to go meet someone called Su-chan? Can you-?"

Alfred thumped his chest proudly, "Not to worry, Naruto-sama! I'll take you to her right away! ...It's probably best if you get changed though."

Naruto looked down and noticed that he was garbed in only a hospital gown.

"Ah, I didn't even notice. Do you have anything that I can wear?"

"There's nothing to worry on that front either, Naruto-sama! I have just the clothes for you!" Alfred assured as he rushed off.

Naruto's grin widened, "Thanks!"

"I gotta say, I like your style!" Naruto complimented as he followed Alfred down the street.

The reason for the compliment was the clothes that he had been given. An orange hoodie, blue jeans, and grey sneakers to top the entire thing off.

He was mainly talking about the orange hoodie.

"Of, course!" Alfred said as he proudly thumped his chest again, "We prepared that especially for you! The Orange Demon must wear orange after all!"

Naruto raised an eyebrow, 'Orange Demon? I didn't know that that was one of my nicknames...'

"Here we are!" Alfred loudly announced, snapping Naruto out of his thoughts.

"A hospital?"

The building in front of Naruto was modestly sized but the clean white exterior, large red cross, and the distinct smell of antiseptics made it abundantly clear that this place was a hospital.

Alfred nodded, "Yes. Susan is an incredibly skilled healer but her name is largely unknown since all she does these days is manage this hospital."

Naruto stretched his arms, resulting in several satisfying 'pops', before he grinned, "Well? What are we waiting for? Let's go!"

Alfred politely rapped on the door labeled as, 'Susan's Office'.

"Come in!" A feminine voice called out from inside.

Alfred opened the door and allowed Naruto enter before entering himself and closing the door behind him.

The room looked pretty simple. The walls were white and the only noticeable parts of the room were the window and desk located at the end of the room and the large grey couch facing the desk.

Once inside, Naruto caught sight of Susan sitting behind her desk and took a moment to take in her features. She seemed to be about the same age as Alfred, and, other than her white hair, seemed to look pretty much like an average forty to forty-five year old woman.

"Oi, Oba-san, I don't know if you've noticed or not, but your hair's kinda turned all white," Naruto pointed out as his greeting.

Susan's eye twitched, "I was born with this hair color, you brat."

Alfred laughed, "Haha! I can vouch for that! Susan and I have been friends ever since we were mere babes and I know it's surprising, but she actually was born with white hair!"

Naruto and Alfred took a seat on the couch opposite of her desk and chair, "That so? Well whatever, let's get to the point. Why'd you call me here, Su-chan?"

Susan raised an eyebrow, "Su-chan...? Ah, must be because of little Christy. I guess I should formally introduce myself, my name is Susan Riethard." She walked towards Naruto and stuck out her had, "Pleasure to meet you."

Naruto grinned as he shook her hand, "Heh, nice to meet you. My name is-"

Susan held up her free hand and interrupted him, "I already know who you are, Naruto Scarlet-san."

Naruto's eye subtly twitched, 'Oi, you're a little off there, Su-chan. It's Uzumaki, not Scarlet.'

Susan let go off his hand and went back to her desk, "I'm sure that you have many questions, so please go ahead and ask away. We'll try to answer to the best of our ability."

Naruto's grin disappeared and a grave frown took its place, "Let's get straight to the point. Christy said that I've been in a coma for two years?"

Susan nodded, "That's completely true. It's been two years since Christy found you on the verge of death at the edge of our village. I-"

"Wait," Naruto interrupted as he held up his hand, "On the verge of death? Can you guys please give me the entire story?"

"Of course!" Alfred answered enthusiastically before the air around him turned solemn, "It went something like this. It was night and I was suddenly awoken by a large amount of smoke..."

Alfred quickly threw on his clothes, secured a thin cloth over Christy's mouth and nose, and rushed outside to see see what exactly was going on.

He looked to the West and spotted an orange glow coming from the distance and a column of thick black smoke heading towards them.

Alfred narrowed his eyes, 'That way is... Daffodil forest...'

He felt Christy's quivering little hand tug on his arm, "Daddy, we're going to be okay right?"

Alfred gave his daughter a wide grin, "No need to worry, Christy. Papa's always here to protect you!"

Christy responded with a grin of her own, her fear almost completely dispelled by now.

A large commotion coming from the West end of the village caught his attention.

"Let's go, Christy!" Alfred exclaimed.

"Mm!" Christy determinedly nodded back.

Together, the father and daughter duo made their way through the streets of their small village and reached the West end in no time. Almost all the villagers were there and they were all staring at the orange glow in the distance.

"John!" Alfred called out as walked up to the group. Since Tenberry village was so small, everybody knew each other here, "What's going on!?"

John, a nondescript black haired forty year old man, looked back at the call of his name and caught sight of Alfred walking up to him, "Alfred! I don't know why, but Daffodil forest is on fire! It looks like the fire's about to die down soon but there's still a lot of smoke heading towards us!"

"Calm down!" Susan's loud voice echoed throughout the entire group, "Very rarely does the wind actually come towards us from the West! This, just now, was of those rare moments! All we have to do is suffer through a little bit of that smoke, and the wind will probably blow all that smoke back to the other side in no time!"

The group chattered among themselves,

"Oh yeah..."

"heh how could I forget?"

"Man, Susan-chan is so cool!"

"I was panicking so badly there!"

And finally the nervous air calmed down as the citizens of the village came to their senses.

"By the way, Alfred," John said, snapping Alfred out of his thoughts, "You didn't bring Christy with you?"

Alfred raised an eyebrow, "What're you talking about? Christy's right... here... WHERE'S CHRISTY!?"

The place that Christy had been occupying mere minutes ago was now completely empty.

Frantically, Alfred searched around, trying to catch sight of his daughter. Unable to spot her in the crowd, he started calling out to her,


The villagers heard his yell and started talking amongst themselves,

"Eh, Christy's lost?"

"Ah, that naughty child..."

"We should help Alfred search for her."


the group spread out and the air was filled with yells of 'CHRISTY!'. Alfred hopped over the fence which surrounded the village and tried to desperately search outside the village's boundary in case Christy had made her over the fence and had gotten lost in the dark,

"CHRISTY!" He tried again.

Suddenly, a voice called out from his left, "I FOUND HER!"

Alfred's head snapped up as he rushed over to the place where he'd heard the sound come from.

When he finally got there, he found most of the village crowding around a specific point. He hurriedly pushed through the crowd before he finally managed to make his way to his precious daughter.

He quickly scooped her up in a large hug, "Don't scare me like that Christy! You shouldn't run away like that!"

Christy cutely tilted her head, "Sorry, daddy, but I really want to see what that was."

She twisted her body in his arms to look the other way and pointed in front of her.

Curiously, Alfred put the young girl down and looked towards where she was pointing.

There, lying in front of him was a blonde haired boy groaning in pain and covered in blood and gashes. The boy honestly looked less like a human and more like a ragged chew-toy.

Alfred blanched and covered his daughter's eyes, "I-is he dead?"

"No," Susan answered as she made her way through the crowd and knelt down to examine the boy, "But he will be if we don't do something soon."

"Numerous third degree burns, numerous stab wounds through numerous vital organs, numerous broken bones, major impact to the skull, and much, much more," Susan finished for Alfred, "You were on the brink of death, yet... somehow, you managed to make it back. It still landed you in two year coma though."

"It was only after we had cleaned up your wounds that we finally recognized who you were, Naruto-sama!" Alfred said, "Consider this our thanks for saving us from the dark guild Devil Wings!"

Naruto raised an eyebrow, "Dark guild? Devil Wings?"

Alfred's eyes widened, "You do not remember Naruto-sama!? It was around four years ago-"

"Wait, Alfred," Susan interrupted, "Do you remember where Fiore is, Naruto-san?"

Alfred laughed, "Of course he does, Susan! Don't make fun of Naruto-sa-"

"No," Naruto answered, "I have no idea what this Fiore thing is."

Susan grimaced, "What about Earthland?"

Naruto shook his head, "I have no idea what that is either."

Alfred's jaw dropped open, "N-Naruto-sama, could it be that you have lost your memories!?"

Susan clicked her tongue, "Tsk, I was afraid of this..."

Naruto narrowed his eyes, 'What is she talking about? Fiore? Earthland? Dark guild? Devil Wings? Come to think of it, Christy mentioned that this Oba-san healed me with magic. Not chakra, magic. The last thing I remember is saying bye to Sasuke before he left for is journey of repentance... If I want answers, then I have to dig deeper...'

"Hey, Oba-san, can you please get me a map of this country and a map of this world?" Naruto asked, 'If I'm right, then...'

Susan reached into her drawer and spread out two maps in front of her, "Here, The one at your left is the map of Fiore and the one at your right is the map of Earthland."

Naruto walked towards the two maps and examined them,

'Like I thought... this isn't the Elemental Nations nor can I find it anywhere on the map. Something's wrong though... If this is a different world, then why do these people know my name? It's best if I say that I have memory loss. These people remember me, but I don't really remember them so it's not exactly a lie.'

"I don't remember any of this," Naruto informed the other two people in the room.

Susan sighed before her eyes sharpened, "You can leave now, Alfred. I'll take it from here."

Alfred nodded, "Okay! Please take good care of Naruto-sama, Susan. Goodbye!"

With that, he left the room.

The two remaining people spent a few seconds in silence before Naruto opened his mouth and asked a question which had been bugging him ever since he had heard Alfred's story,

"Were you the one who healed me, Oba-san?"

Susan sharply nodded, "Yes. I can't heal with my magic, but I did have the power to keep your body in shape and your muscles from deteriorating. That's why you can walk so quickly after being on a bed for two years straight. You were still kept in Alfred's house most of the time though."

Naruto smiled widely as he gave the white haired woman a bow, "Thank you. Thank you for taking care of me. I seriously don't know where I'd be without you."

He raised his head and took a seat on the sofa again.

Susan shook her hand, "Don't thank me yet. I may have saved your life but, and I don't know why, but your magic core has completely disappeared. You no longer have the ability to use magic. I know that there are many mages that can't bear to live without their magic."

Naruto shook his head, "Nah, at least I'm alive. That matters way more than magic."

'Plus,' He added in his head, 'I don't even ever remember using magic or whatever, and my chakra's completely fine too, so I don't really care what happens to my "magic".'

"Naruto Scarlet-san..." Susan called out gravely, "I know that Alfred idolizes you for saving our village, but... I absolutely can't agree with your methods."

Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"You attacked dark guilds regardless of their circumstance, and not only that, but you also used to attack light guilds that everyone knew should be dark but didn't have the evidence to prove it," Susan continued, "You never killed any of the illegal mages, but the way you attacked them... most of those illegal mages almost died from life-threatening injuries. I know that you don't remember doing any of these things but... you're still the same person, even if you don't remember."


Naruto remained silent.

"But... you're still my patient and you still saved my village. Even though you're an S-ranked criminal, I still-"

"I'm a what!?" Naruto yelled.

Susan raised an eyebrow at his reaction, "A criminal? Why are you acting so shocked-" Realization dawned on her face, "Oh riiiiight... I forgot to tell you, you're an S-ranked wanted criminal known as the Orange Demon. Most of the world thinks you're dead though."

Naruto put his hands on his head and sunk to the floor, "I-I'm a wanted criminal? I'm so freakin' screwed! What do I do!? AHHHHHHH!"

Susan watched silently as the blonde haired boy's frantic yells increased in pace and intensity before suddenly, she covered her mouth and giggled.

'I had though that I would meet with some kind of heartless monster obsessed with his own sense of justice based on Naruto-san's reputation, but... he doesn't seem like such a bad person now that I take a good look at him.'

"...And, uh, sorry for having a giant panic attack in your room," Naruto apologized, bathed in the red light of evening.

Susan smiled and shook her head, "No need to worry, Naruto-san. I can imagine how you're feeling right now."

"I still can't believe that I'm a wanted criminal," Naruto murmured before his mood brightened up a bit, "At least they put me in S-class. Heh, just goes to show exactly how awesome I am.

"Actually, you're known as one of the weakest S-class mages ever, Naruto-san," Susan informed.

Naruto flinched, "S-seriously?"

Susan nodded.

"Damn it."

'They said that I've been in a coma for two years, but I'm still in my seventeen year old body, not to mention I have both arms again,' Naruto analyzed as he wandered the extremely rural streets of Tenberry. The roads weren't paved and the technology was limited to lighting and the like, but the people still seemed pretty happy here.

'I guess that means that my body was fifteen when it went into a coma. What happened two years ago?'

Suddenly the vision sprang in his mind again. Specifically, the part where Kurama left him his warning.

'If you don't manage to find me before three years have passed...then you will surely die.'

'What was that vision anyway?' Naruto asked himself, 'Could that be a memory from the me in this world? Come to think of it, why am I not dead yet? With Kurama gone, I should be dead by now. Did Kurama do something? Nah, even if he did, I still wouldn't be able to survive long without him in my gut... or maybe, that's why he warned me! If I'm right, then that means that I only have one year left to find him since I wasted the other two years on a bed! Crap! I've gotta hurry!'

He spun around and started running to edge of the village, only to stop in his tracks again,

'Wait, I gotta think this through... if I want to find Kurama, then I have to at least have the basic information about this world. It's probably best if I asked Oba-san. She seemed like she knew a lot.'

With his plan set and his resolve hardened, Naruto made his way back to the hospital.

"Whoa!" Lucy exclaimed in surprise at the huge guild in front of her.

"Yep, Welcome to Fairy Tail!" Natsu welcomed with a wide grin.

"Aye, sir!" Happy added.

Author's Note - I know that I'm also doing 'I Don't Need Chakra To Win!' at the same time, but, for some reason, my interest shifted back into Fairy Tail again. The story and ending were kinda disappointing but the world and characters that Hiro Mashima has created is amazing. That's why I decided to come back to this franchise. Now, this does not mean that I'm abandoning 'I Don't Need Chakra To Win!', I've already created the entire storyline for that story so I'm not going to abandon it anytime soon. Keep in mind though, the storyline for 'I Don't Need Chakra To Win!' was completely planned out, but it's not the same for this story. I have the basic story for 'I'm A Wanted Criminal!?' but most of the events taking place in this story will be stuff that I came up with on the spot.

PS - I tried my hand at writing in first person but I can't really tell whether I did good or bad.

PPS - The OCs are not going to play a major role in this story.