An Ocean Between Us
Epilogue Three

April 18, 1912
A Taste of Tomorrow

Kiss me Madge had thought once not so long ago (though it felt like centuries) while standing on the deck of the greatest ship the world had ever seen. The stars had been bright that night, the salt air teasing her skin and kiss me she thought again, standing now on a rain soaked pier with slowly melting ice in her blood. Gale had not kissed her then but he kissed her now, his fingers soft on her cheeks, his mouth hot with relief. Madge collapsed into him, their bodies folding into one and for a moment, as short and quick as the spaces between her heartbeats, she glowed.

She knew, of course, that the pain would come again; the scars Titanic had left her ran much too deep for any kiss or touch of Gale's to heal. But as he held her, as she held him, the sharp edges of her pain softened, smoothed, at least for a little while and maybe, just maybe, there was something a little like hope burning in her heart.

"I love you," he breathed into her lungs and "I love you too," she swore, the words falling from her tongue to his.

There was a tragedy inside of her, inside all of them, and the taste of blood still hot between her teeth, but still, for this moment, warm and sweet and fragile, the world felt just a little brighter.

you really are my dream come true

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