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Turn 1

The unknown reason; You Show crisis!

"I'm closing the school"


Hiiragi Shuzo lowered his head. "I said: I'm closing the school. I'm sorry, but there aren't any reasons to keep the school opened."

"No, Hiiragi-san! You can't do that!" shouted Ayu in protest as Tatsuya and Futoshi next to her nodded.

"Why are you even doing this?" Tatsuya asked.

Shuzo's eyes darkened as he stayed silent.

"Is it... because of Yuya and Yuzu?" asked Futoshi.

The tension rose at the said words. Some days passed since Sakaki Yuya and Hiiragi Yuzu disappeared from Maiami City.

It happened after LDS came and challenged You Show Duel School putting the school in danger. The next day, Sakaki Yoko noticed the disappearance of her son: it was strange that Yuya would leave the house without having breakfast, but even more strange he didn't say a word he was leaving in the first place.

Yoko assumed he was with his friends, but as a mother, she was worried about him. So she called him various times, but nobody picked up. Yoko started becoming more worried second by second, so she called Shuzo to see if her son was with the latter's daughter.

She was revealed when Shuzo answered her call, but widen her eyes when Shuzo told her that Yuzu was too missing, and he was thinking Yuzu was with Yuya all along, and that she too wasn't answering calls.

The two weren't at You Show, nor with Sora, nor with the three kids, or even with Gongenzaka. The two parents quickly called the police for investigation, but not even the authority managed to find Yuya or Yuzu. They said they would contact them if something comes up.

"Yes," Shuzo answered after some seconds. "With Yuzu gone, I don't see why to keep the school."

Sora raised an eyebrow "I don't understand principal; and how would closing the school help you, no us in any way?" he asked as Gong nodded.

"I, the man Gongenzaka, may not be part of the school, but I know this: nor Yuya or Yuzu would want you to close the school," the Steadfast Duelist said firmly.

Shuzo slightly widens his eyes at the name of her daughter and lowers his head.

Yoko placed a hand on his shoulder, making Shuzo raise his head to look her in the eyes "Nor even Yusho" she added.

Shuzo lowered his head again and as he opened his mouth to say something, the doors of You Show opened "Good afternoon" a voice said.

The gang looked towards the entrance and were met by a fourteen year old male with long spiked hair which came down in a purple ponytail. It was mostly blond, but with purple bangs over his right eye. He wore a purple scarf, which wrapped around his neck. He donned a black ninja outfit with purple lines. He had black shoes and a black necklace with an orb in which a skull-like crest could be seen.

"Is this You Show Duel School?" he asked as his green (right) and purple (left) eye gazed at his surroundings.

Shuzo nodded "Y-yes. What's the problem?"

The male smiled as he closed his eyes "I'd like to enroll in this school. I'd like to talk with the principal if possible."

Shuzo nodded "I see. I'm the principal of the school; but I'm really sorry, I was planning on closing the school" he explained.

The male's eyes became confused. "Ah, I see. How disappointing; I really wanted to enroll here. No problem, I'll just have to find another duel school then" he sighed.

"Excuse me, but I'm guessing from your attire that you're a ninja or something; if that's the case, why don't you enroll in a ninja school?" Sora asked.

The male smiled again. "You guessed correctly; I am a ninja. But after seeing the duel of Sakaki Yuya who studies at this school, I became really interested in trying what this duel school offers: I want to see if I have the potential to become Entertainment Duelist" he stated, "Oh sorry! I'm Ryu, Fajī Ryu. Nice to meet all of you."

"Really!? You're a ninja!?" Tatsuya asked with a glimpse of hope in his voice.

"Yes, I am" answered Ryu chuckling.

Ayu's eyes sparkled with excitement at that. "Hey mister, could you please have a duel with me?!"

Tatsuya and Futoshi nodded as they stood next to her "Me too!" they shouted in unison.

Ryu laughed a little "No need to call me mister, and yes; I accept the duel" he answered as he turned to Shuzo "If we are allowed to, principal?" he asked. The three kids glared at Shuzo, and latter nodded "I... guess..."

"Hooray!" they shouted as they grabbed Ryu's hand and started dragging him. They dragged him in a big dome-shaped room, and all Ryu walked to the opposite side of the three kids.

"We're going to have a Battle Royal: none of us can attack or draw on our first turn. Is this ok for you?" Ryu asked and the three nodded in response. "Since I came up with the rules, I'll have you decide the Field," Ryu told.

"Thank you!" Ayu, Tatsuya, and Futoshi thanked in unison and looked at each other as they nodded. They raised their arm in the air "Action Field On! Field Spell: Plain Plain!" they shouted in unison. Sora who was in the Control Room smiled as he pressed a button on the controller "Roger that!" he told.

The room soon changed into a grass field, while the four duelists stood on a round circle of plain rocks which was circled by water. Sora ran back to the spectator area, where Shuzo, Himika, and Gong were already watching. Ryu, Ayu, Tatsuya, and Futoshi all activated their duel disks and drew their initial hand.

The four duelists smiled at each other. "Duelists locked in battle!" started Ayu chanting.

"Kicking against the earth and dancing in the air alongside their monsters!" continued Futoshi as he took hold of Ayu's left hand.

"They storm through the field!" added Futoshi as he did the same on the right side.

"Behold, this is the newest and greatest evolution of dueling!" Ryu said as he spun around the three and raised his hands in the air behind them.

"Action... DUEL" they shouted while cards scattered above them.

Ryu - LP 4000


Ayu - LP 4000


Tatsuya - LP 4000


Futoshi - LP 4000

"I'll be going first," Ryu declared. "From my hand, I activate the Field Spell Card Waterfall of the Water Lord!"

Upon activation, the Action Field got flooded with water as behind Ryu a large waterfall formed from below his feet.

"When this card is activated, I can add any Miseria or Joker named monster from my deck to my hand; so with this effect, I'll add my ace monster, Water Lord of Judgment - Miseria to my hand!" Ryu explained as a card ejected from his deck and he placed it in his hand.

"I never knew you can activate an additional Field Spell when Action Dueling." Ayu discovered.

"Well, now we know!" Futoshi laughed embarrassed.

"Now I activate the Spell Card Ancient Rules which enables me to Special Summon a Level five or higher Normal Monster from my hand," Ryu continued. "Lord who passes judgment upon evil souls, Water Lord of Judgment - Miseria come forth!"

A human figure burst out the waterfall as it took a fighting stance above Ryu. It had light, aqua colored hair with yellow bangs that cover its right eye, and two yellow bangs which extended towards the back of its head as horns. Miseria had two purple tattoos under its matching purple eyes. It was clad in black and silver armor from neck to toe, it had different blue orbs attached to its wrists and feet on its armor. It had a cape made of water around its back which constantly flowed with water. Miseria gave a gentle but cold smile as it hovered beside its trusty owner.

Water Lord of Judgment - Miseria (LV 7 - ATK/2500 - DEF/2000 - Fiend - WATER)

"Whoaaa, how cool!" Tatsuya breathed out in awe.

"His ace is a Normal Monster?" Sora asked surprized and confused at the same time.

Ryu chuckled. "Due to my Field Spell's other effect, my Miseria gains an extra 500 Attack and Defense Points."

W. L. of J. - Miseria (ATK/2500 + 500 = 3000 - DEF/2000 + 500 = 2500)

"I set one card and end my turn," Ryu said as a card materialized on his field before vanishing.

Futoshi grinned as stepped forward. "I'm up next! From my hand I activate Doodle Magic Portal: this spell lets me Special Summon one Doodle Beast monster from my hand" he explained. "So I special summon Doodle Beast - Ptero!"

A hand-drawn pterosaur formed on his field. The dinosaur was a dark brown color with yellow membranes and green eyes. It also had a white border around it, making it look like it was cut out of a sketch book.

Doodle Beast - Ptero (LV 4 - ATK/1400 - DEF/1800 - Dinosaur - EARTH - Effect)

"Next, I normal summon another Doodle Beast - Ptero from my hand!" Futoshi told as he placed another card on his blade. A new stegosaur formed next to the previous one and both gave a loud screech.

Doodle Beast - Ptero (LV 4 - ATK/1400 - DEF/1800 - Dinosaur - EARTH - Effect)

"You can't attack other monsters than Stego, with two, that means you can't attack either one!" Futoshi informed.

Gong nodded from behind the window. "Alright; he built up a strong defense."

Ayu gave a thumbs up to her teammate. "Nice plan, Futoshi!" she complimented, making Futoshi place a hand behind his neck.

"To, the truth, I got this idea from Yuya-oniichan when he dueled Sawatari" he admitted.

Tatsuya smiled "Oh yeah; Yuya-oniichan used the same strategy with Block Spider!" he remembered.

Himika smiled. "Yuya... you left something precious to these kids before you left..." she thought as an image of a smiling Yuya flashed in her mind. "My son..." she whispered.

"I'll end my turn; you're up Ayu!" Futoshi said to Ayu who nodded.

"Boku no turn!" she declared her turn. "First I'll set the stage up: I activate the Continous Spell, Aquarium Set!" she said as she swiped the card in her duel disk.

The water around the circle erupted, engorging everything. Behind Ayu a giant white castle appeared, making it look as if a stage was under all the water. Ayu smiled wider as she swiped another card in her deck "Next, I activate another Continous Spell: Aquarium Lighting!" she announced as sparkling water bubbles appeared all around her.

"Now that my stage is set, I normal summon Aquaactress Tetra from my hand!" she told as she placed a card on her blade. The doors of her castle opened, and from it, a blue fish swam out. Aquaactress Tetra wore a red attire and it smirked as it took off its cyan hat and bowing to Ayu.

Aquaactress Tetra (LV 1 - ATK/300 - DEF/300 - Fish - WATER - Effect)

"With the effect of Aquarium Set, my Tetra gains a total of 600 attack and defense points" Ayu stated.

Aquaactress Tetra (ATK/300 + 600 = 900 - DEF/300 + 600 = 900)

"I activate the effect of Tetra: once per turn, I'm allowed to add any type of Aquarium named card from my deck to my hand" she explained as a card ejected from her deck, and she took hold of it.

Ayu showed the card to Ryu. "So I add Aquarium Stage to my hand which I'll activate!" around the castle, more underwater features formed, giving it a much more exotic appearance.

"With Aquarium Lighting whenever an Aquaactress monster battles a monster, I can double its Attack and Defence Points; with Aquarium Stage, my Aquaactress can't be destroyed by a Non-WATER monster and are unaffected by monster effects!" Ayu explained. "I end my turn; you're up Tatsuya!"

Tatsuya nodded at her. "Right! I normal summon Silver Gadget!" he announced. A silver metallic orb formed as it transformed into a robot with a glowing orb in the center of its body.

Silver Gadget (LV 4 - ATK/1500 - DEF/1000 - Machine - LIGHT - Effect)

"When normal or special summoned, Silver Gadget allows me to summon another Level four Machine-type monster from my hand; so I special summon Yellow Gadget!" Tatsuya explained.

Next to Silver Gadget, a yellow robot with some silver gadgets appeared next to it. Yellow Gadget's green eye flashed.

Yellow Gadget (LV 4 - ATK/1200 - DEF/1200 - Machine - EARTH - Effect)

"When normal or special summoned, Yellow Gadget allows me to add Green Gadget to my hand from my deck!" Tatsuya explained as a card ejected from his deck.

Tatsuya placed it in his hand before injecting a different one in his duel disk. "I place on face down and end my turn" he finished.

"All of them are at a good start" muttered Sora as he licked a lollipop.

"Since this is my second turn, I can draw from now on," Ryu told as he took hold of the top card of his deck between his fingers "Watashi no turn!" he declared drawing.

Ryu narrowed his eyes "I see all of you are going all out, hm?" he said as he smirked. "It would be only fair if I do the same," he told as he took a card from his hand between his fingers and showed it to the kids.

"I equip Miseria with his personal weapon, Rod of the Water Lord!" a long staff formed between Miseria's hands: the rod had a blue color, with a gold pointy tip. "A monster equipped with this Equip Spell gains the ability to attack an additional time after an attack on an opponent's monster."

Ayu took a step back. "It has 3000 Attack Points and it can attack twice?!" she asked shocked.

"Battle! Miseria, attack Yellow Gadget with Nereus Stream!" Ryu called out as his monster nodded. Miseria pointed its staff towards Yellow Gadget as the water from the waterfall exploded and headed towards said monster.

"Not so fast!" Tatsuya called out. "I activate my Trap Card, Negate Attack which will not only negate your attack but end your Battle Phase too!"

A transparent barrier formed around the blue haired male, protecting him from the attack.

"That Ryu is a really strong person" Gong noted.

"I end my turn."

"It's my turn again! Ore no turn, draw!" Futoshi shouted drawing. He smiled at the card, happy with what he got. "This monster can be Advance Summoned by tributing only one Doodle Beast monster; so I tribute Doodle Beast - Stego in order to Advance Summon this monster!"

Doodle Beast - Stego vanished as a giant green T-rex took its place "Level 8; Doodle Beast - Tyranno!" Futoshi yelled as Doodle Beast - Tyranno roared as flames shot out its mouth. This monster also had a childish appearance along with white borders around it.

Doodle Beast - Tyranno (LV 8 - ATK/2400 - DEF/1200 - Dinosaur - EARTH - Effect)

"Alright! It's Futoshi's Ace Monster!" cheered Ayu.

Futoshi extended his hand forward. "When Tyranno is Advanced Summoned, it can target one of my opponent's monsters and destroy it along with adding its attack points to its own!"

"If this goes through then Ryu-kun will lose!" Tatsuya told.

"Reverse card open!" Ryu declared. "Defensive Arts of the Water Lord will protect my Miseria from battle and card effect destruction until the end of this turn!"

The artwork of the Trap showed Miseria protecting itself from a giant lightning behind a barrier of water. The waterfall behind Miseria exploded again as the water formed a barrier in front of the Water Lord, protecting it from the Tyranno's loud roar.

Futoshi gritted his teeth. "Since his monster wasn't destroyed, Tyranno won't gain its Attack Points... there's nothing else I can do; I end my turn by placing my Ptero into Defense Mode."

"Boku no turn!" shouted Ayu drawing her card and exchanged it with one in her hand "I tribute my Tetra in order to summon my own ace monster! Advance Summon! Level 6: Aquaactress Arowana!"

Aquaactress Tetra gave a last bow before vanishing as Ayu's ace monster took the stage.

Aquaactress Arowana (LV 6 - ATK/2000 - DEF/2000 - Fish - WATER - Effect)

"And let's not forget the boost she gets due to my Continous Spell!" Ayu reminded.

Aquaactress Arowana (ATK/2000 + 600 = 2600 - DEF/2000 + 600 = 2600)

"Then I'll use her effect to add Aquaactress Star from my deck to my hand," Ayu stated. "Battle! Arowana will attack Miseria and with the effect of Aquarium Lightning, my Aquaactress's Attack and Defense Points are both doubled!"

Aquaactress Arowana (ATK/2600 x 2 = 5200 - DEF/2600 x 2 = 5200)

"Then I use the effect of Aquaactress Star in my hand!" Ayu continued. "When the Attack of an Aquaactress friend changes, by discarding Star, a monster my opponent controls loses the same amount!"

A ghostly figure of Star formed above Arowana. It was a yellow fish with blue eyes, wearing a green attire similar to the one Tetra wears. The Aquaactress Star's ghost washed over Miseria, who grunted in pain as its power decreased.

Aquaactress Star (LV 1 - ATK/100 - DEF/100 - Fish - WATER - Effect)

W. L. of J. - Miseria (ATK/3000 - 2600 = 400 - DEF/2500 - 2600 = 0)

"Arowana's Attack Points are 5200, while Ryu-kun's Miseria has 400..." Futoshi started.

"If this attack lands..." Tatsuya continued.

"Ryu will lose." Gong finished.

Aquaactress Arowana launched an attack of bubbles in Ryu's direction, but the long haired male was ready with a trap.

"I activate the effect of Defensive Arts of the Water Lord in the graveyard!" he announced.

"A trap from the graveyard?!" everybody shouted shocked.

"By banishing this card from the graveyard," Ryu explained. "Not only I protect Miseria from being destroyed, but all damage I would take is redirected to my opponent instead!"

The incoming bubbles were absorbed into Miseria's palm, leaving the Water Lord unharmed. The absorbed attack then got launched back towards Ayu, who got blown off her feet.

Ayu (LP 4000 - 4800 = 0)

"Ayu!" Futoshi and Tatsuya shouted worried as the red haired girl landed on the ground and the cards of her field dissolved.

"I'm... okay..." she muttered while slowly standing up to her feet.

"To think he had a trap set up like that..." Sora whispered astonished. "That guy's good!"

"Ayu planned to use the effect of Aquarium Lightning and Aquaactress Star in order to finish this duel in one hit... but Ryu managed to turn things around with a single trap from the graveyard and defeat one of his opponents during their own turn," Gong recapped. "This Ryu is really something."

"Sorry 'bout that," Ryu apologized. "I got carried away."

"No need to say that, Ryu-kun," Ayu quickly said, even if her voice was a little sad. "It took me by surprize, that's all."

Yukio could sense the sadness in Ayu for losing, so she shouted at the top of her lungs. "You were wonderful out there, Ayu! You were fired up to the max!"

"Yukio-san..." the little red haired girl muttered, shocked like everybody else.

"You were hot-blooded!" Yukio continued.

"Hot... blooded...?" parroted Shuzo. "Yeah... yeah she's right!" he also yelled. "You did great out there Ayu!"

Ayu smiled as she waved her hand at them. "Thank you! Yukio-san! Hiiragi-san!"

"No need to worry Ayu!" Tatsuya called out. "You did more than enough, leave the rest to me! My turn's up next! Draw!"

"Since Ayu's turn ended so does the effect of Aquaactress Star." Ryu reminded.

W. L. of J. - Miseria (ATK/400 = 3000 - DEF/0 = 2500)

"Even if it has 3000 Attack Points, I'm going to take it down!" Tatsuya vowed. "First, I tribute my Yellow Gadget in order to Advance Summon my own ace! Come forth! Level 6: Performachine Gadget Giant!"

Yellow Gadget vanished in light particles as a new machine, funky looking machine took its place. Peformachine Gadget Giant braced its robot arms as it stood beside its holder.

Performachine Gadget Giant (LV 6 - ATK/2300 - DEF/2000 - Machine - EARTH - Effect)

"Alright Tatsuya!" shouted Shuzo as he raised his fists into the air. "Take him down!"

"Understood, Hiiragi-san!" Tatsuya nodded. "And I've got just the card. I activate Gadget Connection from my hand! This spell lets me add the Attack Points of one Gadget monster in my graveyard to a monster on my field, at the cost of banishing it afterward. So I which Yellow Gadget to add its 1200 Attack Points to Silver Gadget!"

The Spell Card materialized in front of Tatsuya as it glowed. The artwork showed Green Gadget sparkling with electricity as the pieces of Red Gadget floated around it. Silver Gadget did the same as electricity sparkled all around it.

Silver Gadget (ATK/1500 + 1200 = 2700)

"Battle!" the blue hair declared, throwing his arm forward. "Gadget Giant, attack Miseria! And at this moment, its effect activates. When my Performachine battles a Special Summoned monster, at the start of the Damage Step, that monster is destroyed!"

True to his words, Miseria grunted in pain as Gadget Giant's gears in its body started rotating.

"Not so fast!" Ryu called out as he held a card from his hand. "I activate the effect of Ice Blade Joker in my hand! By discarding him and targeting my Miseria, he won't be able to be destroyed by battle and card effects this turn!"


"And since he wasn't destroyed, the battle resumes, meaning your Performachine is history!"

A ghostly form of Ice Blade Joker formed above Miseria. The monster had a humanoid monster wearing silver and light blue armor with long dark blue wings and horns made of ice. Its arms are 2 long scythes of ice and it wore a blue mask with red vertical slits. Ice Blade Joker's ghost vashed over Miseria who gained a blue aura around it. The Water Lord stood up as it threw its hand forward, and a spiky ball of ice materialized in front of it as it got launched at Gadget Giant which exploded upon contact with the ice.

Ice Blade Joker (LV 4 - ATK/300 - DEF/1000 - Fiend - WATER - Effect)

Tatsuya (LP 4000 - 700 = 3300)

"He was so close!" grunted Ayu.

Tatsuya looked over one card in his hand. "If Miseria would've been destroyed, Silver Gadget could've made a direct attack, and I've would've used the Limiter Removal I have in my hand to boost its Attack Points to 5400, more than enough to defeat Ryu-kun." he thought.

"First he uses a Trap Card to defend his monster, then a Trap from the graveyard to protect his Life Points, and finally a Monster effect from his hand to guard an incoming attack..." Gong narrowed his eyes. "I, the man Gongenzaka, never would've expected such moves."

"He didn't just protect his monster and Life Points," continued Sora. "But he also dealt damage to the opponent while playing defensive... this person... is dangerously skilled."

"I... set one card from my hand." Tatsuya finished as he set Limiter Removal. "I end my turn with that."

"Ware no turn!" Ryu shouted. "Dra "

Before he drew his card, Ryu heard a voice talking through the headphone hid in his ear.

"This is enough," the voice said. "Defeat them."

"Understood," Ryu whispered to the person on the other end. "Draw!"

"Why did he stop mid-draw?" Sora thought as he noticed the strange behavior of Ryu. "And what did he whisper for? Who is he talking to?"

"I activate the effect of Heat Blade Joker in my hand!" the long hair declared holding up a card in his hand. "By sending this guy to the graveyard from my hand, Miseria gains and extra 2500 Attack and 2000 Defense Points for this turn."

As Ryu slit the card in his graveyard, the ghostly figure of Heat Blade Joker formed above Miseria. The monster had a humanoid appearance just like Ice Blade Joker, but it was wearing white and red armor with long dark wings and horns made of fire. Its arms are 2 long scythes of flames and it wore a white mask with red vertical slits. Heat Blade Joker's ghost vashed over Miseria who gained a red aura around it.

Heat Blade Joker (LV 4 - ATK/1000 - DEF/300 - Fiend - FIRE - Effect)

W. L. of J. - Miseria (ATK/3000 + 2500 = 5500 - DEF/2500 + 2000 = 4500)

"It has an Attack of 5500 Points?!" Tatsuya asked shocked. "Even if I use Limiter Removal, Silver Gadget won't have enough Attack..."

"I'll follow that by activating the effect of Heat Blade Joker in the graveyard!" Ryu announced. "I equip him to my Miseria as an Equip Card. Battle! Miseria will attack Silver Gadget, and at the same time, I activate the final effect of Heat Blade Joker! When the equipped monster battles, in this case, Miseria, he will gain 1000 Attack Points!"

The red aura around Miseria intensified as the Water Lord extended its arm forward and flames gathered in its palm.

W. L. of J. - Miseria (ATK/5500 + 1000 = 6500)

"Action Magic!" Ryu called out as he swiftly grabbed an Action Card on the ground. "Bi-Attack! Miseria's Attack Points are doubled for this turn!"

W. L. of J. - Miseria (ATK/6500 x 2 = 13000)

"13000 Attack Points..." breathed Gong astonished.

Miseria launched the flames it held in its hand towards the Machine monster which shattered in light under the high heat. Tatsuya shielded himself with his arms, but nonetheless, he got blown off his feet as he landed next to Ayu.

Tatsuya (LP 3300 - 10300 = 0)

"Since the battle ended, Miseria loses the boost gained by Heat Blade Joker."

W. L. of J. - Miseria (ATK/13000 - 1000 = 12000)

"Due to the effect of Rod of the Water Lord equipped to Miseria, he can attack again!" Ryu called out, extending his arm forward. "Battle! Attack Doodle Beast - Ptero next! Nereus Stream!"

As Miseria charged another blast, Ryu grabbed another Action Card across the field with great speed.

"Action Magic, Victory Topping! Not only Miseria gains 600 Attack Points, but your monster is changed to Attack Mode!"

W. L. of J. - Miseria (ATK/12000 + 1000 + 600 = 13600)

Futoshi gasped as his Doodle Beast - Ptero shattered in light and he landed next to the other two kids.

Futoshi (LP 4000 - 12200 = 0)

Winner: Fajī Ryu

The cards on the fields disappeared as the duel ended, and Ryu gave a small bow.

"That was a great duel, everyone!" Shuzo exclaimed, smiling like all the others. "You did great out there kids!"

"You're really strong, Ryu-kun!" Ayu chuckled as she approached the said male. "Can you teach me to duel like you?"

"Eh! Me too!"

"Don't forget me!"

Ryu chuckled as he nodded to the three kids. "Of course."

"Well, you better teach all of us then!" Shuzo told as he placed his arm around Ryu's neck. "Because from now on you are part of You Show!"

"Thank you, Hiiragi-san!" Ryu thanked as he bowed.

"I should be the one thanked people," Shuzo protested. "Thanks to all of you, I remembered how important this school is! I can't close it because I'm sad over Yuzu's disappearance, but instead, I need to further support you guys in these dark times!"

"I bet Yuzu would've hit you with her paper fan for forgetting that." Sora joked, making everybody laugh, except Ryu.

"Paper fan?" he asked confused.

"It seems your plan worked, sir." a man in a suit said as he watched Ryu cheer with the You Show crew.

"Yes," another man said as he adjusted the glasses he was wearing. His eyes were hidden behind the reflection of the screen on which they were secretly watching over Ryu's actions. "Now we can discover more about the disappearance of Sakaki Yuya and Hiiragi Yuzu."

"That's why you hired Fajī Ryu in the first place, correct?"

"Of course. I installed a hidden camera in Ryu's duel disk so we can gather all information the You Show Duel School has, and the headphone in his ear so we can communicate with each other."

"But sir, if I may ask, why are you so worried about the disappearance of Sakaki Yuya and Hiiragi Yuzu? You even canceled the Maiami Championship and placed it one week ahead just because of that."

"They are two very important pieces in my plans, Nakajima. Sakaki is the progenitor of Pendulum Summon, and Hiiragi has the En Power stored within her bracelet, by what Sakaki Yusho-san told me before his own disappearance three years ago." the man explained as he laid back in his chair, revealing his purple eyes.

Nakajima nodded. "I see. Thank you for letting me now, Mr. Reiji. Should I contact Fujī to return back to the base so you can talk with him?"

"Yes, thank you, Nakajima." Reiji thanked as his assistant nodded.

"But what I'm more interested in..." Reiji thought as he narrowed his eyes. "Is the coincidence between the arrival of Ryu and the disappearance of Yuya and Yuzu..."

Unknown to him, from the shadows of LDS's Control Room, a sinister being was watching him. "Oh Reiji," the shadow chuckled evilly as its eyes glowed red. "You're so smart but equally idiot at the same time. When you're going to discover who the real enemy is, by that time your good as dead."

"Teaming up with Ryu is going to cost you your own life." the shadow laughed as it loomed behind Reiji.

A cold shiver ran on Reiji's back as he spun around in his chair, expecting to see somebody behind him. "Strange..." he muttered looking from left to right. "What was that... feeling..."

The shadow chuckled on the ceiling as it looked down at the confused business man. Its eyes flashed red before the creature dissolved into the air.

And that's it, everyone! The first chapter of this story is done.

I'm telling this now, this Fanfiction is going to be very different from the Anime because I have a lot of ideas for the next Arcs, but also because there is going to be NO Yu-boys and Yu-girls in the storyline.

But do not worry! I'm going to make random chapters with "what happened to the Yu-boys and Yu-girls and who is the culprit".

For today's OC: Fajī Ryu is a very friendly fellow as you can see, but there are a lot of secrets surrounding him. What is the connection between him and Reiji? What was that evil shadow talking about? You'll find the answers in the next chapters.

In the next chapter I'm planning on telling the backstory of Ryu, but also introduce a new OC into the fray.

In future chapters, I'm going to tell how Reiji and Yusho know about the En Power and the bracelets, so stay assured that all questions will be answered.

Now on with Ryu's deck: he uses a deck revolved around beatdown by raising the Attack Power of his ace monster, Water Lord of Judgment - Miseria, who is also a Normal Monster, so cards like Ancient Rule and Silver's Cry can come in handy.

The majority of his cards are based on Third Omni Water Lord, Miserea from Future Card Buddyfight and his buddy monster, Ice Blade Joker (Wich I also don't own).

Do you like the deck? Tell me what you think about it. I also took the chance to make some new cards for all the three kids: Ayu, Tatsuya, and Futoshi.

- Fanmade cards:

- Water Lord of Judgement, Miseria *LV 7 - ATK/2500 - DEF/2000 - Fiend - WATER*

Lore: He passes judgement on his enemy using purifying water attacks...

- Trivia: Based on the card "Third Omni Water Lord, Miserea" from Future Card Buddyfight.

- Rod of the Water Lord -Equip Spell-

Lore: Equip only to a "Miseria" or "Joker" monster. After the equipped monster attacked an opponent's monster, you can activate this effect: the equipped monster can attack again in a row. Banish this card from your GY: Send 1 "Arts of the Water Lord" card from your deck to the GY.

- Trivia: Based on the card "Staff of the Calm King, Rod of Miserea" from Future Card Buddyfight.

- Defensive Arts of the Water Lord -Normal Trap-

This turn, "Miseria" and "Joker" monsters you control can't be destroyed by battle or card effects, also, all battle damage you take this turn is reduced to 0. (Quick Effect) Banish this card from your GY: Target 1 "Miseria" or "Joker" monster you control; This turn, that monster can't be destroyed by battle, also, all battle damage and effect damage you would take this turn involving that monster is dealt yo your opponent instead.

- Trivia: Card invented by me.

- Ice Blade Joker *LV 4 - ATK/300 - DEF/1000 - Fiend - WATER - Effect*

Send this card from your hand to the GY and target 1 "Miseria" or "Joker" monster you control: This turn, that target can't be destroyed by battle or card effects. If this card is in your GY, except the turn this card was sent there, activate this effect: Add this card to your hand.

- Trivia: Based on the card "Ice Blade Joker" from Future Card Buddyfight.

- Heat Blade Joker*LV 4 - ATK/1000 - DEF/300 - Fiend - FIRE - Effect*

Send this card from your hand to the GY and target 1 "Miseria" or "Joker" monster you control: It gains 2500 ATK and 2000 DEF until the End Phase. During either player's turn, if this card is in your GY: Target 1 "Miseria" or "Joker" monster you control; Equip this card to that target. When a monster equipped with this card battles an opponent's monster: It gains 1000 ATK until the end of Damage Calculation.

- Trivia: Based on the card "Heat Blade Joker" from Future Card Buddyfight.

- Waterfall of the Water Lord-Field Spell-

When this card is activated: Add 1 "Miseria" or "Joker" monster, or "Arts of the Water Lord" card from your deck to your hand. All "Miseria" and "Joker" monsters you control gain 500 ATK and DEF. You can send this card from your Field Zone face-up to the GY: Add 1 "Arts of the Water Lord" card from your deck to your hand. Banish this card from your GY: Target 1 card you control that you can place a Mission Counter on; place 1 Mission Counter on it.

- Trivia: Card invented by me.

- Doodle Magic Portal -Normal Spell-

Special Summon 1 "Doodle Beast" monster from your hand.

- Trivia: Card invented by me. I thought this card would be a good edition to Futoshi's deck because his ace, Doodle Beast - Tyranno can be Tribute Summoned by using only one Doodle Beast, so activate this card to special summon any Doodle Beast from your hand, then you're ready to summon Tyranno.

- Doodle Beast - Ptero *LV 4 - ATK/1400 - DEF/1800 - Dinosaur - EARTH - Effect*

Your opponent cannot target other "Doodle Beast" monsters for attacks, except this one.

- Trivia: Card invented by me.

- Aquaactress Star *LV 1 - ATK/100 - DEF/100 - Fish - WATER - Effect*

When the ATK of an "Aquactress" monster on your side of the field changes, you can discard this card: Target 1 monster your opponent controls; It loses ATK and DEF equal to the changes in the ATK of that "Aquactress" monster.

- Trivia: Card invented by me. I thought this would be a good card for Ayu because when you use the effect of Aquactress Arowana you can't add something to use immediately. But with this card, if you have Aquarium Lightning, you can easely OTK your opponent.

- Gadget Connection -Normal Spell-

Target 1 Machine monster you control: Banish 1 "Gadget" monster from your GY; The first target gains ATK equal to the banished monster's ATK.

- Trivia: Card invented by me.

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