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Turn 2

The Aim is the Junior Youth Championship!

"I never would've thought Akaba Reiji was Leo Corporation's President..." Sora thought to himself as he stared at the giant building in front of himself. "The Professor's son sure is someone..."

"Maybe I should let him know... this could turn out a problem in the future..." Sora darted his eyes over to the entrance of the building. "But man, there are a lot of guards out here..." he grunted in his mind as he watched some people in uniform enter the Duel School.

"It doesn't look like they'd just let me meet him if I walked up and asked..." he sighed as he looked up to the sky. "Dangit, I really want to fight him." Sora shrugged as he went back to lick his lollipop.

"Sora!" a voice called out to him. The cyan haired boy turned around to see Ryu approaching him. "And there is this guy..." he narrowed his eyes. "I should be cautious around him."

"There you are! I've been searching for you all morning!" Ryu told as he placed a hand on his hip. "Why are you even here?"

"Hm, nothing special. I was just thinking about LDS's President."

"Oh, you mean Akaba Reiji? Why are you interested in him?"

"Oh right, you didn't know!" Sora remembered. "Before you came to You Show, LDS came to us because they thought our disappeared friend, Yuya attacked some students from their school. So in order to save You Show, we had a showdown, and Akaba Reiji himself dueled against Yuya." Sora told making Ryu gasp.

"Really?!" he asked shocked. "How lucky this Yuya is! And did he win?"

"Well, something came up and Reiji had to leave, thus surrendering giving Yuya the win. But as the duel was, Yuya would've lost if it continued."

"I see. And you're interested in him because of his dueling skills?"

"Of course!" exclaimed Sora. "You should've seen him! He slammed out Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and even Pendulum like nothing!"

"Oh? Pendulum? You mean that new summoning method Sakaki Yuya used against Strong Ishijima?"

Sora nodded. "Hmph. We don't really know how Reiji managed to acquire them, but he used them as if he was born with 'em!"

"I see..." Ryu muttered as he placed a finger on his cheek. "Say Sora... you're really confident in fighting Akaba Reiji, that means you're a strong duelist right? If that's the case..."

Ryu narrowed his eyes as he smirked. "You must be a really strong fighter, so why don't we duel?"

Sora gave a smirk of his own. "I like the sound of that. Let's go to the harbor."

"The Harbor? Why?"

"Because nobody is going to interrupt us there, no? We can duel to our heart's content there."

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Ryu agreed. "Lead the way."

Sora nodded happily as he took off, and Ryu followed after him.

Unknown to them, a cloaked person was watching them from the corner of an alley. All of the person's features were hidden under the black cloak, except the person's right eye which was a piercing yellow color. "Just who is he..." the figure thought as he decided to follow them.

As the two You Show students made their way to Maiami City's harbor, Sora questioned about Ryu's life. "I don't know anything about my past," Ryu told, causing Sora to widen his eyes.

"Wha! Really?! You've got amnesia?"

"Yes," Ryu nodded. "At the age of eight, I've found myself in front of an orphanage, with no memory of my past. The only thing I remembered where my name, surname, and how to duel."

"That's really messed up," Sora said under his breath.

In LDS's Control Room, Reiji adjusted his glasses as he watched from Ryu's duel disk. "He's a talented liar," he mused in his head.


"Sir, we found an unconscious body in front of the tower, what do we do?"

It was the voice of Nakajima who brought him out his thoughts. The disappearance of Sakaki Yuya and Hiiragi Yuzu was really making a number on him: dark bangs were under his eyes after several unslept nights, and he had a headache wich wasn't helping.

This new problem wasn't helping either.

He sighed. "Take the person to our school's hospital for medical attention. We'll see what to do after that."

"Understood sir."

The next day, Reiji had to do several important phone calls to move the Maiami Championship one week ahead. He can't start his plans without Sakaki and Hiiragi, and the two were nowhere to be seen.

"Thank you for your patience, and sorry for the last time." Reiji excused himself to the person on the other line. "Goodbye."

He sighed. This was the last phone call he had to make, now all that remained were the sheets of paper on his desk to compile.

He sighed for the hundredth time today and grabbed his pen.

"Sir," Nakajima called out from the phone on his desk. "We have a problem."

"What is it?" Reiji asked annoyed, not noticing he raised his voice.

"The person we recovered yesterday has come back to his senses, but he doesn't remember anything."

"Great..." murmured Reiji as he rubbed his forehead, trying to calm himself. No such luck. "Can I leave this up to you Nakajima? I have a lot of things to finish and"

"The person doesn't appear in our data base." Nakajima cut him off, a little fear evident in his voice.

Reiji remaind silent for several seconds. "Pardon?"

"The person doesn't appear in our data base, and I've personally looked through the person's duel disk and didn't find anything suspicious or cards in the Extra Deck." the assistant explained. "We can't figure out if the person is really from another Dimension. What do we do, Mr. Reiji?"

The President was to open his mouth, but then an idea sparked in his mind. "You... mentioned duel disk. Can the person duel?"

"Yes, our new guest remembers only their name, surname, and how to duel," Nakajima confirmed. "What do you have in mind, sir?"

Fajī Ryu, by what the male says, accepts the challenge without any hesitation.

The young Akaba's plan was simple: see Ryu potential, and if it fits Reiji's tastes, have the person work for him as an agent undercover.

They're in LDS's tower's test room, where they make duels to test the newly made Pendulum Cards.

They call in an Elite Duelist to go against Fajī. The duel starts: the Elite goes first, he sets a monster in Defense Position, sets two cards face-down and ends his turn.

"Let's see what you got." Reiji mocked in his mind as Ryu starts his turn and wins the duel.

Reiji blinked twice. When did the Elite's Life Points drop to zero? Was he seeing things? Reiji looks from left to right and sees the equally astonished faces of Nakajima and the other people watching.

It happened fast, too fast for his tastes. "Bring five Elite against him," Reiji ordered, and the workers nodded, not daring to further anger him.

Each player takes their first turn, on their second turn, the five Elite start brutal attacks against Ryu who doesn't even take 1 point of damage and doesn't let his ace monster be destroyed. Then his turn comes next, Ryu draws and defeats all five Elite.

Again. How did this happen?!

"Fajī Ryu," the business man said through the speakers attached to the walls in the test room. "Are you interested in working with me?"

He's the duelist Reiji needs. He's the weapon he needs against his father.

The next day, Reiji enrolled Ryu into the Fūma Duel School so the latter could become the perfect duel soldier. The long haired male had no objections whatsoever, the only thing he was interested in was dueling strong opponent, and the gray haired man was more than happy to accomplish such a wish.

Speed forward three days: Ryu has become the best duelist in all the Fūma Duel School and he's ready to help Reiji defeat any opponent that comes in sight.

The first mission he was in store for him is making friends with the You Show students and gather as much information as he can about the disappearance of Sakaki Yuya and Hiiragi Yuzu.

All according to plan.

Whenever Reiji thinks of Ryu, he always sees himself as his mother who also turned an innocent child into a duel soldier to his biding.

But he's different. Reiji isn't thinking only of himself, he is accomplishing Ryu's wish after all. It's different. Right?

The business man was so buried in his thought he didn't notice the duel between Sora and Ryu started. The alarms in the Control Room set off.

"Sir, we are detecting a strong summoning energy coming from the City's harbor," a woman worker shouted. "And it's a Fusion Summon!"

Reiji narrowed his eyes.

Sora (LP 4000 - Hand: 0) had Frightfur Bear and a set card on his field, and he just ended his turn.

Frightfur Bear (LV 6 - ATK/2200 - DEF/1800 - Fiend - DARK - Fusion - Effect)

"Ware no turn, draw!" Ryu shouted, taking his turn. "Since you're the only one controlling monsters, I can Special Summon Chaos Blade Joker from my hand! Then I activate its effect: by tributing it, I can Special Summon the one who passes judgment upon evil souls, Water Lord of Judgment - Miseria from hand, deck, or graveyard!"

Chaos Blade Joker was a humanoid monster wearing black armor with gold highlights, long dark red wings and curved horns like a demon. His arms are 2 long black scythes and it wore a white mask with red vertical slits.

Chaos Blade Joker (LV 6 - ATK/2400 - DEF/2100 - Fiend - DARK - Effect)

As soon as the monster appeared, it burst into particles of light as Ryu's ace monster formed on his field with all its power.

Water Lord of Judgement - Miseria (LV 7 - ATK/2500 - DEF/2000 - Fiend - WATER)

"There it is... Ryu's ace monster," Sora narrowed his eyes. "I have to be careful."

"Battle! Miseria, attack his Bear with Nereus Stream!"

The Water Lord extended its arm forward as a stream of water burst out towards the Frightfur Fusion Monster.

"I don't think so!" Sora smirked. "I activate my Trap, Frightfur Defender! This card will protect my Frightfur monster from destruction by battle or card effect!"

A transparent multicoloured barrier formed around Frightfur Bear as it blocked the attack, leaving the Fusion Monster unharmed.

Sora (LP 4000 - 300 = 3700)

"Not just that, but my monster also gains 800 Attack Points permanent!" Sora informed as Frightfur Bear chuckled madly.

Frightfur Bear (ATK/2200 + 800 = 3000)

"So you were ready for this kind of situation..." Ryu narrowed his eyes. "I set one card and end my turn."

"Cool, then I'm up again!" Sora chuckled. "I draw! Battle! Frightfur Bear, attack his Miseria! Pummeling Paw!"

Frightfur Bear laughed like a maniac as it rammed its paw into Miseria who exploded in light particles.

"Then I activate the effect of my lovely Bear," Sora snapped his fingers. "When it destroys an opponent's monster by battle, that monster becomes an Equip Card and is equipped to my Bear."

The light particles got sucked up by Frightfur Bear which rutted as if it eating a good meal. "And let's not forget the effect these Equip Card come with: my Bear gains 1000 Attack Points!" Sora reminded.

Frightfur Bear (ATK/3000 + 1000 = 4000)

"What?" Ryu exclaimed shocked at how his ace monster got robbed.

"Heh heh!" Sora chuckled. "I place one card face-down end my turn."

"How weak..." the cloaked person from before whispered from his hiding place. "They're so weak..." he repeated as he watched the duel between Sora and Ryu.

"Ware no turn!" Ryu narrowed his eyes. "Draw! I activate the Continous Trap known as Arts of the Water Lord - World End! With this card, during my turn only, I'm allowed to revive one Miseria or Joker named monster from my graveyard. The one I choose is Chaos Blade Joker!"

The face-down on Ryu's field flipped up, the artwork showing Miseria with its cold look as several streams of water engulfed Earth. A portal opened in front of the card, and the said monster jumped out of it as it landed beside Ryu.

Chaos Blade Joker (LV 6 - ATK/2400 - DEF/2100 - Fiend - DARK - Effect)

World End (Mission Counter x 1)

"Each time I use this effect, I place one Mission Counter on this card," Ryu stated as a blue flame lit up above the Trap Card. "Now I use my monster's effect to call out my second copy of Miseria from my deck!"

Chaos Blade Joker vanished as a second Water Lord of Judgment - Miseria took its place.

Water Lord of Judgement - Miseria (LV 7 - ATK/2500 - DEF/2000 - Fiend - WATER)

"I activate the effect oh Heat Blade Joker in my hand!" Ryu continued. "I send it to the graveyard and have my Miseria gain 2500 Attack and 2000 Defense Points! I'll follow that up with activating the other effect of Heat Blade in the grave: I equip it to Miseria and have it gain 1000 Attack Points whenever it battles an opponent's monster!"

W. L. of J. - Miseria (ATK/2500 + 2500 = 5000 - DEF/2000 + 2000 = 4000)

"Tch... great," muttered Sora annoyed.

"Battle! Miseria will attack Frightfur Bear with Nereus Stream!" shouted Ryu. "And let's not forget the effect of Heat Blade!"

W. L. of J. - Miseria (ATK/5000 + 1000 = 6000)

Sora (LP 3700 - 3000 = 700)

"Lucky strike..." mumbled Sora angered at the destruction of his monster and took damage.

"I set one card face-down and end my turn. At this moment, the Attack Points of Miseria return to normal."

W. L. of J. - Miseria (ATK/6000 = 2500 - DEF/4000 = 2000)

"Boku no turn, draw!" yelled Sora as he smirked. "Man, today's my lucky day! I drew the Spell Card, Card of Demise which I'll activate right away! This card allows me to draw cards until I hold five. Currently, I have none in my hand, so I draw five new ones!"

"Next I activate... Frightfur Factory!" the cyan-haired boy continued. "By banishing a Fusion card in my grave, like the Polymerization Spell Card I used on my first turn, I can Fusion Summon one Frightfur monster by using monsters in my hand and field!"

Sora took out two cards from his hand and showed them to Ryu. "The ones I fuse are Edge Imp Saw and Fluffal Penguin! Steel blades possessed by demons. Become one with the beast of ice, and show us a new form and power! Fusion Summon! Show yourself! King of the hundred beasts that tear everything to pieces! Frightfur Leo!"

The two monsters formed on Sora's field as they spiraled into a red and blue portal. Frightfur Leo launched out the portal as it roared beside its owner.

At the same time, the alarms set off once again the Control Room. "Sir, we are detecting a Fusion Summon in the City's harbor for the second time!" the same woman from before shouted.

"Shiunin Sora... he Fusion Summoned twice and the alarms went crazy both times," Reiji thought. "Could it be... that he's an Academia agent?"

Frightfur Leo (LV 7 - ATK/2400 - DEF/2000 - Fiend - DARK - Fusion - Effect)

"Thanks to the effect of Fluffal Penguin, when used as Fusion Material for the summon of a Frightfur monster and is sent to the grave, I can draw two cards at the cost of discarding one afterward," Sora explained as he drew and discarded Edge Imp Frightfuloid.

"He's replenishing the cards in his hand..." Ryu noticed as he narrowed his eyes.

"Now, I activate the effect of my Leo! Once per turn, I can target and destroy an opponent's monster and inflict you its Attack Points as damage!"

Frightfur Leo chuckled madly as its eyes flashed red as the six blades that make up its mane launched towards the Water Lord which shattered in light as it got cut in pieces.

"Not so fast Sora-kun! I activate my Continous Trap!" Ryu called out. "Devil's Karma will negate the effect damage that I'm about to take, also, for each 500 Points I negated, I place a Karma Counter on this card!"

The face-down flipped up, the artwork showing a sinister shadow laughing over Warrior Dai Grepher which stabbed itself with its own sword. A transparent barrier formed around Ryu as it blocked the blades from connecting with him.

Devil's Karma (Karma Counter x 5)

"Tch... damn it," cursed Sora. "The turn I activate Leo's effect, it can't attack directly. I place two cards face-down end my turn. You're up!"

"During your End Phase, I activate the other effect of Devil's Karma!" interrupted Ryu. "By sending this card to the grave, you take 500 Points of damage for each Karma Counter that was on this card, in other words, you take 2500 damage!"

Sora gasped as the Trap Card shattered in light and a lightning bolt shot towards him. "You and your pretty tricks," Sora extended his arm forward as his face-down flipped up. "I also activate a Continous Trap! Fusion Fortress! As long as this card exists and I control a Fusion Monster, I take no effect damage!"

A transparent barrier formed around Sora, leaving him unharmed from the lightning. "Not only he protects himself during the opponent's turn," Sora grumbled. "But he also makes counterattacks... this person... can't be from Standard."

"You survived?" Ryu asked surprised. "Hm. A useless struggle is always enjoyable to watch. I draw! I activate the effect of World End to revive my Chaos Blade Joker from the grave, then with its effect, I'll special summon my third and last Miseria from the deck!"

Like in the previous turn, Chaos Blade was re-summed and it vanished as the Water Lord took its place. A Mission Counter was also placed on the Trap Card.

Water Lord of Judgement - Miseria (LV 7 - ATK/2500 - DEF/2000 - Fiend - WATER)

World End (Mission Counter x 2)

"I just got rid of that monster... and he summoned it back so easily."

"I activate the effect of Heat Blade Joker in the grave to equip it to my Miseria. Battle! Miseria will attack Frightfur Leo, and thanks to Heat Blade, my Water Lord gains 1000 Attack Points!"

W. L. of J. - Miseria (ATK/2500 + 1000 = 3500)

"The difference in Attack is 1100..." the cloaked person spoke up from the shadows. "The little boy's Life Points are 700... if this attack lands..."

"You won't defeat me this easily!" Sora grinned. "I activate De-Fusion! I return Leo to the Extra Deck and special summon my Edge Imp Saw and Fluffal Penguin from the grave in Defense Mode!"

True to his words, Frightfur Leo disappeared from the field as the said monsters took its place.

Edge Imp Saw (LV 3 - ATK/300 - DEF/1000 - Fiend - DARK - Effect)

Fluffal Penguin (LV 4 - ATK/1600 - DEF/1100 - Fairy - WATER - Effect)

"In that case," Ryu pointed towards Sora. "The one I attack is Edge Imp Saw! Nereus Stream!"

The Water Lord released a stream of water towards said monster, destroying it with ease.

W. L. of J. - Miseria (ATK/3500 = 2500)

"I set one monster in face-down Defence Position and call it a turn!"

"Let's end this already," Sora muttered as he drew his card. "First, I activate Pot of Greed allowing me to draw two cards. Then, I activate my last set card, Designer Frightfur which will revive my Edge Imp Saw as a Frightfur named monster! Then I'll use my most powerful card, Frightfur Fusion! This card enables me to banish monsters from my field and grave, in order to Fusion Summon a Frightfur monster!"

"So with this effect, I'll be fusing Frightfur Bear in the grave, Edge Imp Frightfuloid from my grave which can be treated as a Frightfur card, and Edge Imp Saw which is also being treated as a Frightfur monster!"

The ghost images of Frightfur Bear and Edge Imp Frightfuloid appeared next to Edge Imp Saw as the three spiraled into a red, blue, and green fusion portal. "Unusual plaything possessed by demons! Root out and destroy the plebeians who dare rebel against you! Fusion Summon! Come forth and appear, chimeric fusion of all toys! Frightfur Chimera!"

Sora's true ace monster emerged from the portal as all its three heads laughed madly.

Frightfur Chimera (LV 8 - ATK/2800 - DEF/2000 - Fiend - DARK - Fusion - Effect)

"Summon whatever monster you want, they can't defeat my Miseria no matter what they do." taunted Ryu.

"Well, how about changing that? Battle! Frightfur Chimera, attack his eyesore monster! And since a Fusion Monster engages in battle, I can activate the Quick Spell, Battle Fusion from my hand! With this card, my monster gains your monster's Attack Points until the end of Damage Step!"

Frightfur Chimera (ATK/2800 + 2500 = 5300)

W. L. of J. - Miseria (ATK/2500 + 1000 = 3500)

Frightfur Chimera opened its bear mouth as a rocket shot out towards Miseria, which exploded as it made contact.

Ryu (LP 4000 - 1800 = 2200)

Frightfur Chimera (ATK/5300 = 2800)

"When Chimera destroys an opponent's monster by battle, that monster is special summoned to my field. Also, my monster gains 300 Attack Points for each monster I robbed this way!"

Water Lord of Judgment - Miseria reappeared on Sora's field as his Fusion Monster's power increased.

Frightfur Chimera (ATK/2800 + 300 = 3100)

W. L. of J. - Miseria (ATK/2500) - Controlled by Sora

Ryu's eye twitched as he saw his ace monster being robbed for the second time.

"It was a really smart move to set a monster in Defence Position, if not you would've lost the duel by your own monster's attack. I guess I'll use my new monster to attack your face-down monster."

Miseria raised its hand as a torrent of water washed over Ryu's last monster. The revealed monster was a humanoid mage in cyan robes and was holding a golden staff with a blue orb on the tip.

Skilled Water Magician (LV 4 - ATK/1800 - DEF/1800 - Spellcaster - WATER - Effect)

"It's your turn, Ryu-chan!" Sora teased.

"As you wish," Ryu smirked as he started his turn. "I'll make you pay for stealing my monster. I draw! I use the effect of World End to revive Chaos Blade Joker for the third time. Then I banish my Skilled Water Magician in the graveyard to place another Mission Counter on my Trap Card. I'll follow that up by activating the Spell Card, Authority of the Water Lord. This Spell allows me to place a Mission Counter on my World End, at the cost of 1000 Life Points."

A portal opened as Chaos Blade joker jumped out it as another flame lit up above the Trap Card. The ghostly image of Skilled Water Magician appeared above the Trap Card as another flame lit up. Lastly, the activated Spell Card materialized in front of Ryu. The artwork showed Miseria holding its arms in the air as the Earth was shown on the reflection of a burning flame. The fifth flame lit up above the card.

Chaos Blade Joker (LV 6 - ATK/2400 - DEF/2100 - Fiend - DARK - Effect)

World End (Mission Counter x 5)

Ryu (LP 2200 - 1000 = 1200)

"By the way, why are you even gathering those Counters for?" Sora interrupted, seeming bored.

"Because of this! I activate the ultimate effect of my World End! When five Mission Counters are placed onto this card, by sending it to the graveyard, I destroy all cards that my opponent controls!"

"WHAT?" gasped Sora as the Trap Card shattered in light and his whole field got engulfed in water and his cards exploded.

"I-I-Impossible... he turned the situation around with one single effect?!"

"Your punishment doesn't end there! I activate the effect of Chaos Blade to summon Miseria back from the graveyard! Then I activate Chaos Blade's last effect in the graveyard: by banishing this card, I double the Attack Points of my Miseria for this turn!"

The third Miseria appeared on Ryu's field as the ghost form of Chaos Blade washed over it, giving the Water Lord a dark aura.

Water Lord of Judgement, Miseria (ATK/2500 x 2 = 5000)

"That monster's Attack is 5000 Points... if this attack connects..." the cloaked figure gave a faint smile. "This duel just got really interesting."

"Battle!" declared Ryu as he extended his arm forward. "Water Lord of Judgment - Miseria, attack Sora-kun directly! Nereus Stream!"

Sora gasped as a stream of water washed over him, leaving him dripping with water as his Life Points dropped to zero.

Sora (LP 700 - 5000 = 0)

Winner: Fajī Ryu

"Great," grunted Sora. "Now my hair got wet. All I need now is to catch a cold."

"Sorry 'bout that, Sora-kun," Ryu apologized. "It wasn't in my intentions."

"Don't sweat it, Ryu-chan. But talk about unexpected!" the cyan hair boy exclaimed. "I never saw that coming! Isn't that Trap Card of yours a little overpowered?"

"Maybe a little," Ryu chuckled. "But say Sora-kun, have you intention participating in the Maiami Championship?"

"Maiami... Championship?" Sora parrotted. "What's that?"

"It's a tournament that's going to take place here in Maiami City within two days," Ryu explained. "You're a really strong duelist, so you should take part in it. Both me and Gong are participating."

"Really! Can I play in it too?"

"Of course! All you have to do is play 50 matches in Maiami City and have a winning score of 60 percent."

"That many?! No! But I wanna play in the Championship too!" Sora whined.

"Well, even if you don't have enough matches, you can enter if you get six straight wins."

"Really? Awesome!" Sora smiled. "If I just gotta beat six guys, that's a piece of cake!"

Both males flinched as they heard quick footsteps coming their way. Sora and Ryu activated their duel disks, making their energy blades come to life just in time to block a strick from another energy blade.

The attacker jumped back, leaving a fair amount of space between the them. The newcomer had a black long-neck-shirt under a black and cream-colored jacket, black colored jeans, and brown boots. The person wore a black cloak around its shoulders, had a wristband from wich an orb with a skull hang down. A red scarf was tied around the person's long black hair wich which hang down in a high ponytail. The long-neck-shirt was also used as means to cover the person's face using the clothes to cover the lower part of the face. The misterious attacker narrowed their yellow (left) and blue (right) eye.

"Who is he?" Reiji asked noone as he scanned the new arrived figure. "Could it be... the one behind the attacks on LDS?"

"And just who are you?" Sora asked as he smirked. "You're not from here are you?"

"Neither are you," the person spoke up. "Your Fusion Summons radiate a level of energy totally different from the ones I sensed before. So I'd like to know who you are first."

"I'm the one who makes the questions here!" a new voice shouted.

Sora and Ryu turned around to see a teenage girl with dark skin tone, shoulder-length black hair and red eyes approaching them. She wore a small blue shirt with a LDS badge pinned on it over a cream one-piece long-sleeved shirt and shorts combination with black skin-tight shorts underneath ending above the knee, and blue boots. She carried her Duel Disk in a brown holster around her hip.

Reiji narrowed his eyes as he recognised the girl.

"Ah! You are... um... what's your name again?" Sora asked not remembering.

"My name is Kotsu Masumi, you could at least try to remember it!" Masumi yelled angered at him.

"Do you know her, Sora-kun?"

"Yeah," Sora nodded to Ryu. "She was one the people we had to duel in order not to get our school closed."

"Now, tell me!" Masumi pointed towards the cloaked duelist. "Are you the culpit behind the attacks on LDS's teachers?!"

"Attacks?" parroted Sora. "So that's why there were so many guards in front of LDS!"

"And what if I am?" the person answered.

"Don't play games with me!" she yelled. "What did you do to Professor Marco? Answer me!"

"I don't have to answer that question."

Masumi gritted her teeth as he placed her duel disk around her wrist, activating it. "I thought I might find something if I went to the scene of the first incident... but if you were lurking here all along, you saved me the trouble of searching. Now, duel me!"

"Fajī," the voice of Reiji said through the headphone in Ryu's ear. "Try to reason with her."

"Wait! Maybe he isn't the culpit!"

"Once we see whether he uses Xyz or not, we'll know the truth!" Masumi told to Ryu.

"Xyz..." Sora smiled wider. "Oh... is that so?"

"Wait, Kotsu-chan!" Ryu said as he walked in front of her. "Let's say he really is the culpit; that means he is a dangerous duelist. You can't just fight him!"

"Get out of my way!" Masumi nudget Ryu to the side. "I don't care. As long as the flames of revenge for Professor Marco burn within me, I'll duel this person and find out the truth no matter what!"

"Man, talk about annoying," sighed the person. "Very well. It seems I have to take out the trash before I can make what I want. I'll duel you, then the little boy. After that, I'll be able to confront that Ryu guy."

"What do you want from me?" Ryu asked confused.

As an answer, the person removed their attire on the face, revealing their full identity. Sora, Ryu, Masumi, and even Reiji gasped as they stared at a face identical to Ryu's.

"My name... is Sakushi Ryx," he introduced. "And you share the same face as me. I'd like to know why."

I think a lot of people already thought the new OC would be somebody with the same face as Ryu. Well, you were right.

Something I forgot to mention in the last chapter is the meaning of Ryu's name and surname.

"Fajī" in japanese means "fuzzy". I thought this surname would fit Ryu since there are a lot of misteries surrounding him which even Reiji doesn't know.

"Ryu" in japanese means "dragon". I gave him this name because... I like it.

Onto Ryx: his surname, "Sakushi", is a conbination between the words "Saku" and "Shi", wich in japanese mean "blooming" and "death" respectivly.

His name, "Ryx", doesn't mean anything (I think).

In this chapter, we discover the backstory of Ryu and why he's a ninja. He was found unconcious in front of LDS and Reiji enrolled him into the Fūma Duel School. Now we know the connection between him and Reiji, and why he went to You Show.

Another thing I forgot to mention is when this story takes place:

AFTER the day when LDS came to You Show, Yuya and Yuzu disappear.

The next day, Reiji finds out about it and the day after that he moves the Maiami Championship one week ahead.

Next day, Ryu appears in front of LDS.

Next day, Ryu comes back to his senses and makes an alliance with Reiji.

He enrolles Ryu into the Fūma Duel School and the latter trains there four days.

The fifth day, Reiji gives Ryu the order to go and makes friends with the You Show (That is the day the first chapter takes place).

This chapter on the other hand takes place the day after that.

As Ryu mentioned, two more days and the Championship starts.

Returning to today's chapter. The duel between Sora and Ryu was really fun to write I hate to admit, but Sora doesn't have a lot of defensive cards, so I always had to be careful when and how much damage he takes.

The attack name I made Sora give to Frightfur Bear was the one from the Dub, if any of you were wondering.

Now, this is something I'm not really sure but I think this is how it works:

When Sora declaired the attack on Miseria, the effect of Heat Blade activates for first, so Sora chained Battle Fusion meaning Frightfur Chimera only gains 2500 ATK. Then, the effect of Heat Blade resolves, making Miseria gain 1000 ATK.

I'm not sure if this is how it works, but I think it is.

Could you guys please tell me so in future duels I won't have this doubt again?

Oh yeah! One more thing: I'm using the official effects of all cards, except for some exceptions. For example, I used Card of Demise's anime effect so Sora could draw more cards in order to make things a little more interesting. I hope you guys don't mind.

- Now onto today's OC cards:

- Chaos Blade Joker *LV 6 - ATK/2400 - DEF/2100 - Fiend - DARK - Effect*

If your opponent controls a monster and you control no monsters, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand). Once per turn, you can Tribute this card: Special Summon 1 "Miseria" or "Joker" monster from your hand, deck, or GY, except "Chaos Blade Joker". By banishing this card from your GY, target 1 "Miseria" or "Joker" monster you control: Double that target's ATK until the End Phase.

- Trivia: Based after "Chaos Blade Joker" from Future Card Buddyfight.

- Arts of the Water Lord - World End -Continous Trap-

Once per turn, during your turn only, activate this effect: Special Summon from your GY 1 "Miseria" or "Joker" monster. Then place 1 Mission Counter on this card. When the fifth Mission Counter is placed on this card, send this card to the GY: Destroy all cards your opponent controls.

- Trivia: Based after "Darkness Final Mission Card "World End"" from Future Card Buddyfight. Before any of you say this card's effect is broken, allow me to explain why it isn't, like Yusaku and Revolver would say, there are three reasons: 1. your opponent can very easily destroy this card by activating something like MST or Twin Twisters. 2. You have to use its effect FIVE times before you could use the effect to destroy your opponent's field, meaning you're giving your opponent FIVE turns to kill your sorry ass. 3. You can only use this card's effect during your turn, so you can't even revive a monster during your opponent's turn. So yeah... this card ain't broken at all.

- Devil's Karma -Continous Trap-

Activate this card when you are dealt with effect damage: Negate that damage. Then place 1 Karma Counter on this card for each 500 points of damage you negated. During either player's End Phase, send this card to the GY: deal 500 damage to your opponent for each Karma Counter there was on this card.

- Trivia: Card invented by me.

- Authority of the Water Lord -Normal Spell-

You can only use each of these effects of "Authority of the Water Lord" once per turn. Target 1 card you control that you can place a Mission Counter on; place 1 Mission Counter on it and take 1000 damage. Target 1 card you control that you can remove a Mission Counter from; remove 1 Mission Counter from it and gain 1000 LP.

- Trivia: Card invented by me.

WARNING: due to my personal life and school, uploads aren't going to be frequent, but I promise I'll try my best to upload within every week.

All help and ideas are always welcome. See you next time!