Sans woke up, the cursed alarm screamed at him, reminding him he had work to do. Life on the surface should have been nice, all the monsters were happy. Toriel and Asgore were back together, and living in a nice house. They had adopted Frisk. Undyne and Alphys were living together happily and Mettaton was still famous. Papyrus was still as energetic as ever, and was learning to cook professionally. Everything should have been fine, but Sans couldn't enjoy it. He wouldn't let himself. Though he'd never say it, he didn't trust Frisk. All the resets, all the timelines, all the deaths. He was waiting for them to begin again. He rarely spoke to her. He wouldn't avoid her, but didn't trust her enough to like her. After all she had done, why would he? She had broken the barrier and Sans was thankful, but he waited for the day he would get comfortable, happy like the others, go to sleep and wake up back in Snowdin. He got dressed into shorts, a white T-shirt and blue hoodie and walked downstairs, where Papyrus was preparing breakfast."GOOD MORNING SANS! HOW DID YOU SLEEP?" "Great bro, I slept like the dead,"Sans laughed as Papyrus screamed in outrage. "WHY SANS! THAT WAS HORRIBLE!" Sans sat down at the table and ate temmie flakes, immediately spitting them out."What is this?" On closer inspection he realised it was coloured paper. He decided to have toast instead.

After he got back, he saw Frisk standing and glaring at him."Sans, why aren't you talking to me?" Her voice sounded stern yet hurt. "Sorry kiddo but-" "Sans, I'm not a kid anymore. I know what's going on. You think I'm going to reset. I promised Sans, doesn't that mean anything?" Sans felt horrible. Had he really been that obvious? He felt like a jerk. "Why don't you trust me Sans?" She was starting to cry. Sans invited her inside to talk. As they sat down, Sans decided to tell her. "Look, Frisk, I'm sorry. It's just that, well, I keep expecting to wake up in the underground. I'm sorry Frisk but sometimes, I think they're still dust." He looked up and saw frisk's face. She looked hurt. Guilt rushed through him. She wiped her tears. "So you're afraid of me?" She buried her face in her hands. What had he done? She left, slamming the door without another word. Sans knew he'd messed up. He had to apologise. He had to make things right. She was really emotional and he needed to find a way to communicate properly without making things worse. He had to apologise, he had to. But he was worried he had ruined their friendship. His eye flared blue and with a flash, he took a shortcut to the Dreemur household.