Sans POV

Sans was in a white void. There was nothing around for miles, when suddenly, an inky blackness appeared before him. It tried to reach out to him. Sans was frozen to the spot with terror when, SCREECH! SCREECH! SCREECH!

Sans awoke with a start. Just a dream, just a dream. He told himself. He had to get to work. He put on his hoody and said hello to his brother, Papyrus. He walked, by now accustomed to the stares of humans as he walked. After some research, he'd realised that to humans he looked like a walking corpse. He worked in a lab. He used to do science, but quit after the accident. He needed money, however, and had no choice. The lab wasn't bad. It had state of the art equipment, huge monitors with blinking signs, and a few friendly faces. The department he worked in was new. It studied the science behind resets, saves and the possibility of other universes. It was mostly monsters, but a few open-minded humans had joined. Sans hated it for one simple reason. Someone close to him had disappeared studying this very topic. A lot of the work was based on his notes. No-one remembered him though. No-one but Sans. "Hey!" Someone yelled and Sans was jerked back to reality. It was one of the humans. His name was Randy or something. "You were spacing out again dude. What's wrong?". Sans had nothing against Randy personally. He just didn't like him. "Get lost". Randy looked sad but left anyway. Sans began to feel guilty, but he ignored it. Then he heard Alphys scream. "AAAAAH!" Sans looked and was shocked. One of the screens had changed. It was the screen connected to the DMFD, Dimensional Magic Frequency Detector. It was usually blank, but now it seemed there was writing on it. Strange symbols. They read 'HELP ME!' Sans could read them, and it shocked him. He felt a chill down his spine and fell to his knees. Randy saw him and went to help but sans got up and ran to the monitor. "Alphys! Where is the frequency coming from!" He yelled. Alphys, frightened by Sans' harsh tone, obliged and showed a map of the city. It was Frisk's house.

Hi! Bowser22 here! Sorry about not updating lately. Got caught up and forgot. I feel like I neglected a child. Anyway this is a short setup for the next storyline. The message was meant to be in wingdings but it didn't work so sorry. Anyway enjoy this short paragraph! Bowser22 out!