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In a grand hall that resembled of a chapel, seven people faced each other. No, more like one person kneeled before six humans who wore strangely adorned priest garbs. Each Cardinal bore a different crest on their guise, most likely a symbol that showed which gods they worshipped, which divinity they served with all the faith they could muster. Each cleric showed elderly features, displaying their years and years of experience.

The space around them looked a lot larger than the seven people should use for a simple meeting. It was so out of proportion it could be considered a waste of space. Several columns faced each other in neat row, leading entirely to the six standing people and the one kneeling person, accompanied by a lengthy silk-like carpet that leads altogether up to the humongous altar behind the six figures.

Many engravings and painted windows adorned the walls, showing the wealth of the nation. On each column and up behind the altar, the crest of the country hung, surrounded by six minor plumes, with the most prominent crest crowned by a Laurel, tightly hugging a heavily decorated candelabrum with six lighted candles, separated by a floating star in the middle.

Six chandeliers hung from the ceiling, showing the way towards the altar. Six enchanted lights shone in each socket.

The man who kneeled before the six cardinals seemed strange. He took up the androgynous features of a young man with long black hair and sharp red eyes. On his back, a humble looking spear settled. He nailed his vision towards the dust below himself, giving the proper respect for the elders before himself.

"Captain… Did you succeed? Has your mission reached its esteemed goal? Are the relics secured?" asked a keen-eyed man. He looked a lot younger than his comrades, maybe around his forties.

The previously mentioned Captain let a moment of silence, then answered somberly. "No… we failed. We arrived too late." His tone was stern. Despite that fact, the Cardinals sensed no regret in his tone.

"So the city is lost. What a pity. Did you at least managed to recover the holy artifacts from the crypts?" asked the second priest-looking man. His narrow eyes and skinny frame almost made him sound like a sinister person.

"It was not necessary… The city is fine. We managed to secure it."

Every member of the small council looked at each other raising their brows, clueless, before looking back at the captain.

"Explain! You said your unit failed the mission." asked a shrivelled old man. He was so wrinkled he looked more like a warped, dark-skinned sponge than an actual man. Even his comrades could not guess his age correctly.

The Captain bowed his head even more. "As I said… The city is fine. The attacking undead were stopped by a strange man clothed in black. He was most likely an adventurer. The losses from the side of the local forces were heavy, and most of the citizens are dead. Only those who managed to reach the diamond district survived."

"Who is the man you mentioned, captain? Explain!" Asked the only female member of six. Despite her old age, her face seemed unnaturally well fed. Maybe because of the hormones.

"As I said… We do not know. When we asked him to come with us, he simply disappeared like the morning fog."

The six Cardinals looked at each other once again, showing a surprised expression. It was not every day that someone managed to get away from their best task force.

"Did the Thousand Leagues Astrologer managed to find out the man who liberated the city? Did she manage to locate him?"

The Commander of the Black Ops shook his head. "No… According to her… Some kind of magic blocked her sight. The man managed to disappear completely."

The six cardinals looked at each other troubled, giving a concerned expression to the captain. "Unexpected and troublesome…" muttered a Cardinal wearing round glasses. The black-haired man looked up for a moment.

"If you allow me esteemed Cardinals… did the Windflower scripture manage to track down this stranger?" asked the captain.

The Cardinal of water sighed. "No… But they are working on it. They have monitored the situation from far. Yet, strangely, as you said, they as well lost sight of the target not long after the undead siege started."

"What!" the captain's eyes widened for a moment. Looking up to the six Cardinals once again with disbelief on his face. Never before the Windflower Scripture, one of the six special units of the Slane Theocracy that specialised in information gathering and espionage, lost the track of a target. Even the presumption sounded ridiculous for the Captain.

The cardinal of earth sighed, tired of lying, then looked back at the captain. "First things first… Please tell us everything that you know, Captain…"

The Captain bowed his head once again. "At once!" he said, then started his explanation.


It was already nighttime. Not far from the borders of the strongest human nation in the New World, the Slane Theocracy, a town settled. Amongst the narrow streets of the city, only the magical lamps enchanted with the spell [Continual Light] provided a faint light source.

But maybe, just maybe, it would be better stumbling in the dark just now.

Amongst the narrow corridors of the city, a girl ran. Clothed in frilly, exotic, overpriced noble clothes coloured in yellow, wearing the face of a beautiful woman around her eighteenth winter. Her face would have been beautiful, her shining green eyes would have been showing liveliness, if not for the incomprehensible fear nailed to her face right now.

Her high-quality clothes were worn, torn, and stained with blood. Her bare chest shown by her half torn, missing corset. The street was full of the fallen knights of the Theocracy, slowly rising as low-level zombies. Gurgling sounds haunted her every step, closing ever vigilantly.

Gurgling sounds released by the hellish undead creatures scattered through the streets. With a scrawny look, these men looked more like skin and bones than an actual living being. Their rotting teeth and long yellow nails reached towards every living person, and right now, they reached towards the girl to tear the beautiful flesh from her marble bones.

The girl ran. Wearing a heavy skirt, her guise was absolutely not suitable for her hasty march. Her guards were dead, caught off guard in the first few minutes after the undead rose, following the task to escort the girl towards the heavily guarded safe house not far from the city. Her father was also most likely dead. Dead trying to protect her. Her brother and mother, too, dead because of the same reason. Only she remained from the wealthy family, a family that was kept in high regard to the Theocracy.

Raising her skirt with her delicate porcelain hands, she hoped to gain some momentum. But her high-heeled boots were neither suitable nor designed to run under such circumstances.

Despite the situation, she ran like there was no tomorrow. Tears flowing down from her beautiful green blinders, taking a toll on her makeup, making it a total mess. Despite the now messy face, her beauty did not fade, it in fact shone brighter.

Her previous hair bun went wild, dropping her curls left and right as her pace hasted, even more, trying to get away from her pursuers. The girl barely saw anything through her tears. Still, she ran. She ran to survive. She ran to live and see the light of the tomorrow. She ran to maintain her family's legacy.

But no matter how hard she tried, she failed. Despite her best effort, her pursuers closed evermore, reaching to tear down her flesh. Appearing from the secret alleys of the town, like a virus that infected a living organism.

Suddenly, the girl stumbled and fell forward. Bruising her already aching knees and arms and tearing her white silk gloves. She felt something grabbing her ankle; a secure grip snaking around her leg.

Looking back, a panicked expression froze on her face. The horror flowed through her veins seeing the unimaginable. An undead, a zombie, an unlively monster, once a member of the city guards, now a desecrated undead grabbing her ankle.

Reanimated, gained false life through unholy methods. The undead glared at her, grinning with its rotten teeth. The earlier light of the knight's eyes replaced by evil looking purple orbs, showing the radiating negative nature of the creature.

The woman raised a bruised hand before her mouth, she was helpless, trembling in fear. She could not scream for a moment. She was too afraid, too shocked to release even a sound. Then, after a momentary shock, she released a loud distorted scream. "Kyaaaa!" The creature started to crawl towards her faster, like the cry agitated it even more. Closer and closer, tearing her flirty attire, the beast leaned above her delicate body.

Closer and closer, it pulled itself towards the woman. Like a lover, the fallen knight wanted to embrace her to the fullest. Of course, the creature's comrades didn't rest. They as well recognised the girl's helplessness and started to crawl towards her. Like hungry beasts, they surrounded her. Just to get rid of her from her beautiful flesh, just to make her one of their own.

"Help! Help! Help! Someone help me!" she screamed using all the breath she could muster from her failing lungs. Searching a way out, exploring a faint of hope. Then…

A shadow dropped down near the girl. Using his rapier, the strange black outfitted figure started to stab the undead one by one. Each thrust was met with a kill, the man was fast, he was agile. No undead could touch him.

Grabbing heads, the strange man crushed them barehanded, stomping out the remaining false life from the fallen undead with his black boots. After around half a minute, his work had finished. Using his weapon to decapitate the undead beneath his feet, the man executed the last zombie on the scene.

Under the battle, the woman crawled to the nearby wall and curled together. Her knees still trembled. Her muscles still ached from running, her very being most likely would never recover from the trauma she had experienced on this night. She wasn't used to this kind of terror.

The man turned to her, finalizing his work. Stabbing the last undead, crushing it under his boots.

The man was strange. Wearing a dark cloak that covered almost the entirety of his body. Dressed in a finely made black leather armour with shiny silver daggers around his waist and torso. He looked mysterious and enticing.

Long, black, shiny hair settled on his head, covered by a fedora, his face covered by a strange white mask with a funny look. The mask was a stylized portrayal of a face with an oversized smile and red cheeks, a broad moustache upturned at both ends and a thin goatee located in his chin. The man indeed was a strange sight; the girl had never seen a similar mask before.

On their side, a silver rapier with a golden handle hung. Although, the woman thought he was a man, their real identity was hard to determine due to the cloak covering their body. They looked quite menacing in the dark, surrounded by the corpses of the fallen dead.

The anonymous figure slowly turned towards the girl, recognising her trembling form in the corner. Starting to stroll to her with grim steps.

"I can assure you I mean no harm…" answered the strange masked figure as he stepped closer. Their voice was like a man, slightly distorted with a slight echo. Still, kind and assuring.

"Wh-Who… Who are you?" the girl stuttered, her curiosity overcoming her fear.

The figure stopped for a moment. Tilting their head, an aura of mystery surrounded the masked presence.

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