I'm sorry. I know from personal experience that a chapter titled "Author's Note" is disappointing. But I just feel like I need to tell you why I haven't been updating.

Things have been hard for me recently. I may be overreacting, but it genuinely hurts. It's not like anyone died or anything. It's just school stuff and friend stuff.

(And possibly a compass from a geometry set)

Also, I'm working on a sneak-peak for our season 5 story. It's more like a whole chapter lengthened to become a one-shot. It's for The Temple on Haunted Hill, and you may get to see my worst fear. No, not may. Will.

Again, I apologize for not updating. I swear, I will update every story once I get the chance to.

And about the problems I've been having, if you want to hear what happened, please PM me. I'll tell you what I can.