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AN: When I was thinking about Miraculous Ladylove, I decided that it was hardly fair of me to forget the boys. So here is a series of male/male pairings from the Miraculous Ladybug universe to accompany the Miraculous Ladylove story.

Nathanael stared at his sketch book and frowned.

He was pretty sure that he had meant to sketch Ladybug standing tall and beautiful. He had meant to draw the girl of his dreams, the girl he had developed a crush on after Marinette had gently turned him down.

Somehow, his pen had taken a life of its own. Somehow, instead of long black hair in pigtails, he had drawn a short messy blond mop with a pair of cat ears.

Instead of drawing a familiar red and black spotted costume, his pen had gone for black and green.

Instead of the gentle curves of Ladybug's body, he had drawn the more muscular clad abs of a harder, stronger form.

Instead of drawing Ladybug's yo-yo, her signature weapon and probably the one thing he had drawn with such precision before was replaced by a tail.

Nathanael frowned a little bit more, before smiling. He hadn't intended to fall for Chat Noir, but for now, he might as well admit it.