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"Ridiculous! Utterly ridiculous!" Chloé huffed as she stormed out of the classroom. Adri-kins was supposed to be hers and hers alone! She had been planning their wedding since she was six! She knew EVERYTHING that was supposed to happen! How DARE this-this IMPOSTER move in and steal him from her!

"Chloé?" Sabrina asked uncertainly, her hand reaching towards her friend.

"Oh go away Sabrina!" she snapped and Sabrina backed away slightly. Chloé glared at her.

"Go on then! What are you good for if you can't stop this imposter from stealing my Adrien?"


"Oh I don't care!" Chloé snapped angrily. "Just go away, you useless waste of space!"

"But Chloé…" Sabrina stopped at the expression of pure malevolence on Chloé's face. Tears falling from her face, she fled.

Chloé continued to angrily stew. She had thought that with Maritrash dating the sword-dyke Kagami that her chances were good. Lying Lila had been expelled and with her two main rivals now dating one another, it was looking good.

Instead, she had seen her future husband walk in with his hand holding someone else's. And then they had the termerity to kiss HER Adri-kins in a way that left no doubt as to how they were. It was just...infuriating! Adrien belonged to her, not some random boy that she didn't know.

"Hey Chloé," Adrien said, breaking her out of her internal rant. "So, what do you think of my boyfriend Luka?"

Chloé let out a screech of rage and stormed off, leaving a puzzled Adrien behind her.

"Was it something I said?" he asked nobody in particular.